Chapter 1-The Awakening

Naruto struggled to get off the ground. Neji had just shut down his chakra points and was now taunting him about being a loser just like Hinata. The memory of him talking to the shy Hyuuga girl at the training post, how she feared for his life when fighting Neji made Naruto's blood boil with rage, as another memory of that same sweet girl fighting her cousin, and nearly being destroyed filled the young Uzumaki's mind. It wasn't fair! Had his training the entire Month been for nothing? Not surprising that it was since Kakashi-baka refused to train his only other student aside from the Uchiha for the exams and the pervert Jiraiya only taught Toad summoning.

Even after learning it, Jiraiya had forbidden him from using it in the exams, and would have Naruto removed from the contract if he did. What was the point in training him in things if they couldn't be used?

'He's just like the others. Holding me back! And for what? Probably thinks I'm the fox in some form or hates me because of the fur ball. How can I keep my promise to make Neji pay when my training has been so little while his has no doubt been nonstop? DAMN IT!' thought Naruto, as he struggled to get off the ground, and ignored the boos for his efforts that came from the crowd.

"You should stay down loser. Fate decrees you lose and it will be Fate that makes you die if you don't stay down. Even the people in the stands know what I'm telling you is true and half of them aren't even Shinobi," said Neji seeing Naruto stand up and glaring at him with those blue eyes that seemed to be...changing slightly?

"Fuck you! Maybe these people would be singing a different tune if they knew how you tried to kill your own cousin. Who the fuck does that? And to someone like Hinata? She didn't want to fight you because you're like a brother to her! You still are in Hinata's eyes. Kind of ironic really. You claim those eyes see everything Neji, but those eyes don't see the one person out of your entire clan, who actually cares about family, and making it whole again. I'm not the loser here are!" said Naruto feeling like his blood was on fire, his body felt like it was ready to explode with power, and felt a powerful surge of energy running through his veins that the Uzumaki thought was because of the Kyuubi.

That was the problem though. It wasn't Kyuubi's power. It wasn't her strength flowing through him right now.

It was something worse! Something far more powerful.

"You are the one. At last!"said a demonic voice that made Naruto tense wondering if that was Kyuubi for a second before realizing the voice was different.

"W-Who...who are you?" said Naruto, as he felt the power inside of him get stronger, and made his body ache in pain at the feeling while the demonic energy cover his entire body for everyone to see.

Deep within Naruto, Kyuubi recognized the demonic power that was now consuming her vessel, and not since the Shinigami being summoned did the Fox Queen know the true meaning of fear.

'Oh no! No, it cannot be! Not him! This boy couldn't possibly of his bloodline,' thought Kyuubi, as she retreated back deeper into her cage, and felt the presence of a being within Naruto thought to have been dead for over a millennia.

'What is that? This energy around him is twisted, cruel, and darker then anything I've ever felt before!' thought Neji, as he saw Naruto clutching his sides in pain, and letting out an inhuman moan of pain.

Above the two combatants, the sky darkened, dark clouds covered the sun, and crimson lightning flashed around them while scaring the audience watching on while some of the Shinobi thought it was the fox revealing himself to the world once more. In secret, those Shinobi had weapons at the ready to move in, and kill the vessel should that be the case.

"You don't know how to use your power. LET ME SHOW YOU!" said the demonic voice in Naruto head and in that moment the vessel of Kyuubi let out a scream of pain.

The demonic power exploded from his very being while covering him in a massive dome of its energy that Neji had to leap away from it. The red lightning struck the dome of demonic energy, swirling around it like a violent storm, and the violent unnatural wind caring Naruto's screams throughout the Leaf. The inhuman screams of pain had soon become a demonic roar of power, as the body of Uzumaki Naruto changed entirely under the demonic power before it left, and when the dust finally revealed a single figure walking slowly towards Neji.

Yet the walk was a walk with a purpose.

Everyone's eyes widened at the sight of what was once Uzumaki Naruto, as Neji took several steps back, the Sandaime Hokage in the Kage Booth gripped the armrests of his chair tightly, and even Orochimaru under the disguise of the Kazekage began breathe heavier at the sight of this transformed boy. No. This was not a boy. Of that, the snake Sannin was sure, as he knew this power was not the Kyuubi's power, and felt this was something else entirely.

Something far more powerful.

"I have returned," said the voice of the figure slightly taller then Neji, currently wearing white pants, a yellow obi sash, and a yellow headband across his forehead where the Leaf symbol once was with demonic tattoos all over his body.

"You're not Naruto," said Neji, as he saw the face of this person having what...possessed his opponent, and fighting in the blonde's place?

"How observant you are. You're indeed a credit to your clan," said the demonic figure sarcastically before letting out a demonic chuckle and grinned at a vicious grin at Neji.

"Who are you? What are you? Some kind of demon?" said Neji, as he got into a Gentle Fist stance, and became more unnerved at the dark laughter this person was letting out.

"Of course I am a demon you fool! It should be obvious considering my energy is very much different then yours. As for my name? My Raizen: The Demon King of War!" said Raizen, as he could feel the eyes of everyone widening, and their breathes being inhaled at his words.

"D-Demon King?" said Neji, as he saw Raizen flex his claws, and those eyes seem to stare right into his very soul!

"Yes. In the realm of Makai, there was once three Demon Kings. Each ruled over their respected territories and I was one of them many years ago long before your world became what it is now. Out of all three of us...I was the strongest of them. Now here I am, temporarily possessing my long lost descendant, and I'm going to relish the feeling of kicking the crap out of your body for what you did to your innocent cousin. Or did you forget the promise Naruto made with her blood?" said Raizen, as he felt a sense of history repeating itself, and wondered if Naruto would fight back against the possession like Yusuke did.

Before Neji could react, Raizen was in front of him, punching the Hyuuga Prodigy in the gut, causing vomit to instantly come out of the boy's mouth seconds upon impact, and forcing him to his knees. The moment later when those knees touched the ground did they leave it, as Raizen followed up with a spin kick to Neji's head, and sent the Hyuuga boy bouncing like a rock being thrown on water into the stadium wall. However, before Neji hit the wall, Raizen was in-between the two, grabbed his prey, and threw him down to the ground. Landing gracefully, Raizen walked in a calculating manner down the crater he caused using Neji's body, and picked the Hyuuga branch member up by his neck while grinning a wicked grin before punching barely conscious Leaf Shinobi in the ribs.


And again.

And again.

Each blow echoed throughout the stadium, many wincing upon the sound the impact made, and seemed to last forever before the demonic figure threw the broken body of Hyuuga Neji onto the ground. Everyone thought Raizen was done with Neji, but the idea of it being over was not the case, as the former Demon King of Makai raised his right hand, and pointed his index finger at the Hyuuga boy before a small ball of demonic energy surrounded the tip of the index finger.

'Is this my end?' thought Neji, as he coughed up blood, and looked at the red ball of energy the size of his fist barely a few inches from his face that was practically ready to blow him to pieces while his soon to be executioner just smiled.

"Time to die," said Raizen, as he was about to release the Demon Gun, and wipe Neji out from the face of the planet...when his body froze up.

Or rather when Naruto's body froze up.

"Get out of my body!" said Naruto from within, as he was now fighting for control with Raizen, and it wasn't easy.

"Damn brat! Let me finish this. I saw your memories of what this baka did to that girl and we both know he deserves to die," said Raizen finding himself unable to fire the attack at Neji face.

"Maybe he does, but we both know Hinata-chan will be sad over Neji's death, and she doesn't deserve that," said Naruto, as he sensed Raizen become angry with that, and yet knew this still girl cared deeply for her cousin.

As much as killing the little prick would satisfy his bloodlust, Raizen knew Hinata didn't deserve to see her cousin get obliterated from the existence, and decided to show Neji mercy.

Just this once.

"Consider yourself very lucky boy. My descendent has convinced me to spare your miserable life for the sake of your cousin. Don't abuse this small act of mercy or you will regret it," said Raizen, as he cancelled out the attack, and began walking away from the broken body of Hyuuga Neji.

"W-Winner: Uzumaki Naruto!" said Genma, as he watched the possessed boy walking to the steps to the Fighters Box, and quickly summoned some medics to take care of Neji.

In the stand however, no one clapped their hands, no one cheered, and yet no one booed either at the results of this turn of events. Not surprising since everyone was shocked at what happened, as they couldn't seem to understand what it was that just happened, and that the Hyuuga Prodigy had lost to the Kyuubi brat.

It was as if their own little world had shifted in its axis.

In the Fighters Box, Raizen was given a wide gap of space, as he sat down on a bench, and ignored the frightened looks everyone was giving him. Even Gaara was looking at him with fear in his eyes, as Shukaku had was whimpering deeply within his prison, knowing that he was nothing compared to the Demon King, and decided to stay silent in order to continue living. As this happen, Raizen let out a small grunt of pain, as the seal holding the Kyuubi appeared on Naruto's stomach, and snarled at the seal before he slammed his clawed hand into it. Those around him thought he was crazy, but Raizen was far from that category, as he began pulling what his hand grabbed, and threw a crimson chakra covered figure out of his body onto the floor. When the demonic chakra died down, it revealed a crimson haired girl in her late teens, wearing a black kimono, and black chocker around her neck with the Kanji for Shinigami on it.

It was Kyuubi.

"Get up Kyu. You have much to answer for in regards to my descendant," said Raizen breathing heavily since removing the Fox Queen from her prison that was this body was no easy thing to do.

"R-Raizen-sama?" said Kyuubi, as she knew ages ago when Raizen addressed her by that short name he gave, it meant the Demon King was angry, and she was the source of it.

"You know what you did Kyu. I saw the boy's memories. I have seen everything in his mind from the day he was born up until now. It is because of you that this boy has no Mother to love and no Father to guide him. I could wipe you out from existence using less then a third of my power given you're barely considered an A-rank demon now. Give me one good reason why I shouldn't destroy you," said Raizen, as he looked at the woman before him swaying her nine tails slightly in her kneeling position, and was clearly afraid to look him in the eyes.

"I didn't mean to attack anyone Raizen-sama. Its just...after the Kushina woman gave birth to her son, Uchiha Madara appeared before her, and freed me from my seal before using his damn Sharingan to take control," said Kyuubi, as she heard him scoff at the mention of the Sharingan, and kept her head bowed knowing to counter what it would mean if she did.

"Do no speak to me about that pathetic bloodline. Those eyes only effect demons if the demon in question has a weak will. I thought you of all people were stronger then some spiteful human with a God complex in thinking he was better then everyone else," said Raizen, as he saw Kyuubi move her head away in shame, and the former Demon King let out a sigh knowing that not every demon was as strong as him.

"I'm sorry Raizen-sama. I didn't want to kill the boy's parents, but after the Yondaime prepared to seal me again, the desire to be free was too great an opportunity to pass up, and I tried to grab onto it," said Kyuubi, as she had never had freedom like that after losing it to the Shodaime Hokage sealing her up in his wife, and then Uzumaki Kushina herself.

"And look what happened. You became imprisoned again. It is only through my power that you're out of it and have gained some small amount of freedom though not much as you are still bound by the Shinigami Seal currently on your neck," said Raizen, as he felt Naruto trying to regain control again, but kept the boy from doing so, and assured his descendent the body would soon belong to him again.

"What is to become of me now then?" said Kyuubi, as she saw Raizen consider all that had happened, and felt like she was standing before Kami awaiting sentence.

"For the moment, you have temporary freedom to live outside of this boy's body, but not enough to go anywhere you want, and there is a limit to the range of being out of his body. As such, I've decided to let you out to help the boy in whatever it is he needs to further help him, and anything else that comes up that he may require of you," said Raizen grinning at Kyuubi seeing her blush slightly at the innuendo and fidgeted under his gaze.

"I understand Raizen-sama," said Kyuubi, as she knew better then defying the former Demon King's words, and risk bringing more trouble then she could handle upon herself.

"Good. For the moment, I need to speak with the boy, and tell him about his heritage regarding me. While that happens, you are to guard the boy, and make sure nothing happens to this body while I handle his mental training to handle the changes," said Raizen seeing Kyuubi nod her head again and bow deeper.

"As you command Raizen-sama. I won't fail you," said Kyuubi and looked up at Raizen seeing him now giving her a gentle smile.

"I know you won't fail Kyu. Just try your best. That's all I've ever asked of my own subordinates." said Raizen, as he saw Kyuubi nod, and then let his head go limp that indicated to her that the former Demon King was now talking to Naruto.

(Kage Booth)

The Sandaime Hokage was now sweating up a heavy storm, as he knew there was only one reason Raizen had come back to this world if only to temporarily possess Naruto, and it involved the contract the Shinigami made with the Yondaime. Minato in his infinite wisdom had bound the village itself to the contract in seeing his son as a hero for holding the Kyuubi inside of him. That part of the contract had been done as a failsafe in the off chance Kushina had been right about the people and how they would hate their only child for holding the fox. It had even been placed onto the seal thanks to the Shinigami itself, but the Sandaime Hokage being the "Professor" that he was, had been able to cover that part of the seal up with a signal blocker, which had weakened the seal in the process since the signal was connected to the array, but left the Shinigami none the wiser, and allowed for things to happen the way they did.

The idea, which became the Sandaime's overall plan, was to make Naruto naturally loyal to him, as the planned assassination attempts by the people, the "preventing" of these attempts, and showing supposed kindness to the boy had helped cement such things. He had gotten Jiraiya involved in this, as a means to control Naruto should the fox ever get free of Minato's seal, and lied to Tsunade about her Godson whom she didn't know the name of at the time dying during the sealing process.

'How? How could the blocker been removed? How could this have happened now? My plan to mold Naruto has been ruined!' thought the Sandaime, as he did have a special ANBU squad on standby to kill Naruto should the efforts he had put into the boy's mental conditioning not produced fruit in a figurative sense, but now such a squad would be like a fly that could be swatted away with ease, and even the old Kage himself even would have been destroyed in the process regardless of age.

Next to him, Orochimaru was terrified at what he had just seen, and yet...he wanted the boy to be his new vessel. The descendant of a Demon King was right across from him on the other side of the stadium, yet he couldn't make his move knowing that the plan to kill the Sandaime would fail, and the simple humiliating fact Raizen would crush him easily with a snap of his fingers. For now, the snake Sannin would have to go along with his original plan to kill the Sandaime Hokage, and then find a way to go after that body to make it his own.

(Naruto's Mindscape)

"Who the Hell are you? It's bad enough I have fox inside of me and everyone hating my guts for it! Now I have you possessing my body, telling everyone you're a demon, and making everyone else think I'm one too!" said Naruto, who was pissed off beyond belief, and saw Raizen grinning while sitting down on his throne he created.

"Quit your whining! You sound just like my son Yusuke when he visited me in Makai after learning I possessed him in his fight. I guess that makes you my Grandson in demon terms since you are just as much his descendant as you are mine," said Raizen seeing Naruto look at him surprised by this statement.

"I wish people would stop lying and give me a straight answer for once," said Naruto, as he sat down in front of Raizen, and saw the former Demon King let out a sigh.

"In all honesty Naruto, your life shouldn't have been like this, as the your Father, who was the Yondaime Hokage had made a deal with the Shinigami regarding the village when he sealed Kyu into your body, and was to be a failsafe in the off chance you being mistreated," said Raizen seeing Naruto's eyes widen at this news.

"The Yondaime Hokage is...was my Father?" said Naruto seeing Raizen nod.

"Yeah. Though you get my blood from your Mother's side of the family though it has watered down quite a bit before it got to you. In regards to the contract, apparently the seal holding Kyuubi was suppose to break in the event the village didn't honor your Father's dying wish to see you as a hero. The Sandaime put a signal blocker on the alert system built into the seal so the Shinigami would not know of the abuse, which was disabled after Orochimaru hit the seal with the Five Prong Seal, and the blocker was destroyed unknowingly by Jiraiya after he removed the snake Sannin's handiwork. After that, the Shinigami discovered what the Sandaime had done, and summoned me before him to discuss handling the situation after learning about your bloodline was connected to my own," said Raizen seeing Naruto become angry with the Sandaime and wanted to rip the old man's spine out.

"That traitor! He betrayed my family. That fucking hypocrite!" said Naruto, as he Raizen nod his head in agreement, and got off his "throne" to walk over to the boy.

"You'll get your family's revenge soon enough Naruto. Until then, you are going to train with me in here to control your body, and the power I have awakened within you," said Raizen, as he saw Naruto looking at him with an intense look, and it reminded the former Demon King of Yusuke when the boy came to Maki.

"Bring it on!" said Naruto, as he wasn't afraid of pain, and was going to learn everything he could from his ancestor.

"Brace yourself," said Raizen, as the former Demon King began his own way of training his descendant, and the training being of the "hands on" approach.

(Fighters Box)

Everyone around Naruto's body gave it a lot of space, as they went from watching it to watching the female Fox Queen they now knew to be Kyuubi no Kitsune, and for the members of the Leaf in the box meant quite a bit of information had hit them like a ton of bricks. The impact behind this information had made them all conclude they had been lied to about the Kyuubi being killed when it or rather when she attacked the Leaf. They had seen the people around Naruto during the Academy, mainly the instructors there had given the Uzumaki a hard time, and trying to make him fail.

They never knew why until now.

'This is troublesome. It won't take long for this to get out and people wanting this female demon's head on a platter,' thought Shikamaru, as Genma called him, and Temari down to partake in their match since the Hokage had so generously moved Sasuke's match with Gaara to a later time in the tournament.

"Get down here you lazy bum and fight me!" said Temari currently down on the arena floor waiting for the lazy Nara.

"Id rather not. Proctor I-AAAAH!" said Shikamaru, as he was sent over the edge by Kyuubi, who whistled innocently, and saw everyone in the Fighters Box looking at her.

"What? Lazy men need a good kick in the ass every once in a while," said Kyuubi while looking at everyone around her and daring them to challenge that statement.

No one did.

'Great. Either I stay up there to contend with Kyuubi or I face this troublesome girl from Suna. I can't win no matter what I do!' thought Shikamaru getting up from the ground to reluctantly fight the Suna girl.

"Here I come you lazy baka!" said Temari charging at Shikamaru with her iron fan and the lazy Nara thought one thing.

His life sucked!

As the battle of the sexes raged below the Fighters Box, the Genin above watching the match, and Naruto's newly transformed body while it glowed with an aura of demonic energy around him spiking every so often. To her credit, Kyuubi watched her vessel for over a decade without the blush that wanted to be on her face from appearing, and had to admit the boy's physic was impressive. Then again, being Raizen's descendant, it went without saying that Naruto would inherit his demonic ancestor's figure.

Back when she was a little fox girl growing up, Kyuubi had a secret crush on Raizen, as he was everything required to have in a mate, and then some in being the Demon King of Makai. It had saddened the Fox Queen to know he died by starving himself to death for the human woman that stole his heart. She had heard the rumors behind his starvation, but no one knew the truth until the Demon King's descendant Yusuke had come along, and revealed the truth to all of Makai.

Some had thought Raizen was a fool to fall in love with the very woman that came from the very species he fed upon, but those that knew the Demon King the best also knew Raizen was just the kind of person to do that, and the man's honor would compel him not to eat in the name of love.

'And now I'm technically a slave to Raizen's 'Grandson' currently sitting less then three feet from me,' thought Kyuubi, as she was unsure how to feel about that due to the relationship they had formed after that baka Jiraiya threw the boy off into a cliff, and nearly kill them both just to activate the summoning of the Toads.

She would have to ask Naruto for permission to kick the Sannin in the nuts for what he did and Kyuubi was sure her vessel would do it anyway just to make a statement.

Looking over at Gaara, the Fox Queen could secretly see Shukaku's power oozing all over the boy, and knew the seal on him was weak, and barely keeping the raccoon dog in line. In fact, the only reason the red haired boy was feeling less pressure from the insane demon was due to Raizen's power, and herself being added into the mix. Shukaku could never on his best day take Kyuubi down, even at her worst, and given she was nothing in comparison to Raizen much less his new descendant was more then enough to keep the insane one-tailed from doing something stupid.

"Are you the reason he is hated by the villagers?" said Shino seeing the Fox Queen look at him for a moment before nodding.

"Haven't you ever wondered why the people hated Naruto when growing up? How they tried to make him suffer for my sins? Being an Aburame, I'm sure you can see how illogical it can be, and how wrong they're actions have been since they started?" said Kyuubi seeing Shino nod in understanding since the villagers had been cruel to Naruto.

"I have often wondered and now I know why. From what I heard of your conversation with...Raizen, it appears you were not yourself when attacking the village, and the blame for it lies with Uchiha Madara. I was under the impression he died fighting the Shodaime ages ago at the Valley of the End," said Shino hearing Kyuubi chuckle and shake her head.

"I know what I saw Aburame. I have very good memory and I know I saw his Sharingan Eyes before he used their power on me. I know them because he used them on me when fighting your Shodaime Hokage for the right to be Hokage in the first place. How do you think that Valley became what it is?" said Kyuubi, as she saw Shino's eyebrows rise up, and knew he put things together.

"I see. Can Naruto be influence by such power?" said Shino knowing that Naruto had become something of a half-demon if not full demon and could possibly be effected by the Sharingan.

"If there is one thing about Raizen you should know regarding his bloodline, is there is no one in the human realm, demon realm, and the heavenly realm for that matter who has the power to influence him," said Kyuubi seeing Shino nod before looking at Naruto's still slumped form.

"Winner by forfeit: Sabaku no Temari!" said Genma in the arena below, which surprised everyone again since Shikamaru had Temari caught in his Shadow Possession Jutsu, and yet the Genin forfeited stating "he was out of chakra" before letting his opponent go.

"Damn it Shikamaru! Why do you have to be so lazy?" said Ino angrily seeing her friend and teammate give up like that with such a lame excuse.

'Troublesome blonde. Win or lose I'm going to get yelled at by Ino. I can make it happen on my on terms at the very least,' thought Shikamaru, as he let out a sigh, and soon found himself up in the Fighters Box with everyone else.

"Looks like my match is next. Thank you for talking with me Kyuubi-sama," said Shino, as he bowed his head slightly, and began walking towards the steps to head down to the arena.

"Proctor I forfeit!" said Kankuro getting boos from the crowd.

"Now it is my turn," said Gaara softly, as he left silently down the steps closest to him, and didn't look back to see the others looking in his direction.

And it was at that point did Naruto open his eyes and stood up too before walking over to where he could get a good view of the arena floor to see the next fight.

"Raizen-sama?" said Kyuubi, as she didn't know if it was Naruto now in control, or still Raizen in the transformed body.

"No Kyu-chan. Grandpa's gone," said Naruto in a deeper, more mature sounding voice, as he stared down at Gaara, and the space where the Uchiha was suppose to be.

But wasn't.

"I see. I'm sure you had a lot to talk about inside your mind," said Kyuubi, as she looked where he did, and saw the same thing with her eyes too.

There was no Uchiha. So why were they waiting for the spoiled brat to arrive? Did she just answer her own question?

"We talked. We trained. I now know many truths that were kept hidden from me. No more will I be lied to by the likes of them!" said Naruto, as he looked at the Sandaime across from him, and let out a demonic growl at the old Kage.

Genma was about to call the fight in Gaara's favor by Sasuke not being in the arena when low and behold the boy along with his sensei appeared in a swirl leaves meant to impress everyone around them. Of course, given what happened with Naruto changing into his new demonic form, the entrance Uchiha Sasuke had was worthy of a yawn, and a small clap at best.

"Are we late?" said Kakashi seeing the people weren't impressed with their entrance and he found that rather odd.

"Not only are you late Kakashi, but Uchiha Sasuke nearly got himself disqualified had the Third Hokage not show leniency, and pushed the match back. Incidentally, your other student beat Neji, and made your entrance look like crap compared to him," said Genma, as he pointed to the Fighters Box, and the two Leaf Shinobi next to him looked at the new improved version of Uzumaki Naruto with wide eyes.

'Is that...Naruto?' thought Kakashi, as he felt a sudden wave of fear run through his body, and saw those angry bloodlust filled eyes staring back.

Seconds later, the same figure was in front of Kakashi, and Sasuke with everyone tensing at Naruto's sudden presence on the arena floor.

"What I have to say to you two fighting will be quick so shut up and listen. I don't care who it is that wins this match. I honestly don't give two shits which one of you advances to face me. I have a lot of anger itching to come out and the winner of this match will have to fight me in the next round. So before either of you move in to try to winning against the other...just remember who it is your fighting next. Just ask Neji if you don't believe me," said Naruto letting out a demonic chuckle before disappearing and then reappearing to the right of the Hokage while leaning on the railing of the Kage Booth.

"N-Naruto?" said the Sandaime seeing the boy grinning in his new body and it made the old Kage's heart beat faster while Genma ordered the start of the match below them.

"Grandpa Raizen wanted to let you know the Shinigami is looking forward to claiming your soul old man. Something to do with the village breaking their side of the contract when it came to Kyu-chan's containment all those years ago in seeing me as a hero. You did a very bad thing putting that blocker on the seal old man. A very naughty thing to do," said Naruto glaring at the Sandaime Hokage now looking to flee from his sight, but couldn't because the glare kept the old man in place, and they both knew the moment the Third moved from his seat he was a dead duck during hunting season.

"N-Naruto, I did what I did in order to...," said the Sandaime Hokage, as he stopped when Naruto pointed his index finger at him, and saw the boy wagging it in a scolding manner while shaking his head.

"Save your excuses for the Shinigami old man. I don't want to hear it," said Naruto, as he turned his head to see Sasuke charging up the lightning in his hand while on the stadium wall, and Gaara forming a dome of sand over his body with a giant eyeball above to see things for the red head.

"Chidori!" said Sasuke with his Sharingan activated, as he charge forward, and thrust the lightning in his hand into Gaara's sand dome.

For a moment, there was silence, as the Suna siblings couldn't believe someone had hit the dome of sand, and that it was Uchiha Sasuke of all people. Kakashi was in the stands with the audience with pride showing on his masked face at the sight of the Kazekage's son being taken down a peg by his favorite student.

In another lifetime, things would have been different, as Sasuke's Chidori should have pierced the dome of sand, and hit Gaara right in the shoulder. In another lifetime, Sasuke would have caused Gaara to panic at the sight of his own blood being spilled instead of it being the other way around, but that was not this lifetime, and not this day on account of Shukaku not whispering things to his vessel to distract the boy from the fight. As such, when the eyeball saw the Chidori coming at him, Gaara's mind instantly thickened the sand around him to compress into a denser shield, and stopped the attack from piercing his shield.

"My turn," said Gaara to himself, as his sand wrapped around Sasuke's arm, and crushed it before throwing the Uchiha away several feet.

Now many in the audience were worried, as the Uchiha Prodigy many thought would be unstoppable had just been thrown aside like a rag doll by the youngest of the Kazekage's children, and his mastery over sand. Kakashi himself was shocked, as he had trained Sasuke to combat Gaara using his personal Jutsu, and combined it with the speed training he copied from Lee to pass down to the Uchiha to use perfectly to defeat the redheaded boy.

In the Jounin's mind and by all accounts...Sasuke should be winning!

'How could he have done that? Kakashi-sensei said the Chidori would pierce through the sand and do what no other Jutsu could. So why did it fail?' thought Sasuke, as he got up off the ground, and held onto his mutilated arm.

"Is that it? Is that your power? You spent that whole Month preparing to use speed and that Jutsu on me? Nothing else? Pathetic," said Gaara seeing Sasuke looking at him with intense anger in his eyes.

"How dare you talk back to me like that! I'm an Uchiha! An elite! You're nothing more then some bastard child of the Kazekage!" said Sasuke seeing Gaara looking back at him with that calm unreadable expression on his face.

"You think I care about being his child? I don't care about my Father at all. If given the chance, I would kill him right now, and all of the people in Suna that support his actions regarding my life," said Gaara before shooting sand bullets at Sasuke and the Uchiha had to use his Sharingan to help dodge the attacks.

Before the match could continue any further however, feathers fell from the sky, and an explosion was heard above in the Kage Booth.

The invasion of the Leaf had begun.

All around them, Leaf forces were finding themselves fighting Sound, and Suna Shinobi while the Kazekage's three children appeared in the center of the arena. Temari was now telling Gaara to unleash Shukaku, as was the plan when they allied with Orochimaru to take down Konoha, but Gaara shook his head saying Shukaku didn't want to come out, even if its vessel was asleep, and would have said more had Kyuubi not appeared in front of them with a scowl on her face.

"Don't even think about it. Even if you let Shukaku out, I'm the least of your worries, and you know who it is I'm talking about," said Kyuubi, as she pointed to where Naruto was now in a barrier containing the Sandaime Hokage, and Orochimaru with the battle there about to take place.

'She's right. Even without Naruto fighting out here, there is no way the Shukaku would even stand a chance against Kyuubi, and its not like she'll let Gaara release it,' thought Temari, as she saw Kankuro's hand sliding back towards his puppets, but one of the tails from Kyuubi pierced his hand, and began to burn it with her chakra.

"Don't even think about it gender bender," said Kyuubi, as she heard Temari snicker at him, and the boy saying he was wearing war paint.

If that was true, then why was their lipstick sticking out of the boy's pocket, and labeled "Property of Sabaku no Temari" on it?

(With Naruto, the Sandaime, and Orochimaru)

"It seems were at a standoff. On one hand, I would like to kill the old man myself for his act of betrayal against me, but if I do try, I know you'll try something on me afterwards Orochimaru, and I know better then that. Same could be said for you too old man," said Naruto seeing the two Kage level Shinobi standing on either side of him several feet away and both were being very cautious of him.

And rightfully so.

"What do you say Sarutobi-sensei? Put aside our differences to take down the legacy of the Demon King?" said Orochimaru, as he had hoped the barrier would be up before the brat could appear, but Naruto was too fast, and most likely too powerful to be kept out.

"As much as I am sickened by such an idea, there is no other choice before me, and so we'll fight together against our common foe," said the Sandaime removing his robes to reveal his battle gear he wore underneath the robes.

"You'll do anything to escape your judgment old man. Even siding with that of traitors," said Naruto seeing the two had decided to team up to face him.

"I did what I did because the village would have been destroyed. I did what I did because it was the only way to ensure your loyalty," said the Sandaime hearing Naruto chuckle and then laugh like he was told a joke.

"Then why lie to my Godmother? Why not have her raise me? Why have my Godfather not raise me properly? Why tell them about the Kyuubi at all? Why not tell those that knew they were sworn to silence? You know for a 'Professor', you are really stupid, and it shows given the quality behind the majority of your so called students," said Naruto, as he continued laughing further, and upsetting both Shinobi before him.

"Enough talk! Time to die," said Orochimaru, as he brought out Kusanagi, and the Third Hokage brought out Enma the Monkey King to become his staff.

"Bring it!" said Naruto, as the two charged him, and intent on defeating the legacy of the strongest Demon King in all of Makai.

They would soon realize that battle instincts were indeed in his blood.

(With Kyuubi)

"Kyuubi!" said Kakashi, as he appeared with his Sharingan active, and was fully prepared to use it.

"Why hello Hatake! Finally able to see I'm not the boy you've denied training for the Chuunin Exams?" said Kyuubi mockingly seeing Kakashi scowl at her.

"What are you talking about? I trained Sasuke nonstop this entire Month to face Gaara," said Kakashi, as he was soon joined by Gai, Asuma, and then Kurenai.

"You forgot about my vessel. Don't you even remember his name? Let me help. It begins with an N and ends with an O. Can you piece together the middle or do I have to write out the entire alphabet to finish what you can't?" said Kyuubi, as she saw Kakashi snarl at her behind his mask, and knew she hit a nerve.

"That boy is cannon fodder at best. By all rights, Naruto shouldn't even be in the Chuunin Exam Finals, and should have lost to Kiba in the Preliminaries!" said Kakashi, as he saw Kyuubi laugh at him, and smiled wickedly while the other Jounin looked at the man with surprise.

"Really? Then how do you explain his victory of Hyuuga Neji? Not by my hands I assure you. In fact, the only training he got was from the Toad Sannin Jiraiya for summoning Toads, and even then the man had forbid Naruto from even using them for the Finals," said Kyuubi seeing the Jounins in front of her look surprised.

"Simple. The boy is not a boy. He's a monster. A monster and demon just like you!" said Kakashi, as he prepared to use his Rakiri on Kyuubi, and she scowled at him for it.

"Your sensei would be ashamed of you," said Kyuubi seeing the man go wide eyed and then charged at the Fox Queen.

"WHAT DO YOU KNOW? YOU KNOW NOTHING! DIE DEMON! RAKIRI" yelled Kakashi, as he charged at Kyuubi with everything he had, and prayed his Rakiri would strike true to end his mental suffering at losing the person he cared about more then his late Father.

He was instantly blasted away by a wave of Kyuubi's chakra and knocked back towards the three Jounin behind him.

"Be glad I'm still bound to Naruto-sama at the moment Hatake. I know for a fact, he wants to rip you to pieces personally, and not just because you left him with such a piss poor instructor in favor of personally training the Uchiha!" said Kyuubi, as she saw the other Jounin look at Kakashi with disgust since team dynamics, and a sensei teaching each team fairly was considered a "golden rule" among them.

"So you're the Kyuubi. I, Uchiha Sasuke command you to train me, and submit to my will," said Sasuke, as he walked towards Kyuubi, and still had his Sharingan activated.

He was instantly kicked away from her and she snarled at the general direction where Sasuke went.

"That won't work on me anymore Uchiha and don't even think of doing it again or I will kill you," said Kyuubi snarling at the downed crippled boy and turned to the direction of the Suna siblings now with their sensei Baki joining them.

"I just received word from our forces back in Suna that the real Kazekage is dead and the one here is an imposter," said Baki, as he saw the late Kazekage's children look at him with surprise, and saw the Leaf Shinobi suspected it was the work of Orochimaru.

"Inform your forces and pull everyone back," said Kyuubi, as she saw Baki look at her with surprise, and so did everyone else.

"Why are you helping us? Helping Suna?" said Temari, as she saw Kyuubi smirk at her, and it brought chills to her spine.

"Because I know Naruto-sama would want me to help you out. He's just like his demonic Grandfather in regards to being honorable," said Kyuubi seeing Baki nod and instantly got on his radio system to broadcast the news along with the sign to retreat.

(Kage's Booth)

Naruto smirked at the two trying to work together in killing him, but compared to Raizen, and the intense training the young Uzumaki went through in his head to catch up to his body...they didn't stand a chance. Naruto dodged Orochimaru's blade, broke the sword arm, dodged the Sandaime's staff, the hand that shot out of the staff, and did a perfectly executed spin kick to the Sandaime's head sending the old man flying away from him. Orochimaru tried to use his tongue to wrap around the boy's neck like back in the Forest of Death, but the boy grabbed the tongue, and pulled hard with the result being the long muscled appendage being painfully removed from the Sannin's mouth.

Orochimaru scream in pain, as blood left his mouth, making the scream become muffled, and tried to use one handed seals to perform one of his more complex Jutsus right before Naruto punched an arm straight through his stomach. Blood was leaking down the arm of the demon boy, as he felt the Sannin's blood flowing out of his stomach, and Orochimaru trying desperately to breathe.

"Hurts, doesn't it? You maybe able to dish out pain when the need arises, but you cannot take it, and that is your weakness. How does it feel to know you're about to taste death? Me? I've tasted it on several occasions in the past. The people in this village have always tried to kill me, but they failed thanks to the Hokage, and for good reason. If I died, the Shinigami would have become aware of the contract being broken by them, and Kyu-chan would be fully free to do whatever it is she wants to this village. Not that it matters now, as the Shinigami has left Kyu-chan under my watchful eye, and making things right in the world," said Naruto, as he ripped his arm out of Orochimaru's stomach, and the man's intestinal track.

"No!" said the Sandaime, as he saw his former student fall to the ground dead after losing his internal organs.

"There's one pain in the ass the Shinigami wanted dead now gone. You're going to join him soon old man!" said Naruto glaring at the Sandaime, who was doing the same back, and the Hokage charged him.

"You know nothing! All I have done, all that I have lost, and all I have sacrificed was meant to keep the Leaf safe. What do you know of sacrifice you demonic abomination!" said the Sandaime, as he lost many things in life over the years, and many loved ones.

Among them were his two predecessors that once wore the title of Hokage, later it was his wife, then his successor to the title of Hokage Namikaze Minato, Uzumaki Kushina, and now his favorite former student Orochimaru had been robbed of life. Sure the Sannin had done some evil things, but that didn't mean the man wasn't without a special place in the old man's heart, and deserved some form of forgiveness. Right?

"Me? I don't know about sacrifice? How many times have I been sacrificed for your own gains? How many times was I beaten? How many times was I stabbed by mobs you could have stopped at any time? My security detail when I was a kid failed over 80 percent of the time and I was nearly killed by that same detail 50 percent of that! You've lied to me about everything just to have me under your thumb. Well now I'm going to break your thumb along with the rest of your old and feeble body!" said Naruto, as he blocked the staff, countered a kick, broke the Third Hokage's leg, knocked the staff away, broke the old man's left shoulder, his jaw, nose, the other leg, and right arm at the elbow nearly ripped off the body from the impact of the half-demon's strike.

"It was for your own good," said the Sandaime definitely.

"Try telling that to my Father and Mother when you see them. After you die, I dare you to explain it to them after facing the Shinigami's judgment," said Naruto before kicking the Sandaime's head clean off his shoulders.

"Holy shit!" said the female redhead of the Sound Four, as she along with the others saw this had kept the barrier up even after Orochimaru died, and were too shocked to even let it down afterwards.

"Get the fuck out of my sight before I decide to aim my anger at the four of you," said Naruto not wanting to fight pawns of the late Orochimaru right now.

With that said, the barrier around him shattered, and the Sound Four began to flee back to Rice Country to do whatever they felt like doing. However, just as Naruto began to walk away, Jiraiya appeared in front of him with an angry look on his face, and it was one the young half-demon returned.

"You killed the Sandaime Hokage," said Jiraiya having witnessed it the murder with his own eyes.

"According to Grandpa Raizen, I had to on the order of the Shinigami himself. Are you going to tell me I should defy the Shinigami for something that was the Sandaime's fault just like the village is at fault regarding the contract my Father made with the deity?" said Naruto seeing Jiraiya's eyes widen slightly knowing what he was referring to in regards to the Death God.

"Even still, the village will seek to punish you, and nothing said can change that," said Jiraiya, as the two were soon surrounded by ANBU, and Naruto just smirked.

"Nothing? Are you sure? Maybe you'd like to contact my Godmother. I'm pretty sure she'd love to hear how you and the Sandaime screwed her over by lying about me being dead. That her Godson, who was entrusted by the wishes of my Mother to raise me in the off chance you couldn't, and that the village broke the contract the Yondaime made with the Shinigami regarding Kyu-chan's sealing. Did you ever wonder what the afterlife awaits for someone, who has earned the wrath of the Shinigami, and breaks a contract with him? Because that's what the Sandaime, you, and the rest of the people that went against my Father's dying wish did after he sealed her into my body. Perhaps you'd like to die now with the rest of the filth in the village in order to face his judgment and my parents for your pathetic arrogance!" said Naruto, as he saw Jiraiya sweating now, and the boy knew the Sannin didn't want that.

"Everyone back away. Now!" said Jiraiya, as he motioned for the ANBU to step away from Naruto, and the elite Shinobi were surprised by this.

"Jiraiya-sama, you can't be serious! This demon has to pay for killing the Sandaime!" said the ANBU Captain before Kyuubi herself materialized beside Naruto and then whispered something into his ear.

"Do as I say! I am the strongest Shinobi now currently in the village and my order will be obeyed until an official Hokage has been decreed," said Jiraiya, as he saw Naruto still grinning at him, and it sickened the Sannin greatly.

"Smart move. Though you are not the strongest Shinobi in the village. I am," said Naruto, as he grinned at Jiraiya once more, and then walked away from the man to find a place to relax.

"This isn't over Naruto. You will have to be punished for this act," said Jiraiya making Naruto laugh like it was a joke.

"Just try. It will only bring you closer to the Death God's doorstep," said Naruto, as he along with Kyuubi were instantly gone from his sight, and deep down...Jiraiya knew the boy was right.

'Damn it,' thought Jiraiya knowing that he'd have to tell the Fire Daimyo what happened regarding the Sandaime's death.

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