Title: I Need You In My Life
Prompt List/Ficlet Number: Sushi, #11 - Waltz
Author: kagome313
Rating: T
Genre: Romance
Universe: Alternative
Word Count: 358

Summary: He could never live his life with her not in it...
Warning: None

A/N: Song used in this is Far Away by Nickelback... and it's my first songfic xD

Sky-blue orbs lifted off of the ground to spot a tall handsome man dressed in an Armani black suit walking towards her with a slight smile on his visage.

This time, this place
Misused, mistakes
Too long, too late
Who was I to make you wait?

Not sparing a glance at the couples who were dancing happily, Kagome took the extended hand of Inuyasha with uncertainty, biting her lips in confusion when he guided her towards the center of the dance floor.

"I'm surprised you came." Kagome breathed, resting her head on Inuyasha's shoulder automatically as they moved slowly in a small circle.

She felt all eyes on them as he twirled her slowly, bringing her back against his chest while he held her right hand in his left before twirling her outwards with a sad smile on his visage.

Just one chance, just one breath
Just in case there's just one left
'Cause you know
You know, you know

"I want you to know I haven't given up." Inuyasha held up his hands in front of him, while Kagome mirrored his action. She eyed him silently as their hands were an inch apart from each other, loving the way his silver locks contrasted with his dark suit.

"You made a choice Inuyasha." She grumbled, just when he brought her back in the warmth of his embrace. "You left me without a second thought."

That I love you, I have loved you all along
And I miss you, been far away for far too long
I keep dreaming you'll be with me and you'll never go
Stop breathing if I don't see you anymore

Kagome tried to pull out of his embrace, but he held on to her waist tighter, burying his visage in the crook of her neck. "Please don't go…" He inhaled her scent deeply, swaying leisurely as he whispered sweet nothingness in her ears.

Kagome sighed softly, letting the tears fill her blue orbs as she hesitantly wrap her arms around his neck, letting him lead her while the dance floor cleared since the song had ended.

Hold on to me, never let me go