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Chapter 19: Perfect Day

~ M ~ T ~

Sinclair and also the Chicago team let us stay in the undercover house for a few more days, saying we deserved the time off and Stella and I readily agreed to stay a little longer and just enjoy what the city had to offer. The questioning of Allyson Farrel only showed that she was driven by pure jealousy and hatred against Ashlee, but she regretted what she did. Amelie decided that she wanted to stay with her father and Ashlee, her now step mother. Amelie was upset and disappointed about what her mother did and she suffered a lot from that, though her father and Ashlee both supported the young woman to get over it and move on with her own life, though both of them agreed that Amelie could go and see her mother in jail if she wanted to and felt the time was right. When Stella and I spoke to Amelie it was pretty sure that she had been very close to her mother and always wanted for her to move on, which she thought Allyson did, but obviously she had been wrong about that. Amelie's father Cody Farrel and his wife Ashlee had readily agreed to take Amelie in and she was more than happy that they did.

It was the morning of our last day in Chicago and I had planned something special for Stella today. Yesterday I took her into the city for shopping and I did that on purpose as I wanted to get something so when Stella said she wanted to go into one of the bigger shops in town to look for something she could bring for Lucy and also wanted to visit a lingerie story I told her that I'd meet her half an hour as I wanted to get something done. That was the time when I went looking for a ring and I found one. Today I wanted to put that ring to it's use. I was up way before Stella and just lingered in bed while she was still in my arms, sleeping peacefully. I smiled to myself thinking about what I planned for today. The past few days had settled my wish to get married again and it definitely proved that Stella would be the one I wanted to get married to. Though we still could take our time, but I was going to ask her properly.

"Morning handsome." she said warmly as she woke up and smiled at me.

"Morning beautiful." I replied warmly. "Slept well?"

"Thanks to you I did."

We lingered in bed a little longer before we both decided that it was time to get up and get some breakfast. We both had our bags already packed up and only left the most important stuff left for today, or tomorrow to pack up. We both took our turns having a shower and getting dressed and then we went downstairs to get breakfast ready. It was the last day in our undercover home and we already said goodbye to all the neighbors and Michelle said that she would like to visit us in New York when her daughter was older. Her and Stella quickly became friends during our trip and neither of us minded to have her and her family in New York, once they thought Alexandra was old enough for the quite long flight. Of course we had to promise to visit them if we were ever to come back to Chicago, as I knew we would.

"So… what's the mysterious play for today?" Stella asked as we lingered around the table after breakfast.

"Well, I was thinking about taking you to the waterfront of the city for dinner and maybe go for a walk to the beach afterwards." I said and was rewarded with smile.

"Gotta be an early dinner, I guess."

"I know, we gotta get up early tomorrow, but still wanted to have dinner in town today."

"And I'd love that." She said and kissed my cheek. "And what do we do before dinner?"

"Well, we already did some kind of sightseeing and we went shopping… what are you up to?"

"Mmm… lingering around the house, using the beautiful weather to actually use the small garden we have here and just relax?" she suggested with raised brows.

"Okay." I readily agreed, as we didn't spend that much time around the house lately and before the flight tomorrow morning I supposed we could use the rest. Once we settled things for today we decided to kind of have a picnic in the garden and skip lunch, so we prepared some things for later and then just relaxed in the warm sun. I was more than happy that the weather played along with my plan.


As we walked down the way from the restaurant we had dinner at, I was getting a little nervous. Though she already said she'd wanted to marry me, asking her properly, like I would have without my mother asking (though I really wasn't mad at her) was making my heart beat faster and my mind racing with thoughts about the usual "what-if", though I really had nothing to worry about. But being myself I was just nervous.

Luckily we reached the small beach at Michigan Lake pretty soon and had some kind of small talk about the city and about our time here and what was coming when we were back in New York. As we stopped at the beach we had a beautiful sunset in front of us. Luckily both of us wore causal clothes, so Stella had decided for sneakers, jeans and a top, compared with her leather jacket and I wore pretty much the same, just no leather jacket, but my coat, which was useful with the sand and wind. The sunset was just perfect for my plan.

~ S ~ B ~

Throughout the evening I noticed a slight change in Mac's behavior. He seemed to be nervous about something and when he thought I wasn't watching I caught him somewhat lost in thoughts. I didn't say anything earlier because I thought maybe it was just dinner and probably the fact that he didn't like flying. But as we went for the walk after our early dinner and stopped at the beach, looking at the beautiful and quite romantic sunset over the lake, he seemed to be even more nervous and I couldn't help but wonder why. Actually I had a pretty good idea as to why he seemed nervous, but then he had nothing to worry about if he was going to do his proper proposal, though we were dressed very causal, but who cared about the clothes right? This was about love and I would never say no if he'd ask me again. The past few days had settled and cemented my love for him and obviously his love for me.

Though Millie's question led to his sudden proposal at his childhood home, I actually found myself being thankful that she did ask us, though she was sorry for asking just like that. But I was everything but mad at her. But if he planned to propose today and at this location then I had to say that he was lucky that the weather played along. Who would say no to a proposing man with that scene in the background? The sun was low and bathing the water and the sky around us in golden, yellow, red and orange colors. Actually the perfect scene for a proposal and little did I know that it was the exact thing he had planned.

But as he was staying quiet as we stood there, my hand carefully held in his, I did worry a little, what he had in mind. He was awfully quiet now and it was something I wasn't used to.

"Mac?" I gently say his name and he instantly looked at me. "You okay?"

"Yeah… was just… well, thinking." He said quietly.

"Yeah, you've been doing that all evening." I said with a small smirk as he just offered a surprised expression. "Yes I noticed."

"Sorry." He offered with a sheepish glance.

"Mind sharing those thoughts?"

And that question got it all started. First thing he did was locking eyes with me and just stay like that for a few minutes, which actually felt like an eternity. And while we stood like that, he had both my hands in his and his warm sapphire eyes held deep love, but also some kind of uncertainty. But just standing like this made my heart race with anticipation. I sensed what he was about to do and so my face cracked into a soft smile and that seemed to have an assuring effect on him, as he let go of my hands and got a small velvet box out of his pocket. I knew all too well what was in that box and felt my heart skip more than one beat. He got down on one knee, holding my eyes captive on his. He remained like that a little longer and I could see that he still was nervous.

"Will you marry me?" he finally dared to ask and opened the small box to reveal a modest, white gold engagement ring with a small heart shaped diamond on it. It was truly beautiful and I couldn't do anything but nod.

"Yes, Mac." I said as he slipped the small ring up my finger, the band of gold now gone for a few days, same as his.

As soon as he got up I pulled him into a hug, kissing him and then just held onto him as he held me close and I could feel that he was relieved. I kissed his cheek and whispered into his ear: "It's beautiful."

I could feel his heart still racing just as mine, but at this moment I was the happiest woman on earth, now engaged with the most amazing man I've ever met. But as we remained like that a little longer I wondered about our team in New York and I tried to imagine their faces when we'd tell them that we were engaged and I would show off my beautiful engagement ring. It was a modest ring and yet it was special to me, because first of all, it was my engagement ring and second Mac chose it and I knew it was coming from his heart. I knew that our team, our friends would support us and be happy for us, especially Lindsay.

"I love you." I said quietly, but heartfelt as we pulled away to walk back to the car. He leaned in for another, soft and yet loving kiss.

"I love you, too, Stella." He replied warmly. "With all my heart."

On the way back to the car, my hand was again carefully held in his loving grasp and I was just smiling and every once in a while I would just stare at the small ring and heart shaped diamond on my finger and think about how lucky I actually was. Yes I was lucky to have him in my life and I would never let him leave my life again.

The ride back to our undercover home was spent in comfortable silence, neither of us wanting to say something. But as soon as we were inside and shed our coats our lips were locked in a heated, yet passionate kiss. It was actually the very first time we shared a heated moment like that, filled with love, passion and desire. And that got my core warming up instantly. The kiss broke when he picked me up in his strong grasp and carried me upstairs, of course to the bedroom where we both then stood in front of the bed, lips already locked again. I felt his fingers starting to play with the edge of my top, pulling it up a little and his warm fingers would tease my bare skin underneath, till he got the courage to pull it over my head and I did the same with shirt, my desire for him growing the longer he'd tease my skin and our lips were locked. And I certainly wasn't the only one.

Soon we capped the day with our first, passionate and heated love making session, making the day even more perfect.

The End.

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