It felt heavy and foreign in Eliot's hand as he glanced between it and the door; rolling his eyes at the absurdity he shoved the key into lock. He chuckled, it felt off to have a key to open the front door. How many times had he picked his way through, now? "Here, take it." Nimble, thin fingers pushed the small object into his palm. Eliot tried to give it back when he saw what it was. "Take it, Eliot. Seriously, I'm an FBI agent; how many more times can you pick the lock before someone notices?" Eliot could not argue with that and really it was dangerous enough. He stepped inside and shut the door quickly, shoulders already itching for straggling in the hallway for so long. He stood in the small, couldn't-really-call-it-a foyer, area right inside the door for a single moment, his eyes slide shut and he breathed in. That completely Spencer scent was starting to be more and more like coming home, too. Already wasting enough time, knowing he was going to have to leave early in the morning; probably earlier than even Spencer had to get up. He unlaced his boots and hung up his jacket before taking off down the hall.

Eliot pushed the bedroom door open. Spencer was sprawled across the bed, his legs tangled in the sheets but still taking up as much room as legs could. One arm was tucked under his head a book was laying open in front of him and he had to bite back a dopey grin thinking about Spencer falling asleep reading. His glasses were skewed and Eliot could hear him complaining about how every time he fell asleep with them on it loosen the hinges just a little more. He sympathized, he had dozed off with his glasses on enough times. He crossed the floor on light feet, it had taken some practice but he had finally figured out how quiet he had to be. Parker would be proud of him. He plucked the glasses off the tip of his nose, gently, and placed them on the nightstand; Spencer's free hand snapped up to rub at his nose but he didn't open his eyes. The next thing to go was the book and even though Spencer probably knew what page he had nodded off to he placed a scrap of paper between the pages before setting it down. He stripped to his boxers before straightening the sheet; Spencer finally twitched and Eliot stilled; his hand hovered in the air waiting to see if he could actually make it into the bed. Eliot slid between the sheets and Spencer turned into him. Eliot wrapped his arms around his slim waist and buried his nose in Spencer's hair; he brushed the long locks out of the way before planting a soft kiss on his shoulder. Spencer mumbled and Eliot moved his lips a little higher and brushed them along his long throat, he pressed another right behind Spencer's ear before pulling the soft lobe into his mouth. This time he was rewarded with a moan and a barely there shift of hips into his own. Eliot smirked. He didn't linger long, he trailed soft pecks back down and traced Spencer's jaw with his mouth.

Spencer groaned, "I will shoot if this isn't Eliot Spencer." Eliot ended his exploration with capturing Spencer's lips with his own. Spencer responded in kind, his arm wrapping around Eliot's back, fingers seeking out his hair threading gently through his locks. Far as kisses went it was tame for being their first in months; closed-mouth and they pulled away gently, smiling.

"You're sleeping with a gun under yer pillow, babe?" Eliot chuckled, joking.

It was hard to tell between the humor and seriousness in Spencer's eyes which was to be believed. "You could say it's been tense."

Eliot tried not to growl, "when aint it tense for you?"

Spencer cupped his cheek, "When you're here." He didn't hide the dopey grin this time. Eliot leaned in and closed his mouth over Spencer's again. This kiss was far from innocent and it was Spencer who was licking and nibbing permission into Eliot's mouth. Spencer that swiped his tongue over Eliot's and Spencer that pushed Eliot back against the pillows before throwing a leg over Eliot's waist and straddled his hips. "You woke me up," Spencer rolled his hips into Eliot. "You're going to make it up?"

Eliot grinned and settled his hands on Spencer's waist, "Of course I am, darlin'."

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