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One year later…

Paul opened an eye when he felt small little kisses on his thigh. He pulled up the duvet and found his beautiful mate with a smile on her face.

"Morning sleepyhead." She whispered. He took her arms and slid her on his body. She shivered and so did he.

The kiss that followed lasted not enough for him but his babe had other ideas. "Come on, out of the bed. Today Sam and Emily are getting married."

He grunted and pulled her up to him again. "I'm sure we won't be missed if we get there late little swan."

She huffed. "Paul! We haven't got time for that, beside you're the best man and I'm the maid of honor. Do you really think they won't notice if we aren't there?"

He smirked. "Half an hour babe."

"Nope, I promise I'll make it up to you when we come back tonight." She whispered seductively.

He growled. "Okay, twenty minutes and you can make it up to me tonight."

She laughed. "Nu-uh."

"Ten minutes." He whispered while trailing kisses down her neck.

She sighed. "The clock is ticking."

Paul didn't waste any time, he pulled up her nightgown just to find that she didn't have any panties. "What?"

Bella laughed. "I knew you would convince me so I was ready for you."

"You know me so well little swan." He whispered and then he slowly placed Bella on top of him. They both moaned. "And I love the way you make love to me."

Paul thought back on the first night she stayed, the uncertainty on both parts. He had loved the way she had trusted him with her body. Never in his life had he felt more loved and accepted it had been the beginning of a new life for him.

Bella placed a trail of kisses from his neck to his abs and he was jolted out of his memory. "You were far away, what were you thinking about?"

"Our first time together." He said smiling softly and caressing her beautiful soft back. "Are you happy babe?"

"Yes, why?" She asked suspiciously.

He entwined one of his hands in her hair and pulled her to him, the kiss that followed was slow and deep. "I was wondering…"

Bella was looking at him with her big innocent brown eyes and he suddenly felt nervous. He cleared his throat. "I was wondering seeing as you just graduated… if you would… well, will you marry me babe?"

The shock on her face was very obvious. He saw many feelings flicker through her eyes, fear, joy, love, happiness then she wetted her lips and he wanted nothing more than to pull her to him again but stopped when he saw that she was looking down at her hands that now were slowly caressing his stomach. "Paul… is your proposal a spur of the moment thing?"

Paul had two options now, first he could retreat and maybe ask her later or he could stick with a decision that he had taken a long time ago. He swallowed and decided that he wasn't going to back down. "Nope, I really mean it. I love you little swan and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I don't need a piece of paper to be here with you, to choose you every day but I want to make a promise in front of the people that love you. I want them to know that I'll be there for you always and forever." He was startled when he felt drops of water falling on his abs and he realized that she was crying.

"I love you too, Paul." Bella whispered and he pushed away her tears with his thumb. "And I wouldn't imagine my life without you… so I guess what I'm trying to say is that I… yes, I'll marry you."

He laughed then, relieved that she hadn't rejected him. She smiled back at him and got closer for another kiss. Paul thought he couldn't be happier but after her acceptance his heart swelled with love even more. He moved slightly and with his hand tried to find the little box he had pushed under the bed the day before. When he took it, out she seemed surprised and then she started laughing. "You aren't wasting any time."

"Nope, with you babe it's better to grab the chance." He took her hand and slowly put the ring on. "I thought that it suited you."

Bella was watching the solitaire that was now resting on her ring finger. It was simple but at the same classy, just the way she liked it. "I love it."

"I knew you would." He said.

She huffed. "You are incorrigible but you were right. Paul…"She seemed hesitant now.

He looked at her with a bit of concern; he hoped she wasn't already changing her mind. "Yeah?"

"When we let our friends know about your proposal… can we avoid telling them what we were doing?" She asked blushing furiously.

He laughed then; he laughed a lot because Bella Swan would always be the shy girl he had met the year before while he would always be the uncouth man with a big mouth. "We'll see about that…" And he went back making love to his future wife. After all, the clock was ticking and he only had three minutes left.

Needless to say they were late, and nobody asked them the reason. Knowing Paul the answer was very obvious. However, they were all surprised but happy about their engagement because everyone thought that they were a perfect match, the pack all the time joked about the beauty and the beast.