I stared at Arron and gritted my teeth.

Looking around the room I realized that there was no other way out. Jack let out a deep breath and I glanced at him and he nodded slowly at me. I cleared my throat and asked, "Why?"

"Holly." Arron warned, "This is not the time for games. Do you or do you not have a pendant of Pandora around your neck?"

I narrowed my eyes, "It is none of your business and what if I did? What is it any concern of yours? Don't you trust me?"

He looked exasperated and Jasper was giving me a strange look, "It's none of my business? In case you haven't noticed you are my business. Pandora's box is everyone's concern. After thousands of years of thinking it's a myth we find out its true? We need to know who the Forsaken are. They can't protect it alone." A sad look crossed his face but he quickly wiped it away, "I trust you Holly, but its just, your-"

"The Angel of Deceit?" I said dryly. He looked like he was about to protest but I held up a hand. "It would be wise not to trust me. I wouldn't trust me. Hell I make a living off of lying and tricking people. It's what I'm good at."

Footsteps sounded behind me and the rest of the Forsaken walked in.

"This is a classified meeting. You are not allowed in here." Arron told them coldly.

"Logan, what the hell are you doing here?" The dark council leader demanded.

"Alexi?" Chakris asked.

I reached into my shirt and pulled out my Pendant, as did they. The officials took a step back in surprise.

Alexi stepped forward, "I am Alexi Dubae, an Angel of the Light. I am the Angel of Protection and I am one of the Forsaken chosen to protect Pandora's Box."

Logan sauntered up next to him and spoke when he said he was a Forsaken, overlapping his sentence, "I am Logan Cobolt, an Angel of the Dark. I am the Angel of Hatred and I am one of the Forsaken chosen to protect Pandora's Box."

Phillip followed suit, "I am Phillip De Granville, an Angel of the Dark. I am the Angel of Fear and I am one of the Forsaken chosen to protect Pandora's Box."

Alex glared, "I am Alec Costa, an Angel of the Dark. I am the Angel of Greed and I am on of the Forsaken chosen to protect Pandora's Box."

Henry spoke softly, "I am Henry Dranious, an Angel of the Dark. I am the Angel of Disease and I am one of the Forsaken chosen to protect Pandora's Box."

Jack crossed his arms, "I am Jack Furnati, an Angel of Chaos. I am the Angel of Destruction and I am one of the Forsaken chosen to protect Pandora's Box."

I held my arms out and spoke loudly, "I am Holly Ricada, an Angel of Chaos. I am the Angel of Deceit and I am one of the Forsaken chosen to protect Pandora's Box. We have been protecting it's location and powers from the world since it was opened. Chosen by God we do our duty in secret but as of recent events we have come to the conclusion that this cannot be. As guardian of the box I hereby call for immediate activation."

"Are you shitting me?" Someone muttered.

"Out of all the people in the world why would He choose you?"

"Are you questioning the will of God?" I asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Of course not!" Chakris sputtered.

"It sounded like you were. Now gentlemen, who here knows why we were chosen?" I asked and when I received no answer I carried on, "We were chosen because we are the best suited to protect the box. God has his reasons. Now all of you are going to stop looking for it, am I understood?

"What about the Mendel? They won't stop and if word gets out that you all are the Forsaken then they will do everything in their power to get you." Jasper pointed out.

"They already know." I said simply.

Everyone stared at me in shock. Well I say everyone, I mean everyone minus Arron, he just looks pissed.

"What?" Arron hissed, narrowing his eyes.

"They already know, Van pointed out that during the Romani attack no one was going after me. I thought it could be because they thought if they took Arron out they'd get me but…" I trailed off and cocked my head, "That didn't make a damn bit of sense. Usually people go after me to get him. So after a bit of using my gift of sight it all clicked. They have suspected that I was one of the Forsaken for a long time now and I doubt they had many leads on who the others were. You cant kill what you need to get what you want."

"None of you thought it important that the Council's know that the myth was real?" Chakris demanded.

I raised my eyebrow at him, "The Mendel found out and now look what happened? They are searching everywhere for it so they can take us over. We know how people's brains work. We know what would have happened, what is happening."

The room went silent and I could feel Arron's hurt and betrayal through the bond. I swallowed and took that as my queue to leave.

"As fun as this is I think we'll just go. Make up a story as to why were gone. We need to check out the site and head the Mendel off. Do not tell anyone what you know." I said sharply.

I twirled on my heel and went to the door only to once again be stopped in my tracks.

"What about the wolf? Have you told him this? I would bet my life you have and that puts him in even more danger." Chakris snarled.

"What I tell him doesn't regard you." I said coldly.

"Did you know the Angel of Truth and Purity was killed yesterday? You going to leave him again?" He asked icily.


Not now.

All the blood drained from my face and I could hear some of the Angels gasping and I heard Arron yell murderously at him. There were a few mutters of 'that's not right' but I wasn't really paying attention.

Flashbacks of Jacob being killed over and over again in different time periods flashed through my mind.

We were the Helen and Paris of Troy. The stories got it wrong. We watched it burn while trying to escape and Jacob was killed in the process.

The fall of the roman empire.

The advancement in weapons.

We were there to see it all and he was killed every time. Every fucking time because I couldn't get to him fast enough.

I felt Van's hand on my shoulder and he pulled me close to him.

It was the same pattern every time. The Angel of Truth and Purity is killed and within the next year he is killed. Every. Fucking. Time.

A few times we were able to marry. Once I was pregnant with his child. Only once. I had three miscarriages. He was killed without warning before our child was born. I was killed before our child was born.

"Really? Did you think now was the best time to fucking bring that shit up?" Jack yelled.

I have tried to resist getting close to him but it doesn't matter. He always dies. He dies because I don't get these memories back until a few weeks before the Angel dies. I don't know why but I know that I shouldn't get close to him. I committed suicide in my last life because I couldn't deal with the grief.

I glared at Chakris through the tears in my eyes and spat out, "Are you fucking happy now? Is this what you wanted? For me to break down? I didn't leave him in my last life. I tried to change the outcome. You know what I got instead? The guilt of knowing what I did. The pain of knowing that what I did was fruitless. The sadness of knowing that Jacob imprinted on me as a punishment. Don't you fucking talk about this situation like you know what's going on!"

"None of you tell him about this!" I yelled and Van wrapped his arms around me and tried to calm me down. Everyone was more or else giving Chakris a WTF look. Arron was giving him a death glare.

An Angel of Death, death glare.

There are some things you don't talk about. This is one of them.

"We are leaving." I choked out and ripped myself from Van's arms. Arron walked forward and grabbed my arm and opened his mouth to say something but was cut off by Dominic rushing in the room yelling, "The Mendel are contacting us."

He stopped short and looked at me shocked and Arron ground out, "Whose calling?"

His eye darted to the ground, "The Cullen's."

Oh what the fuck.

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