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From the pages of Sasuke's Diary

Dear Diary,

I have always thought that weddings where uncool when I was younger.

Now that I'm older... and in love... I want to have my own wedding...

Must I ask Itachi to marry me? Will he accept my proposal?

Another thing that bothers me is the venue...

Where can we get married?

Is there a place where we can freely express our love?

I'm confused Diary...

Making History

The Proposal

Itachi stirred, for the Nth time... he couldn't sleep anymore... He was feeling weird... weirdly excited. He slowly got up... making sure not to awaken his brother who was sleeping beside him. Finally, Itachi was able to get up from bed without waking Sasuke up. He stretched a bit and ran his hand through his bed-tousled hair. He then went to the bathroom to wash his face and brushed his teeth as well. He walked around the room. His attention was caught as his eyes were directed to the sliding door at the corner. A flicker of sunlight was calling him. He went over and opened the door. The warmth of the morning sun kissed his face. He took a deep breath and smiled at the sensation.

Itachi looked around the place as he stepped out of the sliding door leading to the veranda. He and Sasuke were in a local inn. The place Sasuke chose was like a fairytale area that came to life. The sun was up, not a single cloud was in the sky. The trees and flowers were at their best... bright green and shiny. Even the breeze felt cool against his skin. The place was perfect. Sasuke made a good choice... Ontario was a beautiful place to spend a vacation with. Itachi peeked back and saw that Sasuke was still sleeping, his handsome features were sporting a peaceful and contented look. Itachi's heart felt glad.

He went back in and closed the sliding door. He slowly made his way back to the bed. As he slid in, Sasuke stirred. Itachi laid next to Sasuke, staring at his sleeping brother's face. He propped his head with his hand as his elbow supported the weight. He continued to look... filling his eyes with the beauty Sasuke offered. Itachi took a deep breath and sighed. "A penny for your thoughts..." Sasuke murmured, still with his eyes closed. Itachi grinned, Sasuke was finally awake. "Good morning koibito..." he said as he leaned a bit and planted a kiss on Sasuke's lips.

A wide grin formed on Sasuke's face. He opened an eye and looked at Itachi "Good morning nii-san... you got up early... is something wrong?" he asked as the other eye opened. Itachi again took a deep breath and shook his head. Staring into Sasuke's dark, endless midnight eyes was one of the few things he loved to do. It was like a mystery... one will never know the secrets those speaking eyes had. "Nothing is wrong... I just got up... the birds were chirping crazily outside..." he reasoned, which was partly true... He just couldn't tell Sasuke that he was feeling weird... in a good way though. Sasuke laughed at his reason, he knew his brother was lying.

Sasuke moved closer and cuddled himself to Itachi. He buried his face on Itachi's chest. Itachi smiled and stroked Sasuke's hair "Why are we being sweet today, hm?" Itachi asked playfully. "I'm just happy to be with you nii-san..." he murmured as he placed an arm around Itachi's waist. Itachi smiled. Leave it to Sasuke to make him feel all mushy and good. He closed his eyes, enjoying the sweet moment they were currently sharing. They were going to tour the around later... Sasuke practically begged Itachi days earlier to go with him to the museum. Itachi was surprised... Sasuke wasn't a geek kid... why would he like to go to the museum that much? It made him really wonder.

In a matter of minutes, Sasuke and Itachi were both showered and dressed. They had a light breakfast at the diner located in front of the inn. After eating, Sasuke was all smiles as he pulled Itachi's hand and skipped his way towards their rented car. Itachi wondered why Sasuke's hands were so cold. Sasuke was behind the wheel and Itachi was holding the map. He was giving out directions to the museum Sasuke was so ecstatic about. Little did Itachi know Sasuke was at the verge of bursting with suspense and excitement. He was so nervous of his plans for today. He slid his hand nervously in his pant's pocket and clutched the precious box tightly.

Itachi did noticed Sasuke was uncomfortable, which his brother was trying so hard to mask with a smile. "Sasuke, are you okay?" he asked, raising an elegant eyebrow in the process. Sasuke nodded "Of course nii-san...I'm fine..." he responded with a big toothy grin. Itachi shook his head and chuckled, Sasuke's talent of making funny faces never failed to amuse him, even since they were younger. Sasuke continued to drive, little did Itachi know that he actually reserved a section in the museum for them. It was a good thing that a classmate of his before married the son of the owner of the museum. He was able to ask her a favor.

They both arrived at the venue, the musem's entrance was fully packed... it was afterall, a school day... so a lot of people were strolling with their loved ones and classmates... creating memories. Sasuke literally pulled Itachi's arm "Let's go nii-san... based on this pamphlet, the national history corner is right here..." Sasuke commented and Itachi was getting a wee-bit suspicious. What the hell was wrong with Sasuke's attitude today? He asked himself as he followed Sasuke half-stumbling along the way. Itachi's keen eyes observed a sign on a door that they passed... it said 'National History' on it. He frowned.

Sasuke then continued to lead Itachi deeper into the museum... the visitor's number grew less... until the reached a black gate, leading to an outside garden. Itachi frowned harder and he pulled his hand away from Sasuke's grasp. "Sasuke... what is the meaning of this? I thought you wanted to..." Itachi started blabbing. Sasuke just shrugged and started to unlock the gate. As soon as the metal bars opened, Sasuke went out into the garden. Itachi, though fuming... was curious... so he followed Sasuke outside. Itachi held his breath as his eyes feasted on the beauty of the place they were at.

The mini garden was surrounded my weeping willows and other trees with long tresses. The grass they were stepping on was smooth as corn silk and there were bushes of flowers... roses, daisies, hyacinths... and a lot more flowers he cant even name. There was a small pond on the left side of the garden. Sasuke stood there silently, his dark eyes looking at him... the granite orbs were speaking to him. "Sasuke... w-what is all this?" he asked as he stammered a little. Itachi the great lost his poise. He slowly walked towards Sasuke, his sharp mind was trying to figure out something he can't even decipher.

"I always wanted to be with you in a dream place like this nii-san..." Sasuke said as his voice broke the silence. A soft, cool breeze caressed both of them. Itachi stood by the pond, just a foot away from Sasuke. He looked over the pond and saw a couple of colorful carps in different sizes swirling around. He turned his head and looked at Sasuke. Sasuke smiled at Itachi and gulped. Itachi noticed the gulp, he frowned at Sasuke "Sasuke, why did you bring me here?" he asked. Sasuke placed his hand in his pocket and pulled something out. He then dropped down on one knee and looked up at Itachi.

"Marry me, Itachi Uchiha..." Sasuke said half-pleading, as he held the ring up for Itachi to see. The 8-karat Diamond and Ruby encrusted engagement ring glistened under the sunlight as it peacefully sat on the velvet floor of the red box that Sasuke held. Itachi grew pale... his mouth hanging half-opened. He stared at the ring, then at Sasuke. He never Imagined Sasuke would go all the way and propose to him immediately. He was planning to propose to his koibito next year... on their first anniversary... when everything was well-planned. But it seems like Sasuke was just a bit more impatient than he was.

Itachi remained silent as he stared at Sasuke. Sasuke gulped... He grew more nervous by the second. Itachi remained silent... it had already been two minutes... two solid minutes of silence. Itachi turned pale... that made Sasuke scared. Did he upset Itachi in any way? Did he say the wrong words? How was he supposed to know what lines to use? A pearl of sweat rolled off his forehead. He looked at Itachi, the elder raven's dark eyes remained blank... Sasuke gulped again. Itachi suddenly moved. He raised his hand and held out a finger... he wiped the sweat off Sasuke's skin. Sasuke took a deep breath... what was Itachi thinking? Why wasn't he responding?

Itachi pulled Sasuke close and hugged him wordlessly. Sasuke blinked a couple of times... not knowing what to tell his brother at this moment. He slumped over Itachi and with the added weight, both stumbled on the cool grass. Sasuke closed his eyes... at that moment he felt nervous and happy... his emotions were jumping all over his system. He held Itachi tighter. He waited for Itachi to break the ice... the ring was still in enclosed in his hand. Itachi didn't accept it earlier... and Sasuke never had the opportunity to put it in his finger either.

"Do you remember the first time we kissed, koibito?" Itachi asked as he ran his hair through Sasuke's soft spikes. Sasuke nodded and smiled dreamily "Of course, I will never forget that nii-san... that was one of the most memorable moments in my life..." he responded as he cuddled on Itachi. Itachi held Sasuke tightly and rested his chin on top of Sasuke's head "Sasuke..." he murmured as he stared blankly on the ceiling. "Yes nii-san?" he asked as he moved his eyes up, meeting Itachi's chin. He can't see his brother's eyes but he can feel the thudding of his heart. "Sasuke...I..." Itachi said softly... Sasuke felt Itachi's heart beat increase it's phase.

"Yes nii-san, what is it?" Sasuke asked as he escaped Itachi's arms so he could sit up and face Itachi. Itachi smiled and sat up as well. As soon as Sasuke's handsome face came to view. Sasuke looked at his brother worriedly "Nii-san... I know all of this is unexpected... I'm not just jealous of Konan's wedding... I've been thinking about proposing to you the day I found out that I was in love with you...I..." Sasuke explained but was cut-off as Itachi placed a slender finger on his lips "Hush Sasuke, you talk too much..." he murmured and replaced the finger with his own lips.

Sasuke was breathless as Itachi's lips left his own. What he just had was... if not probably, the best kiss he was ever given. He looked at Itachi who was smiling knowingly at his brother. "Sasuke..." Itachi huskily whispered as his fingers traced on the velvet box in Sasuke's hand. "I, Itachi Uchiha..." he said in a clear voice "..am planning to add another event on your so called 'most memorable moments of your life' list..." he stopped again as he grinned "...by letting you know that..." he stopped again as he looked at his wonderful brother who was somewhat paling right now.

"...that I love you... and I will marry you..." he grinned wider as Sasuke closed his eyes and took a deep breath and exhaled loudly. His eyes started to well with tears. With trembling hands, Sasuke placed the ring unto Itachi's left ring finger... just right on top of his promise ring. Itachi looked at Sasuke and smiled at him lovingly "Nii-san... I... I... I love you..." Sasuke whispered, his voice quivered with all the emotions in his chest. Itachi hugged Sasuke "You impatient little devil... I wanted to be the one to propose to you..." Itachi scolded Sasuke sweetly as he squeezed Sasuke tightly.

Sasuke laughed in between his tears and Itachi's hug "I'm sorry nii-san... I can't wait anymore..." he explained as Itachi chuckled and kissed his cheek. Sasuke smiled as his tears finally gave way. Itachi cupped Sasuke's lovely face and steadied it before his face "You Sasuke Uchiha, must promise me that you will never shed a tear anymore off these lovely eyes of yours..." he said as he thumbed the tears off Sasuke's weeping eyes. Sasuke smiled "Nii-san, I can't help it... I'm a shallow weeper... I cry when I'm happy... I cry when I'm sad..." he explained. "Yeah, you even cry when I tell you how much I love you..." Itachi whispered huskily and it made Sasuke blush.

"Nii-san! That is embarrassing... don't tease me..." Sasuke said as he buried his face on Itachi's chest. Itachi laughed "My sweet blushing bride..." he nicknamed Sasuke as he made Sasuke tilt up and face him. "Aishiteru Sasuke Uchiha... my only one... my everything... my all..." Itachi said as he kissed Sasuke's lips deeply. Sasuke closed his eyes and savored the kiss. As soon as Itachi's lips released their kiss, he replied "Aishiteru Itachi Uchiha... my life... my heart.. my soul..." he made a move to kiss Itachi back. Their lips connected... their minds freed... finally, they will be.. as one!

Their lips broke off... each sporting a knowing smile. Itachi threw an arm around Sasuke's shoulders. "Koibito... if I may ask..." he said as Sasuke nodded, egging Itachi to continue "... others choose restaurants... the beach... or even the sidewalk... why here?" Itachi asked and Sasuke gave out a soft laugh. "Nii-san... those that you've mentioned are cool... but the reason why I chose to propose to you here is because of this explanation..." he grinned and Itachi looked at Sasuke. "The museum is a place filled with treasures, memories and important history, right?" he asked and Itachi nodded. "Well nii-san, you are my treasure... we are making memories and I am making history!" he said triumphantly and that answer gained him a tight hug and a kiss from his one and only love!

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