Harper couldn't believe it. All of her dreams were coming true. Zeke's name kept running thru her head. But it didn't matter anymore. She was Juliet and he wanted to run away with her. Sure she would always be lying to him… but she would finally be with him. Instead she forced the truth out. And then Justin did something unexpected. Something she never dreamed of. He kissed her. Sure it was only on the cheek but even that was only something she used to dream of.

Justin felt something new. Sure it didn't mean anything but maybe he could move on. He smiled at Harper. And she smiled back.

"Maybe I can move on…"

But he was interrupted in the middle by Max falling out of the tree. He never got to say what he wanted to say. Maybe it was for the best. He couldn't do that to everyone it would effect. So that night he called Sarah and took her to the park. He hoped it was a good idea. It was a strained but pretty good relationship. He smiled at her. But he was never sure if it was what he wanted.

Harper replayed that night in her mind over and over. She wanted to know what he had meant to say. Sure he might have finished with Max there. But then Alex showed up. She pretended like she hadn't noticed things change. Maybe Justin was done with what he wanted to say. But she wasn't convinced. Maybe he really did care about her. But then there was Sarah. She was just like

Alex noticed the awkwardness but choice to ignore it. She just couldn't have her best friend date her brother. She hated seeing Justin hurt but he seemed to be getting better. She knew he was just getting better at hiding his feelings. She still heard him crying at night. Besides Sarah seemed pretty nice. A lot like Juliet in a lot of ways. Some of the things she said even sounded like her. And Harper had Zeke. Zeke was a lot like Justin. So she decided that she didn't need to intervene.

Max may be very oblivious but he saw and figured it out all sooner. He knew Harper and Justin loved each other. He know that Alex choice to ignore it. And he figured out Sarah. Max had been camping in the park when Justin took Sarah on a date. He saw that old lady that had been young before watching. After the date he followed her home.

Juliet never wanted to hurt Justin. She loved him. And she new she could never be with him again. Then she saw Sarah. She looked kinda like her. She watched her for a few days. Then she knew what she wanted to do..maybe needed to do. She just had wanted him to move on. She had never expected Harper, let alone Alex to intervene.

Sarah never wanted to hurt anyone. But a sweet old lady had approached her with a sad story. Asked for her help. She couldn't turn down that face. The old lady had told her an overwhelmingly sad tale. One of love and loss. So the old lady told her how to dress and act. She never expected fall in love. She never expected to wish she were an old lady. And she never dreamed she would wish she were a crazy girl who always made her own clothes. But she wished she would ever amount to either of them.

Zeke knew Harper had changed. Yes it was subtle but he knew she was hurting. He watched his best friend withdraw. HE seemed happy on the outside, but Justin was hurting. And then he saw how Justin looked at Harper one day and he knew. He just couldn't admit it himself. He knew his best friend loved his girlfriend. He had always thought Harper would never be with Justin but now it seemed inevitable. No matter how much she assured him it was never going to happen. He was still something to her so he never pushed it.

Then It All Changed