Twisted Revenge: Original PT 6 "Finale"

One Piece Fanfiction

Summary: Kaku and Jyabura finally meet up with Lucci as the Straw Hat Crew find Luffy with them. (dun dun duuuun)

Pairing: Lucci X Luffy (mentioned but not really happening)

Warnings: Rated M for language, assumed sexual themes, attempted violence, yelling and emotions towards the end. Yeah that's pretty much it.

Voquo: So this is the last chapter for Twisted Revenge. I had absolutely no motive to finish this but it needs to be done and I'm gonna fix my many-a mistakes that are in the previous chapters to make it nice and dandy for you guys. To my reviewers, I LOVE YOU GUYS for inspiring me to make this a miniature story. You guys get 9 million points for whatever you want (corny, I know). And now we're off to the finale.

After Lucci gets out of the shower and gets dressed, he makes his way to the bedroom and takes the spiked handcuffs off of Luffy before going to the bedroom door. As his left hand is on the door knob to turn it, he suddenly stops and glares at the door before letting out a sigh.

"Why are we here if no one is on this damn island?"

Turning the knob, Lucci walks out of the bedroom into the hallway shaking his head.

"See Jyabura, someone is here."

"It's not that damn alley cat, so why should I care-" Jyabura turns his head to see Lucci with his arms by his side, lightly clenching his fists. "-why the hell are you here? I thought you were checking out that crazy island?"

Lucci ignores the older man who is sitting on the couch and looks to Kaku, who is looking around the front room before meeting his gaze. "Please don't tell me that this is a-"

"Sex house." The neko zoan leans against the wall and crosses his arms while closing his eyes. "Why are you here?"

"We were actually looking for you at Ame Island but you weren't there." Kaku is about to sit on the torn couch by Jyabura but stops when the sadist shakes his head.

"Don't sit on anything in here."

Jyabura stands up abruptly and rushes over to where Lucci is grabbing the front of his shirt. "Why did you wait to tell him, monster cat?"

Lucci glares at the inu zoan before letting a smirk come across his lips. "That's because the mutt is already dirty."

The inu zoan grips Lucci's shirt tighter, glaring at the younger male. "Whose a dirty mutt you damn wet kitten?"

The sadist grabs Jyabura's wrist and squeezes it. Deciding that this is a good time to stop them, Kaku gets up and walks over to them. "Maa maa, this isn't the best time for you guys to be fighting."

Both of the carnivorous zoans let each other go at the same time before Jyabura walks to the back of the couch, leaning against it. Kaku is about to walk towards the kitchen counter when he sees the bedroom door open. "What were you doing back there Lucci?"

"Seeing how the damn kitten just got out of his bath, which he most likely hated," Lucci narrows his eyes as Jyabura smirks and continues. "-he probably did something perverted since this is a sex house."

"At least I do bathe myself unlike a stray dog. We all know that you have to be hosed down Jyabura."

Jyabura stands up clenching his fists. "What was that?"

Sighing, Kaku walks towards the bedroom and pushes the door open while looking back at the two arguing. When he walks into the room, he's glances around from left to right and is mildly surprised at what he sees. Walking up to the bed, Kaku sees a naked boy that's unconscious. He quickly realizes that the young male is the same pirate that had defeated Enies Lobby with his crew. Kaku kneels downs to look at his body and sees that its covered in blood, scratches, welts, and dried cum. The door closes and the giraffe zoan knows the Lucci is in the room as well. "What did you do to him?" the giraffe finally turns his head and looks back at the sadist.

Lucci is holding the door knob as he replies. "He's not dead so it doesn't matter." The door starts being pulled and pushed from the other side as the sadist continues to keep the knob still.

"Oi, let me in damn it. I wanna know what's going on. OI!"

Ignoring the yelling canine, Kaku looks back at the injured pirate. "Was there a reason for doing this?"

Lucci steps to the side as he finally lets go of the knob to let Jyabura in, who falls to the ground from trying to force his way in. "It was my own reason."

"You're a fucking bastard Lucci." The canine rubs his head as he glares to the feline before looking around. "It looks like shit in here- what the hell happened to him?"

"If you can't tell, then you truly are an idiot." Lucci states as he walks back into the bathroom to gather his things and put them all into his duffle bag.

"Lucci…" Kaku starts, waiting for a response he knows all too well that he won't get. Sighing, he continues while getting up. "What do you plan to do with him now?"

The sadist places his bag on the bedroom floor, looking at Kaku before making his way out of the bedroom into the hallway. "Kill him unless you feel like cleaning him up and taking him away from here before I get back." With those words, Lucci leaves the libidinous house. Both Kaku and Jyabura look back at the battered teen before looking at each other.

"Damn, it stinks in here." Jyabura walks around the room to open the window. It's a little difficult but he finally manages to. "I say we just let that sick bastard kill him."

"Why do you say that so quickly?"

The canine glances back at Kaku before looking at Luffy. "Well it is his crew's fault that we're being hunted down and are trying to kill Spandam."

"That's not, well yeah it is true, but we're free though. And besides, none of us actually liked Spandam anyways, and Lucci was already going to kill him in a couple of months." The giraffe states as he walks into the bathroom and turns the shower on, testing the water on his hand until it reaches a comfortable temperature.

Jyabura leans against the door frame crossing his arms as he watches Kaku make his way towards the unconscious pirate, carefully picking him up. "Seriously, the stupid cat should have just did it after we transferred Na- what's her name."

After placing the pirate on his shoulder, Kaku walks towards the bathroom once more. "It doesn't really matter since Mugiwara's Crew still beat us and by the way, her name is Nico Robin. Now help me wash him." Kaku finally reaches the stall and is trying to place Luffy on his feet, placing a hand on his right shoulder and the other on the left side of his torso to make sure that the teen doesn't fall.

"Why should I help?"

"Because if Lucci comes back, he'll kill him."

"And?" Jyabura looks completely stumped.

Kaku looks towards Jyabura before focusing on Luffy. "I already told you that it's because of him that we're free. Besides, wasn't it the blonde guy that beat you into a pulp. You couldn't possibly face him for another fight if his captain died, could you?"

The canine takes a few steps into the bathroom. "He didn't beat me to a pulp. H-he just got a lucky shot in." He tries to cover that fact with his tough façade.

The giraffe rolls his eyes before chuckling a bit. "Right, and Kalifa's favorite phrase isn't 'Sexual Harassment'. Now get over here and help me."

Jyabura sighs before going over towards them. "Fine, damn it. What do I have to do?"

"Go in there-"

"No way. I'm not getting wet."

'I thought cats were the ones who didn't like water…' "Just get in there since I'm gonna hand him to you."

Reluctantly, Jyabura goes in the and moves the shower head away from him. "Fine damn it, but I'm not washing him or anything."

"All you have to do is make sure he doesn't fall. Geez, you're a baby." Kaku lifts the young pirate up a bit and starts to hand him to the other.

"Just shut up and hand him over."

Once the pirate is in, Jyabura's eyes widen when he sees the teen's back and his injured shoulder. 'Lucci, you bastard, what the hell did you do to him?' Even though there's no reason to care about the youngest amongst the three, the oldest couldn't help but wonder what he'd been through. "Oi, hurry your ass already."

Kaku is looking in the cabinet under the sink to see if he can find an unopened soap bar or something. Using something that was already opened in this kind of place just seemed really disgusting not to mention disturbing. Finally finding a cheap looking bar of soap, he gets to his feet and goes to the shower and starts to carefully let water run over the pirate's front. Kaku uses his hands to rub water against the sides of Luffy to thorough get his front wet to make it easier to use the soap on him.

"… ngh… d-don't… touch me…"

Both of the zoans look at Luffy and they see that's he's still out of it. Kaku unwraps the soap bar and holds it to the water before lathering his own hands. Once his hands are soapy, he carefully rubs his fingers on Luffy's face, getting the dried blood and grime off before rinsing his face with water.

"Take you shirt off Jyabura."

"Wh- like hell I am."

"Just do it."

Jyabura clicks his tongue against the roof of his mouth before he agrees. "Fine, but you hold him."

Kaku grabs the pirate by his shoulders as the canine takes off his shirt. Once off, he hands it to Kaku, who gives the teen back to the older.

"What do you need it for?"

Kaku uses one of the sleeves to wipe the water from the teen's eyes then places the shirt on the counter. "He's going to need a towel."

"There goes my shirt, and I really liked that one." He starts to pout and looses his grip on Luffy, who falls forwards. The impatient canine grabs him by his shoulders and causes the young pirate to cry out in pain from the pressure on his bad shoulder. Jyabura straightens him out before looking to see a not-so-happy Kaku.

"Be more careful Jyabura." Kaku picks up the soap bar and starts to wash Luffy's neck and torso, careful of the wounds.

"…stop it… n-no more…"

"Hurry up Kaku. I don't like where this is going."

"If I go any faster, I'll hurt him. And why are you complaining, you're not doing anything." Kaku finishes washing his torso as he skips over Luffy's genitals to his right leg.

"So what, he's already in pain."

Kaku rinses his leg before going to the other leg and mumbles under his breath, "No wonder Catherine dumped you."

Jyabura tightens his grip on the teen a bit. "What was that?"

The giraffe looks at the pirates groin before deciding not to wash him there at them moment. "Just shut up and turn him around. And be careful about it."

"Che. Why couldn't Kalifa be here?" True, it would have a been a whole lot easier if she was there. Slowly Jyabura leaned Luffy unto his heels and slowly started to pivot him around.

"Hey, what do you know. You did it right Jyabura. Congratulations." Kaku smiles at the canine.

'I'm so going to kick his ass where we're finished with this.'

Kaku looks at Luffy's back to see it look like hell. He doesn't know where to begin since there's welts and scratches all over the place. 'Lucci, why are you so brutal?'

"Looks bad, don't it?" Jyabura already knew that Kaku was going to have a difficult time with that side. "Seems like that sick cat gets carried away with who ever he fights."

Even if Kaku wanted to defend Lucci, there's no way that he possibly could. On this topic, he couldn't help but agree with Jyabura. Lucci truly is a sadist and having depraved mind makes it worse. He almost feels sorry for the young pirate for going through this and he knows that Jyabura does as well, even if he does talk a lot of shit.

"… s-stop it… that's en… enough… no m-more…" Luffy unconsciously places his forehead against Jyabura's chest and forces his hands on the older man's biceps while panting. "…it hurts… l-let me go…"

Jyabura looks from the teen shocked towards Kaku. "Hurry up damn it!"

"I'm going as fast as I can without hurting him, so be quiet."

The canine looks back at Luffy and notices that he's still out cold. 'If he was begging that sick cat to stop then Lucci must have been enjoying himself… but, from what I heard, this brat's not the type to beg, and if that's the case then, then… what the hell happened?'

Kaku just finished washing the teen's back. The only places he needs to wash is his buttocks and his genitals. 'I hope this isn't going to be as bad as I think it is.' He places the bar of soap on one of Luffy's butt cheeks and the pirate starts to flail against Jyabura, who has to wrap his arms around Luffy's shoulder to try and hold him still. "Hold him Jyabura."

"I'm trying to damn it."


"Hurry the fuck up and don't give me that- stop moving damn it, don't give me that 'I don't want to hurt him' shit. I'm not doing this because I want to." Jyabura moves one foot behind him to make sure that he's sturdy as he tightens his grip a little.

Kaku stands up and moves the shower head so he can rinse off the pirate's back before turning it off. Jyabura loosens his grip after Luffy calms down before completely slipping into darkness once more.

Grabbing Jyabura's shirt, Kaku puts it on Luffy's shoulders before picking him up and walking out of the bathroom. Jyabura rings water out of his hair and his pants before walking out of the shower stall and bathroom lightly catching his breath. He sees Kaku still holding the pirate in front of the bed and walks towards them. "What are you waiting for?"

Kaku turns his face to look at the canine before going back to the bed. "Can you take the covers off?"

'Now he asks politely?' "Yeah, sure, whatever." As soon as Jyabura removes the covers from the bed he instantly puts them back on. "Uh, I should just probably look for some decent ones instead."

"Yeah, I'll just wait. That was very disgusting." What they just seen on the mattress was beyond gross. 'Whoever lived here were completely disgusting, sex fiends.' "I'm just gonna have Jyabura place whatever he finds on the floor instead."

Kaku walks towards Lucci's duffle bag and takes out a pair of pants and a shirt, ones he knew that Lucci wouldn't wear, and holds them while waiting for Jyabura to come back.

Once the canine comes back, he places the sheet on the floor, spreading it out and watches as the giraffe places the teen on his back. He notices that Luffy's groin is clean. "Oi, when did you have time to wash him there?"

"Pretty much while he was thrashing around." Kaku attempts to dry Luffy's body with Jyabura's thin shirt until it's soaked, making him have to go into the bathroom and ring it dry.

Jyabura looks around the bedroom and sees a pair of handcuffs on the pillow. He walks up the them and his eyes widen to see that there are spikes on the inside. The canine picks them up and rushes back towards the other two; he kneels down and picks up one of Luffy's hands looking at the inside of his wrist to see small holes scabbing up.

"What's wrong with you-" He sees the canine holding the handcuffs and sees blood on the edge of the spikes. Kaku closes his eyes before he resumes to dry off the young captain. Once done, he sits Luffy up and puts shirt on him before putting the pants on him. Seeing how the clothing is a bit big for the teen, he ties the hem of the pants together so they at least hug his waist a little and not fall off of him.

"Those look a little familiar." Jyabura stands up abruptly. "Wait, aren't those Lucci's clothes? You're giving him clothes of the same bastard that raped and possible tortured his ass?"

Kaku looks up and shrugs. "Well it's better than trying to find any clothes that belonged to professional sex fiends that aren't dirty."

"Well, yeah, but-" Jyabura scratches the back of his head trying to come up with something to say but since he can't he just stops.

"Let's go before Lucci comes back and all of our work goes to waste when he kills Mugiwara." Without waiting for a response, Kaku gets to his feet and grabs Luffy, carefully putting him on his back. Luffy's arms hang loosely from Kaku's shoulders as Kaku has his hands under his legs to make sure that the teen doesn't fall off.

Jyabura and Kaku walk in silence down the hallway and Jyabura opens the front door, stepping to the side to let the younger two out first before walking out himself. They continue to walk in silence down the dirt road as the sun is high in the sky indicating that it's high noon.

"How far are we going?" Jyabura crosses his arms and sighs.

Kaku hardly shrugs as the teen is still on him. "Who knows, just until something comes up that's not Lucci." He readjusts Luffy on him before they continue to walk.

"And what happens if we cross paths with the sour puss?"

"Then we just let all of our efforts go to waste as we watch Lucci kill him from the sidelines."

Jyabura looks at Kaku while he keeps walking. "Like hell am I gonna let that happen. I didn't just hold a unconscious, struggling brat for I don't know how many minutes to just let him die."

"Then you're gonna give Lucci a reason to not kill him?"

Jyabura stops and scratches the back of his head again. "No, not really…"

"Then we keep going."

After several minutes passed, the zoan users see people in the distance and automatically recognize them as the teen's crew.

"Well, this should be interesting." Jyabura cracks his knuckles.

Kaku shakes his head and looks to the canine. "We're not here to fight. All we're gonna do is hand him over and nothing more."

Jyabura puts his hands to the side as he pouts. "Psh, the giraffe is scared."

"Call it what you want, we're still not fighting."

Not a moment later, the two former agents where standing in front of eight pirates who were all looking at them.

"Yo, it's been a long time, ne?"

As Zoro and Sanji both glared at Jyabura, Ussop's eyes going towards Kaku, then to his shoulder to see him holding someone. "Lu-LUFFY!"

Everyone's eyes goes to where Luffy is and everything seems to stop for a moment until Nami speaks. "Why do you have him?" She clenches her fists before reaching for her Clima-Tact as everyone else has their hands on their weapons.

Jyabura puts his hands up. "Oi, we're not here to fight."

Sanji takes a drag out of his cigarette, narrowing his eyes. "Don't give me that, shitty dog."

Kaku kneels down and places the unconscious pirate on the ground before taking a step backwards. "Honestly, we just found him and attempted to treat him. Roronoa, you should be able to tell if I'm lying or not."

Zoro looks Kaku in the eye and closes his eyes sighing before opening them. "What do you mean by 'attempted'?"

The canine scratches his chin before awkwardly laughing. "Ha well, you see-"

"Jyabura, shut up."


"You see, we're pretty much on a time limit."

"Time limit…?"

Everyone sees Luffy starting to get up as he turns to his side, heavily panting. Ussop and Nami walk towards him but Zoro has his arm stretched out to hold them back.

Nami is confused by the swordsman's current action. "Zoro?," before her attention turns back to see Luffy struggling to get up.

"… hah hah, where is he… hah hah"

"Oi Mugiwara, don't be stupid."

Kaku grabs Jyabura's shoulder tightly, making the older man look at him. "Jyabura don't talk like that to him." The canine opens his mouth to retort back but is silenced when Kaku glares at him. Jyabura pulls the giraffe's hand from his shoulder before walking a bit to the side. Kaku kneels down in front of Luffy knowing that the teen's crew is watching his every move and will attack if he does something wrong. "Mugiwara, this isn't the time to-"

"… where is he?" Luffy looks up and glares at Kaku who in return sighs and stands up.

"Oi Kaku-"

"I know. Roronoa, you should take your crew and leave as quick as you can."

Zoro narrows his eyes and Sanji takes a step forward. "Who the hell are you to- Marimo?"

"Nami, take everyone and get Sunny ready. Chopper, help me get Luffy." No one moves for a second making Zoro become irritated. "Didn't you hear me, get going."

Robin is the first one to come to. "Nami."

"Zoro, take care of Luffy until then. Minna, let's go."

After everyone left to Sunny for preparations, Chopper waits to see what Zoro is going to do when he sees a figure in the distnace. Zoro sees him as well and narrows his eyes. "Chopper, get Luffy out of here."

"R-right." Chopper transforms to his strong point and carefully picks up Luffy going towards Sunny, looking back towards Zoro, worry in his eyes.

"Oi, green head, why didn't you go with them." The canine asks while walking up to the first mate.

"Don't worry, I'll be leaving really soon. I just have one question. What happened to Luffy?"

Kaku sighs again, deciding he should tell the man who had beat him. "Well he-"

"You should ask him yourself."


Everyone turns their attention to the neko user. Zoro swallows a lump in his throat as he glares at the third former agent in front of him.

Lucci walks up to the swordsman and stops when they're a foot apart. "Tell him that he doesn't have to worry any more." Those are the only words that he says before he leaves for the other side of the island with Kaku and Jyabura walking behind him.

'Did… did he help Luffy as well?' Zoro puts a hand to his face to shake off an uneasy feeling from him before heading back to Sunny.

Sunny starts sailing with all of the crew aboard and everything seems normal. Well as normal as it could get when everyone is quiet and lost in there own thoughts as Chopper is checking Luffy's body while the captain is sleeping.

Brook walks over to Franky and sits next to him. "Who were those two men?"

Franky looks at Brooke before looking forwards and telling him about the Enies Lobby incident. How each of them had to fight and save Robin from her death.

"Whaaaaat? Those two are part of something like that? But if Luffy-san is their enemy, why would they save him?"

"That's what I'm trying to figure out and why are they out here?" Franky puts his hand on his chin, thinking.

"You guys aren't the only ones thinking about that." The rest of the crew, minus Luffy and Chopper, walk up to the duo. Sanji continues to talk as he leans against the railing. "I can't believe that they would help him. There's not too many people who can hurt Luffy."

Nami looks over to Zoro. "Zoro, why did you come last?"

The swordsman looks at his crewmates before explaining himself. "That cat guy that Luffy fought told me that he doesn't have to worry anymore."

Robin's eyes widened as she takes a step forwards. "You mean… Lucci was there as well?"


Nami bites the tip of her thumb thinking. "Then that must mean whoever Luffy fought was incredibly strong if he had to be saved by those three."

Robin closes her eyes and crosses her arms. "I don't think that they were telling us the whole truth. Ken-san, you said that both Jyabura and Kaku were telling the truth when they said that they saved Sencho-san."

Zoro raises an eyebrow. "Yeah they were, and?"

Robin continues. "And you also said that Lucci was there."

"Yeah, so what's your point?"

"Could they have saved Sencho-san from Lucci?"

Franky leans forward from his position. "Well, that could be a possibility."

Ussop interjects. "No way that could have happened. They're in the same group right? So that would mean if anyone on the inside opposed anyone else from that group then they'd get killed."

Sanji walks into the circle of thinkers. "Ussop's right. When I was on that sea train trying to save Robin-chan, I saw that cat bastard kill one of his own members."

Brook takes a sip of his tea. "So then, that means that we're back to square one until Luffy-san wakes up."

Deep sighs could be heard within the circle as they simultaneously answer. "Yeah."

"Luffy, you need to lay back down!"

Everyone turns their heads to see their captain emerge from inside of the ship to the deck, panting hard. His appearance is different since the oversized shirt is gone and his torso and wrists are covered in bandages and he's wearing long pants that can actually fit him. He falls to the ground on his knees and his head is against the grass while he holds his bad shoulder. Instantly his entire crew is right in front of him.

Robin grows a hand from the ground and tries to touch his good shoulder in a comforting manner. "Sencho-"

Luffy uses his good hand to swat hers away. "Get away from me!"

Robin's grown limb disappears into petals as she takes a step back shocked.

"Oi Luffy, what the hell is your pro-"

The look that Luffy gives Sanji not only makes him stop his question, but it also makes him drop his cigarette from his mouth. It's the look that everyone seen Luffy give to an enemy for threatening or hurting his friends, but having that look directed to him scared the cook. Sanji looks away from his captain and puts his cigarette out before it catches Sunny on fire.

No one knows what to do at the moment. Their captain, the teen who always has fun and gets into trouble, was not only gone for a day but apparently had been tortured in some way and now he's different. It had only been one day.

Luffy knows that he's directing his anger out on the wrong people. They are his nakama for crying out loud, but he can't help it. It seems like all of the lust that Lucci had forced in him is gone and his rage towards the neko zoan is just spilling out from him. He's sad that he's hurting his nakama like this, angry for letting Lucci torture him the way he did, a little scared from what he went through physically, but most of all he feels rage towards himself for wanting Lucci do those things to him.

Clenching his fists, Zoro walks forward until he's in front of his captain. "Luffy…"


Zoro narrows his eyes and draws out Wado and points it to the side of the rubber man's throat. "What happened?"

Chopper looks frantic at the situation. "Zoro, what are you doing? Can't you see that he's hurt?"

"Chopper, if he's in pain then he wouldn't have hit Robin's hand away or looked at Sanji like that." Zoro makes his blade touch the front of Luffy's throat. "I won't ask again, what happened to you?"

Luffy moves to sit down on his rear while he's holding his injured shoulder. He looks at the grass under his hand gritting his teeth together.

Brook tries to calm his captain down. "Luffy-san, this man called Lucci said that you didn't have to worry anymore."

The moment Lucci's name is mentioned, Luffy's eyes widen and he grips the blades of grass under him until Brook finishes his sentence. "Where is he?" Luffy suddenly jerked himself forward that Zoro has to pull Wado back to make sure that he doesn't impale his captain. "Where is he?" Luffy asks again as his eyes look around frantically looking for the subject of his temporary insanity.

"Oi Luffy, calm down." Zoro kicks Luffy's chest to make him sit back.

"Zoro, stop it."

The first mate ignores everyone and glares at the distressed teen. "Tell me what happened right now Luffy."

Luffy looks over his crew and then to his injured shoulder. "You wanna know what happened?" His voice is low but everyone still heard him. They let out a deep breath when Zoro finally sheathes his sword.

"You wanna know what happened to me?" Luffy repeats himself getting confused looks by his crew. "I'll tell you what happened." The tone in his voice makes everyone a bit uneasy, some more than others.


"I was raped." The captain whispers looking at his first mate to see Zoro's eyes widen.


The young captain forces himself to stand up. "What, you asked me what happened and I told you. No, you probably didn't hear me though. I'll say it loud so everyone can hear."

Zoro takes a step forward clenching his fists. "Luffy don't-"


Everyone on Sunny has the same shocked/startled expression on their face except for Zoro. He's still clenching his fists while hanging his head low as Luffy continues to shout.


"Luffy, that's not-"


The green-haired man's knuckles are turning white from how hard he's clenching his fists and he lifts his head. "THAT'S NOT WHAT I WANTED TO HEAR LUFFY! I … I wanted to hear anything but that…"

Silence falls upon everything around sunny, the wind even stops blowing. The air is filled with guilt, sadness, and shame that's all coming from the rubber captain.

Luffy clenches his shoulder while he's panting from his previous shouting; Zoro hangs his head low again as he unclenches is fists; Sanji has a cigarette in his mouth as he tries to light it but can't because of how much his hand is shaking; Nami is looking wide eyed at Luffy with her hand over her mouth; both Usopp and Chopper look at Luffy with utter disbelief; Franky has his hand over his face with his eyes closed; Brook just stares at his young captain; and Robin has her eyes shut tight while she's biting her lip and her head is down. 'Lucci… why would you?"

Nami is the first one to snap out of her shocked state as she slowly walks towards Luffy. When she's close enough, she reaches her hand to him. "…Luffy-"

The said captain swats her hand away from him and takes a step back. "Get away from me!"

Nami ignores him and keeps walking up to him until she's right in front of him. The navigator quickly wraps her arms around him, drawing him close to her as she tightly hugs him but is mindful of his shoulder. "… I'm sorry…"

"D-don't touch me…" The captain tries to take a step back while attempting to push her away but he can't find the strength to.

Tears start to slowly drop from the navigator's eyes as she continues. "I'm sorry that we weren't there to protect you Luffy…"

"I want to hear you beg for me to stop."

Lucci's words echo through the distressed teen's head causing the teen to squeeze his eyes shut. "… stop it… just… leave me alone… please."

The last word seems to make everyone realize just how much pain their captain went through. Luffy never said that word to an enemy when it was between the two of them. Usopp wipes the tears from his eyes. 'What did that damn Lucci do to you Luffy?'

"You're always there to protect us Luffy, but we couldn't protect you when you needed us-"

"-but how long will you last before you break?"

"N-no more… it hurts… j-just stop it… "

"Luffy-" Chopper is stopped from going to him when Zoro places his hand out and shakes his head.

"Let her finish."

"He's right Chopper, the only way to heal his broken soul is by showing him love." Sanji is finally able to light his much needed cigarette as he takes a drag.

"-that's why I'm sorry. I'm so sorry Luffy."

It seems that Nami's words finally sink into the young captain as he opens his eyes and sees his crew. 'M-my nakama… I'm with… my nakama' She tightens her grip on Luffy as he wraps his good arm around her. He places his forehead on her shoulder and starts to cry himself. "Minna… I-I'm sorry…"

Nami rubs his hair soothingly as he continues to cry on her. "Shh, it's okay Luffy. We're here now… it's over."

Zoro walks over to the Archeologist as everyone else goes towards their captain. When he's next to her, he see her fists tightly clenched and a drop of blood falls from her hand. Grabbing her hand, he places it in his and starts rubbing her palm to stop the bleeding.


"I guess you were right about those two saving him."

She looks to her captain and frowns. "I honestly wish that I wasn't."

"Come on." Zoro doesn't give her a chance to reply as he starts tugging her. She notices that he's his grip is strong on her hand, making her chuckle.

Reaching his destination, Zoro greets Luffy with a smile on his face. "Welcome back Luffy."

Luffy smiles back at his first mate wiping the tears from his eyes before looking at the sky. "You know…" This grabbed everyone's attention as they look at the young captain. "-he said that he was going to break me and for a while I thought that he did, but…" he looks at his crew and smiles at everyone aboard Sunny, "he can't break me, not as long as I have my nakama." Luffy wipes the rest of his tears from his face.

The air that was around Sunny, the depressing and rage filled air, is gone and is replaced with happiness. The sound of a growling stomach seems to outdo everything else as Luffy places a hand on the back of his head.

Sanji looks at the teen. "You must be starving. Didn't that bastard give you anything to eat?"

Luffy places a finger to his chin before remembering. "He gave me water just so I didn't dehydrate."

Usopp places a hand on his good shoulder. "But you didn't eat anything?"

His head is forced up and something is shoved in his mouth. "Eat Mugiwara, I want to make sure that you're full."

Luffy forces his tongue to lick the underside. "Such a good boy," Luffy licks the mushroom-like head before going back down. He has absolutely no idea of what he's doing. "A talented mouth for a beginner. You must have been practicing, am I right?"

While the sadist takes his cock out, Luffy tastes the first drop of pre-cum and out of some kind of reflex, he sucks on the limb as its leaving. Lucci closes his eyes, moving his head backwards as he pulls the teen's head away from him.

When the zoan user removes his hands, Luffy jerks his head backwards before shaking it and trying to spit out what he just swallowed. 'That's disgusting.'

"Did you enjoy your meal?"

"No, I missed 9 meals," he grips his stomach tightly. "-I'm so~ hungry." He looks up at Sanji with puppy dog eyes. "Sanji~…"

The cook closes his eyes and smirks before heading off to the kitchen. "Don't worry, I'll make you a damn good feast."

"Yosh, you're the best."

The navigator walks up to Luffy. "Oh and before I forget to tell you Luffy, "

"Huh, tell me what?"

"-Zoro is in love with you."

"WHAT!" Zoro runs to Nami and the look on his face is just to funny to explain. "N-n-nani? I'm not in love with him." Zoro ends his statement pointing towards his captain.

Robin catches on with the game and helps Nami. "Ah, Sencho-san, you should have seen how frantic Ken-san was when he found Boshi as well as when Usopp-san found your vest."

Everyone else decides to join in the game since Zoro had been bossing them around all day and night.

Usopp decided that it was his turn. "Luffy, in the middle of the night, Zoro was crying and singing about how much he loves and missed you."

"USOPP I DID NOT! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU ALL?" By now pink had tinted Zoro's cheeks. "There's a difference between love and loyalty. I'm loyal to him, not love him. Loyal damn it!"


"What?" He turns his head to see Luffy looking at him before smiling.

"I love everyone in my crew but I'm not in love with anyone. I'm sorry." Luffy ends it by placing a hand on the swordsman's shoulder.

Everyone else tries to stifle a laugh but fails. Luffy is confused and scratches his head. "Huh, what's so funny?"

"I'm gonna kill all of them…"

"Don't do that Zoro, they're our nakama."

"Nakama don't tell lies about nakama."

"So, you're not in love with me."


"Good, cause that would be kind of awkward to have my first mate be in love with me."



"Shut up and go get some food."

"Okay…" Luffy turns around and makes his way towards the kitchen.

"Oi Luffy, you forgot something."

Luffy turns around and catches Boshi. His eyes beam with happiness before he puts it on. "THANKS SO MUCH ZORO! SANJI FOOD~" He rushes towards the kitchen. 'He didn't break me. I didn't become a victim to his revenge. I can't, I won't be broken, not by his twisted revenge.

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