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Hey! This is my first Teen Titans fanfic, so I thought I'd write about my two favorite characters, BB and Raven! I've always thought of them as being a good couple, so why not write a story about them? There's some graphic stuff at the beginning of this chapter, and there will probably be more in later chapters, too. And there's some language. JTLYK. =)

"Beastboy," Raven gasped out, barely able to breathe. She tightly wrapped her arms around Beastboy's neck, pulling him closer as he kissed her feverishly yet gently.

He broke one of his hands from her hips and gripped her thigh, wrapping her leg around his waist.

Raven loved the softness of his mouth, and the way he held her softly and carefully, as if she were a glass figurine. She also loved what she was feeling being pressed up against the area between her legs. Her eyes fluttered and her breath sped up.

They were kissing outside of the Titans Tower, within a sea of rocks, Raven's back pushed up against a boulder. Sunset was nearly over, and stars were beginning to come out and sparkle overhead, and the moon shone on the both of them. Faintly, Raven could smell barbeque and hear Robin and Cyborg arguing inside, but all she was focused on was Beastboy.

Their lips seperated and they panted crazily, foreheads touching as they stared into each others eyes. "Raven," he whispered, hands running delicately down her sides. "You're so beautiful." Raven's short, chic hair flowed in the light breeze, and he kissed her lips tenderly.

"Mmm, thank you," murmured Raven with a smirk, resting her palms on his shoulders and laying her head on his chest. She could hear his rapidly beating heart thrum in his chest.

Beastboy worked to control his breathing before speaking again. "So, now what?"

A pained look crossed her face, and her head snapped up, looking deep into his soul with passion and lust. "Make love to me," she whispered, leaning forward to kiss him. "Right here, right now."

He kissed her nose and scooped her up, just to lay her down on the ground gently. "As you wish."

The quiet, tender moment vanished, and Raven ripped off her cape, lunging forward to seize his lips once again. His hands on either side of her face as they kissed, hers slid down to tear off his belt. They kicked their shoes off and tugged at each others outfits. When Beastboy's shirt was off, Raven got impatient and pulled her arms out of her sleeves, pushing down her leotard to the point where her boobs popped out.

"Oh God, yes," Beastboy breathed.

As he stroked them and nipped her neck, Raven began to cry out softly, growing anxious from the foreplay. A few moments later her whole leotard was off, and all that was left were her red lace panties. Just as Beastboy grabbed them, she jolted upwards...in her bed. It took a few long minutes to figure out what the hell had just happened. She was breathing really heavily, mouth agape, beads of sweat running down her forehead and neck. Eyes traveling down, she realized she wasn't about to have hot sex with Beastboy. She was in her pjs, the blanket fisted in her hands. It was three in the morning and Beastboy was asleep in another wing of the Tower. "Oh God," she said to herself shakily, running her hands over her face. Her room was dark and gloomy, as always. A candle burned on her nightstand, and the novel she had been reading before falling asleep was on the floor with pages bent and wrinkled. Too shocked to do anything else, she rested her head on her knees, trying not to think about what she'd just dreamt. But it was sort of hard not to. Beastboy had looked so muscular in the moonlight. He used to be scrawny, but he'd worked out all summer and was sort of buff, taller too.

Raven blew out a breath, wondering what the dream meant as she brushed her hair back. "Well you obviously wanna fuck him," Lust said.

"He is reeeeeally dreamy," added Love, "with his piercing green eyes and gorgeous toned body... You guys could get together, get married..."

"Love, hello? We're only eighteen. We're not ready to get married," said Common Sense.

Love pouted. "But...eventually...?"

"Would you all just shut up?" Raven snapped in her head to her emotions and other states of thought. "I admit it, Beastboy is...hot, okay? Now just go to sleep." She leaned over to blow out the candle next to her, and pulled the fluffy purple comforter up to her chin, snuggling back into the mattress. Over the next several hours, she couldn't get back to sleep, though. Her thoughts were filled with nothing but Beastboy and sexual scenes. She suddenly found herself really really horny, and sighed angrily. "Damn it, why can't I stop thinking about him?" she muttered in frustration.

The next morning, she had only really gotten an hour of undisturbed-by-sexy-thoughts sleep. She stood at the counter in the Titans' kitchen, pouring milk into her bowl of cereal. Robin and Cyborg were on the couch playing Xbox, and Starfire was cooing at Silky, Beastboy's pet.

Speak of the devil... The doors to the main room slid open and in walked Beastboy in his form-fitting black and purple uniform. "Morning, all!" he said in his usual chipper tone.

Cyborg and Robin both grunted in acknowledgement, not taking their eyes off the game in front of them, and Starfire waved to Beastboy enthusiastically. "Morning, green friend! Did you sleep well?"

"Yea, slept like a friggin' baby!" he replied as he stretched. "How 'bout you Rae? Sleep good?"

Raven's cheeks flushed as soon as he said her name, and she froze, scrambling for words. "Uh..yeah...I slept fine." She pulled up her hood to hide her pink cheeks, and she seized her cereal bowl in her dark magic, having it follow her out the main room door as she flew away quickly.

Beastboy stared at the door for a few moments, even after it closed. "What's up with her?"

"Ah, you know Raven," Robin murmured. "Something's always bothering her."

Beastboy grabbed his green chin in his gloved hand. "I think I'll go talk to her."

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