Title: I Actually Do Exist.
Prompt List/Ficlet Number: Sushi, # 18 Ring
Author: kagome313
Rating: T
Genre: Highschool
Universe: Alternative
Word Count: 399

Summary: The girls teases Kagome about pining over what they think will never happen.
Warning: A curse word.

"Three months of summer cannot be over already, I refuse to believe such nightmare!"

"Keep bitching, I'm actually happy!" Sango rolled her orbs at her friends who gave her a look of disbelief. "What? While you guys travelled for the summer I was stuck here working and cleaning up after my dad and little brother!" She pouted pathetically at her dilemma.

"It's not my fault you didn't travel." Kagome defended, beaming every time her phone went off, signalling an incoming text.

"Travelling meant having money and time – both of which I didn't have."

"Whatever – I enjoyed my summer to the fullest."

Rin snorted at Kagome's statement. "The beaches were filled with mouth-watering foreign guys, and that idiotic girl didn't pursue anyone!" When Sango quirked her brows, Rin nodded her head continuously as Kagome rolled her eyes. "It's the truth… A single girl was immune to hot guys! Could you imagine?"

"They weren't my type." Kagome defended flippantly.

"They were like models Sango…and models are basically everyone's type!"

Sango started laughing, tugging playfully at Kagome's braided hair. "Maybe she's a little too happy,"

"Yo, I'm not gay!" Kagome jumped up, pointing a threatening finger back and forth at her friends.

"Be real Kagome you know we'll still love you even if you like girls a lot…" Sango poked her and then jerked her head in the direction where Kagome's crush since primary school was chilling with his groupies. "If you think for one second that Inuyasha knew you even exist then think again."

"Awe, aren't you the awesome encouraging friend." She sarcastically mumbled, gazing longingly at Inuyasha with a small smile gracing her pink lips.

They both watched as the most popular guy in town walked off, but not before glancing back at them with those dazzling sun-kissed eyes of his, which had Kagome literally melting.

"That glance completely deluded her, by the end of the day, we'll have to put her in an asylum – I'm sure of it." They both giggled as Kagome flipped them off while reading her text message.

"You guys are so fucking hilaaaarious." She gave a fake laugh, watching as Inuyasha disappeared behind the building nearest the parking lot. "This is my cue."

She held up her ringing cell that flashed the name 'Yasha-baby' before rushing off in the same direction Inuyasha took no more than twenty seconds ago.

Both girls were left alone, dumbfounded.