A/N: I already have this whole thing planned out. I know what characters I'm doing and in what order. I left out certain characters for a reason.

Chapter 1: Batman - Chris Jericho

He always felt more secure in the main event spotlight. It was the end of the show, similar to the ending of a day. When the sun goes down, the lights get brighter. People pay more attention.

The WWE was his city to protect.

Chris Jericho broodingly stood in front of the full length mirror of his personal locker room, a pre-match ritual. He had to make sure his tights didn't make his butt look too big and that he applied the right amount of self tanner to his thighs. Even though he was playing a hero on the team of WWE against the Nexus, he still needed to be himself. Jericho rarely smiled anymore, his age and previous injuries catching up with him.

I'm too old for this, he thought to himself as he sighed. He looked around the empty locker room, almost wishing that someone would magically appear and offer to take his place. Alas, he was one of the few Superstars who had earned the right to their own locker room. Usually, Jericho demanded it, even when he already had it. Today, he was lonely.

Yes, he was about to get into the ring with six other men on his team, but that wasn't what was bothering him. He usually worked best alone, and enjoyed it more. He was just sick of being the savior, regardless of how many people still thought of him as such. He knew what he was.

He was king of the world, and king of the WWE.

He was not about to let the Nexus destroy his world.