Another commentfic written for kiananic and their prompt: If Morgan is so great then maybe you should be dating him! Enjoy!

Eliot grind his teeth together as Spencer told his fourth "Morgan is the greatest tackler of Unsub's ever" story. Spencer tended to focus on some member of his team when retelling Eliot stories about them, but it was only the ones of Morgan that seemed to get on his nerves. "Morgan can do this..." and "Morgan can do that..." And all Eliot wanted to do was punch Morgan in the face and show Spencer how awesome he was; which Eliot knew made him jealous and maybe...okay a lot petty. He'd like to see Hardison sit around and listen to Parker talk about how amazing Apollo is at stealing things.

"Are you listening?" Spencer cut into his thoughts.

Eliot waved him off and with more snark than he would usually use on Spencer said, "Sure I am, not that I'd have too. How many Morgan the Amazing stories could you have." Soon as the words were out of his mouth Eliot could feel a blush spreading up his neck.

His genius looked shock for a moment before a smirk spread across his face. "Was that jealousy from Eliot Spencer?"

Eliot glared and made space between them on the couch. "I'm not jealous, maybe I just don't want to hear about how great Morgan is all the time."

"'All the time'?" Spencer repeated. "I don't talk about him all the time. Actually, I'm certain I talk about all my team mates equally. You've never complained about what I say about Garcia, and I said Garcia could hack you hacker under the table." Eliot grunted and folded his arms over his chest. "That was insulting."

Eliot's entire point to be angry was folding underneath him. Rationally he knew there was nothing to be jealous of; that Spencer was definitely with him and this Morgan guy was just a friend. But Eliot knew he could do anything this guy could do. Better. He really hated that Spencer could invoke feelings of one-up manship in him like this.

"They'll have to hack each other to settle those claims," Eliot grumbled.

Spencer smirked again and straddled Eliot in one swift move. "And is that what you'd like to do with Morgan? Fight it out and see which is better." When Spencer saw that Eliot was seriously considering it he waved his hands around. "No, I didn't mean that. It would be hot and I'd have to drag you off to a secluded corner afterward. But I'd never want you two to fight. I couldn't watch you hurt each other." Spencer stroked Eliot's face.

Eliot sighed and leaned into one of Spencer's hands. "It's just hard to listen to you talk about how great he is."

Spencer snorted, "I don't think he's 'Morgan the Amazing' though. I tell you all these stories so that hopefully one day when you can meet my team-turned-family you'll know them already. That's all." Eliot groaned and buried his face in Spencer's neck. Spencer started kissing his neck and stroked his sides. "Feel better now?" he asked with a smile in his voice.

"Not really, no. Now I feel like an idiot," Eliot mumbled in Spencer's skin. "Can I make it up to you?"

Spencer laughed, "You don't have anything to make up, but I wont object." Eliot rolled them until Spencer was laying against the couch cushions and Eliot was straddling his thin waist. Eliot started working on the buttons of Spencer's shirt and vowed if Spencer talked about Morgan again he would not get a hothead about it. Not that his genius would mention the man again. Unless he tripped over his own feet, then Eloit wouldn't mind to hear a little office gossip.