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"Oh, Raven, no need to be a potty mouth." With an eerie grin, Starfire shook her head and fixed Raven with a look of pity. "Already you are having the hormones? It has only been a month."

"You did this to me?"snapped Raven, clenching her fists.

"Well, Robin was not going to give the position to me unless you were not here any longer. I knew you and Beast Boy were getting closer, and only thought it would be a matter of time, especially when I traveled into your thoughts using your special mirror."

"You used my mirror?"

"Your emotions having the girl talk only confirmed what I had been thinking. I must admit, I did not know much about how a baby was conceived here on earth. But after using the Google, I found that taking a pin and poking tiny holes in the penis balloon would allow you to have a baby. That way," said Starfire, sighing happily, "you would be forced to leave the Tower and the position would automatically go to me. Pretty ingenious plan, was it not?"

"You bitch!" Raven screamed, lunging for her.

Starfire quickly jumped up out of the way, Raven crashing into the edge of the counter with a hiss. Starfire flew to the command desk and smacked a large button, turning on the intercom microphone. "Robin! Cyborg! Raven is attacking me!" she shrieked, pretending to sound genuinely scared. "Come quick!"

Raven couldn't believe what was going on around her. That stupid, scrawny, lying little bitch! How dare she? Just to be with Robin all day long! She had actually tampered with Beast Boy's condoms to get her pregnant! Raven felt a rush of relief, now knowing that it wasn't his fault after all. But the relief vanished as Starfire turned back around, sticking her tongue out at Raven.

"After the stunt you had pulled earlier," she singsonged, "how likely do you think it is that they would listen to you, over perfect little me?"

Raven scoffed. "Go back to your messed up planet you little piece of–"

Cyborg and Robin ran in again, not to her surprise. This scene was getting old and boring.

To seem like she was keeping her cool, Raven leaned in Starfire's direction, acting like she might go for her, but not actually attacking her. The boys immediately grabbed her arms and held her back.

"What's going on?" demanded Robin.

"That little skank got me pregnant!" Raven hissed, pointing at the tall alien in the corner.

There was a long, silent pause, and Cyborg scratched his head. "I didn't know two girls could..."

"Robin, she is lying," pleaded Starfire, forced tears rolling down her orange cheeks. "I would never do such a thing!"

Raven rolled her eyes incredulously. "No! She tampered with Beast Boy's protection to get me pregnant so she could take my place as second in command!"

The boys looked to Starfire, waiting for an explanation.

Starfire sniffled, looking lost and confused. "How does one even make protection work incorrectly? I–I would never..."

The boys then looked back to Raven, questioning her accusation.

Raven scoffed, gesturing to Starfire madly. "She lying! She said it to my face–she screwed with it!"

"How can we believe you?" asked Cyborg, and Starfire smirked. She had just been waiting for one of them to say that. The question also planted the idea that Raven wasn't telling the truth in Robin's head.

He glared at Raven through his mask. "First sneaking around with Beast Boy, now you're trying to blame Starfire for something she didn't do? You just wanna make it seem like this isn't your fault, Raven. Well time to wake up and face the reality – you brought this on yourself."

Hearing him talking like that, the bite to his voice... It was disgust, anger, and the tone implied that he thought she was incompetent. She squeezed her eyes shut, trying not to go on a rampage and strangle the three of them. She felt her eyes get hot, changing from amethyst to blood red as her second pair appeared on her forehead. She shouted, breaking free of the boys' somewhat relaxed holds and lunging for Starfire. Before she could have a chance to notice, Starfire pulled a frying pan she had snagged off the counter out from behind her back, raising it at an incredible speed and hitting Raven in the side of her head, right before she reached her. The sound rang through the room with a huge thwack, and for Raven, everything went dark again. She fell to the floor with a thud.

Raven's eyes again shot open, and to her confusion, she was sprawled out on the couch, not on a gurney. She sat up quickly, hissing when she felt a throb from her head pulse through her veins. She grabbed the left side, feeling a huge lump there. But when she thought back...she couldn't remember where she had gotten it...or how. She remembered when Robin, Starfire and Cyborg had held her down, and when Beast Boy gave her the sedative, and she remembered waking up and having Cyborg and Robin tell her she had to leave because she was pregnant. Crying, packing, talking to Starfire...

But nothing else.

"Good. You're awake."

Raven jumped, swiveling around to see Robin behind the couch, staring at her. His jaw was set tight, and his muscles were tensed, as if waiting for her to attack. She wasn't surprised, though. His expression wasn't angry, just...emotionless. But she felt heaps and heaps of angry and impatient vibes just rolling off of him.

"Hi," she said tentatively, biting her lip. He continued to stare, only raising his chin slightly. She wondered what had happened to make him this upset. She knew he had been angry with her after that tussle in the hallway, but following that they talked with their robotic team member, and he hadn't seemed too bad. Just Robin, plus a few more points of frustration.

"You need to leave," said the team leader after a few more moments of very awkward silence.

Raven's eyes rounded, incredulous. "What? You said I had one more day!"

"After what you did–what you tried to do to Starfire–I think it's in everyone's best interest if you go now, and save what's left of your dignity."

Ouch. That was harsh. Even for Robin, and he's the king of sour apples. And what did he mean "tried to do to Starfire?" What did–?

"I second that," came Cyborg's voice. He stepped in from around the corner, his metal shoes making a small scraping sound on the also metal floor when he planted his feet. "We want you to gather your things, and leave."

"But..." Raven glanced from him to Robin, their expressions both unreadable. But she felt the tension in the air, sensed the vibes, saw their auras. They meant business. She really must have done something bad to be kicked out early, especially since earlier before they had seemed upset about letting her go. She was speechless, just kept sputtering out a "but" as she thought of what to say, what to do.

She finally decided to move, standing up sharply from the couch, trying to ignore her throbbing headache. Her icy glare traveled from the both of them, and she said, "Fine." That's all she could manage, and as she stalked out of the room, her shoulder bumping Cyborg's arm as she left, she thought that saying more would have just made them even more angry with her. They wanted her gone, pronto, and she didn't think giving them a long, drawn-out speech about how they'd betrayed her was going to make her anymore wanted.

Raven choked back her sobs, forcing herself not to cry. She immediately uncrumpled her face when she saw Starfire floating at the end of the hall.

The alien smirked, fixing Raven with a very familiar look of pity. "Poor, poor Raven. Forced to leave the Tower, yes?"

Raven's temper spiked, but she just continued down the hall, wondering why Starfire was glad to see her go. Robin had said Starfire had been the victim in what happened not an hour before, but even if Raven had meant to hurt the scrawny redhead, she would never want Raven to leave. "You're happy now, too? God, what have I gotten myself into?" Raven slumped against the wall with a groan, sighing. Her life had completely fallen apart in one single day. Was that a new record? It ought to be. "I'm going to be gone in a few minutes, so I might as well say...I'm sorry. For whatever I did to you. I...I don't remember a thing."

Starfire's evil expression faded, and her big green eyes went round. "You...don't remember...?"

"No," said Raven stubbornly. "Just being in the hospital wing, Robin and Cyborg saying I could have one more day...talking to you..."

Starfire bit her lip.

"Then I woke up with a bump on my head and the worst headache I have ever had."

Starfire's gaze dipped to the floor, thinking. When she looked up, she looked genuinely sad for her teammate, tears in her eyes even. "I am so sorry," she whispered. "You...you somehow became that monster again. You were attacking me, and...I did not call the boys in to aid me, they stepped into the room as I was trying to fend you off and–" Starfire let a sob roll from her body, tears staining her cheeks now. "I am so, so sorry, Raven. I did not mean for the boys to send you away, I want you to stay! And now..." She sniffed. "...and now I feel this is my fault!" Putting her hands to her face, she sobbed, spurting garbled apologies.

Raven stared, bewildered, and also feeling awkward. Here, a not-so-close teammate sobbed, not wanted her to leave, and all Raven was doing was standing there. She appreciated Starfire's voucher, so she tentatively reached out, patting the alien's slim back as she sniffled.

Starfire straightened, wiping her nose and cheeks, regaining control. "Ugh," she mumbled, smiling crookedly at Raven. "I am sorry... It is my emotional time, so every detrimental incident just makes me..." She trailed off, frowning.

"I–I'll be okay," said Raven quickly, avoiding Starfire's gaze. She hugged herself tightly. "I mean, finding a job won't be too hard. It can't be, right?"

"I am not familiar with Earth employment, but it cannot be terrible."

"Right." Raven stared at her shoes, again feeling lost. Not too alone, because of Starfire standing next to her, but there was still an emptiness there that she wondered would ever be filled. "Anyway, I better get going..."

Starfire quickly stepped forward, enveloping her in a hug probably a bit too tight. But after a couple moments, Raven gave in, slightly hugging her back. "Goodbye, friend," said Starfire, letting the empath go with a small smile.

Raven half-smiled back, more like a grimace, then hurried off to her room.

Once she was gone, a malicious grin slowly crept back onto Starfire's lips. She crossed her arms, watching Raven's shadow recede down the hall. "Goodbye forever."

"Well?" said Robin, watching Cyborg step back into the Tower expectantly. "Are all the boxes in the T-car?"

Raven sat slumped in an armchair in the corner, staring blankly off into space, trying not to listen to them. But she couldn't miss the certain tone they had in their voices, the impatience and frustration. It was so unfair. It wasn't Raven's fault that she was pregnant – she can't get pregnant on her own. Why didn't Beast Boy have to leave, too? This was his fault. But Raven knew that on some level, it was her fault. She had given into the temptation of Beast Boy's sexiness, allowing him to get her pregnant. Though she had planned on using protection...

She couldn't believe that he wouldn't have used a condom, especially knowing what would happen if he didn't. Or, if he had used one, why he wouldn't admit to her right away if it broke, or didn't work right. That way, she could have...taken care of it. But now, Raven almost already felt attached to the baby, knowing it had been inside her probably for at least a couple of weeks. It explained her hormones, her hunger, how sick she had felt a little while ago...

Cyborg coughed, replying, "Yeah. All packed up and ready to go," to the team leader.

"Good." Robin stood, motioning for Raven to come along. Great. They weren't even on speaking terms anymore. Usually, that would definitely be her cup of tea, but now, it was humiliating. He power-walked out the front door, his spiky hair bouncing with every hasty step.

Raven sighed, following him slowly. She caught the look on Cyborgs face – a sympathetic frown.

"Hey," he said, touching her arm lightly as she approached the door, "if it were up to me...I would let you stay."

Raven tried to smile, but couldn't manage it. "Too bad it isn't up to you. I've been here for how long? And the one time I make a mistake, I get thrown out. I'm not even sure he'll even let me join again, after what happened." Though she couldn't remember exactly what happened...

"I'm sorry," he whispered, leaning down to give her a farewell peck on the cheek. "I'm gonna miss you."

"Thanks, you big softie." Raven glanced around, honestly hoping to see Beast Boy. But all she saw was Cyborg by her side, and Starfire entering the room cautiously, frowning. "Where the hell is that little green prick?" said Raven. "I want to say goodbye to him, too."

"Raven," snapped Robin from outside, leaning out of the T-car's driver window, whistling for her like a dog. "Let's go."

She looked to Cyborg pleadingly, hoping he could maybe say something to Robin to get him to change his mind, but the expression he gave back said that there was nothing he could do.

She frowned, sucking in her tears and holding them back until she got to wherever Robin's destination for her was. An alley? A dumpster? A rooftop? "Bye, then." She patted Cyborg on the shoulder, walking outside into the sun. Robin's glare followed her to the back of the car, where she was out of sight, then landed back on her when she opened the door to get in the passenger's seat. She buckled hastily and glared back. "Where are you taking me?" she spat.

"An apartment," he replied stiffly, shifting the car out of park.


"We're pre-paying it for a month," he went on bitterly. "You have until the end of that period to find a job and start figuring out a way to pay for it yourself." Reaching forward, he pressed a button on the dashboard that would transform the bottom of the car into a hovercraft, to fly across the ocean into the city. The car clunked at first, scraping the ground as the tires tilted and slipped into the underneath of the vehicle, then carefully rising a couple of feet off the earth when the hover engines kicked in. "Well," sighed Robin, "let's–"


Raven and Robin both swiveled their heads around, searching for whoever had yelled. Robin curled his lip, putting the car back in park, when he couldn't locate it – Cyborg and Starfire were inside and there was no one out here. He shoved his door open, dropping out and scouting the land outside of the Tower. "Who's out there?" he snapped.

A fly buzzed to the left, making Raven jump in the cabin of the T-car. She glanced around, finding it settling on the driver's seat. She was about to swat it, when...

The fly began to grow and wriggle, taking on the form of something else, something a thousand times its size.

Beast Boy sat next to her, flashing her a brilliant grin as he put a finger to his lips, telling her to keep quiet. He yanked the car into drive, stomping on the gas pedal, flooring it. The door swung closed as they started to zoom off, leaving a dust cloud behind them.

She beamed back, her emotions becoming overwhelmed with joy and relief. He does care! He really does care!

"Hey!" screamed Robin, trying to run after them. He kept going even into the water, until his feet couldn't touch the bottom. "Hey! Come back!"

Beast Boy laughed as Raven relaxed, looking over at him and smiling brightly. "I'm so glad you're here," she breathed, looping her arm through his. "I hadn't seen you in a while. I thought, maybe..." What she really thought before he popped up suddenly was that, well, he didn't care anymore. After she had found she was pregnant, she hadn't seen much of him. She'd thought that he'd ditched her because he didn't want to be involved. Well, he could have just been hiding out because she tried to kill him, but still...

Her green boyfriend sighed, taking one hand off the wheel to stroke hers. "I have a pretty good idea of what you thought. I'm a lot smarter than people give me credit for, you know. And I swear to you, on my own life–" He took his foot off the gas and turned to face her, locking gazes with his lover. "–I was careful, every time. I promise. And...I would never leave you, even if I hadn't been being careful."

"Beast Boy," she almost swooned, melting just by the look on his face. It was true honesty and affection, and she instantly believed that he hadn't been stupid the night of the baby's conception.

"And don't worry," he said, turning back to the road to continue on, "I'm going to figure out who did this. I don't know why, but somebody wanted you out of the way."

Raven had a strange feeling that she already knew who this person was...