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He traded his badges for an old Guitar. What's this trainers life like? Why did it come to this? Will a certain young women be able to enter his world and answer these questions as she does as much as she can to find out? But will this trainer let her in his world?

It was a crisp cool night in Celadon City, and right at one of the city's very own café/club there was a line to get in, it was a very popular

Inside the club it was dark with lights, blue, yellow, red…etc

Currently the waiters were setting up the tables, the bartender was setting up wiping off the counter, and technician crew was setting up on stage with some of the people with drums, guitars, and bass, pianos...etc

Behind the stage crew in the back room there sat a young man around the age of 22 in a black leather bomber jacket with fur trim on the collar, with a simple fitted white tee underneath; he also had on dark jeans with rips in them at places like the knee, and dark black boots, with heavy metal on them. He was currently slouched in a chair with his head hung low making his black shoulder length hair fall in front his face; he also had one arm slung over the back of the chair while his other hand hung to his side holding a glass of beer…he took a sip and hung his head back and closed his eyes

"Hey!" Came a deep angry voice

"Yeah?" Replied the young man in his own deep voice as he didn't even move or open his eyes

"Keep this little guy away from my ketchup bottles" He said as he raised a yellow Pokémon known as Pikachu in the air that happened to have a ketchup bottle clutched to its chest. The man let the Pikachu go and it walked towards the man in the chair

"Gotcha boss" He said as he made a gun with his fingers pretending he shot. He then sat up letting his black hair fall in front of his face "Had fun pal?" He asked with a smile as Pikachu gave him thumbs up and hopped on his shoulder. The young man rubbed behind his long time friend's ear and took the final sip of his alcohol and threw his head back again with his eyes closed

"Well girls this is how you enjoy a night in celadon after a good day of shopping" a girl with orange hair who was apparently older than the rest of the girls said out loud

"You sure are right Misty" A girl with brown hair commented

"Don't let this fool you May, for all we know the club Misty is taking us to now might suck as bad as the one from yesterday" a girl with dark red hair commented with annoyance

"Shut it Zoey" Misty said throwing the girl a dirty look "That wasn't my fault the singer who usually is there quit. But this time I know this place and your gonna love the music" Misty said again

"That's a relief" Commented a girl with blue hair "I've never been to Kanto and it seems like you wanna give me a reason to stay away" the girl said making all the girls except Misty laugh

"Not funny Dawn…anyway the lead singer is this girl I know she's really good too…so you'll be able to relax" Misty said

"I love the sound of relaxing!" Dawn exclaimed excitedly

The girls approached the entrance of this club that Misty kept talking about and was faced with a very burly man who was guarding the door, obviously the bouncer. He took his time and stared them up and down then he moved the side and let them pass

"Thank you" the all said in unison

They sat in a nice cozy corner of the place where they watched some people dancing in the middle of the joint, there was also people over at the bar area getting wasted

"You're right the ambiance is nice here" Dawn commented

"Told you so" Misty said in a little sing song voice

The girls sat at the table that was located roughly in the middle of the whole place, it was a full house everyone in there were women and they looked eager to view the performance, but it was going to be a while since the performance usually took place after or during the time everyone was eating their ordered meals

The girls waited patiently as a waiter came over and placed glasses of water in front of each girl, he then took out a book and took each girls order, after wards the waiter left and returned a few minutes with the food balanced

"Wow this place is pretty sweet" commented Zoey

"Yeah, but not one cute guy…" May added sadly

"This is why we're single…because we go to places like this with Misty" Dawn said hanging her head

"Hey! I took you guys here for music…and a night out with the girls" Misty said annoyed at her friends complaining

"Girls night...Every night?" Zoey asked

"Shhhh it's about to start" Misty said changing the subject

The women watched as a short man in a spiffy suit and shades stepped onto the stage from the right side with a microphone at hand

"Good evening ladies and …ok no gentlemen are here" he said chuckling to himself making some girls laugh as he gained everybody's attention

"Are you ready for some music?" He asked obviously knowing the answer as he received a few 'yeah' and 'yes' answers from the crowd "I'm sure you guys are aware of how great Julia's music was right?" He asked the crowd as they all started to clap "She's been signed! Isn't that great?" he asked getting the crowd more amped and excited "Yea so as a result she left to go overseas" He said wincing as he received a chorus of "boos" from the audience

"Aw man now you guys will never get to hear Julia, she was amazing" Misty said sadly as Dawn patted her back

"Don't get too down ladies, we have another special treat!" He said gaining back their interest

The announcer then pulled out a card from his pocket to read off the name

"I hope you guys consider…Ash Ketchum to be a better performer!" He said excitedly

All the women were very confused wondering just who the hell this kid was

"Ash? Sounds familiar" Misty said with her finger to her chin

"What's up?" May asked her friend who was in thought

"Well the last time I ever met someone or even heard of someone named Ash Ketchum he was a trainer…who beat me for the cascade badge" she stated

"Really? Is he cute?" Zoey asked

"Well I don't even know if this is the same guy for one because back then that kid Ash had a lot of potential. He's probably a master trainer by now…I'm not gonna lie though, he was a weird kid…a little cute, and he walked around with a Pikachu" She said reaching as far as she could into her memory bank

"Well if it is him, judging from your taste in men and that 'weird' comment you made…we definitely have nothing to look forward to" May stated making the group of girls laugh and making Misty reach for a fork and try and stab her with it

"Shh guys someone is coming on stage" Dawn said shutting them up as the whole room was now submersed in silence

All you could hear were footsteps and buckles from whatever boots Ash might have been wearing, he finally reached the mic stand where there was a stool behind him. Ash sat down and moved his hair out his face revealing his features and giving him a better view of the crowd. There were many squeals from the girls liking what they saw.

Ash proceeded to pick up his electric guitar out of its case and plug it up to the amplifier, he strummed twice adjusted the strings and then finally spoke nice and slow

"Goodnight ladies and…ladies" He said making the girls giggle like crazy even though it wasn't that funny

"Goodnight!" The women called back in unison

"Wow I should've thought about this before…all of these girls are entranced" the announcer man from earlier said rubbing his hands together

"Whoa…that is Ash" Misty said in awe "What happen?" she asked out loud in confusion and in liking what she saw

"I don't know but I like 'weird' Ash" Zoey said with her hands under her face as she sighed dreamily

"Mhmm" was the only sound that came from May

Dawn did not speak because she was the most entranced by this enigmatic young man

"I hope you all enjoy my music tonight" he said into the mic as he started to strum the metal strings filling the whole room with different sounds

After the song

"Wow that was a really good song" May commented as everyone nodded in agreement

"We should meet him, after all he does know Misty right?" Zoey asked out loud

"But he doesn't know her personally" May said

"Actually we made out behind the gym" Misty commented with a blush

"Wow, well you were probably bad so he wont remember anyway" May said sticking out her tongue at Misty who retaliated by punching her in the arm

Dawn did not speak in fact she tuned everyone else out, she absolutely loved that performance. She love Ash's deep voice, the way he played the guitar and the way he looked out into the crowd with a look that held so much untold things about him. She just had to meet him; something was telling her that she had to get to know this mysterious boy.

"Guys look" Zoey said pointing at the calm Ash as he walked off the stage as a whole mob of girls tried to get on stage "maybe next time we'll meet him" she said sadly

"Dammit that wont be till next week…you guys have Pokémon contest and I have to travel to Jhoto for a while…he'll be taken by then.." Misty explained to them

"You were going to go after him?" Zoey asked

"Weren't you?" Misty countered with a knowing smile

"N-no" Zoey said blushing and looking away

Misty then turned to look at May who covered her face with her hands "Exactly" Misty said satisfied "How about you Dawn?" Misty asked as she turned to where Dawn was supposed to be "Dawn?"

It was raining really hard out side and Dawn went out the side entrance to see if she could meet Ash in the Alley way "That's not stalking" She said to herself as she turned the corner and stopped to see a scene unfold where Ash was there but threatening looking men as well

"So how much you got?" one of the men asked with his hand out

"300" Ash replied holding the money in his fingerless gloved hands

"Hand it over, and I wont mess up everything you got going here…and I might not shoot either" he said showing his gun

"You got it" Ash replied handing over the money he just earned

"Don't be so calm with us!" one of the more aggressive thugs said angrily as he punched Ash in the gut making him fall to his knees, as his lighter slid out of his pocket and across the wet alley floor

After a few seconds Ash stood up and leaned against the wall of the joint and pulled out a cigarette

"Nothing new for scum like me" he said as he placed the cigarette in his mouth and started to feel around his leather jacket pocket for his lighter

"Dammit" He said still patting around for it and it made things worst since it was raining he could hardly see if it was on the floor

"Lost something?" Dawn asked approaching the young man as she held the lighter up in front his face

"Yea…thanks…uh" He said slowly not really trusting her but still trying to find out her name

"Dawn" She answered as she opened it and lit the cigarette for him "those aren't good for you" she warned him

"So they say" he replied uninterested in her warning as he moved his wet hair out of his face

"Dawn wanted to ask him about those people extorting hi but now didn't seem like the time. She also wanted to applaud him on his music but she didn't want to seem like a fan girl

It was an awkward silence that Dawn took initiative to kill

"So why all black?" She asked innocently about his outfit

"Why the question?" He answered back smartly

"Cause I wanna ask" She answered back

"Cause I wanna wear it" He said plainly taking a pull of his cigarette and then blowing the smoke in her face

"You must think you're so funny don't you?" She asked him with her hands on her hips

"A regular comedian" he replied "Sorry to cut this date short but I gotta go" he walked over to his guitar that wasn't that far from him and picked it up as Pikachu poked its head out from the alley door of the joint as if on cue and hopped on his trainers shoulder.

Ash started to walk away and made a short wave without looking back to Dawn. Pikachu looked back and waved and said "Pika!" as its waving gesture then turned into sticking out his tongue at her

"They both think they're so funny" Dawn said as her eyebrow twitched

Dawn met back up with her group in front of the place where all her friends were under umbrellas

"Dawn you're soaked!" Misty said with concern "Where were you?" she asked her

"Bathroom" Dawn replied rubbing her neck sheepishly with a smile

Everyone gave her a blank stare

"Well anyway" Zoey said changing the subject and inviting Dawn under her umbrella "We won't be back for a while so I hope you enjoyed your self" She said to Dawn

"Why won't we be back?" Dawn asked

"The Pokémon Contest Silly" May said "don't you remember?"

"Oh…oh yeah" Dawn said a little sad

Dawn put her Hand in her pocket and found Ash's lighter that she forgot to return to him

"Well at least I have a reason why I have to come back" she said to herself with a smile feeling the cool metal in her pocket

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