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3:00 PM Celestial High

Setsuna emptied out his locker as everyone else around him was doing the same. Setsuna glanced side to side every so often to see Tieria and Feldt were cleaning their things out. Tieria was helping take Allelujah's things out so that he wouldn't have to go back in the school when he and the rest of the camping class were back later in the afternoon. "Congratulations on graduating." Setsuna said shoving some old papers into his bag while Tieria had his own backpack and an extra for Allelujah's stuff, "I heard you already have a college in mind." Setsuna said as Tieria nodded.

"Advanced technology." Tieria answered, "I'm going to see if I can get a job working with computers." He added. Setsuna remembered that whenever someone in the group would have trouble with a computer or anything else that's electronic Tieria could fix it. Allelujah's computer was even custom built by Tieria, Allelujah got the money for Tieria and Tieria got the parts then put the computer together in one afternoon. Tieria tapped Setsuna gently on the head, "We're still leaving town for the summer aren't we?" Tieria asked Setsuna who stood silent but nodded, "Having second thoughts about it?"

Setsuna looked over and saw Feldt was busy with cleaning her locker and couldn't hear them, "I've had second thoughts for a while now but I know that Neil wants me to come along." He sighed leaning against his locker, "I could stay at your place, and Allelujah is staying here so I can stay with him."

"That's not up to me. Regene also lives there, she has no problem with you directly but she has been looking forward to being able to have more space to herself." Tieria responded, "Ask her if you want then check with Neil." Tieria said.

"Ask Neil what?" Feldt asked walking over with her bag over her shoulder.

"Nothing." Setsuna answered quickly, "I'll see you later Feldt. I'm going to take my things home."

"I'll go do the same then." Feldt said turning and walking the other way while Tieria looked back and forth from the two.

Hiling was walking down the hall from cleaning her own locker out when she noticed Feldt and walked after her. "Hey Feldt!" Hiling smiled as Feldt returned with her own smile. "I'm surprised that you and Setsuna wanted me to hang out with you." Hiling laughed scratching the back of her head.

"You're our friend so it makes sense." Feldt responded as both girls continued back to Feldt and Chris' apartment.

3:20 PM Feldt and Chris' apartment

Feldt sighed dropping her bag onto the ground with a loud thud before she fell back onto the couch to catch her breath. "That bag weighs as much as me." She sighed leaning her head back to stare at the ceiling. Hiling sat down next to Feldt looking around when Feldt remembered that Hiling had never been to her place before. "That's right!" Feldt said surprised jumping up and looked to Hiling, "I should show you around, that was so rude of me!"

Hiling shrugged, "You're tired so I didn't want to bother you." She said standing up.

"So this is of course the living room." Feldt said looking around from the couch to the second couch then toward the TV hanging on the wall, she walked by the coffee table toward to hallway. "Down at the end is the bathroom, on the right side of the hall is my room and the left is Chris' room." She said backing up almost bumping into Hiling, "right next to the front door is the kitchen." She finished just as the heard a loud knock.

"It's Setsuna." Setsuna called from the other side. Feldt opened the door halfway to look out to see Setsuna had his back to the door. Setsuna took a second to look over his shoulder to look back at Feldt. "Hey." Setsuna greeted moving aside so that Feldt could open the door all the way so that he could enter.

"Hi Setsuna!" Hiling greeted appearing behind Feldt. Setsuna stared back at Hiling and tried to smirk but Feldt and Hiling just stared at Setsuna seeing how awkward it looked. "Uh. Don't worry about it Setsuna, don't force yourself." Hiling said partially laughing. Setsuna regained his blank expression and then passed the girls to sit down at the couch and stare out the window.

"Feldt, there' something I need to tell you." Setsuna said leaning back, Feldt sat down next to him while Hiling stayed by the kitchen watching them. "Neil, Tieria and I are leaving for a couple months." Setsuna said glancing to his right at Feldt, "I'll be gone all summer."

"Okay." Feldt said nodding and waited for Setsuna to continue but he remained silent, "That's all?" she asked.

"Yes. I thought you'd be a little upset about it." Setsuna said sitting upright.

"If you're going to do something then I can't stop you. You, Tieria and Neil should go; I'll be fine here with everyone else." Feldt said but Setsuna kept staring at her, "You do want to spend time with them don't you?"

"Yes of course. I'm just going to miss you." Setsuna said staring at the floor then looked back over his shoulder, "You too Hiling." He added.

"No complaints over here!" Hiling called waving back to Setsuna.

3:30 PM Celestial High

Allelujah and Marie both exited the bus with the rest of the class. "It's good to be back." Allelujah sighed setting his bags down and sat down letting his legs stretch out, "Now to head home."

"What about your things?" Marie asked, "Tomorrow they'll be going through peoples lockers and throwing away what's left."

"I know that. Tieria said he'd take all my things home for me. He's a good friend that way." Allelujah responded standing back up, "I was going to go to the arcade first. Would you want to come along?" Allelujah asked. Marie stood thinking and glanced over to Sergei who had gotten off the bus.

"I'll check with my dad first." She said backing up, "I'll be right back." She said turning and jogged away to ask Sergei.

Allelujah yawned and lay on the ground staring at the sky then a pair of red eyes appeared over his head. Allelujah jumped in surprise but sighed seeing Fon laughing over him startling Allelujah like that, "You really are that much of a puss?" Fon asked, "You had balls a few days ago with Marie when she started acting tough." He commented but Allelujah lay back down ignoring him, "Pi-polar or something?" he asked but grunted as Ali wrapped his hand around Fon's neck.

"Let's go kid. Leave the other students alone." Ali warned Fon looking sternly at him, "Allelujah here has my respect. You've got a long way to go." Ali said pushing Fon toward the front doors of the school and followed after him.

Allelujah stared after Ali surprised, "Mr. Saachez respects me?" Allelujah thought.

Marie stopped next to Allelujah looking down at him, "Are you okay?" she asked seeing Allelujah spacing out.

"Yes. I'm good." Allelujah answered standing back up, "Did your dad say it was all right for you to go?"

"He did. He'll be here for a couple more hours." She answered turning around and started walking off slinging her bag over her shoulder as Allelujah did the same.

3:50 PM Arcade

Allelujah and Marie both entered and stopped to look around not seeing Patrick anywhere, "Hey Pat, you have some customers waiting!" Allelujah called. A moment later a loud crash sound came from the upper floor, Marie jumped in surprise as several tools came falling down the stairs several feet from them followed by Patrick running after them. "What were you doing up there?" Allelujah asked dropping his bag to help Patrick pick up the tools.

"Just some repairs upstairs. Tieria was coming by later tonight to help me pull an all nighter with the special cockpits." He answered.

"You mean the ones customized for me, Tieria, and Setsuna?" Allelujah asked as Patrick nodded, "How close to being done?"

"About close to seventy percent done." Patrick answered, "They should be ready for the tournament next year." Patrick said tossing a wrench onto the table with the others, "Tieria and I have even set up Neil with his own."

"Neil quit playing though." Allelujah said poking at Patrick but Patrick pushed his hand away.

"I know that. Maybe just for the tournament we could get good old Lockon Stratos back." Patrick chuckled, "He was top in the country for 7 years."

"Yeah. I remember." Allelujah said zoning out thinking about when he first saw Neil playing that game with Dynames which is what made him want to play it as well." "We don't know if Neil still knows how to play."

"Are you joking? We're talking about the guy who has memorized that I owe him $712.12 over the last five years. He doesn't forget details like that so piloting his Gundam should be no problem. Now that I think about it, I do need to see Neil about something." Patrick said jumping up and tossed Allelujah a set of keys, "If I'm not back before you're both done here lock up for me." Patrick said holding up his spare keys.

"What about other customers?" Allelujah asked then the door beeped as someone entered and all three looked to see Regene enter. Allelujah was still unnerved seeing Regene had gotten rid of her glasses for contact lenses and was growing her hair out but was currently wearing extensions until then. In short, Regene actually looked like a girl.

"What's with the looks?" Regene asked raising an eyebrow.

"You're Tieria's sister right?" Patrick asked running over, "I need a favour from you."

"Get the hell away from me you weirdo." Regene answered coldly glaring at Patrick.

"Not that kind of thing Regene. Patrick is flirtatious but he's not a pervert." Allelujah called over, "Patrick just wants you to watch the arcade for him while me and Marie are using the cockpits."

"I could." Regene answered shrugging then put her hand against Patrick's forehead, "On one condition."

"Condition? What would that condition be?" Patrick asked with a sigh.

"You give me a job here." She answered which surprised everyone in the group.

"You want to work here?" Allelujah and Patrick both asked at once.

"Sure why not? Is there a rule against women working here?" she asked but everyone remained silent, "Sounds good. I'll start today, take your time with whatever you need to do and I'll keep an eye on things." Regene said snatching the keys from Allelujah.

"Deal." Patrick said holding his hand out.

"Also, no uniforms." Regene added.

"Deal..." Patrick sighed still holding his hand out.

"I can't work on Friday or Saturday nights."

"Fine. Deal."

"I can play whatever games for free."

"That comes with the job anyway."

"And! overtime-"

"Shake the damn hand!" Patrick shouted getting annoyed by Regene but smirked as she lazily shook his hand before she walked over to the side counter and sat down before putting her feet up and dropped her bag next to her chair then pulled a book out to read. "What were you doing here anyway?" Patrick asked seeing that Regene showing up was odd.

"I was just wandering around and saw Allelujah and Marie so I wanted to come by and say hi." She responded then glanced from her book to Allelujah and Marie, "hi." She said then looked back to her book.

"Sounds fine. I'll be back!" Patrick called running out the front door.

A couple minutes passed and Regene was still reading her book while glancing to the front door every couple of minutes to watch for any customers while Allelujah and Marie got changed into pilot suits. Allelujah exited first fixing his orange flight suit that was in his private locker, "This thing really seems to be getting tighter." He said trying to loosing the collar, "I'll have to get a new one soon." He thought walking over to the cockpits and sat down with his helmet.

Marie exited the woman's changing room finding a flight suit that fit her and was trying to tuck her hair into her helmet so it wouldn't get in her eyes during the game. Marie jumped into her machine and like Allelujah was she was signing into her profile and accessing data to her machine. The models of mobile suits were only needed if it was a new machine or if you had added more parts or new parts to update the data. "The Tierien seems fine." She thought as her expression changed to being more serious, "Time to show him that it's all about the pilot."

In Allelujah's cockpit Allelujah selected Kyrios of course while giving it an extra attachment of rocket launchers that were saved on his profile, "This will be good to have a match against Marie."

"It's Soma now." Allelujah heard a voice like his but more hostile.

"How do you know that?" Allelujah thought looking at the loading screen and could see his faint reflection in front of him.

"It's easy to figure out if you thought about it. Could you see Marie playing something like this? She looks to be more into Wii sports or games that don't involve too much action. Soma is going to be fighting and I don't want you to lose to her!" Allelujah grunted feeling a headache but it didn't take long for Hallelujah to take over, "Now let's show her how a Gundam meister does things here!" Hallelujah grinned as the screen read as Match ready.

4:10 PM Celestial High

"All and all the students were fine." Sergei said in the teachers' lounge standing around the water cooler with Ali, Neil, and Graham, "Ali here kept them in line."

"That is part of why I was there. Those kids are intimidated by me after all. I would prefer to give a more entertaining teaching experience but half of these kids are little smartasses that don't give a damn about their marks, so I have to scare them." He shrugged, "When I was their age I was the same outside of class because I knew how important education is but now kids have these video games and crap." He sighed taking a sip of his water.

"Video games aren't the problem." Graham said waving over, "It's just the kids who can't stop thinking about that game. Students like Tieria and Allelujah are like you described yourself when you were younger, others just make stupid choices."

"I just wish Setsuna was able to pay attention easier." Neil sighed, "Gundam is all that's on his mind."

"Ha!" Ali yelled barked everyone's attention, "Don't sell that kid short, he may be into that thing but he still does fine in class. Isn't that right Graham?" Ali asked while Graham nodded.

"I do have to remind Setsuna to get back to work more often then other students but when he is working is assignments are nothing short of amazing His scores aren't perfect but he's got one of the highest marks in the class."

"Who has the highest?" Neil asked taking a sip of his own water.

"Feldt Grace." He answered but saw Neil almost choke on his water, "It's odd too, a few months ago she was struggling and was starting to fail her assignments."

Neil took a moment to catch his breath, "Tieria really must have been good at his tutoring." Neil laughed.

"I should be going; I need to make sure my house is still fine." Sergei said throwing his empty cup into the nearby sink, "Andrei has been home alone for a while so I'm not too worried but still worried enough." He said walking away as everyone else waved him off.

The door clicked and everyone left glanced to see Kati walk in with her own binder of papers and passed them, "Good afternoon." She said as she went to one of the tables to drop off her work.

"Hey Kati, are those final exams? I thought that you would be done by now." Neil said glancing over but jumped hearing a loud crash outside the teachers' lounge. Him, Ali and Graham glanced to the door to see Patrick fall through the open door. "What the hell Patrick?" Neil said walking over as Patrick jumped back up.

"I made it!" he shouted fist pumping the air but froze seeing everyone in the room staring at him, "Oh hi." Patrick glanced around as Neil sighed in irritation. "Sorry about that but I needed to see you about your travel plans, if you need me to keep an eye on your house." Patrick explained standing up.

"Who is this dolt?" Kati asked standing up staring sternly at Patrick, "As far as I know you're not a member of the school's staff nor are from the board of education."

"My name's Patrick." Patrick responded, "Like Neil said before." He said grinning.

"You know what I meant!" Kati said raising her voice startling Patrick, "If you want to talk to Neil I would suggest you both do it outside of the office." She said turning around the grab her papers and move elsewhere.

"Do I know you?" Patrick asked putting his hand on his chin thinking. Everyone stopped what they were doing and stared at Patrick waiting for him to finish, "...Oh god I do!" Patrick shouted pointing at Kati, "Kati Mannequin! I remember you from high school!" he said excited but Kati stood puzzled.

"How old are you sir?" she asked getting more than annoyed, "Because I doubt that is the case."

"28." Patrick answered laughing, "But I do know this because you were a student teacher at the time."

Kati stared surprised, "Maybe we have met." She sighed shaking her head, "Which course do you remember me from?" she asked.

"English class." Patrick answered.

"That is what you teach." Neil cut in, "I think that Patrick may be right, he never forgets a face."

"Especially a really pretty one!" Patrick replied but yelped as Kati walked over his foot.

"I should go back to my own classroom to get this done, and be away from this man." She said before she was out the door.

"So Patrick, thanks for the concern but my little sister will be in town so she'll have it covered." Neil said to Patrick but Patrick gave no reply as he stared at the door, "Patrick? Are you okay?"

"Looks like he has a bad case of idiot." Ali sighed walking away grabbing his own papers off the table.

"I think I'm in love!" Patrick shouted while Neil tilted his head to the side baffled.

4:15 PM Arcade

Kyrios fired several beam rounds after Soma's Tierien which swerved side to side firing its own live rounds while Kyrios raised its own shield to block in return. Kyrios dodged to the right as the pair entered a canyon landscape for the battle, Kyrios shifted into its fighter mode trying to fit into the smaller ridges. The Tierien came to a halt at the entrance to two separate paths, the mobile suit turned its head halfway behind while its mooneye twisted to look back where it came from. Soma moved the Tierien's attention back forward but glanced from her left and right deciding to ether go one direction or wait for Hallelujah to make his move. "After his last maneuver he should come from this way." She said calmly turning to her right and aimed down the canyon knowing that it had to come around back her way, "Unless both paths up ahead converge, if that's the case he'll go this way." She thought turning her rifle down the left side but glanced to her right ever couple of seconds. Soma glanced to the radar and sighed in irritation seeing the radar was blurred due to Kyrios' GN drive. Soma glanced up in time to see Kyrios approaching her right, time almost seemed to halt as she saw Kyrios was already transformed and had its beam saber half activated fully. The Tierien used its thrusters in the front to force it backward then kicked its feet forward to fall toward its back while Kyrios swung its saber, the blade almost grazed the machine's shoulder but Soma managed to move her rifle upward as Kyrios passed and fired a round into it. Kyrios was knocked upward and quickly moved its left arm to cover its damaged chest. Soma used the thrust of the Tierien to get back onto its feet and looked back seeing Kyrios using the rifle in its right hand once more to fire at her.

"You got lucky!" Hallelujah shouted as several of the rounds hit and melted through the Tierien's right arm. Hallelujah was surprised to see the Tierien's right arm detach from the shoulders and used its thrust to go upward to evade the rest of the fired rounds. Hallelujah moved the beam rifle to fire at Soma but one of the rounds from the Tierien hit the rifle directly knocking it out of Kyrios' hands. "Damn!" Hallelujah growled squinting slightly as Soma's mobile suit was in the path of the sun messing with Hallelujah's sight. Kyrios passed its beam saber from its left hand to its right and shifted the shield on the left arm into its claw mode. Once Soma's Tierien was closer Hallelujah could make out its own blade weapon was drawn while it was charging him. "Gotcha!" Hallelujah shouted swinging the beam saber as he pulled the left arm back while the claw's metal spear extended.

Soma caught something to her left at the same moment as Hallelujah, a red beam fired into Kyrios knocking it downward causing it and the Tierien to miss each other. "What was that?" she asked looking that direction as her machine was losing air level and begun falling toward the ground.

"I've never seen a red beam like that." Hallelujah replied using a comm. with Soma. Soma's Tierien landed on the ground close to Kyrios. Kyrios picked up its beam rifle which it had landed near, "get ready." He said while the claw folded back into a shield.

"The radar isn't picking anything up." Soma responded looking over the controls then had her Tierien do a quick look around, "I can't see anything from where those shots fired from."

"We should be able to find them...unless..." Hallelujah trailed off before he noticed a shimmer and used Kyrios to strike the Tierien into getting knocked back just as another red beam struck nearby but caught Kyrios' left arm was melted off.

"Thanks for the save." Soma replied as her Tierien's rifle aimed toward the source and she stopped seeing the attacker on the canyon wall looking down at them, "I haven't seen that mobile suit before." She said seeing the red eyes looking down at them. The machine had a dark brown color and a thick pair of legs and thin arms, the right shoulder had a large cannon attached to it. The head had its red eyes rest under the large single horn sprouting from its head. "Is it new?"

"Hell ya it is." Hallelujah chuckled aiming his rifle at it; the dark mobile suit raised its own rifle in its right hand. "It's a god damn Gundam." Hallelujah grinned seeing the red particles exiting its back.

"Very true." The voice of the pilot responded, "A Gundam that makes your machine seem like an Acguy by comparison."

"Take that back!" Hallelujah shouted firing to the other Gundam as Soma's Tierien also fired, after they both fired toward the cliff they couldn't make anything out seeing all the dust from the flying debris. After the dust cleared Hallelujah cursed under his breath seeing the Gundam was gone, "That bastard got lucky." He sighed. Both Kyrios and the Tierien stood motionless for a few moments until they leaped away from another looking back to fire at each other.

"You're going down!" Soma shouted as her Tierien kicked off of a wall toward Kyrios and drew its blade out again.

Hallelujah flipped Kyrios around and transformed it propelling it towards the Tierien, "I'm going to Zeta your ass!" Hallelujah shouted as the two machines were close to impact...

5:00 PM Feldt and Chris' apartment

"Is there something wrong?" Setsuna asked while Feldt and Hiling sat smiling, "You've been acting like this since I woke up..." he said staring at them confused. Feldt shrugged while Hiling looked away pretending not to hear him. "I'll be right back." He sighed getting off the couch to go to the bathroom. Once Setsuna was gone both girls tried to contain their laughter.

The door clicked as Chris pushed the door open with her foot; "I'm here!" she called walking in with paper bags filled with food, "Got dinner here." She said as Lichty walked in behind her with another bag and used his free hand to close the door. "Where's Setsuna?" Chris asked setting the bags down.

"Using the bathroom." Feldt responded holding back her laughter.

Everyone turned to see Setsuna walk back in and saw the annoyed expression on his face. Lichty dropped the bags to slap his hands over his mouth almost bursting into laughter but his eyes continued to water as Chris turned away chuckling. Setsuna sighed taking the wet towel and continued trying to wipe off the black marker mustache on his upper lip. "This marker had not be permanent." Setsuna sighed.

"Funny story about that." Hiling said, Setsuna froze and slowly turned toward her with a grave expression which startled her, "I-I'm joking I swear that it'll come off by morning!" she said feeling nervous about Setsuna getting closer but sighed as he passed her to sit at the kitchen table.

"I smell food." Setsuna commented pointing to the bags Lichty dropped.

"Ah. Yes." Lichty responded getting the bags off the floor and onto the table and started looking through it. "All of it is here." He said taking wrapped burgers and packaged fries out while Chris got plastic cups and tossed them onto the table landing perfectly. Hiling and Feldt sat down on either side of Setsuna while he continued wiping.

"This had better come off." He muttered scrubbing harder.

"How did they get you?" Lichty asked setting plates around for everyone.

"They got my while I was asleep." Setsuna answered then tossed his towel aside, "I'll get it off later tonight." He sighed in defeat.

"It was Feldt's idea." Hiling said pointing to Feldt.

Feldt pushing her finger away, "You said we'd both take the blame."

"I say a lot of things." Hiling shrugged while Feldt laughed.

Setsuna glanced to Feldt seeing her laughing and smirked without anyone noticing.

1 Hour ago

"Carefully..." Hiling whispered grabbing a black marker off the shelf while watched the living room and saw Setsuna laying down seeming to be asleep. "I got it!" she cheered but Feldt turned and put her hand over Hiling's mouth.

"Hush. If he wakes up it'll be ruined." She whispered.

Setsuna slowly woke up and from the room Setsuna looked over his shoulder and saw the marker, he knew right away what was going on but moved back to his position and continued to pretend to sleep.

Present time

"Setsuna?" Feldt asked seeing his staring into space, "You feeling alright?" she asked.

Setsuna regained his posture looking around seeing Chris, Lichty and Hiling were too busy talking and eating their food to notice them. "I am. I was just thinking." He responded taking his burger from the bag and took it out of the package and took a bite.

6: 30 PM The Smirnov home

Allelujah stopped at the front gate while Marie stood next to him looking at her home. He yard had lush green grass, a stone pathway from the steel gate to the front door, the walls of the home were white and below the windows on the first floor were bushes. "Sorry if I kept you for too long." Allelujah said nervously, "I guess it was Hallelujah."

Marie giggled making Allelujah blush, "And technically you were keeping Soma, I was just around for the ride." She said opening the gate and walked through closing it. The gate was only 5 feet tall so Marie could still talk to Allelujah clearly as she turned back to face him, "Maybe we can hang out again for real sometime." She said, "I wouldn't mind going to the amusement park again sometime. It'll be my treat though."

"I'd like that, Marie." Allelujah responded. Allelujah tensed up as Marie leaned in and kissed him softly on his cheek. Allelujah stood stunned incapable of moving and could feel his hands and feet go numb while the rest of his body went off like a flare.

Marie pulled back and smiled seeing Allelujah's blush, "You feel okay?" she asked. Allelujah nodded quickly but still stayed silent, "I'll talk to you later then?" Marie asked while Allelujah nodded again, "Alright. I'll see you later." She said waving to him and turned back to her home and walked to it. Allelujah stayed as he watched Marie walk in, one final time she waved to him which he was able to return with his own wave then she closed the front door.

"I'm in love..." Allelujah sighed with relief as he started walking away to go home feeling his heart racing.

Marie still stood at her door blushing over the fact she kissed Allelujah, "That felt so right." She giggled to herself trying to hold her excitement.

"You're finally back." A voice startled Marie; she looked over and saw Andrei walk in still in his suit that he wore for sport tournaments. "I was concerned that you ran off...oh right, concerned and hoped are different things, I keep forgetting." He said sarcastically as Marie frowned as Andrei tried again to put her down. "You seemed so happy a few moments ago, what was that about?"

"Nothing." She responded walking to the stairs to her room, "I'm going to bed."

"Sounds fine. If you want food there's leftover food in the freezer."

Marie stopped and looked back, "Dad said to put leftovers in the freezer." She called while Andrei walked off. Marie ran back down the stairs and went into the kitchen to open the freezer and sighed as she pulled her frozen plate of food out. "So much for leftover casserole." She sighed walking over to the trash and tried prying it from the ice cold plate.

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