Okay, let me explain this. This, was a school assignment...me and my partner had to write something in 15 minutes. Anything, but it had to have a point, and a happy ending, and dialogue. Now, seeing as the season premiere is so freaking close, all I had on my mind was Castle...and Beckett...so this was born. Note, I typed it in 15 minutes, it wasn't bata'd...it was done in school...so obviously, I couldn't write exactly what was on my mind...

Anyways, the idea ended up being awesome...so I'm posting it:) Also, towards the end it speeds up...that's 'cause I was running out of time!

"Ugh," Beckett rolled over with a sigh, burying her face into the pillow she fell asleep hugging. She was slowly drifting off again when the cold air hit her feet.

"Ugh!" She rolled over and tossed the blanket across her chilled body. With a half open eye, she glanced at her alarm clock, wondering if it was worth the headache of trying to fall back asleep. Seeing that the red lights read 5:06, she sat up in a heartbeat.

"Fu-"She didn't bother finishing the thought. Beckett jumped out of the warm bed and examined her alarm clock. She swears on her mother's grave that she had set it the night before, yet the alarm was turned off. With a careful eye, she gave her bedroom a quick once over. Kate quietly opened the bedside drawer and grabbed her gun. She was not alone.

Gun raised, Beckett crossed her bedroom and was out the door in seconds. She peered into her living room, seeing nothing. She was beginning to think nothing was there when she noticed the quiet humming coming from the kitchen.

Staying low across the wall, she jumped out of the dark with her weapon pointed at the perpetrator. "Don't mo-" She started to yell, but halfway through the phrase, she recognized the scared eyes.

"Wait, wait!" Castle froze and raised his hands, dropping the packet of sugar. He immediately realized his mistake and dropped down to grab it. When he popped back up, he nodded his head toward the gun.

"Beckett? It's me." He finished by pointing to himself.

"Well hello, Me. What the hell are you doing in my apartment?"

Castle rolled his eyes and cleared his throat. "Um, you left your door unlocked…"

"And my alarm?"

"Oh, you noticed-"

"Yeah, I noticed! Castle, what are you doing here?"

He tossed the packet of sugar on the counter and leaned against it.


Castle paused and brought a hand up to his face. Beckett watched him as he scratched the scruff under his chin.

"I- could you lower the gun?"

Beckett brought her eyes to the pistol, and then back to him.

"I should really shoot you in the foot right now."


"Castle, you broke into my apartment,"

"It was unlocked…"

"Turned my alarm off,"


"And now you're making my coffee."




"When I lower my gun, you are going to tell me exactly why you are here."

Castle nodded as Beckett put her gun on the counter.

"Well, for starters, you look extremely hot in pj's-"


"Right." He paused and took a deep breath. "I was originally going to wait around until you left for work, but then the door was unlocked, and I got this idea."

"Break into a detective's apartment?" Beckett asked with narrowed eyes.

"Not just any detective. You."

She nodded, and Castle continued.

"I shut your alarm off so you wouldn't wake up so early, but that obviously didn't work, seeing as you're here now," Castle glanced up at the detective. "I was going to make you breakfast."


"I wanted to make you breakfast. I was planning on waking you up when I finished. And then I was thinking you could take the day off, and we could go see a movie or something, catch up..."

Beckett sighed and leaned against the counter. "Go home, Castle."

"What? Why?"

"Go." She pointed to the door.


"You shouldn't have come back." She snapped as Castle started to walk away. He turned back to her, but Beckett lowered her eyes to the floor.

Next thing she knew, Castle was right next to her, his hand under her chin, forcing her to look up. "I didn't know, Kate. I swear, I didn't know."

She flashed him a glare and snorted. "I don't-"

"For all I knew, you were with Demming this entire time. If you had said anything, or called-"

"Castle," She smacked his hand off her chin and pushed him away. "Go home."

"Don't do this." He stepped forward, but Beckett put a hand into his chest, keeping distance between the two.


"You're going to push me away?" He whispered. "Becks, I'm putting it all on the table right now. I want-"

"I already did that!" She barked. "And the night ended with you walking away from it."


"Don't," Beckett practically growled, and she turned her back to a pleading Castle.

"You did this, Kate. When you look back on tonight, you turned away."

Beckett didn't flinch as the words hit her. She listened as Castle padded away towards the front door. She heard it open, and a few seconds later, sighed as the soft click let her know that Castle had left.

With a groan, Kate sucked in her bottom lip. She just turned Castle down. He was ready to drop everything…

"Ugh." She reached over and turned the coffee pot to on. That's just what she needed. A nice, hot, cup of coffee to get her mind off Castle. She grabbed a cup, and then put it back.

I was too hard on him.

Yeah, she thought. Maybe she should go apologize.


Castle did this. Castle. He walked away when she was laying her cards on the table.

You folded before he had the chance to reveal his cards.

Kate shook her head and reached for a cup. She'd figure it all out, after she had her coffee…

But just as she grabbed the cup, Kate realized she wasn't alone. Footsteps coming towards her.



And then warm hands were wrapped around her waist. A strong hand reached up and took the glass from her and placed on the counter. Castle took her hand in his and rested his head on her shoulder.

"You really need to lock your door," He whispered.

Kate shook her head and leaned into him, "Coffee." She stated.

Castle chuckled, "The Coffee can wait," he pulled back and Beckett turned so she was facing him, "Be with me."

Kate nodded with a smile. She was going to be with him.