Author: K. Haggerty/Tigrin

Rating: R for language, violence, and thematic elements

Genre: Prequel, alternate universe with original character - Angst/Drama

Disclaimer: Cale Tucker, Sam Tucker, Iji, Tek, and other Titan A.E. related material is © Fox Animation. The song lyrics are "Stolen Child" by Loreena McKennitt and "Children's Lullaby" by Vertical Horizon, in order of appearance. I am not intending to infringe copyright. This is just a story.

Amount to Nothing

The sun crept slowly into the sky of Earth, the last dawn it would ever see. It crawled over the land, staining the sky red and driving out the shadow of the night. Something in the breath of the morning wind whispered a warning over the Earth. The whole land shadowed with fear and suspicion. The birds shuttered in their trees and the grass swayed, passing on the word of danger. And yet humanity slept.

But one little boy did not.

He sat watching the sunrise, pawing the earth with one hand, the grass shivering around him. The breeze whispered in his ears and ruffled his short brown hair. He felt earth tremble under his small palm. Troubled, he squinted at the horizon.

As the 5-year-old boy rose and began to run down the hill, he didn't notice the blue streak that sped across the sky. As he skipped down the sidewalk back through his neighborhood, humming and trotting along to his own little song in his head, he didn't notice how empty the street was, how the windowpanes stared blank and dark down at him from deserted homes. He continued his trot until he found himself in front of his own home: a small, quaint little house with two stories, and a lawn like green carpet framed with a white-picket fence. He stood smiling for a moment and then ran up to the door. He reached for the doorknob, but before he could lay his hand on it, it creaked open. The smile slowly faded. Pushing the door open, he peered inside the shambles of his desolate home.

The air was still and silent. The boy squinted as he adjusted to the low light, glancing around the room. It looked the same as always, but things had been knocked over and ruffled. Items were broken and missing from their shelves. The boy stepped into the house, setting his hand on the stair rail. An unknown feeling of panic began to seize him. "Mom?" he called out. His voice echoed throughout the house, repeating over and over again into the distance. "Dad?" No reply. He stepped backwards, hesitating, and ran out of the house.

He gaped up at the sky. It was a murky brown, the clouds steaming past. Two blue streaks flashed across the sky. A feeling of terror overtook him, and he began to run blindly down the street. He knew now what the whisper in the wind was telling him, and all he thought and felt was that he needed to get away, far away. He ran back up the hill, trampling the grass beneath his small booted feet. He looked up to see a figure standing on the top of the hill; a tall man dressed in brown, holding a small boy on his arm. They were staring off into the distance, and as he approached the blonde-haired boy gazed down at him. Lifting his arm he pointed, and the boy in the grass turned to follow, the wind rushing furiously past his ears.

He was no longer standing on the hill now but staring off across space, the Earth the focus of his vision. The sun glittered off of its surface, ringing the Earth in a white halo, sitting peacefully against a backdrop of eternal darkness. The boy could see now that the Earth was surrounded with little blue spacecrafts, leaving a haze as they tore past. His eyes strayed to a massive blue craft hovering directly over the Earth. It was revolving slowly, looking down upon the Earth as a predator sizes up its prey. Time slowed to a stop and the boy could feel his heart beat slowed. The craft opened fire. A beam of blue light struck the Earth like a drill, slowly engulfing it in purple flame. It spread in slow motion down the Earth, leaving nothing but fire and devastation behind it. The boy watched as the Earth slowly cracked, and started to spin faster and faster - until it finally fell apart, pieces sailing off in every direction. The boy's vision was filled with light and fire, and he heard a voice screaming in the distance...

He opened his eyes. Everything was silent and black. For a moment he thought he was still in the eternity of space. His heart raced and sweat dripped down his cheeks. Gripping the blanket he closed his eyes, swallowing and breathing deep. It was not the first time he had this dream, and he knew who had screamed. As much as he'd like to believe it was just a nightmare, he knew he couldn't. His nightmare was reality. And now, nine years later, there was no getting around it.