Sparkles In Your Eyes

Part Seven

This Chapter is for Shouldabeenblonde24, thanks for your review and support. I will try my hardest to make the chapters longer and give the characters depth, this one will focus on Rose and Handsome Bob. Thanks again!

It was a couple of hours until I slowly awoke, a sharp pain instanly came across my face.

Flashes of images appeared in my mind, some were terrifying and haunting for perhaps the rest of my life.

But there were a few that comforted my weeping heart, the face and kindess of Handsome Bob.

I couldn't deny that my jaw dropped at him being gay but what shocked me more that he was changing and had feelings for me.

Somehow or somewhat, I had to speak to him somewhere quiet that One-Two hear or start a another fight.

Brushing my hair by my fingers, I checked my watch under the dimming light.

Horror washed over my body, it was half past seven.

Way pass sunset, Archie was going to be mad!

Suddenly standing up, I yelled out the stabbing agony all across me.

The door burst open to reveal Handsome Bob rushing to my side, concern across his beautiful face.

"Rose? Are you okay?" He asked softly, grabbing me by my arms.

I stared at him in fear though the pain was begining to fade away thanks to his gentle touch.

Slowly I calmed down, the frightened tears fell down my cheeks like a short waterfall.

He carefully placed me back on the bed, my heart was pounding normally yet it had a slight fast beat every now and then.

"There, you're alright now." He whispered, stroking my wet face.

Who wouldn't tremble at the sweet caress by this lovely man?

"Thank you," I said, showing him a weak smile which he did in return.

"You're welcome, Rose."

He leaned against the wall, not once taking those eyes away from me.

"Bob, I really need to go back to Archie. He's going to kill me that I haven't returned before sunset." I pleaded though really I was moaning like a child.

"Hey, you've been in a fight. I'm not taking you back until you are one hundred per cent." He reassured me.

But I shook my head in disargeement.

"No, I have to go home. I don't want any more violence today, I've already seen enough to last me a lifetime."

He turned away from me perhaps the first ever time since he came in this room.

The tenison and edge was written across his whole body, I could feel it within meters from him.

"Rose, I meant what I said back there. I do have feelings for you though I was gay before I met you." He said in a voice I couldn't reconize.

I stared at him deeply, waiting for his eyes to burn back at me.

"But why? You hardly know me." I asked, lifting my hand slowly towards his that lay in a limp on his leg.

"I don't know, I can't fathom it. It hit me on that day at the bank robbery when I told you that One-Two meant every word to you." He replied.

"He said he didn't mean it, that it was all a lie." I muttered, feeling a sharp pang of tears threatening to spill down my cheeks.

"It was a lie because he didn't feel it for you, it was me that said those words secretly to Mumbles about you but he stole them."

That was when he looked directly into my eyes, creating a powerful flame in my soul that I could never put out.

"So why were you gay then?" I asked, crossing my legs leaning closer to him.

"I started to have feelings for One-Two when we met, Mumbles could easily see it and so could the others apart from him. He was far too interested in girls and getting the deals done than notice me in that way. When we were getting that money back for a top boss that demanded it, I was going to prison for a crime I gladly admit doing. But luckily Archie sorted that out for me in the end."

I was completly stunned there, he could clearly see that I was uncomfortable about that name but carried on talking.

"Anyway, me and One-Two were heading to our hideout with girls and all that until I told them I only wanted him. He went mental, swearing and shouting at me. I was so ashamed of myself but I couldn't deny what I felt for him. So for one night, we went to a gay bar where we danced together. He promised me never to tell the others but it was clearly obvious that everyone knew and laughed at him because of it. Since then, there's always a bit of anger and rage from him whenever I'm around. I was madly jealous when he went out with Stella after the chaos died down with the top boss and the missing Russian painting. Sooner rather than later, he began to be really nasty and cruel to her. She always came her, in floods of tears, and I quietly comforted her. But when he saw me with her, he flew in a rage once more and she dumped him on the spot giving him a few harsh words that have haunted him since. He hasn't been around women from that time until that night where he met you in that club."

Swallowing this infomation in, I cleared my throat and prepared to have my say.

"When we met that night, I never thought I could fall in love at first sight but it happened right on that very dancefloor. We danced, our chemisty was so strong and the possiablity of a relationship was high, well probably only for me. But then, he disappeared leaving only his name on a card." I explained.

Feeling his hand connect with mine, there were sparks flying quietly between us.

"He disappeared because he thought you looked awfully like Stella, willing to open up and fall in love."

So now I knew the truth, the hate I felt for One-Two was disturbingly starting to cease.

"But why is he so against you being around me?" I asked, waiting for the outcome.

"Because he too is in love with you, Rose. Can't you see it? The way he burned his eyes at you when I punched him, I noticed it from the moment you couldn't stop looking at each other." He replied, sadly.

I felt Bob's hand loosen from my grip, a cold air was quickly replaced.

Biting down my lip to stop it trembling, my mind was spining around and around so fast I don't think it would ever stop.

"I have to go home." I spoke in a broken voice.

Bob nodded his head, helpped me off the bed and led us out of the room.

We walked past Cookie and Mumbles who were playing a card game, they simply nodded their heads at my direction which I replied back.

But once One-Two stood in our way, we stopped.

"Going back to Archie are we? Breaking Bob's heart are we?" He spoke in a tone I deeply hated.

I stared at him, noticing any sign of love his friend had said.


"Stand aside, One-Two." Bob said, gruffly.

He looked at him with a sneer.

"Alright I will but remember, women don't always take it up the bum." He warned, sickly.

With all my power in me, I spat at his face which made a few people behind me quietly giggle.

He wiped it off his sleeve, burning a horrid gaze back at me.

"You disgust me, One-Two. Compeltly." I said, coldy.

With that, I let go of Bob and left the club on my own.

Once the cool air touched me, I slid down the door and silently wept for everything that just happened.

It would take me a few minutes until I gathered myself, called a cab and headed back to Archie's place ready for a shouting match.