Chapter 20: Epilogue

A/N: This is the last chapter, a huge shout to my very good friend Cala aka SunDrop17 and an even louder thank you for giving me the idea for this chapter (and editing, proofreading it the whole nine yards) Thank you sweetie :D

3 years later

I was at home getting ready for my graduation. I looked at my reflection on the mirror. I look good, I thought with a smile. Immortality became me, it was a little unsettling in the beginning but everything went well and now I'm loving it.

I was styling my hair for a moment before deciding I look good as I am and stopped. Instead I went to the terrace and laid on my favorite armchair with my legs on the table and closed my eyes to bask in the bright sunlight and take a trip down memory lane.

It was five years ago almost to the day when I accepted to marry my high school sweetheart Edward Cullen, feel free to snicker, I always do. At the time, be with Edward, was everything I wanted and could imagine. However I couldn't ever imagine I'd see the day where I'd get fed up with his stack up personality and possessive nature. But i did. So when my mom and step dad came to town along with a magic compound to turn a vampire to human the proverbial shit hit the fun. Alice and Jasper divorced, me and Edward called it quits, Jasper chose to become human, the Cullens dumped Jasper and left him, human and alone to fend for himself, the Volturi paid the humble Forks a visit, employed me, gave me an anti-cure (without telling me the cons of it), me and Jasper fell in love and lust, Jasper became a vampire again in order to protect me, me, Jazz and Sam (the La Push wolf pack leader) came to an agreement about protecting Forks and after Jasper and I moved to Seattle in order to attend the college of our choice I decided it was time to vamp up. Frankly the constant protection, the looking over my shoulder and the team of Seattle vampires protecting their "boss" and looking for orders when I had to sleep or study made me appreciate Buffy a lot!

The very important detail about this anti-cure provided by Aro is that it turns the currently-human-former-vampire to a new kind of vampire. It's a much more human version and strangely more durable one. So now Jasper and I (with a special consent given by the vampire kings themselves) can eat human food, can sleep, have our normal eyes and skin tone and can have the meal of our choice without having to watch the discovery channel to learn how to hunt (Jasper's choice of words not mine). We both decided on human blood, one of my new contacts here in Seattle works in a morgue so we get an unlimited amount of blood and can have our usual human meals even though they do nothing for us now. Thankfully we can still drink coffee and alcohol, some days that's all you need.

We live in an apartment in Seattle together. Dad had a fit when I told him our living arrangements but he likes Jasper a lot and gave us his blessing with the only drawback being that we don't make him a grandfather yet and we go to Forks in the weekends. When mom found out she said her two pieces and now we spend Christmas in Forks and summer in Jacksonville. We spend a month every year in Volterra to see Aro (my self appointed vampire father) and I have almost weekly meetings with the local vamp community to deal with things, frankly I feel more like a vice president of a big multinational company.

Within our first months here the infamous 'Lampchop' Peter made his appearance from Texas and congratulated us. For what he didn't say although I have an idea now, I smiled thinking that and rubbed my slightly rounded belly. Aro was vague about our kind of vampire and I think I can see why.

I majored in English with a minor in Psychology so I could return to Forks and teach English at the local high school while Jasper majored in History (for the gazzilionth time). If everything went well we would return to Forks for a few years and start a circle of our own.

A month before my change we sat down with dad and the wolf pack and all came clean. Charlie was frozen at first but when he calmed down he was cool about his daughter being immortal. He was angrier about being lied all his life by Billy but he understood what was at stake. He may have mentioned wanting to follow us but Jasper and I both pretended not to listen. I love my dad but I wouldn't let him make a quick decision about something this radical and he understood it.

The change. Seeing how fast it was for Jasper I requested from Aro the necessary information about how I would be changed and still be the same kind as Jasper, if it was even possible. It was. Jasper had to feed from me, feed me in his blood and kill me. Nice and traditional. Jasper didn't want me to freak out so he did it while we were intimate, I have to admit I didn't even realize it; I was too pre-occupied at that moment. I simply opened my eyes a few moments later and voila! I'm an immortal, who was still trying to catch my breath after a mind blowing orgasm. Since then Jasper and I always feed from each other, it's just another form of re-affirming our bond. Much better than marriage and much stronger.

A few days ago over the usual weekly dinner Sam, Billy, dad and the pack were told. For a moment you could hear a pin dropping but soon everything was cool once again went Paul kept poking me trying to see if my skin would go in like it used to when I was human but stopped when I playfully growled at him. Yeap, we're all friends now. The treaty is dissolved, the wolves are allowed to roam freely in Forks and can phase just by smelling our blood (blood not venom).

During a tour in Europe two years ago, right after my change (which was actually quick and painless) we found ourselves face to face with no one else than the Cullens themselves. Last I heard about them Aro had forced them all to separate for a hundred years after punishing Edward and Alice by dismembering them and keeping them like that for the duration of their punishment.

Frankly I don't care anymore. I did what Edward claimed he wanted me to do when he left me after my 18th birthday. I moved on. I have my mate, my wolf friends, my family and my baby. The first vampire born baby. I didn't tell Jasper yet, I will tell everyone after dinner today. With a last caress on my belly I put my shoes on and went to graduate.