Hi everybody! Here is the much-delayed epilogue to Brits Do It Better. Yes, the story is really finished! I really had a lot of fun writing this, even if it did turn out to be a lot longer than I planned. (sigh) Long fics just seem to be my curse!

Anyhow, this final (HUGE) chapter should tie everything up quite nicely. I still consider this to be a humorous chunk of smutty fluff, but I guess there's a little bit of plot there if you squint. Really squint.

Timeline on this chapter is a little murky. Riley is still with the Initiative, but Spike is already helping Adam. So after 'Where the Wild Things Are', and just before or around the same time as 'New Moon Rising'.

Note: This chapter is very M rated. If you've read this far into the story, you should expect that by now! ;)

Special thanks to my pal Littleotter73 for helping me take the fragmented ideas for this chapter and turn them into something that isn't a total puddle of goop. I couldn't have done it without you! :)

Brits Do It Better


Buffy woke up feeling… snuggly. And warm. Snuggly and warm and oh-so-relaxed. Her pillow was moving, a slow and steady up and down motion that was both comforting and intriguing. As her mind rose up a little further from the pleasant middle levels of consciousness, she realized why.

Her pillow was Giles. To be more specific, it was the perfectly comfy-shaped little crook between Giles' shoulder and chest. Buffy sighed happily, arching toward her bedmate and running a lazy hand diagonally across his chest and abdomen. Her questing hand was met absently by his and he smiled slightly, releasing a drowsy groan. "Mmm… Buffy…?"

Smiling and propping her chin on his shoulder in order to see him better, the Slayer realized that Giles was still snoozing pretty deeply. The adorability factor of her Watcher saying her name in his sleep with that sexy little smile on his face was pretty well off the charts, as far as she was concerned. Definite warm fuzzies involved when it came to the many levels of Giles' attractiveness, especially after the feverish hours of relentlessly passionate sex they had just shared…

Things had certainly taken a turn for the unexpected. Once her lips had met his, however, Buffy had known exactly what had been missing from her relationship with Riley. She had also understood so many things about her relationship with Giles in that instant- it was life changing stuff. Buffy wondered if, in a way, she and Giles had been moving toward this since the day they met. That would explain why the sudden refashioning of their relationship seemed so… natural.

The sleeping man must have sensed that he was being watched. His eyes fluttered open slowly, betraying a small twinge of surprise when he saw who was peering fondly at him. "Good morning," he said.

Buffy smiled and answered him with a slow kiss, leaving no room for confusion as to her presence in his bed. He wasn't in any mood to complain, it seemed, as the arm that had been pinned beneath her body in sleep came up to embrace her. His other hand gently pushed the slightly tangled golden hair away from her face, thumb brushing the skin of her cheek.

Before the kiss was able to become too heated, Buffy broke it, propping herself up so that her face hovered above Giles'. "Giles… do you think we should talk?" She blushed as he raised an eyebrow at her, obviously amused at the seriousness of her tone in relation to their rather obvious lack of clothing. "I mean, we should talk, right? About... this?"

Pausing for a moment, Giles scooted backward so that he was seated against the headboard. Buffy followed suit, arranging a sheet so that she could at least be somewhat dignified during their discussion. "Well," he began, "I suppose the main question is… what exactly is 'this'?"

His expression was tender, and Buffy could see an underlying vulnerability that made her want to wrap her arms around him and kiss him senseless. Which she probably would. After they were finished talking. "What is this? Umm… you know I'm not that good with words, Giles, but to me it's…" Buffy paused, trying to think of the right word to describe what she was feeling. "… a revelation."

Giles tilted his head, looking curious. "A revelation?"

Buffy smiled, leaning her head against his shoulder. She felt like maybe it would be easier to say what she was feeling without getting caught in the intense green of his gaze. "Yeah. Like, I'm feeling all this stuff, but it's not new. I think it's been there for a long time. I just… didn't realize. Do you know what I mean?"

He chuckled just slightly. "Strangely, yes. And despite the lack of fine detail, you have managed to describe my own feelings rather accurately as well."

Heart fluttering pleasantly, Buffy raised her courage and looked up at the man next to her. What she saw in his eyes put all her apprehension to rest. The adoration in his eyes was obvious, which made her next question very easy to ask. "So how long do you think we've been in love with each other, without even knowing?"

Giles pulled her body against his, luxuriating in the warmth and softness of her skin. He whispered his reply against her lips. "Does it really matter?"

Buffy's answer was decidedly non-verbal, and the resulting 'conversation' was very enjoyable for quite awhile after that.



It had gotten to the point where Buffy would be late for her eleven o'clock class if she stayed any longer. She headed towards the door, opening it to greet the sunny day. She was wearing one of Giles' oxford shirts over her jeans. He followed close behind her, barefoot and slightly rumpled. He pressed her against the doorframe for just one more kiss. "Will you come by later?"

Buffy's dreamy smile turned into a frown as real life intruded into her Giles-induced love haze. "Actually, I have a paper due tomorrow. I'll probably have to spend most of my evening in the library. Wow, that sucks even more when I say it out loud." Her eyebrows knit together in adorable disdain. "While we're on the subject of distasteful tasks, I should probably talk to Riley later, too."

He chuckled, stroking her cheek. "Would you like me to join you on patrol tonight?"

Giles just couldn't get enough of her, it seemed. She hadn't even gone yet, and he was already wanting to see her again. This new dimension of their relationship had erupted so suddenly, if he didn't know better he would think they were victims of a spell. But if the Watcher were honest with himself, these feelings had been building up inside of him for quite awhile. The really astonishing part was that they both felt the same, and that the hard won realization had been so pleasurable. And all of this in less than 24 hours. What a difference a day makes, indeed...

"Nah, I'm only planning a short one. I bagged enough vamps last night to keep the survivors hiding in their crypts for a few days." She slid her arms around his neck, touched by his obvious desire to spend time with her. "You could drop by the dorm later, though. Maybe around nine or ten? Willow has her Wicca club, so she should be out until at least midnight…"

Another kiss was already in progress before either of them really knew who started it. Their embrace was full of a new and delicious familiarity, sprinkled with longing. Giles broke the kiss, pressing his forehead against Buffy's. "Nine o'clock it is. Now run along or you'll be late for class."

Buffy nuzzled her nose against his affectionately. "Kiss me like that again, Watcher man, and I won't make it to class at all!"

"Go on, then." Grinning, he guided her gently over the threshold of the door with a hand at the small of her back. "I'll see you later."

Flipping her hair over her shoulder, Buffy looked back at him with a teasing smile. "I'll be waiting."



"I'm telling you right now, mate. I did a real job on those two. With just a little bit of luck they may never speak to each other again. Now about this whole chip situation…"

Spike had just spent an enlightening ten minutes informing the bio-mechanical demonoid of his progress the previous evening in the scheme to drive a wedge between Buffy and her friends. He seemed quite assured of his success in the case of the Slayer and her Watcher, and Adam had to agree that the vampire's plan was quite clever. WIthout the support of her friends and especially the knowledge and experience of her Watcher, the Slayer would be greatly weakened.

It seemed quite fortuitous, therefore, that one of the subjects of Spike's nefarious attention chose that moment to appear. The Watcher was walking at a steady pace down the tree-lined path connecting a small park with the UC Sunnydale campus. The hulking form of Adam ducked behind a tree, pulling his vampire companion along with him. "Look, it is the Watcher." Adam observed Giles as he walked, using his android senses to zoom in for a closer view. The man had a small smile on his face and looked relaxed as he walked, hands in his pockets. Adam turned to Spike, giving him a slightly suspicious look. "He does not seem distressed."

Spike was frozen for a moment, fixed by Adam's threatening gaze. Then, he realized the likeliest explanation for the Watcher's carefree demeanor. "But this is priceless! Don't you see? He hasn't seen her yet. He doesn't know that she heard. He's probably going to visit her right now, and boy is he ever gonna get it!"

"Interesting. This concept warrants further study. We shall follow the Watcher."

"Sodding right we shall. I don't want to miss the show!"



Riley Finn sighed, peering out from his current perch in the bushes. Colonel McNamara, the shiny new Commanding Officer of the Initiative's Sunnydale operation, had been riding his ass all day. He had been summoned for duty almost the moment his classes had finished for the day, giving him no time to grade any of the freshman Psych papers that were awaiting his scrutiny or even to go see Buffy- who said she had something she wanted to talk to him about. Something about the way she said it bothered him. She had looked uneasy. But instead of comforting his girlfriend and listening to her problems, where was he? In the bushes, tracking an essentially toothless, more or less harmless, non-threatening vampire.

McNamara had been all over him when he read the reports about the escape of Hostile 17, saying that the lack of effort being made to recover the errant specimen showed a lack of discipline, blah blah blah. And it only got worse when they went to the command center and the Colonel realized that the chip implant made the escaped vampire quite inherently trackable. Riley tried to argue that dealing with Adam was much more important, earning him a lecture about 'who gets to decide what's important around here'.

And so here he was, tracking Hostile 17. Or 'Spike', as he was apparently known in certain… circles. Riley scowled. His scanner indicated that the vampire was very close by, and headed in this direction. Maybe he could get this over with quickly so that he would have time to stop by and see Buffy before she went on patrol. He started to rise in order to take up a position at a better vantage when he saw Mr. Giles walking along the path, approaching from the same approximate trajectory that Hostile 17 was traveling. What was Mr. Giles doing on campus at this time of night? Riley had little time to wonder, as Hostile 17 came into view. Riley tensed when he realized that Adam was with him. The commando crouched out of sight, staying hidden as the two demonic entities passed. He overheard a snippet of their conversation.

"…Watcher'll be lucky if he survives this night with his skin intact…"

"…should be rather intriguing to observe the Slayer's reaction…"

This sounded like trouble. Adam and Spike were obviously planning to harm Mr. Giles, and Riley knew well enough that Buffy would not react well. She had been ready to dismember that Rayne fellow after he turned her Watcher into a Fyarl demon. Surely whatever Adam was planning would be even worse, and Riley wasn't sure if even Buffy was strong enough to fight the robot/demon hybrid and his accomplice. Deciding not to risk detection by calling for backup just yet, Riley crept out from his hiding place and followed in the wake of his foes.



"Here, that's the Slayer's window. We should be able to see everything if we hide behind this."

Adam and Spike ducked behind the above-ground protrusion of a ventilation shaft. The blinds on Buffy's dorm room window were open, and the curtains drawn aside. The window was slightly ajar. Perfect view. Spike settled in as he spotted Buffy rising from her desk, presumably in reaction to the Watcher's knock at her door. He watched avidly as she opened the door to admit Giles. He stood close behind her as she locked the door. Spike assumed she was bolting it up so carefully because she wouldn't want to be interrupted by any alarmed passersby during the thrashing she was about to dish out.

The vampire's gleeful smile, however, was wiped clear off his face as Buffy turned around. She jumped into Giles' arms without a moment's hesitation, molding her body to his in a hot embrace. She kissed the Watcher ardently, gripping the sides of his face with both her hands and wrapping her legs around his waist as he pressed her against the door. One of his hands was tangled in her hair, and the other one squeezed her backside in a gesture that was unashamedly erotic.

No, oh no no no. Surely not. Spike knew he must be hallucinating, because the Slayer playing tonsil hockey with her Watcher was not part of his plan. In fact, it would seem to suggest that his plan had backfired.

Spike cringed as he watched Giles' hands wander over Buffy's very receptive body. She was placing sexy little kisses all over Giles' face. The tip of his nose, the side of his jaw, the edge of his eyebrow, the corner of his smugly smiling mouth…

Backfired. Oh, bollocks, had it ever gone pear-shaped. Spike jumped, hearing a demonic throat being cleared at his side.

Adam's lips were set in a grim line, and he was looking sidelong at Spike as though he were a small bug that he really, really wanted to squish. "This is rather… curious. The situation is not as you described."

At a loss, Spike looked on in wonderment at the scene before him, making a slight choking sound as Giles carried Buffy across the dorm room and toward the bed- which was conveniently placed right in front of the windows. "I… there must be some kind of mistake. A misunderstanding. Yeah. I'm sure I can fix it. No problem. I just need a little time to-"

"My patience wears thin!"

"Well, if we just wait until he comes out, we can grab him. By the looks of things, the Slayer will have him all tired out and he'll be vulnerable. Unmanned, sort of thing."

"This is your plan?"

Spike shrugged. "You got any better ideas?"

Adam was silent for a moment, glaring at Spike. "Very well. And in the meantime?"

"Might as well wait here. You said you were interested in human biology, didn't you? Looks like you're about to see some, up close and bloody personal."

Making an interested little noise, Adam used his enhanced cybernetic vision to focus in on the scene…


Giles let Buffy's body slide down his until her feet were once again in contact with the floor. He sat down on her bed and pulled her toward him, chest tingling as her deft fingers unbuttoned his shirt. Placing kisses and light nibbles at the sensitive spot just below Buffy's ear, Giles allowed her to push the shirt off his shoulders and place his glasses on the bedside table. Her hands were hot on his skin, stroking his back and chest. With his own hands he returned the favor, aroused by the familiar sight of his shirt that she had borrowed earlier covering her upper body. "Have you been wearing this all day?"

Buffy trembled, enraptured by the sensation of Giles' hot mouth teasing the skin of her shoulder as he pulled the fabric of the shirt aside to reveal it. "Mmm, it smells like you."

"Well, as much as I like seeing you in it…" his words trailed off as the shirt fell to the floor. Giles had been interested to note that Buffy wasn't wearing a bra, and he took immediate advantage. He stroked one breast with his right hand, teasing the nipple with his thumb. The other pert globe received equal attention, causing Buffy to gasp as the flat of his tongue rubbed across the hardened pink bud.

It was almost frightening, how incredibly easy it was for Giles to turn her on. Not even two minutes in the room and she was already desperate with the need for him to fill her. As aroused as she was, it was to her credit that she was still able to be an active participant. She kissed him, winding her tongue with his and whimpering as he teased her lower lip with his teeth. His hands were doing delicious things to her skin, already so skilled at finding just the right places to stroke that would drive her crazy.

Trailing one hand down his chest and following the faint line of hair leading to the waistband of his jeans, Buffy allowed her hand to continue wandering until it found what it craved. Gently, she grasped the sizable bulge in his pants, squeezing and caressing. Giles buried his face in the crook of her neck, growling softly and winding a hand through her hair.

She spoke against his ear, rubbing herself against the top of his leg suggestively. "Giles, I want you inside me."


Riley Finn simply couldn't believe his eyes. Of course, that was one reason why he had a pair of high-powered digital binoculars. They didn't help particularly much in this case, only giving him an even better view of the woman he had thought was his girlfriend, seductively entwined with her much older Watcher on her dorm room bed.

His mind was reeling, trying and failing to come up with any type of reasonable explanation for Buffy's actions. Other than a sudden desire to have wild, obviously quite passionate, intimate relations with Mr. Giles. Riley frowned. Or was it really so sudden after all? She always had been a little… intense when it came to Mr. Giles. And possessive. And ready to rip the arms off anyone who harmed him. So just how long had this been going on?

He slumped, heart falling into his stomach. This must have been what she wanted to talk to him about… and yet he hadn't even rated a level of importance high enough for Buffy to keep her hands, or apparently her other… parts, to herself until talking about it with him. Leaning forward, Riley watched in spellbound dismay as Buffy and Mr. Giles practically ripped each other's clothes off. Before he could stop himself, Riley released an angry noise, somewhere between a sigh and a growl.

Unfortunately for Agent Finn, the two hostiles he had been tracking both had very advanced hearing. Two sharp sets of eyes were torn away from the scene at Buffy's window, now focusing intently on one blond commando from Iowa, hiding not-so-inconspicuously behind a tree that suddenly seemed far too slim for its purpose…


Giles grinned slyly at her, hooking a finger into the front of her jeans and popping the button. "Not yet, love. I've got other plans for you this time." He pulled the zipper of her jeans down and then used both of his hands to shimmy the figure-hugging pants over her hips and down her legs. She stepped out of the pool of denim, fully expecting him to remove her panties as well. Instead, he picked her up and threw her onto the bed, causing her to emit a surprised giggle.

Buffy's breathing sped up as her Watcher slowly crawled on top of her, looking slightly predatory. As he bent his head to kiss her with a softness that surprised her, she understood why. As Giles' lips nudged gently against hers, his thumb suddenly caressed her center, rubbing her clit through the lace of her panties. A loud moan of encouragement escaped Buffy's throat before Giles was able to swallow it with his mouth. The friction caused by the coarse fabric rubbing between his thumb and her swollen bundle of nerves was causing jolts of pleasure to shoot through her extremities. She couldn't stop her hips from jerking up off of the bed, trying to increase that delicious pressure.

Giles smiled down at her, feigning innocence. God, she was sexy. And he loved teasing her, loved knowing that his touch could affect her this way. "Want something?" He kept rubbing slowly, sitting back on his heels and using his other hand to keep her hips pinned to the bed.

"More," she sighed, reaching one hand out to stroke his face.

In response to her request, Giles slowly slid the moist panties down her legs, tossing them aside carelessly. She looked up at him, feeling completely exposed with him hovering over her, still half dressed. Yet, she didn't mind letting him have control like this. He might make her go crazy with desire for him, but if that were the case she certainly would enjoy it.

Buffy drew a deep gasping breath as his mouth began to tease her already sensitized core, tasting and probing. One of his hands was splayed on her stomach, covering her belly button and holding her in place. The fingers of the other hand joined his mouth, exploring her center. Giles worked at her with his nimble fingers and oh so talented tongue until she was straining against him, muttering incoherent words of encouragement as he increased the pace with which he stimulated her clit. His fingers were stroking inside her at just the perfect angle. Her hands were in his hair, holding his face against her center. All at once, a powerful orgasm overwhelmed her, and she screamed his name. He kept stroking her with his tongue even when it felt like she couldn't take any more. Without warning, he changed his strategy and sucked at the bundle of nerves, applying just enough pressure to send Buffy spinning into a second- even more explosive- orgasm.

After a few moments of watching the stars float around on the back of her eyelids, Buffy opened her eyes to see Giles gazing down at her adoringly. She purred with contentment, pulling him down onto the bed next to her. The tingles all through her body, the warmth of his skin, his green eyes regarding her with tenderness… Buffy didn't think the moment could be any more perfect.


Riley didn't think this day of his life could possibly get any worse. First McNamara, then Buffy and Mr. Giles, and now Adam with his bony- or possibly metallic- knee crushing his windpipe.

Adam's eyes narrowed in recognition. "Brother, what are you doing here?"

Riley made a choking sound. Adam seemed to realize that it was currently a biological impossibility for Riley to breathe or speak, so he stood, releasing him. "I'm Tracking Hostile 17." He gestured toward Spike. After a frowning pause, he added, "and I am not your brother."

"Hostile 17 my arse! You were watching the Slayer get X-rated with her Watcher, just like we were!"

"Speak for yourself. I tracked you here. Anything else I might have seen is incidental."

Spike snorted. "Incidental, eh? So how does it feel to lose out to a man twice your age, anyway? Must be a quite a blow to the old ego."

Riley knew it was childish and pointless to argue with Hostile 17, but he just couldn't help himself. Something about the neutered vampire brought out the worst in him, not that the situation wasn't doing a pretty good job of that already. "Who says I'm going to lose?"

A very satisfied feminine moan floated out from the slightly open window.

Spike grinned saucily. "Well, I guess we know where Buffy's casting her vote."

Adam watched the unfolding scene curiously.

Riley was on his feet now, looking thunderous. "You son of a bitch!" He pounced at the vampire, knocking him to the ground. They wrestled for a moment, Spike trying to throw the commando off without doing something that would activate his chip. Riley was landing some superficial punches, but nothing that actually hurt. The two eventually got to their feet again, squaring off. Spike watched Riley vigilantly, looking for any sign that he was going to launch another offensive. The commando pulled a small taser out of the cargo pocket of his uniform pants, pointing it at Spike.

"Oh no you bloody don't!" Before he could stop himself, Spike jumped toward Riley. His chip activated in mid-air, and he tumbled awkwardly, knocking the commando to the side and writhing in pain where he landed. Riley, for his part, was thrown against a tree with the taser in his hand. The momentum caused him to pull the trigger. Unfortunately, he was currently aiming the taser at his own leg. Riley and Spike released twin screams, both doubled over in pain.

Adam observed the scene, arms crossed over his chest. "I think I have collected enough data for one day. These observations may be of some use."

He left.


Buffy was currently in the process of resuming the very pleasurable activity of kissing Giles. As she pulled him closer, she thought she heard a scream nearby. "Did you hear that?"

Giles was kissing the inside of her forearm, their fingers sweetly entwined. He barely batted an eyelash at her question. "Hear what," he asked disinterestedly.

"I thought I heard someone yelling."

The Watcher made a non-committal noise, pausing to look into Buffy's eyes. "Buffy, you live on a college campus. When isn't there someone yelling nearby?"

"You make a good point, but I have one more problem." She smiled, rolling their bodies so that she was straddling his hips.

He gazed up at her, rubbing small circles on her smooth bare legs. "And what might that be?"

She wiggled her hips in a very demonstrative way. "You're still wearing pants."



Willow sighed unhappily, trudging through the common room. Wicca club had been a bust as usual, and Tara couldn't even make it because she had a test to study for. Willow was starting to realize just how unbearable the meetings actually were without Tara there. She really couldn't believe she'd just spent the past hour listening to the wannabe witch club talk about broomsticks and what kind of crushed flowers should be added to jazz up a love potion. At least with Tara there, one other person would think it was funny. She had left during the tea and cookie break, figuring maybe she would just go back to the room and study with Buffy.

Reaching the room, the redhead tried the door and was surprised to find it locked. Maybe Buffy had given up on her paper and gone on patrol? Either that or she was sleeping… Willow patted her pockets, finally finding the key in that little baby jeans pocket that never seemed to have a defined purpose. Apparently it was good for keys, or money if you folded it up really small.

Willow opened the door and stepped inside, noticing that the lights were on, oblivious to the scene that was about to greet her eyes. "Hey Buf- AAAAH!"


Having made short work of Giles' pants, Buffy pulled her lover into the bed eagerly, inviting him under the covers. She reached down to stroke his cock, which was burning hot and hard in her small hand. A pleased groan escaped him as he kissed her thoroughly, nudging her legs further apart as they moved restlessly against his own. Looking down into her cherished face, he removed her hand from his hardness. He entwined the fingers of both his hands with hers, moving them up toward the headboard. His cock had no difficulty finding her wet heat, and he slid himself into her easily as she surged up to meet him.

Buffy bit her lower lip, whimpering. He felt so perfect inside her, hot and hard and thick and amazing. He was buried to the hilt, causing her to gasp as he ground his hips in a delicious circle. He was holding her arms above her head, his grasping hands gentle but firm. "Giles, please. I need you so much…"

"Yes," he breathed, beginning to thrust slowly in and out. Buffy's legs rose along his sides, cradling his torso. Their eyes were locked in a heated gaze, lost in each other as they fell into a timeless rhythm. "God Buffy," he ground out in a passion-rough voice, "you feel amazing, love."

He grazed her neck with his teeth and then brushed it softly with his lips, making her shiver with nothing more than the feeling of his breath tickling her earlobe. He continued to place small nips and kisses on her neck as they rocked against each other, sensations shared across their connection and intensifying by the moment.

He released his hold of her arms, bracing one of his hands on the bed to give more leverage to his thrusts. The first two fingers of the other hand traced her parted lips as their lovemaking picked up speed. Buffy released a gratified moan, sucking his fingers into her mouth for a few delicious moments. She stroked her hands along his flanks, eventually wrapping one around the middle of his back and gripping at his shoulder with the other. "Faster. Oohhh, it's so good…"

Giles obliged, plunging in and out fast enough and hard enough to make the bed beneath them creak in protest. He knew he was doing it just right by the way her little moans were growing in volume, her eyes unfocused and rapturous. With every thrust he made, her hips ground against his more and more demandingly until she was riding beneath him with a sensual ferocity, her body possessing every inch of his throbbing cock.

Buffy came in joyous waves, arms and legs gripping her lover in an almost bruising embrace. She shouted his name, attached to many endearments and unintelligible words of devotion. The fierceness with which she took and expressed her pleasure drove Giles right over the edge with her. His cock spasmed and jerked as her channel gripped him, their bodies locked together in shattering harmony.

For several minutes afterward the two were silent, holding each other, Buffy cradling Giles as his head rested sweetly on her shoulder. The Slayer was the first to recover the power of speech. "That was amazing."

"Mmm, making love with you is more than just amazing, dearheart. I would say… transcendent." Giles' arm was draped across Buffy's abdomen, elbow just grazing the covers where they pooled around their waists.

Giggling, Buffy stretched her body against his lazily in a not-so-innocent gesture. Her calf stroked up his thigh wickedly. "That's a nice word. So, you want to do it again?"

A laugh rumbled up through Giles' stomach. "As much as I would like to, some of us aren't blessed with Slayer stamina."

"Good thing I'm willing to share mine." She urge his face toward hers, enticing him into a slow and luxurious kiss.

This was the moment where Willow decided to walk through the door.

The initial jangling of the doorknob went unnoticed by the parties inside the room, who were otherwise occupied. The sound of the door opening and the sight of the redhead passing through it, however, were a little bit hard to miss. Especially since she had spotted them at virtually the same moment.

"Hey Buf- AAAAAH!"

Several things happened at once. Giles panicked, getting tangled in the covers as he attempted to scramble to… somewhere. He hadn't thought his actions out very well, really. This became obvious as his legs rebelled against his torso, caught up in the comforter. The Watcher made an alarmed little noise and tumbled over the side of the bed, still wrapped in Buffy's covers from the waist down as he hit the floor with a thud.

Buffy, for her part, only just managed to hold onto her dignity, maintaining the cover of her sheet by the grace of who-knows-what as Giles swept the rest of the bedclothes over the side of the bed along with him.

Willow stared, uncomprehending.

Giles turned red, attempting to pull the tangled covers up a bit further to hide his exposed torso.

Buffy put a hand over her mouth, trying not to let her manic giggles escape.

Willow, finally reanimated, did what came naturally to her in any awkward situation. She babbled. ""Why is Giles on the floor? Oh my God… Giles with no clothes? Buffy! T-there's naked Giles! On the floor!"

The giggles Buffy had been repressing finally burst forth, surprising both the other occupants of the room with their merry sound. Willow looked back and forth between Watcher and Slayer in astonishment. Giles fixed Buffy with a weak glare. "Well he was in the bed, Will. I think you kind of made him wig."

Truer words had never been said. Giles snorted with involuntary laughter, struck by the absurdity of the situation.

Willow desperately tried to grasp the meaning of the scene before her, repeatedly drawing a blank. "But… why?"

Buffy smiled down at Giles, who gave an answering grin from his perch on the floor. "Well, you know what they say about those Brits…"

Willow shook her head, eyebrows bunching. "N-no, I don't! What do they say about them?"

Giles blushed again.

Buffy raised an eyebrow and bit her lip, sending him a searing look.

Willow suddenly felt like she was really, really interrupting something. "Never mind. I don't really think I need to know right now. I'm pretty sure I have to go. Be somewhere. Else. Umm… bye!" The embarrassed redhead almost tripped over her own feet in her haste to escape the room. Buffy and Giles heard the lock clicking back into place as she exited.

"Well, that was mortifying."

"Oh, come on. It wasn't really that bad. At least she didn't really interrupt-"

"Please, I don't even wish to imagine it."

Buffy laughed again, holding out a hand to help her Watcher up from the floor. "Come back up here and I promise I'll make it up to you."

Giving her a wary look, Giles arose, still wrapped in the comforter. He sat next to Buffy on the bed. "Are you sure that's wise? How long do you really think she'll be gone?"

"After that kind of trauma? It's mochas and an all-nighter in the library, for sure."

Giles smiled softly, brushing her hair back from her face. "Well if you're going to insist, I suppose I could be persuaded."

"Goody! Hey Giles?"

"Yes, love?"

"Is there anything else you Brits can do better?"

"Well, we certainly know how to-"

"Please don't say something about tea."

Giles laughed heartily, pushing Buffy down onto the bed. "Why don't I just show you, then?"

And she was very glad that she had asked.


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