Twisted Revenge

One Piece Fanfiction

Summary: Being lost in a rainstorm, Luffy is forced to find shelter in an old factory, only to find someone unexpected. Things go from bad to worse for Luffy. (First chapter is Luffy's POV and is the alternative ending)

Pairing: Lucci X Luffy

Genre: Angst, Hurt / Comfort

Warnings: Rated M for language, violence, blood, sexual themes, yaoi, non-consensual intercourse, BDSM & possibly OOCness

Disclaimer: I do not own One Piece.

Ah, what a nice day it is today in the Grand Line. It's so bright, and beautiful, and warm, and fun, and damn it, I'm hungry. How long has it been since I ate anything? Mmm, I'm not sure. There was my failed attempt to snack on something before breakfast. I could have sworn that Sanji wasn't in the kitchen either because it was completely empty when me and Usopp snuck in or he was hiding somewhere where we couldn't see but he just popped out of nowhere and kicked us out. He's a sneaky one, just like a ninja.

That's pretty funny. If I didn't know he was a cook his whole life then I would've thought that he used to be one. … Maybe he was raised by some before he decided to be a cook.

I'll have to keep my eye on him.

What was thinking about earlier? Something, Sanji's a ninja, something. Oh, that's right, it's more important than Sanji being a secret, stealthy ninja. I'm hungry. I mean, sure, I had breakfast when he finally let me back into the kitchen to eat but he didn't give me as much food as he gave everyone else. But why? Was it because I tried to sneak some? It couldn't have been because of that. I mean, that would be a really stupid reason.

And you know what else, after I washed up I went back into the kitchen to see if I could get a small snack, just a little something to tie me over until lunch but he literally kicked me out. The jerk. I should be able to eat whenever I want. It's my ship for crying out loud. Oh well. I'll just have to suck it up and wait, I guess. Aah, I don't wanna. Wait, I know, I'll just try and sneak some of Nami's mikans when she's not around. But do I really wanna get hit by her if she finds out? Hmm, no, her hits hurt a lot. Oh, I know, I'll just wait until she takes a bath or something. Shishishi, yeah, that's sounds good.

It's been really quiet today. Well, other than those stupid — who were they? Some, I don't know. They were some pirates. I didn't see anything that really caught my eye with them except that there ship was about four times the size of the Thousand Sunny, oh, and they had a giant light-bulb for the head of it. Haha, that was pretty cool. I don't know why that captain got mad when I said it was a giant light-bulb though. I mean it looked just like one. Haa, I swear, there are such stupid people in the world.

Woah, it's starting to get cold. Huh, there's a lot of clouds coming all of the sudden too. I wonder what that's about. Well, I'm sure that I'll find out sooner or later.

Hmm, did anything else exciting happen? Mmm, that's right. Robin was reading a book. I mean, yeah, she always reads and Chopper is sure that's she gonna turn into a book worm one of these days. If she does then that would be so cool. I'll be the only pirate captain to have a book worm for an archeologist. Yeah, that would be awesome.

Oh, but the book that she was reading sounded interesting. It was about these two guys on a big adventure and one of them even made a mouse become his pet like Ice-ossan back in Water 7. The only downfall about it in the book, though, was that he accidentally killed it. But other than that it sounded pretty cool.

Agh, my tummy's still growling. Sometimes I wonder why I eat so much and never get full but whenever I do I just get hungrier. Damn it, now I really need something to eat. Maybe I should stop thinking about it for now so my stomach will stop hurting so much. Man, hopefully that'll work because I'm gonna get sad if it doesn't and Sanji already told me if I beg for anything else before lunch then I wouldn't get anything to eat until dinner. I need my food.

I know, I'll just think about something else until then. Right, Nami did say that we were gonna dock on some island in a bit to get some more supplies so that should help me take my mind off of being hungry. Yeah, that'll work just fine. I'll go with whoever comes with me and we'll explore it. Yeah, that sounds like a lot of fun and I'll even see if I can't snatch some free food while I'm at it. Shishishi.

Is that why it's starting to get cold? Because of that island? Haha, I wouldn't be surprised. The weather in the Grand Line always mysteriously goes with the islands that we reach, almost like the weather is psychic. Mysterious, psychic weather that lets us know how the islands are gonna be. Hmm, I wonder if anyone else found that out?

So we are gonna reach that island soon, hopefully really soon. Haha. Oh, but what did Nami say it was called though?


Ah, it's Robin. She's the only girl, well other than Nami she is the only other girl, that's really nice to me, except she won't help me get food from the kitchen. It would be a piece of cake for her —mmm, cake—, especially with her ability. She could at least tell me what the combination to the lock is, sheesh. Oh well, even if she doesn't then that's alright.

"Nami wants to speak with everyone." Robin smiles back before she turns to leave.

I wonder what Nami wants to talk about… Psh, she probably wants to tell us that we're not allowed to spend a lot of money or get into any trouble. It's not like I get into trouble in the first place. Che, why does everyone think that I get in trouble? All I do is find different ways to have fun, jeez. Besides, Zoro's the one who gets in the most trouble since he always gets lost and even Usopp sometimes gets into trouble. I'm trouble-free.

Oh well, it doesn't matter. I better see what Nami wants before she gets mad at me and tells me that I have to stay on the ship when we finally do dock. It would suck so much if that actually does happen. The only good thing that would happen is that I could try and open the refrigerator to get some food. You know what, since it's cold then I'm gonna have to volunteer to stay and watch the ship like the good captain that I am.

"Since everyone is finally here," Nami turns to me and glares for some reason. What did I do to deserve that? People always seem to do that to me. It's like I'm the one who holds everyone up or something. It makes me wonder if there's something wrong with everyone… Oh, I better listen before she tries to hit me.

"—then I can pick up from where we left off since breakfast. The island that we're heading to is Ame Island."

Oh yeah. That's what she said it was called, Candy Island. Aah, I wonder what kind of candy it's gonna have?

"—cause of the-Luffy, are you listening to me?"

"Huh, oh yeah. You're talking about Candy Island, right?" I give her a big smile but my smile is quickly going away. Is that a vein throbbing on the side of her head? Nah, there's no reason why she should be getting mad. I didn't do anything.

A hand reaches her forehead as she starts rubbing it. "Ugh, not that ame. It's called Ame Island because of the rain, Luffy." She takes her hand of and glares at me again. What did I do this time? "Had you have listened to me then you would've heard me just say that."

"But I was listening."

"Apparently you weren't." She shakes her head and looks at everyone else. See, I'm always getting into trouble for no reason at all. I didn't do anything.

"Like I was saying you guys—"

"You were gonna tell us that we're not allowed to spend lots or money or get into trouble, right?" See I know exactly what's she gonna say. "Don't worry Nami," she turns to look at me, "—I only plan on getting some food but that shouldn't cost anything anyways. Hahahahaha."

"Yeah with your famous eat-and-run routine. Maybe I should give it a try." Usopp joins in, pointing at himself with his thumb.

Wrapping my arm around his shoulder, I agree with him. If he comes with me then it'll be twice as fun. "Yeah, but you can't forget to thank them afterwards for the food."

Usopp looks at me for a few seconds before he laughs. I just join him. If Usopp comes then Chopper will probably come to. Maybe I should see if Franky or Brook wanna come with us. Yeah, that'll be lots of fun. We might even get the restaurant to throw a big party. That would be so awesome if that happens.

"Oi girly, calm down a bit."

I can barely hear Franky say before something hard hits my face and then I hear Usopp crying out. That must be Nami. She's so mean for no reason.

"As I was saying, Ame Island is known for the weather. It's rarely sunny there due to the rain and wind." Nami puts her hand out trying to figure out what's gonna happen with the weather or something like that. I don't know but what matters is what Nami's predictions are and food. Mainly food, but I guess Nami's predictions are important too.

Damn, my stomach keeps on growling. I already know tummy, you need something in you. I just wish the others could understand that I can't function too well on an empty stomach.

"Oi Nami," Zoro says, half listening to Nami. It's cool to know that he can sleep with his eyes open now. Or at least I think he can. He spaces out so much which has me to believe that he can. It would be really cool if could. "—I can see the shore from here."

He can see the island? That means that we're finally here? Yes! Now I can finally get some food since Sanji's being stingy and won't make me anything to eat. "ALRIGH—"

From my good eye I can see that Chopper and Usopp are in no better shape than me: a black eye, swollen lips and a huge lump on the top of their heads. Sheesh, why can't we even celebrate about arriving at a new island? I call treason!

Robin has her hand over her mouth, trying not to laugh at what's happening, or at least that's what I think she's doing. I look back at Nami to see that she has that one vein on the side of her head. I wonder, will it pop if I touch it? Well, it doesn't hurt to find out. Hold on, I might get hit again if I try to touch it though, huh? Okay, I'll have to be sneaky about it.

"Nami-swaaan! Robin-chwaaan!" Sanji comes out to the deck holding two jackets. Wait a sec, I could have sworn that he was already out here with the rest of us. When did he go back in? And why does he have a coat on? Oh right, it's cold huh? All of this thinking is making me even hungrier. Agh, my stomach's starting to hurt now. Damn it, I really need some food.

"These," Sanji hands a jacket to Nami then he does a funny, twisty thing before handing the other to Robin. Shishishi, he's so funny. "—are for you, ladies. I can't allow you both to get cold while I'm here, my delicate flowers." I still don't really understand why he bows after he talks with them sometimes but it's still funny though.

"Ah, thank you Sanji-kun." Nami says before putting it on.

"Oi Sanji," I wrap my arms around my front, wanting to make sure that I won't get any colder, "—where's my jacket?"

"Huh? Luffy, you can get your own." He puffs on his cigarette. I wonder what those are like… Ah, never mind. They stink. "—I'm a cook, not a servant."

That's not fair. Why does Sanji always treat them so nice but treats us guys like… well, nowhere near as nice. I'm his captain, damn it. I mean, Robin's nice and Nami is — well Robin's nice but why should that matter? I'm nice too. Ah, Nami is when she wants to be, I guess. But I'm still nice too.

Is it because I don't have any boobs? It has to be that. Man, that sucks.

Zoro walks passed us, rubbing the back of his head. "Yeah, you only serve the women, shitty cook."

There it is. Ahahaha. I'm not sure if anyone was supposed to hear that because of how low his voice was or not but I think that Sanji heard it since he stopped doing his funny noodle dance —his legs looks like noodles so that's what I'm naming it, mmm, noodles. Oh but back to what I was saying.— in front of Nami and Robin and starts heading towards Zoro. Shishishi, they're about to fight again. I always like when they fight. It's not only entertaining but it gives me a chance to sneak some food if I'm not laughing too much. Oh, that'll be the perfect time for me to get some food, huh? That way I won't be hungry anymore. Shishishi.

"What was that, moss head?" Hey, you can see that Sanji has a tick mark on the side of his head. Are those things contagious? Because first Nami had one and now Sanji does. If it is then I don't want it. But if I get it then I can see if it'll pop or not without having to worry about getting hit. Okay, I want one.

Zoro covers his mouth to stifle a yawn before he scratches the back of his head again. He reminds of a cat sometimes. Probably because how much he sleeps, y'know, his cat-caps. Hahaha, ah, Zoro's a cat. Oh, he'd probably hit me if he heard that. Well, he'd probably hit me or not care and fall asleep again. "It's whatever you thought it was, love cook."

And here comes Nami with her famous fun-stopping hits, making them crash to the ground. Damn, I really wanted to see what was gonna happen too. "Aw Nami, they were just gonna have some fun."

She turns to look at me, quickly unclenching her fists to point to my left. "Luffy, this is no time for fun. Look."

I turn my head in that direction and I can feel my jaw drop. The sky is black or maybe dark gray. I can't really tell but I don't care too much all the same. The sky's dark and its unbelievably windy and cold but that's not what has my attention. Is that, no it can't be. Yep, it definitely is and that's the thing that made my jaw drop. It's the coolest thing I've seen all day.

A cow is flying through the air. Why? I don't know but I don't care, it's just so awesome! And look, it's even mooing.

My eyes have a mind of their own and they're just sparkling in excitement. I know they are because I'm excited just from seeing the flying cow. "That so cool—"

Aw man. Now the back of my head hurts. "Nami, what was that for?" Seriously, she needs to stop hitting people so hard, especially when we're having fun like this.

"Luffy, do you not see that?" She's pointing towards the flying hunk of meat. Mmm, meat. So much meat on the cow. I should just grab it to let Sanji cook it for me. Mmm.

"Yeah, I see that cow." I can feel drool coming down from the sides of my mouth. "That's so cool~ and yummy~"

Something light jumps on my right shoulder but I don't pay any mind to it. I know that it's Chopper. He must be interested in the flying cow too. "Woah, that cow's flying!" See, I know him so well. Shishishi.

Usopp nods his head and crosses his arms over his chest before he has an all-knowing look on his face. Huh, does he know something that we don't? "Chopper, that's no ordinary cow."

Both me and Copper look at him and I can feel excitement coursing through me. I was right. He does know something that we don't.

"R-really?" Aah, this is going to be so cool! I can hardly contain my excitement.

"What kind of cow is it?"

Usopp starts waving a finger back and forth before pointing at the cow again. "Well that cow comes from a family of—"

My head starts throbbing in pain. Again with the hitting Nami? Now I will never know what Usopp was about to say since he's face first on the ground and his left leg is twitching. Man, it must suck for him not to be made out of rubber. The poor guy.

Nami grabs my face and points to the cow again. "Do you see that?"

"Yeah, it's the cow." It's not hard to miss something like that flying through the air. Sheesh, I'm not an idiot.

"Ugh, no you idiot." Hey, I resent that! "I'm talking about that!"

Oh, now I see it. It's just a giant hurricane thing on the other side of the shore. Ah, that's nothing to worry about. It's just wind, a lot of wind that could quite possibly tear this ship apart, plank by plank and make a few of us drown. Nothing to worry about at all.





Her hands go on her hips as she shakes her head. "Now do you see what I've been trying to tell you guys?"

Why couldn't she tell us about it before the cow caught my attention? Sheesh. Well, that explains why it's so windy now. Huh, is that where the clouds came from earlier? I wonder.

"Nami, what do you suggest?"

Man, if I wasn't so interested in the flying cow, Robin would have scared me. I didn't even know she was standing behind me. Hey wait, what happened to my cow? I can hear it mooing still but I don't see it. Aw, if the hurricane ate it I'm gonna be mad. I wanted to eat it first. Stupid weather.

"Right now, we'll have to just stay on Sunny and wait for the storm to pass. We won't be able to get any closer to the island right now, not with that in the way at least."

"It's a good thing that we just docked then, huh?" Franky says while he's taking the helm.

Wait, when did we dock? And why wasn't I aware of this? And why am I mostly talking in my head and not out loud? And why — ugh I'm still hungry and now my stomach is making a lot of weird noises. I really need to eat something right now or else… well, I don't know what'll happen but it probably won't be a good thing. Ah, stupid lock on the refrigerator. Why'd Sanji have to get one in the first place?

"We're gonna have to go inside until the storm lets up, isn't that right girly?"

Nami lets out a sigh before turning to leave. "Yeah, it is." She turns back to the hurricane and looks deep in thought before turning to face all of us. "It should head south-west, so it won't hit us when it passes.

Aw man, now I'll have to wait to have my adventure. Oh well, I'll just see if Sanji can get me something to eat yet. Yeah, that sounds like a really good idea. Food. Meat. Steak. Chops. Meat. Fish. Loins. Octopus. Ramen. Sea Kings. Takoyaki. Fish Fillet. Grilled Shark. Dumplings. Any kind of food sounds so good right now except vegetables. Vegetables are not meat. I need some meat. But he did tell me that I couldn't ask for anything until lunch or else I wouldn't be able to eat, huh? Aw, damn it. I'll just see if I can't have someone else ask for me.

Huh, where'd everyone go?


Turning all the way around, I see Zoro standing by the door, holding it open. "Hmm, oh hey. Where is everyone?"

"They're inside. Come on."

"Alright." Let's go see if I can get Brook to ask for some food—

A gust of wind comes out of nowhere and blows really hard. I try to keep my eyes open while I hold onto the rail but it's really hard to. The wind's too strong. Even so, I kinda see Zoro holding onto the doorknob either to keep it from ripping off or to make sure that he doesn't fly away.

I bring my right hand up to make sure that my hat doesn't blow away but as soon as I touch my head I only feel my hair. Instantly I turn my head to try and find my hat. Not a second later do I see it fly towards the island. "BOSHI!"

My hand stretches out to try and grab it. Almost got it—ugh stupid wind. I can't let Boshi get away. It's too important for me to just let go. It's my treasure.

I know, I'll just jump ship, get Boshi, and come right back. No trouble at all.

"Luffy, get back here!" I can hear Zoro calling as I rocket off Thousand Sunny and fly towards the island. As soon as my feet hit the beach I turn back to him and give him a quick smile to let him know I'll be right back before running off to get my hat. There's no way that I can let Boshi get away from me.

Geez, the wind keeps blowing. I don't know if it's from that hurricane or whatever Nami said was on the shore but this is crazy. The stupid wind just keeps getting stronger and Boshi is still flying away from me every time I get close enough to touch it. "Come back here Boshi!"

Damn it! The wind is blowing really hard and stuff keeps getting in my eyes. I can't see anything. And now it's raining? When did it start raining? Woah, and there's even lightening?

Damn it.

Damn it.


Where is Boshi at?

It's cold. Crap, it's really cold. I blame Sanji for not getting me a jacket. Well no, I can't blame him. He did tell me to get my own but I never did so that's kind of my fault. But still, brr, it's really cold.

I really need to find a place to get out of this weather after I get Boshi. Speaking of, I haven't seen any houses around and it's not because I'm squinting my eyes either. Okay, so it probably is but I'm just gonna say it's because of the bad weather.

Man, the rain feels like ice cycles on my skin. It's so cold. Even though my arms are wrapped around my front, I can't really make any more body heat. I really need to find a place to take shelter. Stupid rain, it keeps getting in my eyes and because I'm getting soaked it doesn't really help that I'm trying to wipe the water from my face. I'm not making it any worse, am I? Nah, I don't think so. But, oh man, it's cold.

"Ah, ah, ah-achoo...!" Yeah, I really need to find some shelter. I've never been one to get sick much but I know if I stay out here for much longer then I'm gonna need some medicine and the bad thing is that Chopper isn't around right now.

Is that? It is. I can see a building up ahead. Thank goodness. I really need to find Boshi, but I'll have to wait til the storm lets up. Damn it, I really don't want to wait that long, but I don't have much choice right now. I mean I do but it'll be safer if I just wait. I really hate not being able to find Boshi though. It means so much to me. There's no way that I'll be able to face Shanks again if I don't have it with me. It's not just facing him, it's the fact that I made a promise to Shanks. Boshi means everything to me.

My legs are going quicker towards that building right now. I'm running pretty fast but it seems like I'm not getting any closer. What the hell? And now it's hailing? Ow. The stupid frozen rain just hit the top of my head and that hurt. The hell? Why would ice hurt from falling from the sky? Okay, I kind of answered my own question, but still. Ow, ow. It's just coming down harder and faster. Ah, damn ice.

I absolutely do not like this island. This is a very bad island to dock at. When I get back to Sunny, I'm staying on there until the next time we reach port or if I have to fight marines or other pirates. Heck, I probably won't have to fight them. The weather can take care of them itself.

Finally, I made it. It's about time. Ah, stupid hail. Stop hitting me!

What's going on? Why aren't there any doors on this side? Huh, well how about this one? No doors here either. What the hell? It's really cold, my teeth are clattering, my clothes are drenched, I can't find the stupid door and worse of all I lost sight of Boshi. Can it possibly get any worse that this?

Oh, here's the door. Lucky me. Hey, it's not locked either. Good cause if it was then I would have to break it down and let all of this cold air inside. Ahaha.

Woah! What is this place? There are so many old gears and other metal thingy-ma-bobs in here. I know Franky and Usopp would love this place. They can make so many weapons with all of this stuff. It's also a good place to play around with Usopp and Chopper too. Maybe after the storm lets up then I can show them this place. Aha, yeah, we'd have so much fun here.

But first, it's still cold. Oh, it's cause my clothes are soaking wet, huh? Haha. Okay, I'll just ring my vest out then. Hopefully I won't be as cold if I do that. Haha. Unbuttoning the three buttons I take it off before twisting the ends, ringing it out. Wow, that's a lot of water coming out of it. I didn't think that it was raining that hard. Ah, the cold water's splashing on my feet. That is cold. Haha, ah, oh well. I won't lose to water so it's fine, well not this much at least.

Ah, a drop of water just hit my nose. Well, yeah, that does make sense since my hair is drenched too, huh? Hahaha, yeah, I should do something about that too. My eyes close and I shake my head side to side a couple of times, shaking the water from my hair. Whoo, I need to stop. My eyes are safe from the water but I'm starting to get dizzy. Haha. At least I don't feel any water dripping from my hair now. Ah, that's cold! It dripped on my back. I thought I got rid of it all. I'll just shake my head a little more.

Eight seconds pass and now I'm really dizzy. All I can see are blurs but the good thing is that there's no more water dripping on me. I refuse to feel any more drips.

Good, no more water drops are falling on me. Aha, now I can focus on better things. Well, as soon as I put this back on then I can and by focus I mean explore this place for a bit. There's so many gears in here that makes this place awesome and there's no sense in wasting an adventure just because of the bad weather, right? So I'm gonna explore around here until it calms down a little, or just until it stops hailing. No, not even the hail, until it's stops being so windy then I can leave this awesome place to look for Boshi some more.

"Mugiwara no Luffy."

I'm only able to get my arms through the arm-holes of my vest as someone calls out to me. I didn't know that someone else was here too. Well, I didn't exactly look around since I just got here but I guess that someone else was already here before I came in. Does that mean that I invaded whoever's territory? Even if I did then I'm sure they won't mind. I mean, look at this place, it's big enough for the both of us so if that person doesn't want to be bothered then I can just go on the other side. It's that simple.

Huh, that's weird. I'm looking around but I can't find whoever called my name. I'm sure that they've seen my wanted poster since they know who I am. Wait, why would someone be here? I didn't see any houses when I was looking for Boshi. Maybe there's some on the other side of the island. That would make sense since I came in from this side and I only looked at three of the four walls for a door. Does that mean I could have just went to the other side and found a smaller door to let me in? Ah, that sucks.

Oh well, what's done is done.

Is it strange that I still can't find whoever called out to me? I knew this place would be awesome to play around in but why is this person not showing their face to me? Is it because I'm a pirate and he doesn't like pirates for whatever reason? "Where are you?"

The person finally steps out into the dim light on my left that I didn't notice was there before. Why didn't I notice it? It doesn't matter but now I can see this person from afar. Muddy shoes that look like the ones that Sanji wears, black pants that Sanji also would probably wear, an opened shirt, and long, black hair but I can't see his face yet. Wait, if I scrunch my eyes like this then I can get a better look. He has a strangely shaped goatee, narrow eyes, and even stranger shaped eyebrows.

Wait, it's not…?

It can't be…

What the hell is he doing here?

It's him, it's that damn pigeon bastard. What was his name? Crap, I can't remember. I think it kind of sounds like my name but what the hell is it? Snob Lucry? No, that's not it. Something that rhymes with Bob and it really sounds like my name. Something, something. Trob, no, that's not right. Maybe Rob. That's it! The first part was Rob. Now if I could only remember what the heck the rest of it is.

My train of thought instantly leaves me as I see what he has in his hands. Boshi! What is he doing with it? How the hell did he find it?

It's official: I hate this island. The weather here sucks and this damn bastard was able to find Boshi before me. There's nothing good about this island, nothing at all. Except for this building but other than that I don't like this island.

My right hand balls into a fist out of reflex and I can feel my teeth clenching together just a bit. I probably wouldn't be so defensive if he wasn't still walking towards me. "W-what are you doing here?"

Damn it. I didn't want to stutter, especially not in front of this bastard. Stuttering is a sign of weakness and I don't want him to know that seeing him makes me a little nervous. But can you really blame me though? He literally beat me to the brink of death with just brute strength during our last fight. Sure I was able to win in the end but still, this man was capable of sending me to the ground multiple times and he even looked like he was really enjoying it. I couldn't even move after the fight. Had it not been for Robin then I really would of died that day because of him.

"I can ask you the same question."

Damn, he's still advancing towards me but I'm gonna stand my ground, I have to. I've beat this bastard before even though it was extremely hard at the time and it was only a few weeks ago, I should be able to do it again if I need to. I mean I can't just ask him to give me Boshi back and actually expect him to do that, even though that would be really great if he did and just left me alone afterwards. No, I'm gonna have to beat this bastard again to get Boshi back and leave this place.

Damn it, I really blame the weather for this situation. If it hadn't of blew Boshi away in the first place then I wouldn't even be here right now. I'd be inside Sunny probably eating some —ugh, that's right. I am hungry. Crap. If we actually do fight then I better not lose just because of that.

"Your friends are still alive, I presume?" Why is he asking that? Is something supposed to happen to them that I should know about? He wouldn't dare go after them, would he? He better not or else I'll kick his ass three times as hard. I'm already gonna kick his ass twice as hard for having Boshi.

Ara? Something about him is off. He looks the same from what I can remember other than him having different clothes on, but something is just… different. I'll keep that in mind but for now my main priority is to get Boshi back from him without anything happening to it.

We're only a few feet apart from each other now and I feel really uneasy around him. I think that I'd rather take my chances outside in the storm looking for Boshi instead of being here with him right now.

Damn bastard found my hat before me. Okay, I just need to take it from him and head back to the Thousand Sunny and I have to keep a level head on my shoulders in order for me to do that. I can't let whatever nervousness or anger control me if I do have to fight him.

He lifts Boshi and starts spinning it around his finger. I don't know why but just seeing him do that is making me mad. I doubt it's because he almost killed me twice. No the reason I'm getting mad is because the only people who are allowed to touch Boshi are my nakama.

My teeth are just clenching together and I can feel my fists slightly shaking by my sides. I'm trying to stay calm, I really am but I can't. Just seeing him with Boshi is making me angrier by the second. "Give. It. Back."

I can't afford to let anything happen to Boshi. Sure, Nami would be able to fix it like always but it shouldn't even come to that.

All of the sudden he just stops spinning Boshi and holds it by the middle, almost like he's gonna rip it in two. "I wonder, just how important is it to you, really?"

He wouldn't dare rip it in front of me…

"DON'T YOU DARE!" Without a second thought I feel myself launching towards him but before I can even get close enough to reach for Boshi he's already on my left side. Boshi has a slight tear in it but Nami should be able to fix it since it's nothing too serious. A relieved sigh comes from me but I can't relax too much longer since the bastard is walking towards me.

Instantly I cock my right hand back before thrusting it at him. I need to get Boshi back. "Gum Gum Pistol!" He just disappears with his damn sobu or whatever it's called. Damn him.

"Straw Hat,"

He's right behind me. I can see Boshi from the corner of my eye. When I try to reach for it he disappears again. Damn it! Where'd he go? All that's to my left are piles of those metal things and over to my right are more gears. He's not above me or in front of me either. The bastard has to be behind me then. Just as I'm about to turn around an arm comes from behind me on my right side and the hand is holding Boshi.

I know this is just a trick but Boshi is within my reach and I might be able to grab it. But the chance that this is most likely a trick just keeps popping up. I know, I know it's a trick but what if this is my only chance to be able to grab Boshi without anything bad happening to either of us? If this is my only chance to get it then I'm taking it, I don't care about the consequence, not until I have Boshi.

Making up my mind I'm about to make my move but Boshi is thrown over a few gears to my right and before I can even react something grabs the back of my vest. I try to take a step forward but as soon as I put my foot down the thing holding my vest roughly pulls me backwards, making sure that I can't.

"Damn it! Let go of me!" I throw my elbow back against his chest to get him off of me.


That's not good. There's no reaction coming from him, not even the slightest flinch when I hit him. I forgot about that damn thing. That "Tekkai" is nothing to laugh about. I don't care either way as I start flailing against him, trying to break free from his grasp: my feet kick at his shins, my elbows keep hitting him in the chest, and I even head-butt him but that stupid technique isn't letting him feel anything.

"I've been dreaming about you,"

Instantly I stop moving my body and my eyes widen a bit. What did he say? He's been … what?

"What… did you say?" Why is my voice so low? I know I'm shocked by what I thought I heard but why I did I whisper? And why are beads of sweat starting to go on my face?

A warm breath tickles my right ear adding more nervousness to me before a low whisper leaves his mouth, forcing me to actually listen. I mean I want to listen anyways since I thought I heard him say he was dreaming about me. Why the hell would he be having dreams about me?

"—about the most efficient way to get my revenge."

Suddenly my back hits the edge of something heavy and solid. What just happened? Whatever it was I'm just glad to be made out of rubber. It hurts but from the way I hit whatever it was my back should have broke or something. What was it anyways? Oh, it's just one of these huge gears. That man is crazy. Had it been a regular person then they would be in a lot of pain right now.

Getting to my feet I mentally shake it off. I can't show any signs of weakness in front of this bastard, not him. Where'd he go now? You know what, I don't even care. I'm just gonna—


My right shoulder hits that damn gear behind me again. His finger went right under my Adam's apple, forcing me to have a coughing fit while he's taking a few step back. I need to make sure that nothing's wrong with my throat. Good, it's alright. There's no bleeding or holes and I'm not coughing anymore but it sucks that I'm breathing heavy in front of this bastard.

Using my left hand to grab a gear I pull myself up as I'm rubbing my throat. The pain is going away. That's good cause I don't want to focus on attacking him or defending against him and on my throat. When I fight this bastard I have to give him my full attention. I can't be worried about anything else, not unless I want him to pummel me.

Getting my thoughts together, I ready myself and take a step forward, balling my hands into fists. Within the next second do I quickly launch both hands at him, making it look like multiple fists are attacking at the same time. "Gatling Gun!" I can't feel anything but the air. Damn it, he keeps dodging, but I refuse to stop attacking him. I'm not gonna give him the opportunity to do whatever he wants. Come on Luffy, make contact with him!

Right when my fist is about to graze the side of his cheek he dodges it and grabs my left wrist, forcing me to stop my attack and pulls me towards him. I don't know what he plans on doing but I'm not going to give him the chance to do it. I refuse to.

Quickly I raise my right leg up and I swing it at him with my next attack. "Whip!"

The bastard doesn't loosen his grip on my wrist while he jumps over my leg. And because of that my body twists around as my leg retracts. This isn't good. Now my back is to him, giving him the opportunity to do whatever he wants. And he takes it. He's pulling me backwards but I refuse to be in front of him with my back exposed so I try to run the other way. All it seems to be doing is make my arm stretch even more as we're both in a stalemate.

"It's useless."

The bastard yanks my captured arm hard and I end up pretty much in front of him with my back still towards him. And the position that my arm is in is really uncomfortable. Damn it, I really didn't want to be in front of him like this and now my captured arm is starting to fall asleep. Come on body, don't do this to me. You can rest after I kick his ass.

The bastard grabs the nape of my neck and is forcing me onto my feet. "Let go!" I yell as I reach my free hand to try to pry his off from my neck. My mind is frantically trying to come up with different ways for me to escape but I'm forced to stop when I feel something sharp pierce me right under my ear, making something warm run down my neck. Suddenly he just releases his hold on my neck and arm and roughly shoves me away, making me trip on my own feet and hit the ground.

"Straw Hat,"

I hear him calling out to me before I focus my attention on him as I get to my feet. There's no way that I'm going to let him get the upper hand in this. Shit, this is going to be a hard fight.

"—your nakama—"

"Why are you so interested in them?! Leave them out of this!" This is the second time that he brought them up. They're safe on Sunny, exactly where I should be but this stupid weather blew Boshi away—


My gaze searches everywhere to see if I could find any sign of it but the damn pigeon bastard steps in front of me, making sure that I can't see anything but him. I narrow them at him and he keeps his face as impassive as ever. What the hell is his deal? And what the hell is he doing here in the first place?

"You say that you want your revenge or whatever on me but you're not even trying to do anything. You're just trying to see if you can make me bleed or not." I don't care if he sees me angry or not. He's just wasting time. This isn't even a fight. Okay, it is one but this is a freaking weird one. He's barely trying to attack me. What the hell is he even doing?

"Is that what you think?"

What is that supposed to mean? He's not doing anything. So what? He avoided all of my attacks, made me crash into a gear twice and now my neck is bleeding but the last time we fought he was on the offensive a lot more than he is now. So what the hell does he plan on doing?

He takes a step forward and I feel myself take one backwards. What's wrong with me? I mean the bastard is already making me feel uneasy but why? Why do I even feel like this in the first place? For the first time since I've been stuck in this place with him his mouth curls up in a small grin and he has a certain look in his eyes. Shit, what is that? I don't know but— That's it! That's the reason why he looks so different. That look in his eyes, it's— I don't know. It's just creepy. No wonder I'm feeling nervous around him.

I cock my right hand back, having every intention to launch it at him but I'm getting dizzy. What's going on? I can feel myself stagger backwards before I'm able to get my footing right. Focusing my attention back on him I see that creepy grin back on his face. Tch, bastard.

"Gum Gum Pistol."

He's easily able to evade my attack and as soon as I try to retract my arm he grabs it by the wrist again. I'm being pulled forward again and as much as I want to resist I'm starting to get dizzy again. Not only that but my body is getting hotter. Not the type of heat when you're working or fighting but a different type of heat. The really bad thing about it is that it's just barely there.

Standing right in front of me is that damn bastard and all I can really do is glare at him for the moment because I can't seem to get my body to listen to me. He has a damn, smug smirk on his face before it quickly gets erased. He better not think that he's gonna win just because I can't move at the moment.

He uses that sobu-thing again and all I feel is something on the back of my head before I connect with the hard ground. Shit, now I can feel blood dripping from the right side of my head and me still being dizzy does nothing to help either.

I test some fingers from my right hand and am able to move them. Good. My body's listening to me again. I push my hands against the cold ground in an attempt to get myself up but my body instantly hits the ground when I feel weight going on my back. Something else goes on top of my left arm, pinning it down while I feel even more weight being put on me. Turning my head to the left I see a muddy shoe on top of my hand. Alright, so this bastard is sitting on top of me. This shouldn't be too hard. Zoro trains like this all of the time. I can do this too.

I'm trying to get myself up again but this time with only one arm supporting me and the bastard doesn't look like he weighs much more than I do if I ignore the fact that he's still taller than me but as soon as I make any progress he shifts his weight on me, making my arm lose its balance and my forehead smacks the hard ground. Shit, he has me pinned down. Something grabs the root of my hair and turns my head so that my right cheek is against the ground. I open my left eye and I see him studying my face, particularly at my scar. As the next second passes he uses his free hand to trace my scar and I try my best to glare at him but my vision is getting blurry. Fuck, I don't want to know what he's gonna try to do to me if I can't even fight back.

"There are many types of ways to get revenge on someone other than killing that person. I want you to experience the one that I particularly thought of just for you, Luffy."

As soon as he says my name my eye goes wide. He's never called me by my name and in all honesty, I don't like the way it sounded coming from him at all. The way he said it promised pain, maybe death…

Or probably something far worse.

"To think that I was beaten by a young man such as you." His finger is still lightly brushing against my cheek and I don't like it at all. I know how powerful that one finger is. This man is capable of stabbing people like a pincushion with just that one finger. "That's alright. Everyone has their days and guess what," His face is way too close to mine to the point where I can pretty much taste what he's eaten today. "—today gets to be yours."

I appreciate the fact that he moved his face from mine, especially since I smell food on his breath. Damn it, I can feel my stomach rumble a bit from it— No, focus Luffy. Those words that he just said… I don't know what to make of them. Today gets to be my day? I don't even want to know what he means by that or what his plans for me are. For the first time today, hell, in a while, I can honestly say that I'm getting a little scared.

All of the weight on me is now leaving and before I can try to get up I'm roughing being pulled from the ground by my neck. My back hits something solid as two arms wrap around me tightly, immobilizing my own. My left eye clenches shut from how tight the grip is on me and I can still feel blood dripping down my face.

"What's the matter? You've been quiet for far too long." His hold tightens on me just a bit before I can feel his chest vibrate from him talking some more. "I won't be able to get my revenge if you're not putting up a fight."

I can practically feel him smirk from saying that. Everything is just making me mad. The fact that my body is still a little dizzy and is starting to act weird from those two attacks that he did to me— Why didn't I realize this earlier? That bastard! He's the reason why I'm feeling how I am!

"What the hell did you do to me?!" I try to twist my body side to side to make his grip loosen but I'm not able to when he squeezes me tighter. I'm pulled further into his chest as he lets out a low chuckle. That sounded way too dark for my taste. I turn my head towards him and I can finally see part of his face but I really wish that I didn't. The look in his eyes just intensified and that creepy grin just came back. I don't know what it is about that but it's creeping me out. No, I need to be stronger than this. I can't let that look distract me from this situation.

"You'll see soon enough."

I'm not seeing a damn thing if I can help it. "You bas—"

Something warm, strong, and a little prickly is on the right side of my face, forcing me from finishing what I was going to say. Blood. I see blood on his tongue that's sticking out for some reason. But he's not bleeding anywhere— That means he… he just… he just licked my face?! What the hell?! Why the fuck would he lick me?!

I don't know what kind of look is on my face right now. It could be shock. Or surprise. Or maybe even fear. I don't know but I really don't like the way that he's looking at me. He's looking like he's a little kid who just got a new toy and has different plans on how to break it.

Oh shit…

I'm in his new toy…

My arms and legs are just flailing aimlessly as I'm frantically trying to get out of his grip. I need to get out of here or at the very least away from him. It's bad enough that he's incredibly strong. I don't want to think about how twisted he's become in the past few weeks, especially if he's been dreaming about getting revenge on me.

All of the sudden he just lets me go. "Fight me."

I turn around, looking at him. That damn look in his eyes, I don't like it at all. Of course I want to fight. The only reason is so I can find Boshi and leave this damn place.

"Allow me to have fun with you."

He takes a step closer and I keep myself grounded. No, I refuse to show him any more signs of weakness, no matter how much he's creeping me out, I won't. Instead, I move my right leg in front of me and bring my hands up, readying myself for a fight I know I won't be able to avoid.

"Good, you know that this is inevitable." His eyes close and that damn smirk gets wider. "Don't worry, I promise to torture you slowly." When he looks back at me I can feel my fists clench even tighter. "I wouldn't be able to extract my revenge on you if our fight is over so quickly."

My eyes quickly scan the area just to see if I can spot Boshi but unfortunately I can't. The only thing that I can see in this metal environment in different areas where it would be hard to fight at. All of these giant gears might be able to help me somehow. I don't know but I'll use them any way that I can. I'm going to need all the help I can get fighting this bastard.


Damn it. Where is he? No, I need to breathe. I can't allow myself to panic. Too much is at stake for me to start panicking now.

A leg coming towards me becomes visible on my left side and I raise my arm to block the kick to my head. Quickly I retaliate by throwing my right fist towards his chest but he blocks that with his forearm. Not a second later do I send a spinning kick with my right leg to his head but he ducks before I can connect it. As he gets up he sends a hook towards my ribs but I quickly evade the attack by jumping backwards, towards the gears. I need to make use of them anyway I can and if they can slow him down then I'll use that to my advantage and kick his ass.

Quickly turning my body I break into a run, trying to lead him into the field of gears. He can think that I'm running away all he wants but I know what I'm trying to do so I don't care. You know, it's kind of funny that I'm even fighting like this in the first place since I'm the type of person to just fight anyone head on but with this situation that I'm in, I'll take my chances and try something new. If I just fight him head on then there's a slight chance that he can overpower me when he decides to transform. Shit, I didn't even think about him transforming until now. If he does then I'm gonna be in big trouble, especially since he's a lot more brutal in that form like Chopper said when I first lost to him back at Galley-La.

My thoughts are broken when I hear footsteps closing in on me. Damn, I didn't think that he was gonna catch up so quickly. The gears in front of me are all just stacked up. They won't help me at all and to my left they're just all over the place. I could shoot for that but I doubt I have the time to sprint over there without this bastard getting in front of me. Hopefully my right side will be better. There. There's a small gap that I can squeeze through over to my right.

"Tobu Shigan."

Shit, it's that flying attack that can pierce through bodies. I need to get out of the open now. Stretching my arm I grab the gear and nearly miss the attack as I launch to it, sliding through the hole in the middle of the gear. I can hear the impact from the flying attack as it hits the gear and Rob skids on his feet, changing his direction to come after me. Once I'm through the hole I run behind a couple more and then jump on the top of the pile, wiping the blood from under my right eye. Why is my head still bleeding? I can't focus on that question when my stomach starts to rumble. No, not now. Me eating is the last thing that I need to worry about.

Shaking my head I see him punch the gear that I went through, making it fly towards the base of gears that I'm standing on. Shit, I thought I'd have more time. I jump down from the pile before the gear makes contact and I can see all of the gears just fall into a loud heap. From the corner of my eye I can see a kick coming at me again. I'm able to block the attack but I don't expect him to follow up with a quick punch to my face, making my right cheek connect with the gear behind me. I can't even fall when he grabs the back of my head and slams my face against it. And not just once, no, he keeps on doing it. I'm probably at the fifth time right now.

He raises my head in an attempt to slam it again but I'm able to use my elbow to hit the side of his jaw. He doesn't let go of my head but my face isn't being smashed again. Taking the opportunity I kick my left leg back at him but he grabs it with his free hand. With both of his hands occupied I lift both of my arms and grab his wrist, squeezing it with all of my strength to make him let go of his head. I'm surprised that it worked. He pulls his arm back and I turn myself around, instantly thrusting my right hand at him but he catches it and uses his body weight to push me against the gear. So here I am now, the top half of my body is twisted and pinned against the gear while my left leg is still caught in his hand. My right leg and the gear are the only things keeping me balanced right now.

His face shows no signs of emotion. Not even that creepy glint is in his eyes right now. He just looks blah. I know that blah isn't a good way to describe someone but that's exactly what he looks like right now. I'm about to use my free hand to knock him back but before I can even raise it up my stomach rumbles again. Shit, not again. Not in front of him.

I see his gaze look down at it while he tightens his hold on me and a small grunt comes from the back of my throat. Damn it, he's probably gonna find out that I'm starving here and he might even use that against me. He brings his gaze back at me and I narrow my eyes at him when I see the look on his face. That damn smirk is back.

"I'm quite impressed," his grip on my foot tightens and I shoot my hand out to grab his wrist, needing him to let me go but he just ignores it and continues talking. "—that you would have an appetite in this situation."

"It's not like I want to be hungry." I spit those words at him. I mean, seriously, who wants to be hungry, especially in a fight like this?

He hmph's and my glare gets stronger before he lets my hand go and uses his forearm to press against the front of my throat. "Are your people not feeding you properly?"

This son of a bitch just went too far. I bring both hands up and try to push the arm away from my throat but he just presses harder against me. Fine, if he doesn't want to let me go then I'll force him to. I move my hands to the back of his head and tightly grip the roots of his hair, completely ignoring the fact that he's narrowing his eyes at me. Not stopping there I harshly tug my hands downwards, forcing his head to be pulled backwards. And from doing that he presses his arm deeper into my throat, making it harder for me to breathe but I'm not going to let go just because of that. So here we are now, in another stalemate; neither of us wanting to let the other go.

The stalemate doesn't last for too much longer when he brings a knee up and it connects with my growling stomach, not only forcing me to let his hair go but also making fluids come out from the pit of my stomach. He lets go of my foot and I'm able to straighten my body out but as soon as I do I double over and cough up more fluids. I can hear him moving behind me and I quickly dodge out of the way. When I look back at him I see his fist inside of the gear. He's really not playing around. Before he has a chance to pull it out I quickly get to my feet and jump on top of another pile of gears, needing to get away from this side.

My stomach growls again and I instantly bring a hand to it, hopefully to silence it. In the next second I hear more metal crashing into the ground and when I turn around I'm literally face to face with him. The only thing that I can do is bring both arms up to block the quick punch he's attacking me with. The only downfall with that is that I'm falling off from the gears now but that's fine, I don't care. My fall turns into a flip and I land on my feet but now I'm back in the open where this damn thing started. Damn it, there goes that plan right out the window. And this is why I always fight the way that I do, trying to plan and fight just isn't my thing. Sure, it wasn't working as well as I hoped it would but he just completely messed it up.

That thought quickly leaves as I see him quickly send strong punches my way and I block them while trying to look for an opening to attack. I won't be able to find one if I stay on the defensive side. No, I'm just gonna have to make one myself. As quickly as he's attacking me do I send my fists to him and all that's happening is that we're hitting each other's fists but it doesn't seem like either of us are going to let up. If anything, it seems like we're going faster by the second, trying to overpower the other again. I'm finally able to connect with his face but as soon as I do he connects with mine just as quick. Not only as quick but as just as strong too. I can feel blood dripping from my lip now. Even so, I'm not going to be the one who quits attacking.

So far we're pretty much evenly matched with blows for blows until he sends a low kick towards my leg. Out of reflex I block it with my shin but I'm caught off guard when I feel a stinging sensation hitting my stomach. The next thing I know my left side hits the edge of another gear before I fall to the ground. By now I'm breathing hard while trying to get up, but I only succeed in falling down again. How could one punch cause me so much pain? Never mind. This is the same guy who nearly killed me during our last fight.

"Surely this isn't the best that you can do."

That smug bastard, mocking me like this. He knows damn well that this isn't. I don't even have to look at him to see that damn grin plastered on his face right now. Gritting my teeth out of annoyance I get to my hands and knees before forcing myself to roll towards my left to escape his Rankyaku attack. The bastard, he could have at least said that he was gonna do that. Sheesh.

Once I get to my feet I bend my upper half forward, place my left hand on my knee and put my right fist on the ground. As the second passes I can feel blood just rushing through my body, making my skin glow red and steam erupts from my skin. "Second Gear."

Looking up I see him narrow his eyes at me I narrow mine back at him. Soon after I run towards him, stretching my arms back. "Jet Bazooka!" Both of my arms hurl towards him but before I can make a direct hit to his torso he puts his hands out and catches mine while he skids back just a little, interlocking our fingers afterwards. This is going to be a test of strength. That's fine, I'm not going to back down.

"You truly are a reckless one."

I try to add more pressure into my fingertips but he just tightens his grip even more, making my hands twitch. "Damn it!"

Blood is getting in my eye and out of reflex my right eye instantly shuts. He uses that opportunity to bend my hands backwards and I can feel his nails dig into my skin. I grit my teeth as I try to glare at him with just my left eye. Damn it, he's starting to overpower me. I need to do something to change that. That thought leaves me when I feel something against my left foot. Looking down I see his foot right behind mine. Looking back up I see how close he is to me. He's way too close!

"How are you feeling?"

How am I feeling? I'm stuck in this place with this damn bastard, I'm really uncomfortable with him around me, my stomach keeps growling, I'm still dizzy, my body is still getting hot, and I don't know where Boshi is. I'm fucking pissed! And this bastard wants to know how I'm feeling? Why? Will it make him feel better to know how the hell he's making me feel? He's fucking sick!

He leans closer to me and tightens his grip on my hands. I can't even press my fingertips against his anymore. "You feel warm to me, my prey."

That's the last thing he says right before he pull his leg from under mine, making me fall forward into him. I try to stand my ground but because I'm dizzy I think that I'm actually making it worse for myself. The edge of his knee connects with my stomach again and he lets my hands go. Instantly I double over as I clutch my stomach to try and ease the pain away while coughing a bit but I lose my balance and end up on my knees and my left hand while my right eye is clenched shut.

Heavy breaths are leaving my mouth as I'm trying to calm myself down. There was a lot of force in that man's attack, almost like he wanted me to be like this. He better not of planned this or else I'll kick his ass even more.

A few seconds pass and I look ahead of me to see what he's doing but he's not there. "Where is he?"

Instantly I look to my left but I hear footsteps coming from behind me and before I can turn my head something wraps around me, pulling me backwards. A surprised yelp leaves my mouth as I'm forced back and now I'm sitting down. Not like I should care right now but whatever I'm sitting on is uneven on my backside. Like I said, I shouldn't care about that but I can feel warmth radiating from behind me and there's arms around me.


No, that means I'm sitting in this bastard's lap!

I try to quickly lift my arms up in an attempt to break his grip but all he does is tighten his hold, making sure that I can't succeed. Damn him. He's not going to get the best of me! I continue to struggle against him, trying to throw my shoulders backwards but as soon as I hear a low chuckle and a warm breath by my ear, I stop. He's way too close to me. That warm breath hits the inside of my ear as he whispers: "Looking for me?"

My eyes narrow and my gaze goes to the right, trying to look at him. I'm not going to turn my head, I can't. Not unless I want this bastard's mouth to touch my ear. Even so, I need to let him know that I'm not going to give up. No matter what he throws at me, I won't give in to him. With that thought I clench my fists, knowing that he'll be able to feel it.

From the corner of my eyes I can barely see his face, just enough to see the corner of his mouth curl up into a smirk. Tch, this smug bastard. "What do you want from me?" My voice is just above a whisper. I'm not sure why that is but I don't care because it's laced with anger.

He doesn't answer my question, at least not with words. No, he does something different, something really disgusting. He's freaking licking my ear and I can't help but twitch out of reflex. This man is really sick!

I go to move my head away but he quickly grabs a firm hold of my chin, forcing me to stay still. Not a second later can I feel his tongue roam over a few strands of my hair and he reaches my cheek. I don't know if he realizes that the right side of my face is bloody or not but he's just licking it. I already knew that he was creepy to be around but this just proves it.

"The hell?" I don't care that he has my face in a tight grip, I try my hardest to move my head away from him. I need him to stop licking my damn face! "Let go of me, you sick bastard!"

He does nothing except ignore me and tightens his hold on my chin. Another three seconds pass before he finally decides to stop licking me as if I were some kind of treat. "Not until you've finished entertaining me."

"I'm not here to…" I throw my shoulders back at him, needing him to loosen his grip or better yet, just let me go completely. "—entertain you…" I'm still trying to get my face out of his hand too. "Let GO!" I slam my shoulders back again and I can feel it connect with his collar bone but he just ignores it. Not only that I can vaguely feel something against my lower back but I don't take that into consideration. The thing that I'm focused on is that sound that just came from him. What the hell was that?

"I didn't think that I would see you so soon." He fastens his arms around me even more, forcing my elbows to dig into my sides. "It's only been a few weeks since my unfortunate defeat but that's alright," I can feel him shift his legs around a little. "—I've been waiting for you, my prey."

I could care less about what he's talking about. I just need to get out of this so I can beat this crazy bastard again, find Boshi, and get the hell out of here. Wait, did he just call me a prey? I'm not his damn fodder! "Don't call me that! I'm not your damn prey… and let me go, damn it!"

His chest vibrates even more as he chuckles or whatever the hell he does and moves my face to the side so he can see me better. Or at least that's what I hoped he would've done but no, he doesn't stop there. His tongue is coming for my face again and I'm trying me hardest to move my head away from him but his grip tightens to the point where his nails dig into my face and I'm pretty sure that I'm bleeding from it. I can't be too sure when I close my right eye and the only thing that I can pay attention to is that damn tongue licking it. This is so gross. That damn tongue feels prickly like a cats but there are a lot more bumps all over it. Now his filthy tongue is moving down from my eye to my cheek again. If only I had one hand free then that's all I need to knock this sick bastard off from me.

After a few more seconds does he finally move his head away from me. All I want to do right now is wipe my face clean. I feel so dirty. Hell, I'd feel cleaner if I rolled in mud at the moment.

"That's…" I feel his grip on my face loosen a little, allowing me jerk my head away from him a bit, "—really disgusting."

"No, your blood tastes," he moves his mouth to my neck and that damn tongue darts out to lick my neck. I have to force myself not to shiver out of disgust right now. "—simply delicious."

He licks my neck once more before he starts to suck on it, making me struggle against him again. I'm trying to get my arms out from digging into my sides while making his from being wrapped around me. At the same time I'm trying to throw my body back against him to get him away from me but he's not budging at all. His lips keeps sucking on my neck and I can feel that damn tongue lick me every so often. And now he's going down my neck? Fuck, why can't I get out of this? I shouldn't be this weak, damn it!

That damn mouth is sucking really hard and now I can feel teeth biting down before more liquid runs down my neck. Shit, he just made me bleed again. Damn it. I try to jerk my head away from him before he can do anything else but the grip on my face keeps me from doing so. All of the sudden I feel something soft creeping up my right leg, forcing me to stop moving at the moment. When I look down I can feel my eyes instantly go wide. When did his tail come out? Wait, if that's out then that must mean… No, did he just transform?

My heart is beating harder against my chest right now. If he transformed then I'm gonna have a harder chance of getting out of this more than I already am. He was too blood thirsty in our last fight that it was getting hard for me to stand back up to attack him. I most likely won't make it out of this place alive if he did.

I turn my head to see if my sudden fear is right, to see if he transformed but other than his tail he still looks the same. A relieve sigh escapes my mouth.

I don't know why I'm so stupid to think that I could be relieved, even if it was just for a small moment. His damn tail is slowly crawling its way up my leg and goes in my pant leg. What the fuck is he doing?

Instantly I kick my leg out to the side, trying to get that damn thing out but this bastard just moves his leg from the side of me and puts it over my knee, pinning my leg down on the ground. Shit, this isn't good. And fuck, he just bit me again.

The pain is ignored as his tail continues to go up my leg and I can feel the tip of it going for my crotch. When it reaches it his tail just starts to rub me and my teeth clench tighter together, making my jaw hurt a bit. I-I don't know what the hell he's thinking. How the hell am I supposed to handle this? What the fuck am I supposed to do when he has my body pinned like this? I know he knows that I'm not just going to sit here and take this but I can't fucking move!

Sharp teeth nip my neck again and draws even more blood from it and all I can feel after all these damn nips is that filthy tongue lick it away. Suddenly he just moves his tongue away from me but keeps his mouth on my neck. Is he finally going to leave my neck alone? Nope, never mind that. He's talking while his mouth is still on me.

"Is something wrong? You're being awfully quiet for someone who is usually loud."

I'm not able to retort when his tail wraps around my— Shit, are you fucking serious?! Damn it! I can feel my eyes tightly clench shut and my teeth just grind against each other. This sick bastard is literally squeezing the base of my— I can't even say it. Just the thought of it hurts but to actually feel it is so much worse.

I need to focus on something else but what? I can't get anything to come to mind, not when he's squeezing my— Ngh, I can't, won't say it. Focus Luffy, focus on something. Anything. Come on, brain, give me something else to think about, anything at all. Damn it, this is painful. I can't get out of this. "L-let… go of me…!"

"I can't do that." The tail squeezes me tighter, making me bite on my bottom lip. Doing that doesn't distract me at all. "Didn't you hear me earlier? I told you that there were other methods to get revenge on a person," his thumb brushes under my chin before he turns my face. When I crack my eyes open I see that damn glint in his eyes again. Shit, he's gonna do something. "—and I'm going to show you one now."

Before I can even blink his lips are on top of mine and soon afterwards his tongue is at my mouth. But it doesn't stop there. He's trying to pry my mouth open with that damn tongue. I make sure to keep my mouth snapped shut as I glare at him. He wants to put his tongue in my mouth, I know he does but I refuse to let him. This is disgusting as it is. I won't let it get any worse.

He narrows his eyes at my defiance and the next thing I feel is absolute pain. The base of my— he's squeezing it even more! It hurts so much and I close my eyes to try and block it out but it's not working. Damn it, there's so much force in his tail that I can't help but open my mouth to scream but the sound is quickly muffled when he thrusts his nasty tongue in. Shit, he invaded my mouth. No, that's not the right word, I'm being ravaged by him. His rough tongue is all over the place like it's on an adventure to explore it: it goes from the roof to under my tongue, then against my teeth before pressing against my tongue. I'm pretty sure if he could then he'd make that filthy thing go to the back of my throat but he's not, he's just sucking my tongue right now. This is so disgusting!

I'm trying to push his tongue out with my own while still trying to move my head away from him but nothing that I'm doing is working. My tongue keep slipping whenever I try to push his filthy one out from my mouth and his grip on my face just tightens. He wraps his tongue around my own and pulls it in his mouth. No. It's bad enough that he was in my mouth. I don't want to be in his. Desperately I try to pull my tongue free but he keeps sucking on it. After a few more attempts I finally get mine free but as soon as I get it back in my mouth his tongue quickly follows and is ravaging me again.

I don't want to taste him. I don't want to feel it in my mouth. I don't want to know what his tongue feels like; how it's bumpy like a cat's or how wet and strong it is. I don't want to be kissed by anyone, especially not him. This isn't supposed to happen. I'm supposed to be stronger than this, a lot stronger. So why am I in this situation in the first place? Damn, I can just kick myself for getting in this. But I'll worry about that once I get free from his grip. I need to get out of this now!

My thought is cut short again because of that damn tail. It's slowly going up and down my private area and I mean it's really going slow and freaking hard. And shit, I'm losing air. Not just air but I'm losing focus too. I can't tell for sure if something is touching my chest or not or if my sides feel like they're burning. I can't even try to distract myself from him touching my crotch like I was earlier. My mind is getting too fuzzy that I can hardly try to push his tongue out anymore. My lungs are burning right now; it feels like they're on fire.

I… I can't breathe anymore.

I need to breath.

I need air!

I'm not sure if he can read minds and heard that last clear thought or if I was making any noise but he finally takes his tongue out from my mouth before he slowly licks the right side of my face, from my jaw up to my forehead before he finally leaves my face alone. I can't do anything but gasp for air. In fact I don't care about anything except for getting as much air as my body will let me get and probably more.

After a few seconds of getting air into my tired lungs it feels a little better, but not by much. I'm fine just enough to get my head cleared but that's a start. Opening my eyes I see this bastard and my eyes narrow a bit. Here I am probably red from the lack the air, sweating a little, somehow my vest is wide open —how the hell did that happen?— and I'm breathing really hard but other than a little blood at the corner of his mouth this son of a bitch looks perfectly fine? What the hell?

He lets go of my face and I bring my head in front of me and bend it down while closing my eyes, still trying to get more air into my lungs. His other arm loosens around me and I think he's moving his tail out from under my shorts but I can't be too sure. The sound of a zipper going down catches my ears but I don't really pay too much attention right now. I know I should but my lungs are still burning that I can't bring myself to focus on it.

Wait, he just let me go? That means that I can move. Alright, I'm gonna get up, get some distance between us and beat his ass so much worse than last time that he'll—

That pain, that freaking pain is back. I can't do anything except clench my eyes tighter and bite my bottom lip again. There's another trail of blood coming from my lip but I don't care. Oh my gosh… this hurts so much. It feels like he took one of Franky's tools, the one that lets him tighten a metal bolt, and is just twisting my— I want to scream but I don't. Instead my front teeth just dig deeper into my lip and I can feel blood going on my tooth and running down my chin. I get he wants his revenge but—

He grabs my face and turns me but I don't know what he looks like. My eyes are still clenched shut and really, I don't even want to look at him. He could either look completely bored or that damn glint can be in his eyes. Either way I don't want to see his face.

I can feel my face being pulled before that damn tongue licks my chin, licking the blood off of it. I'll worry about getting his tongue off of me later but I need his tail to let me go first. I lift my left hand but as soon as I get it up it instantly drops when his tail goes up my— Fuck, come on. I can do this. All I gotta do is just pull it off. If that's all then why is it so hard?


My eyes open as he calls me and I can feel something hard poking my lower back. That's his… Why didn't I notice it sooner?

"—you must enjoying yourself?"

I can't respond to him. Not only that but I don't trust my voice right now. I don't even know what I would say. The only thing that I can do is shake my head before lowering it, making sure that the front of my hair is covering a majority of my face. I can't let him see me like this. Hell, I don't even want to know what I look like right now. I probably look weak or something really close to it.

Apparently he doesn't like what I did because now he's using his tail to rub me at an even slower pace but there's so much force that my whole body instantly tenses and I have to grind my teeth together to keep me from screaming.

Why the hell would I enjoy this? I don't care about these types of things. All I care about are my friends, our dreams, and my promises. This has nothing to do with any of them— His fingers are barely touching my chest now and going down my stomach, making my stomach tighten even more and that damn tail is still moving.

"N-no more…" The words come out breathlessly. My body is still getting too hot and going into my Second Gear is making it worse, probably. If I knew that this was going to happen then I would've went into my Third Gear instead but who knows what he would've done to me afterwards.

"Do you actually think that I'm going to stop when we've only begun?" By now his hands are under my vest and his nails are scratching down my side before going back up. He's leaving trails, I know he is. My breaths are getting shallow. Damn it, this is really bad.

"Do you have something on your mind?" He sounds like he's enjoying it or that's what it sounds like, at least. I can't really tell for sure.

Damn it, my body is getting too hot. I don't know what to do about it and with him still touching me… it's getting too hard to do anything. But I don't understand why I'm getting so hot like this. "S-stop it! I… i-it's too hot!"

He moves that damn tail one last time but really hard before he moves his hands away from my stomach and the next thing I know is that I'm roughly being shoved off from him. Out of reflex I extend my arms out in front of me to make sure that I don't hit the floor and end up on my hands and knees. Before I even have a chance to move he roughly grabs my face and presses my jaws together really hard, forcing my mouth open. I have no idea on what he's about to do but all I know is that I need to get out of this. "Get off!"

While I'm trying to jerk my head out from his hand I barely pay any attention to his other hand and I think that I can hear the sound of another zipper… I'm not sure. I need to quit not being sure and know what's going on so I can deal with how the hell to get out of these situations.

His grip tightens on my face, forcing my mouth to open even wider and I can't talk anymore. All I can do is make sounds. Damn it, now I can't tell him off. All of the sudden something big is forced in my mouth and I can feel myself choking on it. When I open my eyes they widen from seeing what's being forced in my mouth. It's his…

He just forced his…

He's making me suck his…

Anger quickly washes over me seeing his freaking hairs from down there in my face and I move my head backwards, needing to get out of this, but this bastard grabs the back of my head and pushes me forward, forcing more of himself in me. The tip of my nose is touching his hairs and tip of his… it went further than just touching the back of my throat. It's going down! I can fucking feel it down my throat and it's making me gag. Of course I'm going to gag, it's a lot longer and wider than the giant hotdogs that Sanji makes us when he barbeques. No, I can't think about food right now. This has got to be the worst time to think about it.

He pulls my head back and I can feel it leaving my throat and mouth, making me have the biggest urge to just cough right now. I ignore the urge when only the tip is left and I'm about to bite it off just so I can spit it back in this bastard's face but I don't get the chance to when he moves himself forwards while pushing my head too and he just holds me there. It's not down my throat again but he's just freaking holding me there so I can't move. And it's too wide for me to bite down on it.

"Move your tongue."

The way he says makes my body slightly shiver. The tone in his voice was… I don't know how to describe it other than creepy but I'm not about to move it. I won't be a part of this. And even if I wanted to, for whatever sick reason, I couldn't move my tongue in the first place. Not only because he's raping my mouth but because I don't have any room to move if I wanted to but like I said there's no fucking reason why I would. I don't want to be part of this madness. No, instead I just look up at him and glare the hardest that I can to let him know that I won't.

My shorts are being pulled down while he's pulling himself out only to quickly thrust himself back in. The next thing that I can feel is something that I should never feel happen to me, making my body freeze. His damn tail just grabbed my— He not only has his tail wrapped around it, he's pulling it. He's stretching my… and it actually hurts…!

"You're being defiant, but that's alright," He tightly grabs the back of my skull and I'm pretty sure that a few strands of hair have been pulled out but that's the least of my worries right now. He then rams my head forwards to take more of his damn flesh in. "—I'd rather prolong my revenge like this, Luffy."

I can't even look at him right now. No, I don't want to look at him right now. He's fucking sick. He making me suck him off while he's stretching mine but it can't get too much worse, right? No, I'm wrong. I'm so wrong. It can and it does. I can feel the tip of my own touching the opening of my butt. I could care less that he's raping my mouth at the moment. There's no way that he would… I don't care how sick or twisted he's become these past few weeks, he… he wouldn't…

Again, I am absolutely wrong.

I've never cared about sex but he…

he just penetrated me with my own—

I— I can't breathe. This is too much for me. There's too much pain back there. My eyes clench shut from the pain and I want to scream so much but it seems to be caught in my throat. I need to think about something really fast. Anything right now. I don't care what but I need to think about anything to distract from this pain. My opening is being stretched opened and it feels like someone just got a brand new piece of sandpaper and they're just constantly wiping me there. Shit, it's getting even worse now. I can feel it being stretched even more and going deeper inside of me. It hurts so much. It feels like millions of tiny needles just stabbing me inside. If it's this painful while I'm made of rubber then I don't even want to think about how painful this would be for someone who hasn't eaten a devil fruit.

I don't understand… What kind of sick person would want to get revenge on someone by making them do this to themselves? It makes no sense at all. Is this what he's been dreaming about? Making me do myself? This is just insane!

That thought quickly leaves as I feel it being taken out only to be rammed back in my body again. I want to scream, more than anything right now, but because his is forced in my mouth all I can do is let out a muffled noise. That noise isn't even strong enough to be considered a scream.

I still need to find a good chance to bite down on him but it's hard for me to concentrate on that task when his tip keeps hitting the back of my throat more. As soon as he pulls back I lift my shaky right hand and grab his leg. But I don't stop there. I apply as much pressure that I can to that leg to stop my head from being pushed to him. It's the only thing that I can do.

The bastard isn't doing anything to me at the moment. I don't know why though but particularly I don't care. He gives a slight push to my head but I'm not moving at all, I can't. I won't but I know that he has a trump card. This bastard always seems like he does and for once, I'm freaking right. I really wish that I wasn't. His tail wraps tighter around me and pulls it out. Not a second sooner can I feel it ram back in me, making my body shake and as soon as that happens I let my guard down and he's able to push my head forwards again, and I can feel his damn tip going back down my throat. And not that it matters but I can feel his other hand tightly grip my wrist, digging in it to make thin streams of blood run down my arm.

Suddenly he pulls himself out of my mouth, allowing me to pant for air. Not a second later do I lift my head up and crack an eye open to try and glare at him for making me go through this. All I see him do in return is lift his chin up, trying to make me realize that that he's superior. He's not superior, he's just fucking twisted. The next time my mouth opens to get some air he shoves my head towards him and I can feel him down my throat again.

This is getting too hard to deal with and I'm getting tired by the seconds. Having anything just pressing, no, stabbing the back of my throat is an awful thing to experience. I can feel it getting sore from being stabbed by him. I can't get out of this because this bastard is gripping my head so tight that I'm pretty sure there's blood dripping from my head from how sharp his nails are. That's probably why my head is starting to hurt but the pain is so dull that it feels like it's not even there. I don't know how much more of this I can take. My right hand is getting really sore and my left hand is getting tired from being forced to keep myself up like this. My head feels like it's spinning so much. My mouth hurts from being forced opened like this while the back of my throat is getting really sore and I'm pretty sure that my throat will probably bleed if this keeps up. My legs are also getting tired from the position that I'm forced in but out of everything my backside is in the worst condition. If he doesn't quit then I'm probably going to be ripped into two and if I do make it out then I won't be able to walk that is only if he doesn't kill me first.

I shouldn't think like this, I know that I shouldn't but I'm being damaged in a way that I've never experienced before. This is torture. But even so, I'm not going to give up. I can't. I'll die if I do.

Despite my will I'm still losing strength quickly. My right hand doesn't have any strength to struggle against his grip any longer and my body is starting to sway side to side while my other hand is trembling. My legs are starting to give out and I'm falling to the ground. It seems like this bastard isn't going to let that happen though as the hand on my head is pulling me up, forcing me back on my knees. I won't be able to keep myself up for too much longer.

Itis pulled out before it just plunges right back in, making my mouth get tighter around him. I don't know why my mouth is getting tighter whenever I'm forced into myself. In fact I don't want to know. I just want this to be over. I can feel my teeth scrapping against him and it is awful, especially when a low sound comes him. Damn it, the pain back there isn't getting any better, it's just getting worse.

He slowly takes himself out from my mouth and I can feel my teeth scrapping against him in the process. It's so sickening. Once it's out of my mouth I lower my head and pant heavily. Drool is just spilling out of my mouth, making a small puddle on the ground. My arm is trembling so much that I know I won't be able to keep myself up for too much longer. My body is being pushed forward with each thrust and pulls back every time I'm forced out of myself. My body is in so much pain that it's getting unbearable.

As the tail pulls it out it wraps itself higher around it before plunging back in and this time the tip of his tail enters in too. I didn't think that it could get much worse but apparently it can. I'm being opened even wider and deeper and it's so painful that my body tenses up and violently jerks. I'm pretty sure that there's blood now.

My eyes are still hidden behind closed lids and just when my mouth is about to tremble my left hand loses its strength and collapses under me, making my head crash unto the ground afterwards. A few tears escape the corner of my eyes but I completely ignore that when I only feel the searing pain travel up my spine and go throughout my entire body. The next thrust is especially brutal as his tail wraps higher around it, and it goes so deep that I can't help but scream out from the pain. "AAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHH!"

I can vaguely feel my right hand being released before its dropped by my face and my lower half slumps on the ground. Now I'm lying on the floor panting, sweating and pretty much crying. Ragged, quick breaths are leaving my mouth. My right hand is fidgeting to turn into a fist but I don't even have the strength to do that and my body is shaking from everything that happened. I'm in so much pain right now. My stomach is starting to churn and it feels like I'm going to hurl. After a few seconds that's exactly what I do. All of the food that I had for breakfast comes out from my place on the ground, right next to my head. After doing so I don't feel any better. I'm still really dizzy, still so damn hot, and still in so much pain. The only thing that is different now is that I'm not in my Second Gear anymore.

"I'm sure that you feel better now."

I can't believe this bastard. How dare he say something like that right after putting me in so much pain? And the bastard has the nerve to sound like he's enjoying it? With what little strength I have left I force myself to stop crying and look up at the bastard only to glare at him. I know the look on my face isn't much but it's all I can do at the moment. As long as he knows that I won't give up then it's good enough for me right now.

"It seems that you want more," He kneels down in front of me and a hand grabs the top of my head again, pulling me up so we can see eye to eye but I can only see half of his face since one of my eyes is clenched shut while the other one is barely open and I'm trying my hardest to keep the glare, "—am I right, Mugiwara?"

The only thing that I try to do is reach my hands up to move his from me but my body isn't listening to me at all. I can't do anything right now. Even so, I refuse to let him win.

He lets out a dark chuckles before getting to his feet, pulling me along the way by my hair. A small grunt leaves the back of my sore throat but I don't care. Once he's on his feet he uses his free hand to grab me by my face and lets go of my hair before we start moving somewhere. While he's walking I'm trying my hardest to raise my arms again but they won't move. I don't care. I'll keep trying, keep fighting back with every breath in my body, even if it kills me.

After a few more failed attempts of my raising my arms we finally stop and he slams the back of my head against the cold wall. "Don't worry, I intend to fuck you." His fingers squeeze my face even more and I'd be worried about my bones cracking if I weren't made out of rubber. "Your earlier scream was ecstasy to me."

The bastard's free hand grabs my throat as he releases my face to look at my reaction from what he just said. I don't even know what I look like but I'm hoping that it's not showing anything that I'm feeling because if it is then he'll see the fear and panic that's racing through me. The sick bastard made me do myself! Of course he's gonna fuck me and he'll probably enjoy it too! That's what the sick bastards who do these types of things do. They enjoy it!

That smirk on his face turns into a grin when he sees my face. It's not out of some sick pleasure. No, he looks like he just accepted some sort of challenge? Why? Is it because he can see how fearful I've become? No, he'd probably be disappointed with that. I can't say for sure but he seems like the type of guy who likes working for his prize. But why is he looking at me like that, like he's approving something?


Is that what I'm doing, glaring at him? I don't know. I can't really feel my upper body too much. I'm in too much pain down there but that probably explains why my vision is more squinted then it usually is and why my mouth is so tight.

His grip around my throat tightens but just enough for me to still breathe without having to try too much. "—that's the look I want to see when I break you."

My eyes want to close but I can't let them. I don't want him to know just how tired I am. Not because of him, no, I don't give a damn about what he thinks about me. I don't want him to know for my sake. I need to be strong. There's nothing worse than letting yourself stay down knowing that it's impossible to fight back. I've never been there and I don't want to ever experience it, especially if my friends' lives are on the line like they have been countless times. I can't let myself get that low. I'd die before that happens.

"Go… fuck yourself…"

Apparently he doesn't like that response but I don't care, I don't give a damn if he likes it or not. He tightens his grip on my throat and I can feel his hand just digging into it, blocking my airway. I'm trying my hardest to move my hand to take his from around my throat but my strength still hasn't returned and I don't know when it's gonna come back but I can't give up until it finally does return.

My right eye clenches shut as I continue to push myself to move but all he does is close his eyes and quietly chuckles to himself before he loosens his grip on me. I don't get it. Just a second ago he was, I don't know, upset I guess about what I told him but now he's… laughing? I don't know if I want to know why he's laughing…

I can feel my eyes go wide when I feel him against mine, flesh to flesh and he is really hard, like a rock. Why didn't I realize this sooner? Shit, I'm in a lot of trouble and I can't fight back because I'm too tired and damn it, I'm still hungry. Fuck!

"Are you giving up this easily?" The tail pulls my bottoms down some more before just ripping them away from me, not only exposing me to the cold air that seems to be colder by the second but to him too. Then the damn, fuzzy thing wraps around one of my legs and forces me to wrap it around his waist and he uses his free hand grab my other leg to do the same.

"Stop this… you… sick bastard!" I choke out. My heart is just pounding against my chest right now. I know that he's going to hurt me. It's going to hurt so much more then when he forced me to— Mine wasn't anywhere near as hard as his is right now.

He lets go of my throat and places both of his hands of my shoulder before slamming me against the cold, hard wall behind me, making my head smack against it too. If there's any consolation to that then it has to be the fact that I'm dizzy so I can't see him all that well.

"Not until I'm finished." When my vision returns I can see his face and I don't know if I should be even more scared or mad by how he looks. He's completely impassive; like he could care less about what's going on right now. Like it's boring for him to even do this in the first place.

Should I be insulted from how he's looking at me because he's making me go through hell? Should I feel a little relieved that he's not enjoying this nearly as much as I thought he would? I don't know but it's giving me more of a fighting chance so I really don't care.

I'm able to lift my hands to grip his upper arms after he moves his to tightly grip my hips. I'm trying to move my legs from around him too but for some reason I can't divide my strength to both my hands and legs. My body is too tired to but I need to get out of this. Even if he looks bored I still can't forget the fact that's he going to rape me if I don't do something.

He surprises me when he puts his mouth to the front of my throat and his teeth grab my Adam's apple, making me lose focus on what I'm trying to do. I didn't know that was even possible—

It's back. That damn pain is back. No, this is worse than when I was forced to— He just rammed himself in me. There was no seeing if I was still stretched from earlier, no type of experimental thrusts, or anything of that sort. He just full blown shoved himself in and all I can feel is a searing pain shooting from my backside to my lower backbone. I was right, this is so much worse than when I was forced into myself.

My bottom lip somehow found itself in between my teeth as the hard flesh slowly pulls itself out of me before it just rams back in; hard and fast. My breath is caught in my throat again and not just because of how hard he is. He's wide. Of course it's going to hurt. He hurt my mouth because the sides were being stretched too much when I was forced to suck him. I know that I'm rubber and being rubber I can stretch so it shouldn't have hurt but for some reason it just did, just like it does now!

My teeth are digging into my lip again and I can feel blood running down my chin again. I want to scream so bad, especially now, when he just forces himself in me but I can't. I don't want to give him the satisfaction of hearing it again. He said that it's like ecstasy or whatever to him. I don't want him to enjoy my pain.

Sharp teeth nick my skin before he licks the drops of blood away. He then moves his head away from my throat and I should be relieved. I should be but I'm not, not when he grabs my abused backside and pulls them further apart before he pulls himself out only to snap his hips and slam right back into me.

He would have startle me when I felt something faintly blow against my ear but I'm in too much pain for that. "I want to hear you beg for me to stop." His voice is really low and I actually have to concentrate to understand what he's saying. Damn it, isn't it enough that I can't fight back while he's raping me? Why do I have to focus on what he's saying too? I mean I don't have to at all but at least if I do then I can try to distract myself from what he's doing to me.

Never mind. I can't. It's too painful for me to try and distract myself. His grip on my backside just gets tighter and he just shoves himself deeper into me. I can't stand this: the fact that I don't have enough strength to stop him, the fact that I'm forced to go through this, the fact that I have to hear him talk whether he sounds like he's really enjoying it or just plain bored. I can't stand the fact that I'm too weak to do anything about this. I hate it.

"Let me hear you scream." Even if I am too weak to fight him off I at least need to be strong enough to make sure that I won't scream, at the very least. If he kills me at the end then whatever, but I can't let him have that satisfaction, not that one.

My teeth let go of my bloody lip and they just grind against each other while fast breaths go in and out of my nose. I can feel tears trying to force their way out but I'm able to hold them back. I don't know for how long though. This is too painful and I'd be surprised if I haven't started bleeding down there or not.

Another wave of pain shoots from my lower back before spreading throughout my entire body when he shoves himself back into me. I can't do this anymore, I need something to distract me, now!

I don't know what happened, I really don't but the back of my head hurts really bad, I can feel blood just running down my neck and a lot of cold air is hitting me from behind. For some reason he's not moving right now. Cracking an eye open I see the reason why. He just stopped and he even looks angry.

The tail tightly wraps around my throat, making it really hard to breath before he leans his face close to mine and I'm forced to look at him. "Don't do that again." I want to ask him what I did but I can't even open my mouth when he just rams deeper into me and the only thing keeping my from screaming out is me biting my tongue. I just need to make sure that I don't bite down hard enough for me to bleed to death.

"I'm the only one," he starts to pull out and spreads my bottom wider before shoving himself back in. I try to break eye contact by clenching my left eye closed but he firmly tugs my head forward with his tail, making sure that I can't. "—who can inflict pain on you, understand…?" Just to prove his point he moves a hand to my thigh and digs his thumb nail into it. It's not enough to break my rubber skin but I can feel the hard pressure against my tensed muscle and down to the bone.

This is not sex. Even though I am, or was in this case, a virgin, I know for a fact that this is not sex. Sex isn't supposed to be painful, especially like this. There's no way that this can even count to be revenge, no matter how twisted he is. No this… this is just pure torture.

I'm trying to calm myself down by slowing my breathing down but I don't know if that's working or not. It might be. Other than the excruciating pain my heart isn't trying to break free from my chest anymore. That might be because what fear I had is now gone since he's doing what I really hoped he wouldn't do to me. Either that or my body is just too tired; I feel exhausted. I know that I need to break free from this or else he'll end up killing me but I'm just too tired.

No, I can't let that happen. I can't just let him do whatever he wants to me and then end my life here, no matter how tired I am. I can't allow myself to be this weak. I need to be able to find Boshi and meet up with everyone again. If I'm going to beg, then damn it, I'll beg but I need to press on. I need to survive. I'll deal with whatever shame or guilt later, I just need to get out of this now.

"E—enough…" I don't know if I said that out loud or if it was just another thought passing through my head. I must have said it out loud because he stopped ramming himself in me and is now just using a hand to trace along my collar bone.

"…I didn't quite hear you."

But apparently it wasn't loud enough for him to hear it.

I'm struggling to open my eyelids but after a few times of trying I'm finally able to look at him through cracked eyes. I didn't know that I was still breathing so hard. My breaths are coming out uneven and heavy and I'm trying to pull his arms away from me but they only go limp and fall to my sides. My body really is too tired.

"…sta-stop this…" My voice is so low that I'm not sure if that's even considered a whisper or not. Just saying those two words nearly took everything out of me. I'm really close to blacking out right now.

For the next few moments, nothing happens. He's not moving at all. I can't tell what he's thinking about with the look on his face and in the next second my eyes close. I can't keep them open any longer. The only thing that I do now is pay attention to the storm that's still raging on— the pounding of the rain against this place and the angry wind howling— and the sounds of my uneven, ragged breaths. Not even the coldness from behind me can keep my attention and I can't feel my head hurting anymore.

This silence is unsettling and I want something other than my breaths and the storm to break it. Or at least I thought I did. "Tell me, would you like me to continue this after I've transformed, Mugiwara?"

The tone in his voice is too dark and that makes me cringe, not only that but for some reason my eyes shoot open and I really wish that they didn't. That look is back on his face, no, not his face. That glint is back in his eyes, almost making him look completely depraved. I can feel my eyes widen in fear. I need to do anything that I can to find Boshi and leave this place alive and I do mean anything but if he transforms then I'll most like be killed afterwards. Like I said earlier, he's too bloodthirsty when he transforms and he'll most likely rape me to death. I don't even know if that's possible but I don't doubt that he'll find a way to do it while he tortures me even more at the same time.

It doesn't even register in my head that I'm pleading, begginghim not to. "…P-please no… I-I'm begging you… don't—"

"Look at you, bastard. You have him begging you. I mean you literally have him begging you not to. Knowing you, you'll do it just because he doesn't want you to." A different voice says before it echoes through this place, making both me and this bastard turn out heads towards my left. It's them! It's all of the CP9 bastards that took Robin from us except for that masked bastard who was hurting her. But maybe I can see him because my vision is blurry. Wait, no. What are they doing here?

Rob turns back to me but he isn't moving. I can see from the corner of my eyes that he's just staring at me, maybe not even at me but he's looking in my direction.

"What are you doing here?" The tone in his voice is serious. It's completely different from how he was just sounding seconds ago.

No. None of that matters right now. They see me. Me and my crew ruined Enies Lobby and beat them but they see me. They saw me beg this son of a bitch. And even worse, they're witnessing me being raped!

"We would have came sooner but because of that storm we had to wait." I don't know which one said that and I don't care. I'm just… I don't know what I am. Relieved that this bastard stopped, even more so because he didn't transform. Angry and shocked because they see me helpless in this damn situation. Frightened about what could possibly happen to me. I don't know which one I feel. Maybe it's all of them. I don't know.

Rob's grip on me tightens but it feels different. I don't know how but it just does. Probably because he was interrupted. "I'm busy at the moment—"

"We found out where Spandam is."

After that was said Rob quickly pulls himself out of me and throws me to the ground as if I were nothing. For the third time my head smacks against the ground but I don't care. He's away from me and that's all that really matters. I don't pay attention to anything that they're talking about right now, I just focus on calming myself down. My head is dizzy, my mouth hurts, my throat is completely sore, my lungs still burn and there's so much pain throughout my body not to mention that I'm still starving.

"What? Is the monster cat finish with him already?"

"Kalifa, clean him up. I don't need his friends to know what happened right now."

I don't pay attention to what's going on anymore as I'm starting to lose consciousness. The last thing I remember is someone dropping something in front of me. I struggle to open my eyes but when I do I let out a tired smile. I see Boshi. Boshi is right here, right within my reach. I try to grab it but it seems that my body isn't listening to me. At the moment, I don't care. I smile again before my visions fades into darkness.

When I wake up, I'm in the girl's room on Robin's bed as she's reading her book out loud. I try to get up only to fall right back down with a quiet yelp. My body still hurts. I guess that's when she notices that I'm up.

"Robin… what happened…?"

"Well, after you jumped ship Zoro and Sanji were going to go after you but the storm got worse. It blew Sunny a little ways from Ame Island." She hands me a glass of water and I happily accept it, ignoring how sore my body feels before she continues. "When we finally were able to come back, you were on the shore waving to us. Once on Sunny, you asked to lay on my bed as I read to you. I surmise that you had a rough time on Ame Island. Are you alright, Luffy?"

Good, they didn't notice anything different. I smile to Robin and ask her to keep reading to me. Even though they're my friends, I don't want them to worry about me.

Rob Lucci. I need to become even stronger so if I ever meet him again, this won't ever happen. Not to me or any of my friends.

Robin keeps reading her book and I look at the title. "Of Mice and Men" That's the same book that I asked her about earlier.

I'm getting really hungry again but I'm too tired to even try to get up besides, I can't keep my eyes open for too much longer and I'm too sore to ask her for anything.

Looking to my left I see that Boshi on the pillow right next to me and the tear that's in it. My thoughts go back to that pigeon bastard. Even though he didn't get his full revenge on me like he wanted to, he still got it, his twisted revenge.

Le Jester Vixen:

I had this dream and there aren't a lot of Lucci/Luffy stories that I see. Even still I like the ones that I do read. I actually had to go a different direction in some parts from my dream cause it was just too brutal and as much as I love brutality I couldn't possibly do that to my Boshi-kun i.e. Luffy.

I cannot write anything like this anymore in first person view. That was just too painful. Seeing Luffy getting hurt but mostly begging like that at the end, it hurt my heart to write that.

I'm going to put up a second chapter because this was actually an alternative ending than the original. And it will have all of its brutality.

Let me know what you thought and flames are welcomed.

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