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Music theme for chapter – "Rainbow Veins" by Owl City


In the three months he had been without glasses, Kyoya still found himself habitually reaching for a pair of frames that weren't there. Seizing the opportunity that arose after his glasses were crushed, he decided to follow Tamaki's long-aged advice and get contacts.

He stepped into his house, though with some admitted hesitancy. It was mid-semester break, he hadn't had the opportunity to visit in a while, and he hadn't seen Tamaki or his house since he had his cast removed a few days ago. He knew for a fact Tamaki wouldn't waste any time in …


Well, in that. Tamaki called his lover's name while sprinting down the main hall to greet him in a rough tackle-hug. He really didn't waste any time now that they were free to show each other's affection. Luckily, Kyoya had the foresight to toe off his shoes and hand his bags to one of the maids before his excited boyfriend sent him tumbling to the floor.

"I didn't think you were going to fall over." Tamaki said while grinning down at Kyoya.

"What did you think was going to happen?"

"You're supposed to catch me in your arms, swing me around, and sweep me off my feet for a kiss."

"I am?"

"Mm-hmm." Tamaki sang before stealing a quick kiss from Kyoya's lips, "It's OK, you have time to practice." He stood and helped his raven-haired lover up. Kyoya smoothed a few wrinkles out of his shirt and rolled his eyes at the blonde's suddenly-messy appearance.

"You knocked your tie loose." Kyoya said, adjusting the red tie and un-popping the collar of his dress shirt.

"I was about to take it off anyway." Tamaki said with a shrug.

"You might as well wear it to dinner now. Besides, you look handsome."

Tamaki's grin widened at the compliment. He had been working for Yoshio since he moved in, but made plans to start college after the summer. Just like his job with the Suoh business, what he disliked most was having to wear a stuffy business suit all the time. But unlike the job with the Suoh business, he was setting money aside for Medical School so he could eventually move on to work under Ootori Medical doing something he might actually enjoy.

Day was as routine as any day with Tamaki, though he at least had the respect to keep his kisses and touches to a minimum when they were around Kyoya's family members. Night held a different story. The fear of getting caught still existed and seemed to add fuel to their lovemaking, though the consequences of being seen now leaned less towards punishment and more towards mere embarrassment.

Unconsciously pulling against the binds, Tamaki squirmed when Kyoya ran his lips down the blonde's neck and collarbone, causing him to shudder every time one of his more sensitive areas was nipped or suckled at.

"Jerk – is this the only reason you wanted me to keep the tie on?" The blond panted, glancing above his head where one end of the necktie kept his wrists together and the other end kept him tied to the metal headboard.

"Only partially; you really do look handsome in it." Kyoya said with a smirk while moving aside part of the unbuttoned shirt so he could kiss down Tamaki's stomach. Tamaki bit his lower lip against the wonderful sensation of Kyoya's lips and tongue on his bare flesh until the brown-eyed teen swept away his pants and slowly licked the underside of his cock. He started panting heavily when Kyoya's mouth swallowed his hard length from root to tip, his heart beating faster within his chest. Just as he was ready to start bucking into his lover's mouth, Kyoya released him, earning a cry of frustration from Tamaki at not finding release.

Tamaki watched carefully as Kyoya's smirk widened slightly. He jumped off the bed and turned with his back facing Tamaki to do a sensual strip-tease for his tied-up lover. Now naked and obviously aroused, he grabbed the bottle of oil from the nightstand before returning to his place between Tamaki's bent legs.

It took all of Tamaki's strength to keep from crying out when Kyoya's mouth descended on him again and oil-coated fingers entered him. When Kyoya found his hidden pleasure zone with well-practiced accuracy, he all but screamed, "Neko-Kun, please!"

Kyoya moved up to kiss Tamaki, instantly parting the blonde's lips and allowing him to massage the inside of his lover's mouth with his tongue. Tamaki relaxed all too soon, not realizing how Kyoya had positioned himself until a quick thrust claimed his body. Tamaki tore his lips away and threw his head back, panting. Each thrust intensified his pleasure until he was sure he could see fireworks behind his eyelids. Kyoya, too, panted harder and moaned a little each time he moved until he increased his speed and wrapped his hand around Tamaki's length. Within a few strokes, Tamaki came with a primal cry and his tightening body allowed Kyoya the same release.

Once both men caught their breath, Kyoya removed the wrinkled shirt and tie and tossed them in the laundry hamper before returning to bed for the cuddling he would never admit to liking. While he buried his face against Tamaki's neck, his talkative boyfriend decided to engage in some almost-one-sided pillow talk.

"I forgot to tell you."

"Hm?" Kyoya grunted, too tired to question why whatever it was couldn't wait until morning.

"Mori emailed me today."

"What did he have to say?" Kyoya stifled a yawn.

"Apparently he moved away from the dojo he and Honey were staying at. He wants to attend a Police Academy."

"He should be good at that."

"Hikaru, Karou, and Haruhi graduate in a few months, too."

"How quickly 'your little girl' grows up."

"She wants to go to law school."

"What about the twins?"

"They're being secretive as usual, but I think they actually plan to go to different colleges. And Honey's taking over his father's dojo the second he completes his training."

Kyoya shifted positions, keeping his arms wrapped around Tamaki's torso and his head safely tucked against the blue-eyed man's neck. There wasn't much he could say, and he was ready to fall asleep any minute.


"Yes?" he asked, suppressing a sigh.

"We're all growing up."

"Brilliant deduction; when did you figure that one out?"

Tamaki let out a light and fatigue-laced laugh. "It just happened so fast. Yesterday, we were serving women in the Host Club and today we're going our separate ways." He said, stroking Kyoya's obsidian hair in the way he knew would get his brown-eyed lover to relax.

"We're not going our separate ways. Haruhi's not about to let any of us lose contact with her and you know Honey can't stay away from Mori for too long. Same goes for Hikaru and Karou." Kyoya said while allowing his eyes to drift shut, "We're just growing up, it was bound to happen."

"But so soon?" Tamaki asked. When he received no answer, he shifted a little to look at Kyoya's face and discover the former host had fallen into a deep sleep. He smiled and allowed his eyes to drift to Kyoya's left arm and the place where the skin was still pale after removing the cast, and finally to the thin gold ring he had given Kyoya for Christmas. After bringing the healed wrist to his lips for a kiss, he rested his chin on top on Kyoya's head.

"Sweet dreams, Neko-Kun." He said before allowing sleep to overcome him as well.


Just for the hell of it – the list of songs that were rejected as chapter themes (usually because I found a song that I thought worked better):
"All That I'm Living For" by Evanescence
"The Bird and The Worm" by Owl City
"The Buisiness of Paper Stars" by Hawthorne Heights
"Coffee Break" by Forever the Sickest Kids
"Colorblind" by Counting Crows
"Cover Me" by Candlebox
"Denrier Combat" by Manau
"Don't Let Me Die Still Wondering" by Flogging Molly
"Firefly" by Breaking Benjamin
"Fly on the Wings of Love" by DJ Sammy
"How to Save a Life" by The Fray
"Imagine" by Brunch
"In The End" by Linkin Park
"Inori - You Raise me Up" by Lena Park
"It's Coming Down" by Cake
"The One I'm Waiting For" by Relient K
"One Last Breath" by Creed
"Orchards of Mines" by Globus
"Sad Songs and Waltzes" by Cake
"So Magical" by A Touch of Class
"Take Me To Space And Back" by Renard
"They" by Jem
"The Voice" by Celtic Woman
"Wolsik" by Tabu