8:50 AM Celestial High

Setsuna sighed taking his binder out of his locker before he closed it as both Tieria and Allelujah were talking to each other as it was their senior year at the school. "I'm telling you dude that Neil's place is going to be jumping. Music, food, and girls are going to be all over his house." Allelujah laughed while Tieria only sighed. Setsuna's wear was a white dress shirt and dark brown pants; he had his red scarf hanging around his neck. Tieria wore a pair of light grey pants and white buttoned shirt which had a pink woven sweater that he always wore over it. Allelujah's wear was a tight black T-shirt and a pair of pants the same color, his feet were covered by his heavy brown boots.

"I don't know why he is having a party to celebrate our graduation, he graduated several years ago anyway so I don't see why he would use so much money to celebrate just us" Tieria sighed leaning against his locker and glanced down at Setsuna who was looking through his binder to his different subjects. "I see that you are focused on your current schedule." Tieria noted while Setsuna only nodded still reading over his science notes.

"Just this last half of the year and then we're going to be free men Tieria!" Allelujah cheered.

"That is another thing that is concerning me...why is Neil making these plans several months in advance?" Tieria asked as though he was the only person who had actually thought about it, although it was a very good question. "At least it will give you enough time to ask that girl Marie out." Tieria shrugged while Allelujah froze in place.

"Oh ya...jeez, I still don't know what to say to her. 'Hello I'm Allelujah. I was wondering if you wanted to go out sometime.' Allelujah made up the scenario in his head and only shivered. "I have lots of time to ask her out. Anyways I'm off to English class I'll see you guys later." Allelujah waved to his friends as he walked away leaving Tieria with Setsuna who was still reading for a few moments before he placed his binder away.

"Setsuna F. Seiei please report to the office...Setsuna F. Seiei to the office" a female voice called on the intercom. Setsuna began to walk away through the crowds of people leaving Tieria by himself, Tieria had a spare to work on any homework if he needed to so he usually spent them in the library reading and working. Setsuna continued down the hallway almost bumping into several people until he entered through one of the side entrances and stepped inside seeing one of the secretaries working. This was Setsuna's second semester for his first year and he had already gotten used to everything in the school that would usually take a student a full 3 years to do. "Go down to Miss. Sumeragi's office" the older woman said pointing the way Setsuna needed to go in order to get to the right office. Setsuna walked down the hall seeing different offices for different members of the school administration, it was several seconds before he came to the last door which he had yet to have been sent to. Setsuna had always been on his best behaviour it was how he was raised by Neil, Setsuna was abandoned as a baby where an orphanage took him in for several years until Neil took him in as a little brother...well, a second little brother if you didn't count Lyle but before Neil had found Setsuna he had fallen victim to serious emotional damage from not knowing his real parents or having any friends at least until he met Tieria and Allelujah years later thanks to them being Neil's friends but it was too late so Setsuna always kept his same emotionless stare and robotic tone.

Setsuna finally reached the office where he knocked loudly for a moment before he heard a voice call out, "Come in" the familiar voice of the school councillor was the one that he heard. Setsuna opened the door and walked in to see the young long haired brunette woman sitting in her desk with her blue shirt slightly unbuttoned in her usual spinning chair looking over to Setsuna with her hands on her desk as she stared at Setsuna before he closed the door. "I'm glad that you're here Setsuna. I want you to meet a new student to our school" Miss. Sumeragi said gesturing toward Setsuna's left, Setsuna looked over his shoulder to see a young girl with long pink hair that went over her shoulders, her green eyes we half closed in a near bored expression which was close to Setsuna's usual emotionless stare. She was wearing a yellow shirt and a pair of short jeans, and had her white backpack slung over her left shoulder and wore a pair of blue running shoes. "Setsuna meet Feldt, she is my niece. Feldt will be starting in our school this semester; she is in your grade and has your same schedule so I expect you to help her with anything she needs."

Setsuna looked from the girl back to Miss. Sumeragi who had a big smile on her face; Setsuna had learned that when she had a smile like that she was usually planning something. Setsuna looked back to Feldt who approached him and held her hand out to him which Setsuna grasped onto and shook it slowly as he looked at her green eyes while she stared at his ember eyes, they stared at one another until they releases each other and left the office leaving Miss. Sumeragi to lean back in her chair and almost fall asleep before her phone rang to wake her up. Setsuna and Feldt left the office to the empty halls of the school and walked down with their footsteps echoing with every step, "Which class do we have?" Feldt asked looking to her right as they passed frames filled with photos of past graduates.

"We have social studies class to attend to. I doubt that we missed too much of the..." Setsuna stopped and glared ahead of him which made Feldt curious to look ahead and just tilted her head curiously as a girl with red hair approached them both.

"Hey Setsuna!" the girl called nearing the two and stopped to reach her arms to Setsuna who stepped back away from the girls reach. "Oh come now Setsuna that's rude" the girl pouted before she looked over to Feldt, "Who's the girl?" she asked looking at Feldt suspiciously.

"Feldt Grace" Feldt answered herself still with her same bored expression as the red head glared at her, "Is there an issue?" Feldt asked but the girl only turned and walked down a different direction but looked back over quickly to wink over to Setsuna who just ignored it. Feldt looked to Setsuna then back to the hallways the girl had taken, "Is she your girlfriend or something?" Feldt asked.

"Ex" Setsuna answered as he began to walk away, "It wasn't long anyway, 3 months tops" Setsuna added looking over his shoulder to Feldt who paid attention to every word that he spoke. "She began to be a real bother after a while, I tried to study for exams and she said she wanted to study with me but she would only spend the time trying to talk to me"

"Maybe she's just very social with people" Feldt suggested.

"Even if that's true I'm not one for long conversations" Setsuna said before they made a right turn to a group of doors, "Here we are" Setsuna said before opening the door and stepped inside the dark room with a projector playing, Feldt followed behind as Setsuna went to the back of the classroom where their teacher stood. The room was very dark to Feldt and all she could make out was that he was tall with hair which looked blonde and was very young...she had to admit that was looked kinda hot.

"Setsuna" the man whispered as the students watched the film which was about Wal-Mart, "Take your seat, you're late but Miss. Sumeragi told me a few minutes ago when I called looking for you that you were helping our new student" he man said looking to Feldt then back to Setsuna. "This late will be excused this once but anymore and I'll have to give you detention." Setsuna only nodded as he walked toward the front of his row to sit in his desk.

"I'm sorry to have caused an issue Mister...?" Feldt trailed off not knowing her first class teacher's name.

"Mister Aker but I prefer when people just call me Graham, when I hear people call me mister it makes me feel like an old man" Graham answered, "Take a seat anywhere in the class, it'll be your desk for the remainder of the semester." He said before he walked over to his own desk and sat down to watch the film. Feldt walked down the row unable to see the faces of anyone until she got to the end of a row and sat down setting her bag down next to her desk and slid it under the table and looked at the screen to watch the film, every so often she would sneak glances over to Setsuna who interested her, Setsuna was a one of a kind person that was damn sure.

11:50 AM Celestial High lunchroom

"C'mon go for it" Tieria teased Allelujah who seemed to have slid so low in his chair that he was almost under the table, "She's just over there in the line up for lunch, at least attempt to make conversation" Tieria sighed taking a bite of his tuna sandwich.

"Easy for you to say, you don't have a crush on her!" Allelujah shouted but slapped his hand over his mouth to look around but sighed with relief that no one heard him except for Tieria. "I want to talk to her sure but...when I look at her in the eyes my feet feel like mush and my hands feel numb and my head feels like it's going to explode." Allelujah sighed hanging his head down but slapped Tieria's hand which reached for his cookie, "My cookie!" Allelujah growled grabbing his lunch box and pulled it closer.

Tieria rubbed his sore hand glaring at Allelujah before he looked over once he saw Setsuna enter the lunch room with a strange girl with pink hair following him. "Who's his new friend?" Tieria asked pointing over which Allelujah looked but sighed. "Don't tell me it makes you feel depressed seeing Setsuna with a girl!"

Once Setsuna sat down he picked out his pizza sub and began to eat quietly with Feldt eating her own soup neither even noticing Tieria nor Allelujah staring at them at least for a few moments it seemed like they didn't. "What is it?" Setsuna finally asked glancing over to the purple haired boy.

"It's just odd to see you with a girl Setsuna...I'm Tieria Erde" Tieria introduced himself nodding his head to Feldt who nodded back to him before she looked to Allelujah.

"Setsuna told me about you" Feldt said to Allelujah who smiled, "He told me about how you're too scared to ask a girl on a date." Feldt added which shattered Allelujah's smile into a crying fit, he remained turned away. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to upset you" Feldt apologized poking his shoulders slowly while Allelujah kept his face hidden.

"It's alright, Setsuna is right though" Allelujah sighed looking up at the line at the silver haired girl that he was in love with sense his first year, her father was one of the physical education teachers and her brother was a member of the student council while she was one of the top players on the schools volleyball team. "That's it...I'm going in" Allelujah smiled standing up, "I'm going to be a real man today!"

"Mr. Man you have cookie crumbs on your face" Tieria sighed taking a sip from his juice, Allelujah froze for a moment before he wiped his hands all over his face several time then shook them clean then looked back to Tieria. "Yes, you're clear to go to bat to get struck out" what was sad about Tieria saying that was he wasn't kidding for a second.

Setsuna trailed his eyes over where Allelujah was walking to when Allelujah stopped and started to head back but stopped again to turn around to the line up and ended up doing so until he was right behind Marie who hadn't noticed Allelujah who was trying to think of what to say to her.

"Uh...so...what are you getting?" Allelujah tried asking but mentally slapped himself because of how stupid that sounded and hoped she didn't hear him so he could try something else however she looked over to him. Her long silver hair is one thing which always got his attention, and she wasn't one of the valley girl types either. Marie wore jeans and shirts like most girls but Marie also apparently had a thing for yellow due to her shirts mostly being yellow...at least the ones that she wore to school.

"Me? Well I was thinking about the chicken Salad and see what they had for soup and go one from there." she answered before she turned back around to step forward as the line moved. Allelujah stood silent for a while actually surprised that the girl he had had a crush on for so long actually was talking to him.
"Y-ya, I was thinking of maybe just a cup of French fries and that, I have myself a lunch already but I forgot to pack more." Allelujah laughed but it came out very awkward which got everyone in the line to look at him, Marie seemed slightly amused.

"Same with me but I forgot the whole thing" Marie laughed, Allelujah was relieved that he was really able to talk to her so well. He seemed calm but he had to force himself not to collapse from sheer excitement that Marie was talking to him.

"I was wondering if maybe you'd want to eat with me and my friends" Allelujah smiled, Marie just looked at him and turned away, "Or not..." Allelujah whispered.

"I would like to but I have to take my food with me, I have to eat it on my way to practice. I don't have any practice tomorrow so how about then?" she asked stepping up in the line.

"Sure, I'll tell my friends about that. It'll be good to have you around Marie." Allelujah smiled but froze, "Well what I mean is that it'll be nice to get to know you more...no wait!" Allelujah started to panic again, "Uh um, maybe we can talk later...I remembered that I saw something in a vending machine I could get." He said quickly before he started to speed off.

"What's your name?" Marie called over before he was out of hearing range.

Allelujah stopped and looked back smiling, "I'm Allelujah Haptism" Allelujah answered waving back to her before he went back to the table but instead of sitting he collapsed onto the floor next to Tieria. "I did it...I talked to her and she's going to eat with us tomorrow" Allelujah sighed happily still on the floor. Setsuna and Feldt looked down to him then looked back to their own food.

"At least you managed to speak to her." Tieria said as Allelujah pulled himself back into his chair, "Most other cases such as with middle school you were scared of being too close to her...you were worried of scaring her away wasn't it?" Tieria asked Allelujah who packed up his lunch and looked serious.

"I've lost my appetite; I'll see you in Science class Tieria." Allelujah responded before he walked off leaving Setsuna and Feldt and Tieria to their lunches.

"At least it is a quiet lunch." Setsuna said shrugging but his timing couldn't be worse because at that very second a pair of arms wrapped around his body and he felt a warm body against his back.

"Hey Setsuna!" Nena's voice called right next to him, Setsuna glared slightly looking over his shoulder to her before he tried pushing her away but she wouldn't budge. "I was wondering if you would come with me for a walk before we have to go back to class...we can go back to my place you know." Nena whispered in his ear, this time Setsuna broke her arms free and stood up to look at her in the eyes.

"Nena Trinity please just drop it, it ended months ago. Find someone more your age. In fact I couldn't care less about being in a relationship with anyone." Setsuna responded before he took off out of the cafeteria. Once he was gone Nena flashed a glare at Feldt before she stormed out looking quite angry.

"Why did she look angry at me?" Feldt asked Tieria who only shrugged, "Does she think that I'm a threat of some sort?" she asked.

"Nena Trinity is very...strange, she can be overprotective over things she likes such as Setsuna so it would be normal for her to feel threatened seeing him befriending a female such as yourself." Tieria explained but Feldt looked at him curiously due to his speaking manor, it seemed so robotic. "She is a little normal compared to her brothers; they're both seniors like me and Allelujah. Nena is in the same grade as Setsuna unfortunately."

"Sounds like it is, I don't mean to sound rude but I really don't like her." Feldt said still with her quiet voice she was surprised as Tieria patted her back.

"It's alright, barely anyone likes her she has no friends. Even if she did they would just be tools to her anyway." Tieria explained after removing his hand from Feldt, "Nena has always been known to use people for her own enjoyment and even just to make their lives miserable." Tieria said continuing with his food while Feldt thought about what she was just told.

1:30 PM Art Class

Feldt hummed to herself quietly as she worked on her sketchbook assignment, Setsuna was seated next to her with them both in the back of the class. "What should I try drawing next Setsuna?" Feldt asked looking to the dark haired boy who was doing his own drawing, "It has to do with perspectives." Feldt added looking at her prior sketch of a bird's eye view of a football stadium.

"Try drawing a perspective for door." Setsuna suggested as he switched over to a blue pencil crayon and began to color in his picture.

Feldt looked over and could see it looked like some sort of robot; it had a type of laser sword and shield on its right arm. "Is that a transformer?" Feldt asked.

"Gundam." Setsuna responded moving to a teal for the eyes of the highly detailed picture, "It's a picture of a Gundam, it's the one I designed for Gundam Online battles." (1.)

Feldt nodded even if she had no idea what in the world Setsuna was talking about, "Alright that's cool I guess." She sighed looking around the room seeing all the other students at work or chatting with the person working next to them, Feldt's eyes went around until she saw a boy and girl student both talking and laughing, she saw them both drawing together on the same sheet of paper as well. Feldt glanced over to Setsuna before she looked at one of her blank sheets of paper. "In fact I couldn't care less about being in a relationship with anyone." Setsuna's voice echoed in her mind changing her old bored expression to looking just sad.

"You alright?" Feldt heard Setsuna ask her, she glanced over to him seeing he had his full attention drawn from his work to her, "You seem like you're distracted by something." Setsuna guessed but Feldt looked away back at her paper and started to draw trying to ignore Setsuna who just gave up as well after a few moments.

3:15PM After school

Setsuna had begun walking down the sidewalk from his school listening to his iPod, if anyone were to pass Setsuna they would only hear loud Japanese rock music playing. UVERworld was Setsuna's favourite band and he would always end up going through a new pair of headsets each month because of how he would always be blasting the headsets at full volume. He took a turn down toward the home where he and Neil lived in; he hadn't taken five steps until he stopped to pause his music to hear a pair of feet shuffle behind him. Setsuna sighed deeply, "Nena if you don't leave now I will have to get a restraining order on you." Setsuna warned.

"You dislike her that much?" Feldt's voice answered instead of Nena's. Setsuna turned around half surprised to see Feldt standing with her school bag. "Sorry that I followed you Setsuna." Feldt said looking pretty down but looked back up to see Setsuna just staring at her. "If you want to know why I followed you it's because I want to try to get to know you more."

"Shouldn't you get home to your parents?" Setsuna asked. He did however feel guilty after a frightened expression appeared on Feldt's face, a face which looked like if you were to live through your worst nightmare a million times. "They're dead aren't they?" Setsuna asked Feldt who closed her watery eyes and nodded slowly. "I see..." Setsuna said looking at her for a few moments until he approached Feldt and placed his hand on her shoulder.

Feldt opened her eyes and lifted her head to stare at the boy equal in height, "I'm sorry Setsuna I should know that you don't want to hear it."

"You don't need to say you're sorry for something that isn't your fault." Setsuna said brushing her hair to the side out of her eyes before he wiped her tears away as well with the same hand, "Come on, I made you cry so I should at least apologize by letting you come by my place." Setsuna said still with no emotion but to Feldt it seemed like he were smiling to her even if he wasn't. Both teens walked down the sidewalk taking a right turn then a left and then another left before they came to one last right to a house that seemed pretty small. It had a front window which you couldn't see through due to the blinds blocking any view of the inside. Feldt and Setsuna stopped by the front door; Feldt took the side to look above them to see a light bulb hung over them. The place they stood would make a good shelter from the rain or wind and snow, Feldt looked curiously at the front door; the door had the left half painted green while the right half was blue.

"Here it is." Setsuna said to himself taking the correct key off the ring and plugged it into the lock before a loud click came from the door, Setsuna stepped inside and walked to the side to let Feldt inside before he closed the door and locked it behind her. "Neil!" Setsuna called out looking around before he turned on a light. "Go ahead and take seat in the living room, I'll be right back." Setsuna said to Feldt before he took off down the hallway. It was odd that the home looked small on the outside but on the inside it was huge. Feldt turned and entered the room which Setsuna spoke of and sat down on a nearby couch keeping her school bag close as she looked around, her cell phone buzzed in her pocket and she reached in to get it out and read over the text she had gotten.

"I am over at a friend's house. I will call you when I'm leaving." Feldt texted to the person registered as 'Christina'. Like how Neil was almost like Setsuna's older Brother Christina was like an older sister to Feldt. "Intruder detected, intruder detected!" a small voice called to Feldt's right. She turned and was surprised when a large orange ball rolled over near her feet and stopped, it was perfectly rounded and small purple eyes as well as small flaps on its head that opened and closed every few seconds which almost seemed like ears for the small robot. "Intruder detected, intruder detected! Activating defense protocol, activating defense protocol!" the small robot said still repeating itself.

"What does that mean?" Feldt asked out loud before a small spray of water hit her face, she backed away from the robot which had sprayed her from a small hole where what looked like a mouth line was. "What was that for? I'm not an intruder; Setsuna let me inside." Feldt said to the robot which just spun around once before it tilted to the side.

"I won't accept that, I won't accept that!" the robot responded spinning once more, Feldt sighed taking a seat on another chair but the robot hopped toward her, this little guy was determined to get her to leave the house. "Lockon, Lockon!" the small robot called out.

Feldt had no idea what to do, was that it warning her of something else it was going to shoot her with unless she left or was it calling to others...spooky thought. "Hey what's going on here!" a voice asked from behind Feldt who jumped up startled and turned to see a tall man with brown hair, he wore a brown vest with white cotton on its inside. He wore a green T-shirt underneath and wore a pair of blue jeans a pair of dark gloves covered his hands. "Haro this isn't an intruder, she is a guest so calm down." The man called to the small orange robot which stopped talking and its eyes flashed once before it rolled toward the man and jumped toward him. The young man caught the robot quickly, "You're Feldt I assume?" the young man asked.

"Yes I am." She answered holding her hand out, they man shook her hand smiling, "That robot, was it calling you Lockon?" Feldt asked.

"Lockon, Lockon!" the robot said loudly in the man's hand who laughed at the robots actions, "Haro, Haro!" the robot then said opening it flaps and closing them.

"Well my little friend Haro here calls me Lockon...long story short is that it's a nickname I have but my real name is Neil." He answered taking his hand back to pat Haro on the head.

"Is he a pet or something?" Feldt now asked but looked beside Neil to see Setsuna appeared out of thin air, he stood with his scarf gone but still with the same dress shirt as before. "Are you both brothers?" Feldt asked.

Neil looked at her curiously, "No, don't you remember that? Then again its been years sense me and Setsuna saw you and Christina I suppose." Neil shrugged letting Haro drop onto the carpet and roll away down the hardwood floored hallway which Setsuna stepped out of his way for.

"You know me and Christina?" Feldt asked surprised, "I don't recognize you or Setsuna."

"To be fair you shouldn't remember because it was just once and you were both maybe 4 or 5 when you met, me and Chris were a little younger than you both when we had you both meet. I was going to take Setsuna to the beach and Christina was doing the same with you while your parents were out of..." Neil trailed off for a moment, "Oh right, sorry Feldt." Neil said looking pretty depressed now.

"Neil told me that we went to the beach and met you both there because you were leaving town for a few years and he and Christina wanted to have another day to talk face to face before that occurred." Setsuna said as Neil looked at him and nodded along with what he said.

"That's right, I have photos but I forgot where I put them. Maybe I can clean the attic tonight with Setsuna's help and we can find them." Neil suggested looking to Setsuna who nodded back to him. Neil frowned seeing Feldt still staring at the floor, after a moment Neil put his hand on Feldt's head and pated it gently, "it's alright Feldt, they're fine in heaven. Just think of it this way. Live your life the way that they would want you to..." Feldt glanced up at Neil, "...happily." Neil added with a cheesy grin but Feldt smiled back.

"Thanks Neil." Feldt responded looking to Setsuna who turned and walked away down the hallway to his room and closed the door, it was few moments before they heard loud music and sounds of a video game coming from the room. Neil walked over and knocked loudly against it, it took a moment but the sound got quieter.

"Sorry about him Feldt, he has been playing this Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 game for a while now and he's gotten kind of obsessed over it." Neil sighed stepping into the kitchen and laughed seeing Haro spinning around on the counter opening and closing its flaps. "Hey Feldt you want to give Christina a call and see if you want to say for dinner, I'm making hamburger salads and broccoli caesural." Neil called to the other room as he started to get pans and bowls out, "Me and Setsuna always end up getting leftovers so feel free to stay for a while and maybe watch TV or-" Neil stopped for a second to peak out into the hallway a Setsuna's door, "-Maybe see if Setsuna wants to do something with you!" Neil yelled trying to get Setsuna to listen but he only sighed doubting that it worked.

"I'd love to just give me a moment." Feldt answered stepping outside with her cell phone in hand.

Neil looked over to Haro who was still spinning, "Funny to see Setsuna actually being friends with a girl isn't it?" Neil asked Haro who only flashed his eyes before jumping off the counter and rolled out the cat door on the backdoor.

1. Yes I had that game in "Gundam Seed Romance" and it has come again!

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