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Goodbye Alice in Wonderland

Chapter I

"You, examine him. Tell me whether he is dead." Voldemort ordered his follower.

"Yes my Lord." A cultured voice of Lucius Malfoy answered.

A moment later, a hand was on his chest and Harry knew that Lucius could hear his heartbeat. However, nothing shocked him more than the man's proclamation. "Potter is dead, my Lord."

And that was how everything began.

Later, a few days after the battle of Hogwarts Harry wondered why Lucius Malfoy, of all people, had helped him. Lucius had lied to Voldemort's face, knowing well the risk of his deed. Then he found out that Voldemort, in anger because Harry had escaped from Malfoy Manor, had killed Narcissa Malfoy as punishment.

But aside from seeing Lucius and his son huddled together in the Great Hall Harry didn't see them again until the trial of Voldemort's follower began. Out of gratitude because Lucius had helped him, Harry testified on their behalf in court. As a result, Lucius and Draco were the only Death Eater that escaped from Azkaban. He never thought much of Lucius again.

Life went on. Much to Hermione's dismay, Ron and he didn't return to Hogwarts to continue their education but entered Auror training instead. He and Ginny also got back together even though they called it quits after a few months since he considered Ginny to be like a sister he never had and vice versa, Ginny also considered him like one of his many brothers. Three years passed peacefully. Harry and Ron graduated from their training and were an Aurors now. It was at that point that Lucius and his paths met again.

For a while, Lucius kept low profile then the man showed up again in the public eye, donating this and that, building an orphanage for the war victims, providing fund for Hogwarts or giving large amount of money to Saint Mungos. Everything to get back in the good graces of public.

Seeing that Lucius was the main sponsor of many fundraisers, Harry often met the man. He didn't want to go actually but Hermione forced him to. A nod as a sign of reorganization was what they did at the first. The nod then turned into small conversations. A small conversation turned into full discussion. A full discussion turned into a few lunch together. And a few lunch together turned into dinner here and there. When Lucius wasn't busy threatening Harry's life the man was a charming persona with vast knowledge and sharp tongue.

Harry didn't realize it first, but Draco Malfoy then paid a visit to his office, demanding him to stop seducing his father while asking if Harry planned to get revenge for everything he had done in the past. After that visit, Harry quickly went to Hermione's place. If anything, she always had an answer or solution for his problem. Much to his horror, everyone had notice it before him.

The next dinner he had with Lucius turned to be an awkward one until Lucius finally asked what was wrong. Harry then blurted out about Draco's visit and Hermione's confirmation. A very amused Lucius merely lifted his eyebrow and asked if he was really that blind. They were officially dating after that. Lucius proposed to him the next year. There was nothing romantic about it because they weren't the type. They only invited family and close friends to the reception, which, actually was more like a small gathering rather than wedding party. Harry even still went to work the next day.

Then the children came. James Sirius Potter, the eldest one, was born by Hermione. Albus Severus Potter, called Al by everyone, was born by Ginny. And the youngest one, Lily Luna Potter, was born by Luna. Lucius had blood adopted them all, giving them the look that was a blend of Potter and Malfoy although Harry's feature were much more dominant on his children rather than Lucius'.

Everything went well for Harry. He was married to someone who loved him, even though it was to the person he could never have imagined it would be. He had three adorable and healthy children, four if he counted his godson, Teddy. He had challenging career, being the youngest Head of Aurors in the history and he had a group of devoted friends and loving family. Life was good. Unfortunately, it all was going to change.


"Hey mate!" Harry looked up from the many documents on his desk to the grinning face of his best friend, Ron Weasley. "It's lunch already!" the redheaded man announced loudly. "Come on!"

From Ron's nagging, he found himself in Leaky Cauldron, which was owned by Hannah Abbot now. Hermione also joined them for lunch.

"So have you decided which school yet?" Hermione asked.

Harry shook his head. "Not yet. I got a few schools but I don't know which one I'm going to enroll James in."

James, his eldest son, was now five years old. Harry wanted to enroll him on Muggle school so his child would know about muggle world as well as wizarding one. Lucius actually didn't agree to that first, finding the idea disastrous. But, since the schools nearby their London house were elite private schools for wealthy or royal family, the man finally relented.

"I plan to send Rose and Hugo too to muggle school," Hermione mused.

The topic of their conversation moved from their children's education to Quidditch, which was Ron's favorite topic. "I also bought a broom for Lily," Harry told them.

"Good decision mate!" Ron agreed wholeheartedly.

Hermione, on the other hand, disagreed. "But she is only two years old! She is too young for that!" she argued. "It's dangerous. What were you thinking Harry?"

"Hermione!" Ron protested, scandalized. In his dictionary, there was no one too young for Quidditch.

"It's only mini broom," Harry tried to calm his friend. "It has sticking charm on it and the broom can't fly higher than thirty centimeters."

"Yeah," Ron supported. "See, Hermione?"

"Beside that, I bought broom for Teddy, James and Al. I can't leave her out." He reasoned. "I already promised to let them fly this Saturday."

"Fine, but you better be careful Harry," she said at last.

"Don't worry. Besides, Winky and Mindy are going to be there too," he replied. Winky was never got used working at Hogwarts so Harry offered to let her to work for him and Mindy was a house elf that Lucius picked from the many of house elves the Malfoys owned, to take care of the children. Meanwhile, Kreacher worked on Grimmauld Place, taking care of Teddy and Andromeda since Harry had succeeded in persuading Andromeda to live there.

They talked for about an hour and after the lunch was over, they went back to their respective office.





Three voices greeted Harry when he arrived at home. Home here was the Malfoy townhouse located in Kensington Palace Gardens, London. Lucius bought the house for him as wedding gift when he told the man that he preferred to live on London on weekdays. The muggle neighbors only knew that the house was owned by rich, old family. Meanwhile, on weekends, they spent time on Malfoy Manor.

Harry hugged his children then went to take a bath before joining them. He was watching the children played with their toys when a smooth, cool voice interrupted them. "Good afternoon, children."

"Father!" James, Al and Lily ran to Lucius. The man indulged them for awhile before walking towards him. "Harry," Lucius kissed his forehead.

"Lucius," he said.

After exchanging a few words, they went to have dinner. Whenever the weather allowed it, they always had their meal on open terrace which overlooked the swimming pool and garden. It was relaxing rather than thestiff atmosphere of the formal dining room.

"How was your day?" Lucius inquired.

"Fine. I had lunch with Ron and Hermione."

Lucius sipped his wine then said. "The investment we have on muggle companies are paying magnificently. I evaluated the portfolio this morning."

"I told you before, right?" he grinned.

Lucius smirked. "I wouldn't dream to waste a chance to exploit those Muggles. As well as making myself richer from modifying their invention to be used in wizarding world."

Harry only shook his head fondly. Some aspects of Lucius were never going to change.

"Dad?" James said suddenly. "Is Teddy going to join us tomorrow?" the boy asked.

"Yes, James," he replied.

"Yes!" the children let out enthusiastic cheers since they were truly fond of Teddy.


It was a nice day on Saturday. Lucius and the children flooed to Malfoy Manor first while Harry went to pick Teddy. The boy jumped on Harry eagerly when he arrived on Grimmauld Place. "Uncle Harry, I'm ready to go!" On his hands, was the broom Harry had given him.

Harry laughed seeing his antics. "Say goodbye to your Grandma first."

"Bye Grandma," Teddy said impatiently.

Andromeda smiled fondly at her grandson. "Be nice, Teddy."

"Okay, Grandma."

"Well, I'll leave now. See you later, Andromeda."

They arrived on the manor a moment later. The place now was inhabited by Draco, his wife Astoria Greengrass, and their only son, Scorpius. Lucius was still the patriarch of the family even though he had chosen not to live there.

"Master Harry!" A house elf greeted him. "Master Lucius is in the garden."

"Thank you, Tobby."

Harry found that everyone there had gathered on the garden while awaiting his arrival. "Teddy!" the children shrieked when they saw him. The boy quickly ran to join them.

Harry walked towards the chairs where Lucius, Draco and Astoria were seated. "Draco, Astoria," Harry said.

"Harry." They greeted him back.

He and Draco were civil to each other but only that far. They weren't a friends and Harry doubt they ever would. It was the same with Lucius and the Weasley family who now tolerated each other only for Harry's sake. But at least Scorpius and his children got along. Well, enough about that, he had a promise to fulfill now.

They flew on brooms for hours, only stopping for lunch. The children still wanted to play Quidditch but Harry had told them that they had to take a nap first. With the children gone, he and Lucius spent the time talking leisurely when suddenly Lucius frowned.

"What is it?' he asked.

"The ward protecting my study has been broken," Lucius stated, getting up from his seat with Harry following him.

After investigating, the magical signature told them that it was James who broke in. "I told you that naming him after your father and your godfather was a mistake. But no, you wouldn't listen to me." Lucius told Harry.

He snickered at this. "Yeah, James lives up to his namesake." Harry was already used to this, James planning something and corralled his two younger siblings to follow him.

"Annoying prankster," Lucius said again when he noticed that the Persian rugs on the wall was slight askew. He waved his wand and the rug rolled itself to reveal a hidden cabinet. Aside from being parseltongues, his three children were also born with great magical strength which Lucius knew they got from Harry. That was the reason why James could break into his study. He only hoped that they didn't take anything dangerous from his magical artifact collection.

"He took the Sand of Time," Lucius exclaimed in shock. It was the sand used in Time Turner that enabled the user to get back in time. The sand might look like normal sand people would find on the beach but it was a dangerous thing. "Mindy!" he snapped. "Where is James now?"

"Yes Master!" the house elf answered. "Young Master James and Young Master Albus are in the garden."

Lucius wasted no time further. He quickly went to the garden with Harry closely following him.

"James is so going to be grounded," Harry muttered.

He didn't have time to reply as they had arrived on the garden only to see James trying to pull out the cork of the large crystal vial containing the sand. "Accio!" Lucius waved his wand. The vial flew to him. However, it turned out that James had successfully loosed the cork because the speed it flew at caused it to fall out, the sand poured to his and Harry's body.

"No!" Lucius gasped as the sand swirled around them then transformed into hundreds of bright golden lights. The lights floated around them then, all of sudden, they all moved towards him and Harry at full speed. The lights were so bright now that it blinded his sight.

It was the last thing Lucius remembered before he woke up with a loud gasp in the middle of the night in the year of 1992.

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