S- Fine!


(That's right, Sonny and Chad were having their daily arguement, but most would say they were flirting.)
S- Great!

C- Goo- Wait, did you say great?

S- Yes, I did. Got a problem?

C- In fact, I do. You see, you're supposed to say Good.

S- But we do the same thing everyday! I just got bored!

C- Fine!

S- Fine!

C- Good!

S- Turkey Leg!


S- This is so old Chad!

C- Soooonyyyyyy!

S- Stop whining!


S- Fine!

C- Fine!

S- Good!

C- Good!

S- So are we good?

C- No, not quite.

S- Huh?

C- Good!

S- Good!


S- Jerk!

C- Random!

S- Selfish!

C- Bubbly!

S- Idiot!

C- Pretty!

S- Conceited!

C- Happy!

S- Sparkly eye!

C- Silky hair!

S- Soft hair!

C- Cute!

S- Okay, STOP! Did you just call me pretty and cute and tell me that i have silky hair?

C- Yes, did you just say that I had a sparkly eye and soft hair?

S- Maybe!

C- You so did!

S- Did not!

C- Did too!

S-Did not!

C-Did too!

S- Did not!

C- Did not!

S-Did not!

C- Aw man!

S- Ha! Loser!

C- Sucker!

S- Meanie!

C- Smartie!

S- You think I'm smart?

C- Yeah! Sexually Mallestic And Raped Twice!

S- Gross! I am not SMART!

C- So you're dumb?

S- Sure... but you're...you're stupid!

C- Uh...Thank you?

S- Shut up!

C- No!

S- Yes!

C- No!

S- Yes!

C- No!

S- No!

C-Yes! I mean no! no no no no no!


C- You can't make me shut up!

S- oh yeah?

C- Yeah!

(Sonny crashed her lips on his and the sparks were released!)

S- Ha! You shut up! I win!

C- Not so fast Munroe!

(He grabbed her by the waist and pulled her into him.)


A/N- I didn't really like this one. I wanted to try something like this. My first one-shot!