Kino was a little bit active after they got moving from resting in a forest.

"Kino?" Hermes spoke with a curious voice upon seeing her. "You seem very different today."

"To tell you the truth, the next country that we will arrive is a place where travelers say it is a paradise." Kino replied with a happy tone and made the motorrad go a little bit faster. "I can't wait to see it."

"What is paradise?" Hermes asked after Kino spoke.

"A paradise is a place where the beauty of this world is put in that place." Kino answered as she made the motorrad even go faster. "It is also a place where you can appreciate everything that you see that it distracts your thoughts, but in a good way."

"I can't wait to see it too!" The motorrad said not noticing that they were twice as fast that they would normally go.

After a few hours, they finally arrived and the guards warmly welcomed their visitors as if they are a part of this country. "Good day to you traveler and may we welcome you to the paradise of your kind." The guards slowly opened the door and one of them added "You may stay as long as you want for free and we assure you that you are going to enjoy your stay."

"Wow, they are very nice, and they are very convincing." Hermes said after hearing the guard.

"Let's go then." Kino added and smiled after entering the country.

When they got inside, the surroundings are very beautiful and are blooming with all kinds of flowers that it was very close as paradise. All landforms and sea forms were seen inside the country. People passing by them are very kind and each gave their greetings to the two.

One of the people suggested to Kino to eat in a restaurant nearby. When Kino checked the restaurant, the food seemed to be delicious and the prices were very low. Kino entered and when she ate, the food was very tasty and delicious, she couldn't resist and requested for the same meal she ate.

Just as when she was about to drink, she noticed a traveler. The boy was older than her by months and he is similarly dressed as Kino but he doesn't have a coat. He also carries a persuader, a little bit longer than hers, and he was staring at her as if he is examining her. Just as she was going to grab her revolver, the man was also going to grab his revolver. She called a waitress, paid the bills for her food, went out the restaurant and tried to lose him.

When they were about to exit and alley, Kino stopped. She pulled out her revolver, turned around and pointed it at the person behind her. But to her surprise, the boy also pointed his revolver to her and her form is just as same as his.

"Who are you?" Kino asked in a neutral voice.

"Same to you." The boy answered quickly.

"Why are you following me?" Kino asked again but this time with a slightly angry voice.

"What are you doing with that coat?" He replied with an another question

"What do you mean?" Kino was puzzled by his question but still continued to point at him.

"Where is Kino?"

After she heard that question, she was dumbstruck by it and fear was written all over her face.

"Miss, are you alright?" The boy put his revolver down and tried to get closer to her.

"Stay back!" Kino's memory of her childhood appeared in her head. She was shaking so much that when she tried to fire three shots at him, only one of them hit the guy.

The boy ran towards her, held her on her shoulders and tried to calm her down. "Please calm down, just tell me what happened." But because Kino remembered it so fast that her fear stopped her from moving at all.

After shaking for a long period, she fell down and fainted. The boy caught and carried her to the motorrad.

"Do you know why was she like this?" The boy asked.

"I'm sorry but it's all a blur to me, I cannot even remember who made me." The motorrad replied with no emotion.

"Is it okay if I'll take the two of you somewhere to stay?"

"Sure, Kino could use a little rest after that."

The boy took both of their revolvers and rode Hermes with Kino lying at his chest. He looked at her for a moment and then returned his eyes to the road.

"I don't know to whom will I be worried, to her or to Kino?"