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"Dammit" Ash muttered nervously to himself as he searched for something in the cavern "Hey, Pikachu!" He called to small sleeping yellow mouse Pokémon

Pikachu stirred and groaned alittle as it woke up from the sound of his trainer's voice. Rubbing his eye pikachu spoke up with a slightly annoyed look "Pi?"

"Hey! Don't "what?" me" The dark haired guitarist answered back as Pikachu was about to wave him off and go back to sleep which made Ash's eyebrow twitch in irritation "Hey, hey stay awake. I need u to tell me where the first aid kit I brought with me is"

"Pika pi pikachu"

"You can't use it as a pillow! Give it here!" Ash demanded as pikachu clutched it's "pillow" closer to it's chest and shook his head in defiance "Hey, look here!" Ash order as he moved to the side revealing Dawn lying down on the cavern floor breathing heavily "I need that first aid kit"

"Pikaka pi pikachu pi pika"

"Why didn't I say so sooner? Why didn't you just give me the kit?! And I'm not an idiot"


"You shut up" Ash argued back

Pikachu shocked Ash as it walked by him turning him into toast and went next to Dawn and opened up the kit "Pikachu, Pikachu"

"Alright I'm on it!" Ash said hurridly as he ran off

A couple seconds later Ash was back with a crystal rock shaped like a bowl with water in it 'I have to thank Blastoise later' he thought to himself as he set the bowl down next to Dawn and Pikachu

Pikachu instructed Ash what to do as it walked away leaving full responsibility of the coordinator in his hands.

"Come on Dawn, get better!" Ash pleaded as he sat cross legged next to Dawn with a bowl of water while he constantly switched a rag that sat on her forehead whenever it was time to.

Ash did this until the next night when finally Dawn's fever had broken. Ash was so relieved and took the time to check her over and realize she was sleeping soundly now and he could finally get a bit of rest. Ash made a space next to Dawn with his back to her and went to sleep

Pikachu woke up in the middle of the night looking for the first aid kit to use as a pillow when suddenly he spotted Ash and Dawn sleeping next to each other

"Pika" (Hmm) He smirked and walked over to a duffle bag Ash had brought with him and pulled out a camera "Pikachu pika pi" (I'm gonna make the other girls so jealous) Pikachu said with a devious smile "Pi pi pi" (he he he) Pikachu chuckled evilly as he walked over to the pair and started moving arms and legs and faces and taking pictures he knew he'd be able to use. Pikachu chuckled once again as he looked at the digital evidence on the camera

Dawn started to stir as she rolled to her side only to bump in to something, rather someone…she opened her eyes and looked at the back of the person she bumped into, she was shocked that Ash slept by her side "Ash…" she trailed off calmly as she sat up and looked around the crystal like cave with the indoor waterfall that Ash was when she first entered the area.

She looked around some more and saw the bowl of water and the rag next to her instantly her mind processed everything "Ash is so tired because he was taking care of me…" She said sadly as she thought of something else 'I've been unfair to Ash. I should probably tell him why I treated him the way I did that night in Olivine city' Dawn thought to herself as she moved over to where Ash was and placed his head on her lap so he could sleep comfortably

When Ash finally woke up he found Dawn looking out into the dark cave where the only source of light was the fire that he made earlier which caused the effect of the light to bounce from shard to shard continuously. It made her look so beautiful as it reflected back onto her face lighting up her brilliant blue orbs, when suddenly she looked down at Ash as her eyes widened in surprise and happiness as she gave the boy a warm smile. Ash looked away with a blush since he realized he was staring too long

"Hey, Dawn" He said still hiding his face from her

"Hey, sleepy head" She greeted back happy he was finally awake "Thank you by the way" she said a little seriously as her smile soon disappeared as soon a whole bunch of thoughts started to fill her head "You're really a great friend Ash" Dawn then said sincerely

'Friend' Ash said to himself because for some reason he didn't know why but when he heard Dawn say that, it seemed to pull at his heart strings just a little bit

"Yeah, I try" Ash said a little downcast

"Is there something wrong?" she asked as she noticed Ash's expression get a little sad

"N-nothing" Ash lied as Pikachu shook it's head at his trainer in disapproval "I-I'm gonna go train a bit!" He said as he got up quickly but steadily due to his slowly healing injuries

"O-oh Alright" She said a bit awkwardly as Ash started to ran off to the area with the waterfall inside the cavern

"Oh and here!" Ash said picking up some clothes out of a bag and then holding them out for the bluenette to see as he then looked away and scratching his cheek sheepishly "You should probably try and keep warm while we are here so you can borrow my clothes" The young man offered as Dawn blushed at the thought of wearing Ash's clothes

Dawn's thoughts started to run wild as she stood there speechless for a moment

"So is that a no?" Ash asked while laughing a little at how weird she was acting

Dawn snapped out of it and started to ramble "Yes…I mean no….yes to your other question and no to this one…I mean…ugh just give me the clothes" She finished defeated as both Pikachu and Ash snickered at the bluenette who sent both of them death glares as both trainer and Pokémon simultaneously looked away from each other and started to whistle

'Like trainer like Pokémon' Dawn said to herself a little annoyed

Dawn started to put on the shirt and then looked at Ash and Pikachu expectantly who both were looking in her direction with far-off stares as if they were looking into space "Eh hem" She cleared her throat as they both didn't budge "I said EH HEM!" She said this time a little forcefully snapping them out of their trance

"Oh is something up, Dawn?" Ash asked tilting his head to the side

"Pika pika?" Pikachu also asked mimicking the actions of Ash unconsciously

A vein popped up on Dawn's forehead as she suppressed the urge to kick both of them as she motioned towards the clothes then to herself asking for a little bit of privacy

"I still don't get it" Ash said innocently as he held a confused look on his face when suddenly a rock came flying at his head sending a comedic blood spewing from his forehead as Ash fell over into the blood face first and laid there while the blood still spouted upwards like a fountain

"Keep it over there, Ketchum!"

Pikachu's face held a look of horror as it slowly turned to Dawn who was tossing a rock up in down in her hand

"Pikachu, Pikachu" (alright, alright) Pikachu said with its hands up defeated as it turned around next to his fallen trainer who didn't look like he was getting up soon

'Like trainer like Pokémon' she repeated to herself again

Dawn's POV

I slowly put on Ash's clothes constantly looking over to see if he was peeking or not. Even though I knew Ash wasn't a pervert and he only sees me as a friend. A girl can never be too sure with guy's right

"I wonder what it would be like to be his girlf- Stop it Dawn, he's a friend and plus you can't have thoughts like that when your relationship with him is still pretty broken after that incident" I tried to reason with myself

My mind suddenly started to wander back to that time when the smell of that alcohol on Ash brought back horrible memories…memories of another time that I would eventually have to tell Ash about soon if I want things back to normal…or maybe better…or worse

What's he going to think of me after I tell him? will he look down on me in disgust ? Will he hate me and treat me different? These are the things I'm afraid of. It was so much easier listening to Ash's story…this is what it must have been like for him when he was afraid to open up to me…

I shook my head and smacked my cheeks to shake myself out of these thoughts…"I'm going to tell him regardless of what he thinks"

I started to put on the last article of clothing that Ash hand given me to wear. It was the pants they were really long and baggy just like the shirt I was wearing that belonged to him as well. Everything smelled like him, and I loved the smell it calmed me and made me feel right at home even if I was in a cave at the moment…wow I must be obsessed or something…play it cool Dawn play it cool

"Hey Dawn you almost finished?" I Heard Ash call to me

"Yeah I'm done you can turn around now"

Normal POV

Ash looked at Dawn in his clothes they fit her baggy and it made him smile cause of how cute she looked 'Ah crap, there I go again thinking she's cute' Ash said to himself as he hid his face from the girl

"Something Funny?" She asked with her hands on her hips as she gave him a look that dared him to make a joke

"Nope, nothing at all." Ash answered quickly as he then looked down at his partner in crime who was still a little bit afraid of Dawn "Right, Pikachu?"

"Chu!" Pikachu answered up just as quickly as Ash did

"Good" Dawn said turning around and smiling as she walked over to a bag that Ash had brought with him

Ash was Training his stances along with his deep breathing exercises as Dawn watched him carefully while sat on a rock with her hands under her chin. She was smiling unconsciously as she watched the young man train diligently and work up a sweat, really trying to work at a goal that was ultimately for her sake…oh yeah…for her…

"Maybe now is a good time to stop him and tell him what's wrong" Dawn thought to herself breaking the hypnotic trance of watch the young man perform his various moves 'Easier said than done' she said to herself before calling the young man "Hey uh Ash-"

"Hey Dawn, Pikachu tells me you've just been watching and looking a little bored" Ash said suddenly cutting off Dawn

"But I wasn't…" Dawn started to say under her breath when she looked into Pikachu's eyes to see a gleam of light and evil smile "You"

"PiPiPiPi" Pikachu laughed evilly

"So maybe I can show you some moves" Ash suggested as he started to walk over to her and held out his hand to her with a smile

Dawn hesitated and put her hand forth but then pulled back until she just dropped her head in defeat and placed her hand in his

Ash's smile grew into a full blown grin as he suddenly hauled Dawn up over his shoulder

"Ah Uh Ash!" She cried out laughing a little as she was over his shoulder

"It's 'Sifu'" Ash corrected nonchalantly as if he wasn't even carrying Dawn over his shoulder

"Well Sifu, you seem to have a lot of strength for someone who was heavily injured" She said to him

"The body is only as strong as the mind" Ash said quickly switching his eyes from left to right

Dawn turned to Ash's face and gave him an are you serious look

"I-I uh mean you're not that heavy" Ash said with a whole hearted smile only to regret it after as he saw Dawn's face turn into pure rage that rivaled even Misty's

The blue haired Pokémon coordinator was now standing in the area where Ash was previously training "Is this one of those stances you were doing, Sifu?" She asked with an innocent smile

Ash was laid out on the floor with his head smoking and had bumps from where he was hit

"Wh-What did I do?" Ash asked no one in particular as Pikachu strolled by casually

"Pika pika pik Pikachu" Pikachu started to explain

"So it's not a smart idea to talk about women's weight…aaah I get it" Ash said as he started to get up "I'll make note of that buddy" Ash started to walk but then paused mid step and turned to Pikachu with a confused face "Uh Pikachu, how do you know so much about women when you're just a Pokémon? No offense"

"Pika-chu" Pikachu said first not taking offense to being a Pokémon "Pi pik Pikachu pi ka Pika-chu" Pikachu explained to his slightly dense partner

"Ah, alright then" Ash said satisfied as he was now with Dawn

"Sifu! You're finally awake!" She exclaimed excitedly as Ash gave her an annoyed look

"It's not good to hit an injured person" Ash chastised

"Injured...Sure you are" She said sarcastically "So when are you gonna show me the moves you promised?" She questioned getting impatient

"Alright, alright" Ash said getting into serious Sifu mode

Ash stood on front of Dawn

Dawn blushed a little and turned her head "So what are we learning today Ash-"

"Sifu" Ash corrected

"…Sifu" Dawn strained out with a tick at her forehead

"Well Daniel-san, today you learn wax on, wax off" Ash said sagely

'Karate Kid?' Dawn questioned to herself

Ash's POV

Although Dawn was a little bad at first, she was starting to get the hang of it. In the beginning she was losing her balance and falling over, but now she's properly holding her stances and even doing her breathing exercises correctly.

It's been a couple of days since we first entered the cave and I first showed Dawn some of the technique's my own master showed me a long time ago. I just can't believe how serious she's gotten about it, even getting up earlier than me to start training jeez…

But something has been bothering me…for the simple fact that ever since Dawn and I started to talk back in Celadon city, I never thought I would tell her so much about me. Or that she'd be so connected to me. I don't really understand it too much but somehow Dawn understands me…and I think I can say I understand her as well.

So I think I can say that I can see that there is clearly something wrong with her something is plaguing her mind at the moment…I just don't know how to approach her about it especially if it has something to do with the confrontation we had when we were in Olivine City…

I wonder if Dawn still thinks i hate her even though i already told her I dont, maybe I should ask her after the training session today

I started to walk over to Dawn She looked so concentrated on getting better at the kung fu moves I showed her, that concentration on her face and how much she's trying…it's really something that I just can't help but admire…

She noticed me walking over to her and she broke her concentration and shown a beautiful smile and hopped on me when I was close enough

"Sifu! I think I finally mastered the move!" She said to me excitedly it amused me that she was still calling me Sifu

"That's great Dawn, Maybe I'll teach you something new" I congratulated and suggested to her

"Yeah, then I'll kick Misty's ass, and then surpass the master!" She said grabbing her muscle only to regret it since it hurt so much "Ow wow ow" She said rubbing her arm

I saw this and motioned her to the water with the waterfall crashing into it

Normal POV

"Here" Ash said as he cupped some of the water in his hand and rubbed it on her arm and then proceeded to expertly massage her arm while constantly putting the water on the body part

"Thanks" She said with a huge blush "Um but why are you using the water?" She asked

"Well somehow I think this water has special healing properties" Ash explained "I spent most of my time in this water and look at me" The trainer turned rock star said as he flexed a muscle to show Dawn that he was fine even if she didn't see because she looked away with a blush in embarrassment

There was a moment of silence as Ash was finishing up massaging the young woman's arm

"There we go" Ash said finished

"Wow! It's like new" Dawn exclaimed amazed "Thanks Sifu" She joked with a big smile as the young man returned but then replaced with a frown as he remembered something

"Hey Dawn" Ash called to the blue haired coordinator

"Yeah Sifu?"

"Ok, enough Sifu for now" Ash said as the air started to get serious as Dawn nodded her head "You're always smiling and everything but…when I truly just look at you, in your eyes that is" Ash paused to make sure she was still listening "It just seems to me that you're holding back something…Is there something bothering you?" The ex-Pokémon trainer asked her

'This is it now or never Dawn!' The Pokémon coordinator said to herself as she steeled herself for what was about to come after she tells the man in front of her what was worrying her for the longest time her breath was hitched in her throat and she could feel sweat beads running down her forehead

"It's just about that time, back in Olivine City…" she trailed off finally getting the words out

Ash was a little taken back by what she had just said to him "Wait Dawn, I thought I told you-"

"No Ash, just listen to me, ok!" She pleaded "I don't feel right leaving you in the dark about this" She said to him as she watch the man nod his head in understanding "Listen to my story like I listened to yours" She said lowly bringing back memories of when the both of them were in Ash's house listening to his story of how his life ended up the way it did

'I don't know that much about Dawn…' Ash said to himself 'maybe I'll understand her more…understand why some of her smiles are forced…I've never pondered too much on it because I thought I might have been wrong' "Alright Dawn, I'm listening" Ash said as the anticipation was building up in the air and slowly started to suffocate him

Dawn's Stomach was in a knot he lips were getting dry and she was starting to breathe heavily as she started to think back on those times…she felt like she was about to faint until not a moment too soon she felt a warm hand on her shoulder

"Dawn, it's alright" Ash said with a reassuring smile

Just like that she was defused she didn't know where that power came from but it helped her out and she was thankful "Thank you Ash"

The young man Nodded "You don't have to you kn-"

"No! It's now or Never Ash" She said making him sweat drop a little even if the situation was serious "The reason why everything happened the way it did back in Olivine city is because…"

Both Ash and Pikachu who suddenly appeared out of left field leaned in anxious to know what was going to be said

"In my past I was a victim of Abuse..."

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