Perfectly Imperfect 6

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There it was again! Stan's head shot up from the tray of food he was ignoring looking to Kenny to see if maybe he heard it. Kenny however just gave him a questioning voice and mouthed 'hear it again?'. Stan just nodded and looked around but didn't see anyone in the cafeteria who was even looking towards him. Stan and Kenny had been unsuccessful in finding the fatass earlier that day and he hadn't come to any classes but they were almost positive he'd be at lunch enough so that they'd even bet Cartman himself that he'd be there.

"Hey there fags" Cartman called as he waddled, yes waddled, up to the table and set his mountain of a tray down. Kenny looked down at the tray of food.

"So that's why people in Africa are starving." He said before pulling out yet another porno mag. Stan just cracked up while Cartman started flinging obscenities.

"Screw you guys! I'm goin soon as I finish eating." Sitting back down after rising slightly, ignoring Stan and Kenny's Snickering. "I don't know why i'm even friends with you three!" Stan and Kenny stopped laughing almost instantly, they looked at each other.

"Told ya he noticed too." Stan said slowy to Kenny while turning towards Cartman who was looking at them like they were crazy.

"Da' fuck you talkin bout hippy?" Cartman growled out, still shoving food into his face.

"You said three..." Kenny said also looking at Cartman now. "You said 'I don't know why i'm friends with you three!'" Kenny finished when Cartman looked confused.

"T-that was...a slip of the tongue...?" Cartman mumbled not really sure why he'd said it. Something about it seemed to just fit like when you know how somethings supposed to sound and it just makes sense.

"No it wasn't Cartman, you didn't say 'you two' for the same reason Kenny and I aren't considered best friends." Stan said matter of factly looking down at the loch of hair now in his hand. Cartman looked at the loch of hair before looking from one of his friends to the other.

"Cause something feels wrong about it." He said confirming the other two boy's suspicions.

"Cartman can you remember who it is?" Stan asked him desperately, leaning across the table. Cartman jumped back when the other boys face got entirely too close. Kenny reached up quickly and pulled stan back down into his seat.

"Stan! Cool it he probably doesn't know anymore than we do..." The blonde said slowly removing his hands from Stan's shoulders who preceded to let them drop along with his head. Cartman just looked at Stan before chomping on a handful of french fries.

"Ya hippy besides, even if I did remember why would I tell you? Like I wanna deal with a third ass-" Was as far as Cartman got before Kenny's foot met crotch in a very violent manner. The next sound anyone the cafeteria heard was a combination of 'fuck' and a fat face smashing whole heartedly into mashed potatoes and plastic tray as the owner of said face tried to revert to the fetal position instantaneously. Suffice to say that it was interesting. "Fuck you po'boy!" Cartman squeaked as he limped/waddled out of the cafeteria all while holding himself. Stan had yet to move or say anything since dropping his head.

"Dude...this is really bothering you isn't it?" Kenny asked Stan whincing at the look on Stan's face, a mix between desperation and longing. Even though he couldnt remember what it was he needed whatever it was.

"Isn't it bothering you?" Stan asked taking a drink of the water bottle on his tray. Kenny winced again feeling horrible for what he was about to say.

"Well dude, uh not really...i mean I can't really remember what it was and though it feels wrong I don't think it affects me much..." Kenny's voice drifted off near the end as Stan's eyes widened.

"The house..." Stan muttered rubbing the loch of hair between his fingers. Looking up at Kenny he smiled. "Dude i've got an idea, wanna skip with me?"

"I'd prefer to walk, but if skipping gets the job done..." Kenny said sarcastically with a smile.

"Damn it Kenny you know what I mean!" Stan laughed as he got up to throw out the remaining food on his tray.