Chapter 8-Putting Down Threats

Naruto moaned in his bed as the morning came and looked around to see two new female bodies added to his slowly growing harem of a family. Yugito formerly of Kumo was currently lying naked on his left of the bed and the two-tailed Nibi or Matatabi as was her real name was on his right. And like Yugito, she was also naked, though Naruto suspected Matatabi was more of a nudist at heart then anything.

Kyu was the same way.

Still, with two young children also living here under his watchful care, it was important that the female Biju currently lying next to him didn't corrupt either Konohamaru, or young Hyuuga Hanabi with the sight of such naked beauty.

'I can't believe Kyu-chan was able to corrupt them so easily. Then again, Kyu does know what makes Matatabi tick, and Yugito has been the cat Biju's vessel for years so a good portion of her must have rubbed off during that time,' thought Naruto, as he stroked the hair of the cat demon along the ear, and heard Matatabi purring from his actions.

It had been nearly three weeks since his victory over the Raikage named A and won the bet that the two had made regarding who would get what when the victor stood tall over the defeated. It was amusing to say the least, as Kyu had spent a good portion of that time with Yugito, and then Matatabi once the cat Biju was freed while making sure her vessel lived in the process.

When you had a prodigy of a Seal Master for a late Father and an Uzumaki for a Mother who was even better in that field made such an act child's play. The Namikaze Estates had the largest collection of sealing knowledge from both sides in all of Konoha, but the catch was that it could only be accessed by those of either bloodline. Something which had upset the conspiring powers that be when Naruto was a child growing up and wanted the knowledge for themselves.

One of the very few reasons why Naruto was kept alive, but every attempt to make him submissive was used, and kept his training to a minimum. According to the Sandaime Hokage's own journal on the matter, when Naruto "came of age", the idea was to reveal his heritage to the boy, who by that point would be under their control, and accepting of how his life turned out. Doing it too soon would have made Naruto too emotional, and risked him lashing out with the fox's chakra so the plan was to wait until the time was right. Then, once they gained access to the house, the trap would soon be sprung, Naruto would be disabled, or even killed with the knowledge about seals that had been locked away being ripe for the taking.

That had been the plan at the time, but best laid plans never work out the way you want them to, or never go according to plan.

Hence why Naruto was where he was and the Sandaime Hokage was rotting in Hell with his former student Orochimaru.

Frowning slightly, Naruto realized he kept a loose end around in the form of Kabuto, and the Sound village that was Orochimaru's base of operations. While the Sound Four were no longer bound to follow Orochimaru, they did follow Kabuto now, and the man had been taught many things by Orochimaru himself. Not to mention the Medic Nin knew of every base Orochimaru had and the untold things left at each base to work with while he was here in Konoha. Sure Naruto was training, helping Kyu regain her lost strength and helping the others around him get stronger for the future as well, but so was Kabuto with his forces.

He needed to take a mission into Rice Country and soon.

"Naruto-sama," whispered Matatabi in a loving tone while rubbing her face against his muscled chest.

The cat Biju had taken on a human form that looked similar to Yugito, except hair color, skin color, the cat eyes, and the two long cat tails she possessed. Dark blackish blue hair, the skin being blue, but with blackish tribal markings all over her body, and the yellow cat like eyes that practically glowed at night with mischievousness.

Something he knew from experience from last night and other nights before that.

'I need to take out Kabuto soon. A lingering threat like him needs to be removed,' thought Naruto while thinking of how and when to strike.

(Hokage's Office-Hours Later)

"You want to attack Rice Country? The heart of my late former teammate's operations?" asked Tsunade with Naruto nodding.

"Kabuto is still alive and is no doubt taking over his former Master's operations. He could be a significant threat in the years to come and I would rather not deal with another more powerful version of Orochimaru. Not if I can stop it from happening," replied Naruto, as he saw Tsunade nod, and understood his situation perfectly.

"Do you want backup? I know you don't need it, but an extra pair of eyes, and ears would not be a bad idea," said Tsunade with Naruto nodding.

"I'll need the extra man power to not only contain the base or bases we attack, but make sure any enemy Shinobi do not escape when we attack. I'll need Jounin and ANBU for this mission with a few Chuunin to provide them with additional support," replied Naruto with Tsunade nodding in understanding.

"And Jiraiya?" asked Tsunade with Naruto raising an eyebrow.

"What about him?" asked Naruto coldly with Tsunade sighing.

"I know you don't like Jiraiya for obvious reasons, but the man is still useful to Konoha, and we will need him in the future for fighting the Akatsuki. His spy network is one of a kind and nobody knows how to run it or knows how many spies are under his command," explained Tsunade with Naruto letting out a growl.

"The man acts more like a pervert then a spy master. A reasonable cover, I'll admit to that much, but let's face it, the man doesn't take his job seriously, and we all know Jiraiya could have someone take over his spy network for him as the years go by. He just doesn't do that because without the spy network helping Konoha or his Sennin Modo...the man is completely useless. Not even the Toads respect him like they did my Father when he was their summoner," replied Naruto harshly with Tsunade sighing knowing the demon that was her Godson was right.

Jiraiya may have taught the Yondaime, had his spy network, and Sennin Modo with his knowledge of seals at a Master level. But the man was getting on in years, he was lazy, perverted, mooched off others despite being wealthy due to his smutty books, and had conspired with the Sandaime Hokage to take what didn't belong to them. She brought Jiraiya into her office and called him out on it when she read their old sensei's journal.

To his credit, Jiraiya didn't blink when she demanded an explanation to his selfish actions in betraying Minato, Kushina, and Naruto for that matter in the conspiracy. Jiraiya had told her that the knowledge in their should be shared, clan rules be damned, as seals were not part of a bloodline, or considered clan secrets since seals were basically used by all Shinobi villages. Why should a single child, who could held the fate of the world in his hands according to a prophecy, hold such knowledge in his possession, and be entrusted to not screw things up?

The child's status as being a Jinchuriki (at the time of the conspiracy) be damned!

Jiraiya saw it as a means of protecting Konoha in the long run while Tsunade saw it as a betrayal to those that trusted the Toad Sannin. Jiraiya had told her that sometimes they had to do things that sickened them, but were for the greater good, and Konoha remaining on top was for the greater good.

Tsunade told him to leave before she punched his lights out.

As for the Councils, after Danzo was removed rather violently by Naruto, they had lost a great deal of support, and power thanks to the man's annihilation. Though they did not like how their Hokage called them out on what the Sandaime Hokage had written down in his journal, and demanded an answer from them regarding their actions in wanting to take what was not theirs to take. The Councils in their own act of arrogance, despite everything they had lost, the two bodies of Konoha's government felt that dead people didn't deserve to keep things locked away, and if their child was a demon that meant the said child didn't deserve it either. Hence per their understanding of the village laws, the clan assets were to be seized, and all knowledge possessed would go to the village to be handled how they saw fit.

Tsunade saw it as attempt at theft pure and simple.

Something she and Naruto were going to rectify soon once this matter with Kabuto was taken care of on a more permanent level.

"Perhaps, but he still has his uses, and we both know him there will help more then hurt the operation itself," countered Tsunade, as she saw him reluctantly nod, and concede to the idea.

"Its not his ability to fight that bothers me Tsunade. Its his ability to use seals and the desire in his eyes to use them on me. He wants to suppress my power or control me so I'm brought under heel like the Sandaime wanted from the start. What's to stop him from trying and then lying to you? It wouldn't be the first time the man has lied to your face about me," countered Naruto with Tsunade not saying anything for a moment.

"Given how strong you are Naruto, if anything does happen to you, rest assured I won't let my guard down, and will suspect foul play on Jiraiya's part," answered Tsunade with the young demonic Shinobi nodding.

"Thank you Tsunade. I have to go and prepare. I will be bringing Kyu with me and Anko since I know she has a score to settle with Orochimaru's more loyal subordinates," said Naruto with Tsunade nodding in agreement.

What better way to ensure victory then bring the most powerful of the nine Biju with you to turn a someplace into a massive crater.

"Of course. Though Kyu-san should leave some training material for Kin to learn given the situation," replied Tsunade with Naruto nodding.

"Another thing Jiraiya had a hand in. The man is not to be trusted. He may talk about how what was done has been what's best for Konoha, but its farthest from the truth, and we both know it," said Naruto with Tsunade nodding sadly since it was indeed true.

"I haven't forgotten. I'll keep that in mind," replied Tsunade with Naruto nodding before he left.

(Rice Country-Orochimaru's Main Base)

Kabuto scowled at the Sound Four, his loathing for them had not left his being since the death of Orochimaru, and their failure to prevent it from happening. He had punished them when they all came back, beating them harshly, and then healing them though the latter was done slowly at a cruel level that rivaled their late former Master.

"Incompetent fools. All of you! Because of your blundering, Orochimaru is dead, and I have to pick up the pieces. Consider yourselves lucky I have use for all four of you," said Kabuto with his scowl not leaving his face while looking at something under one of the few microscopes the base possessed.

"Hey! Its not our fault you asshole! We were holding up the barrier for Orochimaru like he told us to do. You fucking fight a demon that makes all nine Biju look like pussies by comparison," countered Tayuya, but got a punch to the face, and a kick to the stomach with enough force to send her skidding.

"Your job was to serve Orochimaru to the end of your days. To throw your pathetic lives away whenever his life was endanger and no matter the situation. You were his pawns. His sacrifices. And you couldn't even do that!" exclaimed Kabuto with anger in his voice while the snarl on his face matched it.

"What about you? You were a sacrifice to Orochimaru too you know. Why didn't you do something other then cast the Genjutsu on the stadium? You fled like a pussy!" Tayuya defiantly shot back and was rewarded by Kabuto beating her harshly into the ground.

"Do not talk back to me like you understand my reasons for leaving! I did my part for Orochimaru-sama and could do nothing else. I may have been a potential sacrifice, but only as a last resort, and I know for a fact he would have sacrificed ALL of you before he even considered using me," stated Kabuto coldly before he went back to his work and ignored the injured girl lying on the ground in front of the other members of the Sound Four.

Not that far away, Kimimaro stirred slightly from his bed where he was hooked up to various machine, and struggling to stay alive.

Before anything else could be said, the sounds of explosions rocked the upper levels of the base, and alarms echoed all throughout the underground passages. Footsteps of the Shinobi guarding the base, which sadly weren't that many due to the majority of Sound's forces were used in the invasion, were heard running around, shouting out things to each other, and more sounds of fighting could be heard up above.

"What's going on up there?" asked Jirobo before more violent explosions could be heard.

"We're under attack you idiot! We need to defend the base," replied Kidomaru before the door to the room blew clean off and in stepped Naruto while the forces he was leading were outside fighting the enemy.

"Hello Kabuto. Did you miss me?" asked Naruto with Kabuto glowering at the demonic prince of Maki while the three out of the Sound Four got into fighting stances.

"Hardly," remarked Kabuto with Naruto smirking at him.

"Pity. I did miss you. In fact, I missed you so much that I decided to come here, and show you just how much I missed you. And to show I'm really sorry, I've brought a few dozen ANBU and Jounin along to enjoy the same amount of fun we're about to have right now," said Naruto while he distinctly heard the sound of laughter from Anko as she went crazy above with explosives and summoning large snakes.

A crazy woman after his own heart.

"Kill him," commanded Kabuto while the Sound Shinobi around him looked at each other for a second.

"I killed Orochimaru. He was far stronger then all of you and Kabuto combined. Do you really want to throw your life away? And for Kabuto now of all people?" asked Naruto with the Kidomaru, Jirobo, Sakon, and Ukon looking at each other.

Tayuya was too injured to do anything.

"You killed Orochimaru?" asked Kimimaro from his hospital bed while rising from it and looking at Naruto with anger in his eyes.

"In combat," replied Naruto calmly while staring into the rage filled eyes of Kimimaro.

"You took Orochimaru-sama away from me. YOU TOOK AWAY MY PURPOSE IN LIFE!" exclaimed Kimimaro while bringing bones out of his body while Kabuto smirked behind the Kaguya.

"The man was a parasite. Orochimaru leeched off of other people because he was afraid of death. The Shinigami himself commanded me to kill him for his blasphemous ways in defying death. Your Master committed a crime against a deity. It was time for him to pay what he owed," stated Naruto with Kimimaro let out a battle cry and charged the tattoo covered demon prince.

"I WILL KILL YOU!" yelled Kimimaro, as he engaged Naruto in combat, but the demon prince was ready for him, and the two fought viciously against the other.

Your loyalty to Orochimaru is admirable, but sadly misguided since he did not care about anyone except himself," stated Naruto, as he dodge a punch, blocked a kick, and then did a spin kick to the Kaguya's face that sent him flying back.

"YOU LIE!" yelled Kimimaro in rage and denial.

"Lying is for weaklings. I have no need to lie," replied Naruto before dodging the bone projectiles Kimimaro was launching at him.

"I will take my leave now. Enjoy yourselves," remarked Kabuto while leaving through the hole in the wall, as he knew there were other bases throughout Rice Country, and the rest of the Elemental Countries that could house him.

"Don't run away now Kabuto. The fun is just starting," said Kyu, as she appeared right in front of the shocked man, and slashed his throat out with her claws.

"Bitch!" exclaimed Kabuto hoarsely while grasping his throat and feeling it slowly repair itself.

"As if you are one to talk Kabuto. Considering how you're Orochimaru's former pet and butt buddy," countered Kyu with a smirk.

"I don't care if you are one of the Biju. I will enjoy slaughtering you and every other bitch Naruto is protecting at his home," threatened Kabuto with Kyu frowning while Naruto having overheard his comment, unleashed a massive amount of killer intent so potent that it froze even a battle raged induced Kimimaro in his tracks, and reminded everyone in the room of just whom they were dealing with.

"What did you just say?" whispered Naruto with demonic energy surrounding him.

"You think I don't know about all those women? All kinds of information about you has been pouring out of Konoha for Months since you took your inheritance. Its only a matter of time before someone comes to kill them all and there is nothing you can do to stop it!" exclaimed Kabuto with a smirk before it was removed when Naruto's demonic shot through the roof of the room like a pillar and let out a roar that shook said room down to its very foundation.

"Perhaps. But you and those loyal to you won't be around to SEE IT!" roared Naruto, as he knocked Kimimaro away like the Kaguya was an insect, knocking him out in the process after hitting a wall, and rammed his arm right into the center of Kabuto's chest.

"Neither will you once I sever your demonic heart!" exclaimed Kabuto, as he moved to attack Naruto's chest with chakra scalpels, but found his arms had been severed at the elbows by Kyu.

"As if I'd let you," stated Kyu before her eyes narrowed she spun around to strike Sakon and Ukon when sensing them sneaking up on her to use their powers on her.

The fools who shared one body were now splattered all over the place.

"You think you've won? Its not over Naruto. You think Konoha will let you achieve the greatness that your family is known for? Never! I know more about Konoha's darkest secrets then you realize. So allow me to part you with a little bit of that information to capture your interest and possibly haunt your mind in the future," said Kabuto with blood coming out of his mouth.

"And what could you possibly know that could haunt me?" asked Naruto while seeing the man dying literally in his arm smirking at him.

"Jiraiya of the Sannin was the one who has been leaking the information about you to just about everyone in every village. He's been leaking information about you through his spy network ever since you ascended into this form. The man wants to control you. Wants to control your movements. To control a prophecy foretold to him that he shared with the late Sandaime Hokage," replied Kabuto with Naruto's eyes narrowing.

"What else? I already know Jiraiya-baka isn't trustworthy. So let's get to the real piece of information Kabuto before I shorten your life further by a few minutes," said Naruto with Kabuto's smirking increasing despite his pain.

"Everyone thinks that Whirlpool fell due to the might of the other Shinobi villages. That's what the history books say and what people remember hearing about during the Second Shinobi War. But what Konoha doesn't want anyone to know, is that it had a hand in the fall of the Uzumaki Clan, and Jiraiya used his spy network to make the event happen!" replied Kabuto with Naruto's eyes narrowing further while they glowed with demonic energy.

"I see. The Sandaime's journal doesn't mention that. How do you know this?" asked Naruto with Kabuto letting out a pained chuckle.

"The Sandaime didn't want the order to be on record of any kind. Konoha was losing the war while Whirlpool was winning on their side and making the Leaf look bad. So the Third ordered Jiraiya to make Whirlpool fall using his spy network, knowing they could use the entire clan as a rallying cry, and inspire its Shinobi to fight harder. Neutral sides would aid the Leaf in the war once hearing the horror of such a great clan being killed without mercy. As to how I knew this...well...Orochimaru knew and told me one day when talking about the three clans said to be descended from the Sage of Six Paths. How he wished there was an Uzumaki of royal blood worthy of studying due to their long life spans and that one of them could be in his possession to study. The Sannin you killed during the invasion was in the room with Jiraiya when the idea was first proposed by the Third Hokage all those years ago. They kept Senju Tsunade out of the loop because her Grandmother was a member of the Uzumaki Clan and would never have allowed it to happen," replied Kabuto, as he saw Naruto shaking in rage, and his demonic aura almost coming alive like a fire.

"I see. Who else knew of this plan? The Shinobi Elders? Danzo? The Civilian Council?" questioned Naruto since he doubted Danzo was kept unaware of the truth and made sure the two old farts on the Shinobi Council knew too.

"I'm sure he clued them in later. In secret of course. With your Mother being the previous host of the fox, its no surprise they set in motion the plan to destroy all history pertaining to such a strong clan soon after the death of your parents. After all, if they didn't, it would make controlling you that much harder, and there was always a chance other members of your clan still were alive somewhere throughout the Elemental Countries. If they learned one of their own existed in Konoha, they would come running, adopting you, loving you, and breaking the chains the Sandaime spent so many years with Jiraiya trying to keep you locked in place," answered Kabuto with Naruto growling at him.

"I see. That's all I needed to hear. Thank you for the information Kabuto. Now...DIE!" replied Naruto before channeling energy into the arm inside of Kabuto and making the man explode into literally hundreds of pieces.

"Holy shit! That was fucking nuts!" exclaimed Tayuya from where she was on the ground before spitting out some blood.

"And that's one of the reasons why I love him," remarked Kyu, as she walked over to the downed Kaguya, and picked him up by the throat.

"What are you going to do with him?" asked Jirobo fearfully.

"I'm going to make him switch sides. Such loyalty to the Sannin is misguided, but it has a certain level of...something that one can respect," answered Kyu, as she readied her free hand with demonic chakra, and placed it on his chest.

"He has lung cancer. Its terminal right now. No cure exists," stated Kidomaru with Kyu smirking now.

"That's right. No human cure exists for this disease. But you seem to forget that I am not human, remember?" countered Kyu before she thrust her hand into Kimimaro's chest and cured the man of his illness.

Though she made sure the Kaguya became conscious and screamed bloody murder from the pain such a cure created. When it was over, she released Kimimaro from her grip and watched him fall to the ground, clutching his chest, and looking up at the female Biju in shock at what she had just done.

"You...You cured me. I can breathe clearly again. How?" asked Kimimaro in shock while Kyu just looked down at him.

"Give me some credit. I am the Kitsune Queen. The Kyuubi. I am one of the nine Biju with the power to destroy mountains with a flick of my tails. Curing your illness is a simple act of child's play for me," answered Kyu before walking over to Naruto and giving him a passionate kiss on the lips.

"So uh...what happens now?" asked Jirobo with a look on his face saying he wasn't sure on what to do.

"You can all stay here and die with the rest of those loyal to Orochimaru's way of doing things. Or...," said Naruto before pausing to make the group in the room focus on his offer.

"Or...what?" asked Kidomaru with Naruto smirking.

" join Konoha," finished Naruto with the trio from the remaining Sound Four and Kimimaro looking at him in shock.

"You are offering the four of us a chance to join Konoha? Just like that?! What's the catch here?" asked Jirobo skeptically while Naruto kept smirking.

"No catch. But let's face it, I think the four of you would rather serve Konoha, its current Hokage, and myself along with Kyu-chan here then face the alternative. Sound Shinobi are being killed up, but I need those that know things to be kept alive, and you four are among the rare few that know more about Orochimaru's operations then any other outside of the late Sannin's now dead right hand man," replied Naruto while seeing them looking a bit unsure.

"Konoha isn't exactly going to welcome us with open arms. Hell, they kicked the crap out of you for over a decade, and you were born there!" countered Kidomaru since he had heard the stories about Naruto's life after things were made known to the world about how the village treated him.

"I don't expect them to welcome you. But as long as I'm around and my Godmother is the Hokage of Konoha...the worst case scenario won't happen. All I'm asking from you four individuals here is your cooperation...and loyalty. What say you?" replied Naruto while awaiting an answer.

"You gave me back my life. My chance to have purpose again. I'm yours to command Naruto-sama. Kyu-sama," replied Kimimaro, as he bowed with his head touching the floor, and vowed to fight for them with this new found purpose.

"And you three?" asked Naruto with Tayuya, Kidomaru, and Jirobo looking a bit hesitant at first.

"Ah fuck it! I'll join Konoha, but I'm not taking any shit from those assholes if they try anything. Got it?!" said Tayuya while trying to stand.

"Feisty! I like her. I wonder if she's really an Uzumaki?" questioned Kyu with a raised eyebrow.

"You're looking for an Uzumaki? We have one in this base," replied Kimimaro quickly to appease his two Masters.

"You do? Who? What's their name? For how long?" asked Naruto almost immediately.

"Her name is Karin. Orochimaru apparently found her when she was younger after the village she was in burned down in some kind of attack. She was a spy for him during the Chuunin Exams and disguised as a Grass Nin for the event," answered Kimimaro with Naruto narrowing his eyes in thought.

"Did Orochimaru know she was an Uzumaki?" asked Naruto while Kimimaro thought for a moment.

"Its hard to say. Perhaps he did, but I think Orochimaru felt she was more useful to him being a loyal subordinate then a potential body to use or research subject," said Kidomaru at this point since he had met Karin a few times.

"Oh yeah! Now that I think about it, I think Karin's healing ability was an interest to both Orochimaru, and Kabuto with the latter here on the ground being able to duplicate it for his own use when in a fight," said Jirobo before Naruto simply nodded and walked over to Tayuya before picking her up.

"Hey! Where the Hell are you taking me?" asked Tayuya while blushing at such close contact with Naruto looking down at her for a moment and made the girl feel small.

"To seek out my kin and get her to heal you," replied Naruto with Tayuya looking at Kyu for a second with a raised eyebrow.

"Why not have her do it?" asked Tayuya while looking at Kyu.

"I'm not going to heat you because your injuries aren't life threatening. Of course, I could change that for you if you want," offered Kyu in an all too sweet tone with the red haired girl shaking her head no in a comedic fashion.

"Be nice Kyu," said Naruto, as he went with the new group through the corridors of the base, and soon found themselves in the prison ward of the base thanks to Kimimaro now guiding them.

"Who are you?" asked a red haired girl with glasses, as she was watching over the various prisoners, and saw Naruto's group entering the hallway between the cells.

"I am your kin," replied Naruto since he could practically sense the girl was indeed of Uzumaki blood.

"My kin? What are you talking about?" asked the girl with a frown on her face.

"You are Uzumaki Karin, correct?" asked Naruto with the girl's body now going rigid and looking at him cautiously.

"I am. You still haven't identified yourself," replied Karin, as she saw the group walking toward her, and notice a few of them were once the bodyguards of the late Orochimaru before they were assigned to Kabuto.

Where was Kabuto?

"I am Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto from Konoha. I am an Uzumaki on my Mother's side," answered Naruto with Karin looking at him in shock since she knew the name.

'His chakra. His power. Its so terrifying. So potent. The woman next to him isn't one to sneeze at either. She's not as strong as him, but her power is violent, and could rip me to shreds if I'm not careful,' thought Karin while eyeing the group carefully.

"I am here to offer you a place in Konoha," continued Naruto with Karin frowning at him for a moment.

"Why? I heard what the village did to you. How they abused you mentally, physically, and tried to make you into slave in all but name. Why would I want to join them now?" challenged Karin, as she saw Naruto smirking, and put Tayuya in Kyu's arms before he walked toward her.

The inmates in their cells were watching the exchange with interest and fear since they could sense Naruto's terrifying power.

"Konoha is currently under new management with Senju Tsunade as the Fifth Hokage of the village. The old guard has recently been removed in various places and the new one is making the Leaf what it was meant to be from the start," said Naruto with Karin raising an eyebrow at him.

"And what is that?" asked Karin with Naruto's face becoming a bit more gentle and his smirk now softening.

"A place where people say its name with respect first and fear second. Even among that of its rivals," answered Naruto firmly and stopped Karin cold in saying whatever retort she had waiting to speak in her mouth.

"Naruto! Where are you gaki?" demanded one Jiraiya of the Sannin, as he came barging into the room, and saw Orochimaru's former bodyguards standing behind the demonic prince.

"Annoying perverted fool," whispered Kyu with a snarl forming after hearing what she heard from Kabuto about Jiraiya's input in the Uzumaki Clan falling.

She could tell if the glasses wearing Medic Nin was lying when Naruto was told such a horrible piece of information and knew Kabuto told the absolute one hundred percent truth prior to his violent death.

"What say you Karin? Will you rejoin the fold of the Uzumaki Clan?" asked Naruto with Jiraiya's body going stiff in shock and saw the red haired girl named Karin standing there across from demon prince.

'Damn it! I thought the Uzumaki Clan was so scattered and divided that the chances of any of them meeting each other were long odds at best. Now there is one here and she could make the brat's power base even stronger. Still, if we could get her to Konoha, she could be used as a means to produce new Uzumaki Clan members the village can control, and she or one of her offspring can be used to seal up the fox again when Naruto's guard is down,' thought Jiraiya while watching things unfold and planning things in the back of his mind.

"What happens if I say no?" asked Karin with Naruto sighing.

"Do you really want to say no? Say no to family? To kinship? To our clan that has been scattered throughout the Elemental Countries?" asked Naruto with Karin thinking it over in her mind for what seemed like an eternity.

"I'll join you...cousin," answered Karin with Naruto smirking at her.

"Welcome to family...cousin," replied Naruto before walking over to Karin and giving her a hug with the red haired girl returning it.

"How much you want to bet they'll turn into kissing cousins?" whispered Kidomaru to Jirobo before ducking a blast of demon energy from Naruto's right finger.

"I heard that!" exclaimed Naruto with Kidomaru raising his hands in surrender.

"Joking! Joking! I was only joking!" replied Kidomaru quickly with sweat running down his forehead.

"What do we do about these prisoners?" asked Jirobo while looking around and seeing some of the people in the cell clearly looking at them with eyes demanding that they be set free.

"Not to intrude or anything on your sentimental bullshit Naruto-sama, but perhaps you could have that red haired bitch you are hugging come over here, and oh I don't know HEAL ME!" exclaimed Tayuya angrily since she was in constant pain right now and needed to be healed.

"Kimimaro, let the prisoners out of their cells. They will head to their homes if they still have one. Otherwise...they can go where they please," commanded Naruto while walking Karin over to Tayuya to heal the girl's beaten up body.

"Is that wise Naruto?" asked Jiraiya since these prisoners could be taken back to Konoha to help the village.

"What would you rather have me do Jiraiya? Leave them to die? To starve? Or perhaps I should bring them back to Konoha where you would no doubt like them to stay. Where the Councils will want them to stay and be tested for potential Shinobi training when they are not all Fire Country citizens. That's wrong and you know it!" stated Naruto while he gave the Sannin a cold glare.

"Not if we don't get caught," said Jiraiya with Naruto's eyes narrowing.

"Like how you and Konoha didn't get caught in destroying Whirlpool? In nearly wiping out the Uzumaki Clan so Konoha could control the Jinchuriki holding Kyu?" countered Naruto with Jiraiya's face showing shock at him knowing this.

"What are you talking about?" demanded Jiraiya with Naruto turning fully to face him.

"I know everything. Orochimaru was in the room with you and the old fart monkey when the idea was brought forth to monopolize control over the next Jinchuriki of Kyu since Uzumaki Mito was getting old. You agreed to use your spy network to help direct all of Konoha's foes toward them to make it happen you fucking traitor!" replied Naruto with Jiraiya now beginning to sweat.

'Damn it! Orochimaru must have told Kabuto and Kabuto told Naruto after being tortured for information,' thought Jiraiya, as he took a few steps back, and saw his former Godson was pissed off.

"So...what do you have to say for yourself Jiraiya? A sensei to my Father. A friend to my Mother. Former teammate to my Godmother," said Naruto while walking slowly toward Jiraiya while his demonic aura flared like a bonfire caught in a heavy wind and was now getting wild like in everyone's presence.

"I did what we had to do to win Naruto. I'm not going to apologize for that! If we didn't go through with my sensei's plan, Konoha instead of Whirlpool would have fallen, and you might not have been born!" answered Jiraiya before Naruto was gone from his sight in an instant and soon felt a massive punch to his stomach that sent him flying back into a wall.

"Listen to yourself. Its all the same. 'Me! Me! Me!' and if its not that coming out of your mouth, you go on saying 'Konoha this! Konoha that!' like some kind of broken record. Its completely sickening!" exclaimed Naruto before appeared in front of Jiraiya, grabbing the man by the throat, and slammed him down on the ground hard.

"Well...excuse me...for defending...the village that I...I love from any...any and all th-thre...threats Naruto," replied Jiraiya while looking up to see Naruto looking down at him.

"You must be very proud with yourself for having a hand in that," commented Naruto with Jiraiya struggling to stand.

"Of course! Why wouldn't I be proud? Konoha was spared being annihilated and we got Kushina as the new Jinchuriki who would one day fall for Minato before bringing a child into the world the village would mold to its liking," replied Jiraiya, as he got up off the ground, and took punch to the face with a spin kick soon following to make the Sannin skid along the ground.

"And yet you don't brag about it to Tsunade. Why not? I thought you wanted to impress her so she would finally fall in love with you. Why don't you brag about it Jiraiya? If you were truly proud of it, you would have screamed it from the heavens themselves, and let the world know your wonderful actions after so many years," taunted Naruto with Jiraiya getting up again glaring at the boy.

"Don't try to play me for a fool Naruto. I know the Senju and Uzumaki Clans are cousin clans. If Tsunade found out, she'd beat me within an inch of my life, heal me, and repeat the process until she got bored while leaving me to die a slow agonizing death by her own hands," said Jiraiya before spitting out some blood.

"Which is why I'm taking you back to Konoha in chains and you have to face Tsunade for your crimes," replied Naruto with Jiraiya scowling at him.

"And what makes you think I'll go back willingly just to suffer for doing what I believe is right?" challenged Jiraiya with Naruto grinning evilly while cracking his hands and the sound they made causing shivers to travel up everyone's spine.

"I don't expect you to come back willingly Ero-Sennin. In fact, I fully expect you to fight back kicking and screaming to the village, and shouting profanities through your gagged mouth while slowly choking on your own blood. So by all means...resist!" replied Naruto with his desire to smash the Toad Sannin around like a ping pong ball clearly showing in his body language.

"Not only am I going to resist, I'm going to do what should have been done from the start, and that's putting a Submission Seal on your body. The only reason the Sandaime didn't let that happen in the first place was because he feared Danzo would find a way to use it and turn you against him," replied Jiraiya with Naruto snarling at him before the demon prince launched blow after blow upon the injured Sannin at unmatched speed only Kyu could follow before a vertically aimed downward knee to the face knocked the man down to that of almost being unconscious.

"All three of you were and are fools. Trying to tame forces that could not and will not be controlled by greedy power hungry humans who can't stop wanting more power when what they have should be enough. You should be content with what you have and not seek out power for the sake of more, but to use it to help others when needed. Now look at you. So weak. So pathetic," replied Naruto while looking down at the badly injured man, who unless he received medical treatment soon would die from his injuries, and Naruto would have to explain why that was the case.

As much as Naruto wanted the man bleeding on the ground in front of him to die right now, he would be remiss if his Godmother didn't get her own shot in, and kicked the crap out of the Toad Sannin.

"There is also the matter of turning one Tsuchi Kin into a fox demon like myself," added Kyu with Tayuya looking shocked when hearing this.

"Kin's alive? That fucker Orochimaru told us she was dead! He said Konoha Shinobi had gone and killed her in the hospital after she got knocked out during the Chuunin Exam Preliminaries," replied Tayuya before glaring at Jiraiya while Karin healed her.

"She was turned into a fox demon using my chakra with seals put on her body to make it happen. Only a Seal Master of Jiraiya caliber or higher could do something like that. Danzo approached you, didn't he Jiraiya?" said Kyu while snarling at the downed man while Karin went to work on making some of his injuries become less life threatening, but didn't reply despite the fact he was conscious, and saw the red haired Uzumaki with glasses back away from him.

"We know all about it Jiraiya. He said that with Kyu no longer controllable and myself being even stronger, measures had to be taken to ensure Konoha survived a potential attack from its enemies. You listened to him and believed the fool so easily. We both know he was using you Jiraiya, but let's face it, the Sandaime's death pushed whatever morals you had away, and the misguided desire to protect Konoha came to the forefront of your mind. So what if someone no one knows in Konoha get's turned into a demon. So what if said person will possibly be sealed into someone after a little trial, and error on your part when the plan gets to that stage. So what if a Jinchuriki is made from your plan. So long you don't die or suffer in the process, it shouldn't be any skin off your back so long as it brought you out of Orochimaru's shadow. Oh yeah! I know about that rivalry and how the Sandaime was always favoring Orochimaru over you in many things," added Naruto in a mocking fashion while Jiraiya glared at him.

"You know nothing brat!" whispered Jiraiya defiantly at Naruto while the demon prince just kept smirking at him.

"You wanted to outshine the snake and what better way to do it then to make a new Biju before sealing that person turned Biju into someone to make a Jinchuriki. Think of the fame you would have gotten if it had truly worked to its fullest potential? Jiraiya of the Sannin was able to create a Biju! You would have been infamous! You would have been feared! Loved! Lusted after by all the ladies once you told them of your great success all the while keeping the secret behind it from being revealed since the truth would have made some of the more moral embracing people of the world become appalled by what you did," said Naruto, as he saw Jiraiya snarling at him, and make a move with his one hand that had a seal on it that the demon prince suspected was meant to do something bad to his mind if not his body.

Unfortunately for Jiraiya, the Sannin did not have the speed, nor the sharp wit to realize that his actions were expected, and that there would be consequences to acting out like this. Before he even realized it, his extended arm had been grabbed in a vice grip at the elbow by Naruto, the demon prince looking the man right in the eyes, and was ripped the limb from the Sannin's body.

All Jiraiya could do was scream out in pain.

"Remind me not to piss this guy off," whispered Kidomaru to Jirobo since the spider like Shinobi felt himself shiver since he had more limbs then normal people.

"I was wondering when you pull that little number on me. I saw your hand twitching to use this seal on me ever since we left Konoha for this mission. Hell, you've probably been planning to use it since my ascension, but didn't see an opportune moment, and had to wait until we were out of Konoha to have a shot," continued Naruto while the Sannin on the ground could only glare at him and clutch the spot where his arm use to be located.

"You are a monster. A monster that has no business being free. Just like that damn Biju standing near you. To think Minato's son became this! It is an insult to him and to me!" exclaimed Jiraiya while finding blood was leaking out of his mouth.

"And just what should I be when it comes to your image of a perfect me? Stupid? Dense? Naive? Weak?! Controllable?! A pet you can heel at any time when it suits you?! Please stop me if I'm wrong Jiraiya because so far you haven't!" Naruto exclaimed back while staring Jiraiya right in the face.

"Damn you brat. DAMN YOU AND EVERY FUCKING PERSON WITH UZUMAKI BLOOD IN THEIR VEINS THAT IS STILL ALIVE!" yelled Jiraiya with all the hate in his body that he could muster into his voice.

"Well then, I guess you just gave Tsunade a reason to beat the shit out of you even more. Or did you forget she's part Uzumaki too on her Grandmother's side of the family?" said Naruto with a smirk on his face while Jiraiya realized his words of defiance may not have been the best ones to say.

'Shit!' thought Jiraiya before he was slugged in the face hard and knocked out cold.

"We're leaving," said Naruto before he began dragging Jiraiya out of the room with his one remaining arm.

"What about the prisoners in the cells?" asked Jirobo while seeing the prisoners looking either eager to be free or fearful that they would stay locked up.

"As I ordered before, you will free them all. Where they go is of no concern to me. They can go to Konoha, Suna, Iwa, Kiri, or Kumo for all I care. Even the minor Shinobi villages if that is their heart's desire. We are leaving and taking what we can with us while destroying the rest," commanded Naruto while giving Karin a look to do what he ordered, which made her nervous since the prisoners under her "care" had not been treat...well.

"Wait Naruto-sama! There is one more person we need to get," protested Kimimaro, as he saw Naruto frown curiously, and saw Karin out of the corner of his eye looking even more fearful.

"Who else?" asked Naruto.

"His name is Jugo. He has...complications with his bloodline limit. It is also the source behind Orochimaru's Curse Seals. I am the only person that can keep him under control due to his fits of rage springing up from time to time," answered Kimimaro with Karin's face going white as a sheet.

"What? No! No! NO! You are not freeing him. Even if you can keep his fits in check, the man is not stable, and you won't be alive forever to stop them," protested Karin since she did NOT want to be around that guy when things got nasty.

"Could he be treated for his condition?" asked Naruto with Kimimaro thinking it over in his mind.

"Orochimaru promised Jugo that he would, but so far there has been no progress on that front," said Kimimaro with Naruto sighing and nodding.

"Of course not. Why would Orochimaru remove his means of switching from body to body? Doesn't matter. Show me where he is and I'll decide what should be done with him," replied Naruto with Kimimaro nodding before they made their way to the deeper section of the prison area still near the labs.

"Kimimaro? What's going on?" asked Jugo from the darkness of his cell.

"We're freeing you Jugo. You're coming with me to follow Naruto-sama and Kyu-sama," answered Kimimaro with Naruto watching in silence while the Kaguya unlocked the cell.

"No! You can't! I'm sorry Kimimaro, but I don't...I'm still not stable. Even your presence might not be enough to keep me from going crazy," protested Jugo while Kimimaro just ignored him.

"I can see that you are treated for whatever it is that's causing you problems," said Naruto while walking toward the cell and saw Jugo looking at him in shock.

"Who are you?" asked Jugo with Naruto smiling at him.

"Your newest friend and the Shinobi who is going to see you are actually treated for your illness by the best damn doctor in all of the Elemental Countries," answered Naruto with Jugo looking from him to Kimimaro and then back again at Naruto.

"You...You can treat my condition?" asked Jugo with Naruto nodding.

"I know the best doctor in all of the Elemental Countries. If she can't cure you, then no one can, and I'll personally put you out of your misery myself should it come down to it," replied Naruto with Jugo nodding in understanding.

"I will go with you...Naruto-sama," declared Jugo, as he left his cell, and bowed to the demon prince.

"Great! First Kimimaro and now Jugo. Who's next on this recruitment mission of yours? Suigetsu?!" asked Karin with Naruto looking at her with a raised eyebrow.

"Who is Suigetsu?" asked Naruto with Karin face palming.

"Me and my big mouth," mumbled Karin before she told him about Suigetsu was from the Hozuki Clan and was being housed away by Orochimaru due to the man's lack of respect while the Sannin kept him around to experiment on.

"Sounds like an interesting guy. You know where he's bring restrained?" asked Naruto with Karin nodding.

"Yeah. Since the dumb baka can turn into water when hit, Orochimaru simply put him in a holding tube that kept him in his watery form. He'll act tough when inside of it, but the guy is just hot air in that state, which is actually ironic," answered Karin before she led them to the tube in question.

"What's this? There is someone visiting me that not Orochimaru or the red haired tomboy over there," remarked Suigetsu from his tube.

"SAY THAT TO MY FACE OUTSIDE OF THE TUBE YOU ASSHOLE!" yelled Karin while being restrained easily by Naruto with Suigetsu laughing.

"So what do I owe the pleasure of your company? You're not Orochimaru and you are not that bitch Kabuto," asked Suigetsu while turning his attention from Karin to Naruto.

"Right on both counts. I killed Orochimaru and we just killed Kabuto. This base of theirs is going to be burned to the ground with a select few things and people being spared the fire that will burn it to the ground. If we set you free, what will do?" replied Naruto with Suigetsu smirking.

"A little bit of this. A little bit of that. Cut up a few people once I start collecting all the swords the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist have in their possession," answered Suigetsu with Naruto's face becoming unreadable for a second before pointing his right hand's index finger at him with the tip of the fingernail holding a small ball of demonic energy.

"Let me explain something to you Suigetsu. I'm the kind of guy with mixed tastes. I like certain things and I hate certain things. Same with people. Right now I hate you and yet like you. I like your passion for swords, yet I hate you for mentioning them due to one of the blades you want just happens to be the grave marker of Momochi Zabuza. A man I respect and admire for walking a path that he hoped would allow him to free Kiri from an oppressive tyrant spreading genocide throughout the land. Give me one good reason why I shouldn't vaporize you right now?" stated Naruto with Suigetsu looking a bit fearful.

"Whoa! Whoa! Hey no need get crazy!" exclaimed Suigetsu in protest from behind his tube.

"I'm waiting," remarked Naruto coldly.

"I respect Zabuza. I also respect his sword. Its not like I want to use it as an ass scratcher or something disrespectful like that," replied Suigetsu in a slight panic.

"Unless you get drunk," whispered Karin with Suigetsu glaring at her.

"I heard that bitch! And you're one to say about doing things when drunk. I've seen how you act when intoxicated. I clearly remember you streaking through here while drunk off your nut a few Months ago," countered Suigetsu with Karin's face now blushed a red that outmatched her hair and was clearly pissed off by his words.

"YOU ASSHOLE! YOU TAKE THAT BACK!" yelled Karin while struggling again to get free.

"MAKE ME YOU RED HAIRED FLAT CHESTED SKANK!" Suigetsu yelled back with the two bickering back and forth.

Until that is...


Silence echoed throughout the room, as it shook violently, and all eyes turned to Naruto pointing his extended hand that had been aimed horizontally now up vertically toward the ceiling where a BIG hole had been made.

"If you two are quite done bickering at each other, I'm on a schedule, and I need to know whether it would be good in the long run to let you out Suigetsu. So...convince me it is in my best interest," replied Naruto with Karin and Suigetsu looking a bit nervous.

"Uh...well...I...uh...I'm good in Kenjutsu!" stated Suigetsu with Naruto smirking.

"So are a lot of people," stated Naruto with Suigetsu starting to sweat a little in his tube.

"I was trained at a young age to get into the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist program and I know my way around a blade. You get me out of here, I'll fight for you, and prove my worth a hundred times over," said Suigetsu with Naruto smirking at him.

"Fair enough. But let me set one thing straight with you Suigetsu. Zabuza's sword marks his grave and while I will let you use it. I will only allow it on the condition you use it in his honor and should you ever desecrate the'll be wishing Orochimaru was here, using you for his experiments. And I'm talking about the bad kind of experiments. The hands on kind of experiments," said Naruto with Suigetsu shivering in fear at this moment since he knew what the demon prince was referring to about Orochimaru.

"No pissing you off. Treat Zabuza's sword with respect and don't disrespect the man ever! I can do that," said Suigetsu with Naruto nodding before he walked over to the tube and cut into the glass tube with a single fingernail in a large circular motion.

Within moments, the water within the tube around Suigetsu fell out through the cut in the glass until it finally broke from the pressure, and out came Naruto's recruit.

There was just one problem.

The man was naked.

"Dude! Cover up!" exclaimed Kidomaru while looking away and so was everyone else.

"Well excuse me for being thrown into a tank of water without clothes. It wasn't exactly my idea you know," countered Suigetsu sarcastically while Kyu manifested a robe and threw it at him.

"You still could have warned us," Jirobo shot back.

"The flat chested bitch here could have told you before setting me free. She knew the whole time," stated Suigetsu while pointing to Karin, who now had everyone looking at her.

"What? I forgot okay? He's been in that tube for over six Months!" explained Karin while those around her raised an eyebrow in disbelief.

"Sure you did. But we all know you secretly touch yourself while thinking of my naked body," remarked Suigetsu while Karin jump kicked the man in the head and turning it into water.

"We didn't need to know that," said Kidomaru while shaking his head and trying to block out the images.

"That was T.M.I. on so many levels," commented Jirobo while smashing his head against a wall to cause temporary brain damage to the imagination part of the organ.

"ITS NOT TRUE!" yelled Karin while shaking her fist at the two former Sound Shinobi.

"And I'm not a natural fucking red head," mumbled Tayuya before she was hit in the head by a rock.

"Say that again you bitch!" exclaimed Karin while Tayuya looked pissed.

"You wanna fight?!" challenged Tayuya before getting out of Kyu's arms and got right in Karin's face.

"You better believe your big red bush I do," replied Karin with Tayuya looking angrier at that while her teammates snickered.

"ENOUGH!" yelled Naruto with his presence being made known and dominating all in his presence and making the two red haired girl let out an "eep!" before hugging each other in fright.

'His power is truly frightening. Like a well of energy that has no bottom or limit,' thought Karin while Naruto walked over to her and Tayuya.

"Both of you are now under my command. If you get into one more pointless argument in my presence again, I will do something that will scar your mind to the end of your days! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?!" exclaimed Naruto with both girls nodding their heads yes in a comedic fashion before he turned to look at Suigetsu hiding behind the tube that once held him.

"I'll be good! I'll be good! Swordsman's honor! Please don't hurt me!" exclaimed Suigetsu fearfully while shaking with sad fear before Naruto showed signs of calming down.

"Good. Now let's get out of here and go home," replied Naruto simply while picking up Jiraiya's bloodied body and left the room.

"Okay. I can accept this guy is a demon. I really can. I can accept the fox lady there is a demon. I get that. I also get that you guys are following him because he's strong, is leader material, and can kill us all should we fight him. But can you guys possibly answer this one question I have right now?" said Suigetsu with everyone looking at him.

"What's the question?" asked Kyu curiously.

"Who is the beat up old guy with one armed being dragged around by my new Boss?" asked Suigetsu with everyone sweat dropping.

"We'll tell you later AFTER you put some fucking clothes on," answered Tayuya before she left the room with a small limp since being in a room with Suigetsu was pissing her off.

'Yep! Definitely an Uzumaki,' thought Kyu with a smirk on her face.

Things were getting interesting.

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