Buried, But Breathing In Regret

Rating: T

Notes: Might be a one-shot. Might be more.

Summary: Carly is suffering abuse at the hands of Griffin. Carly wonders how far she'll go to stop it. Carly/Griffin. Maybe Creddie, maybe Seddie in future chapters.

She glanced at the .22 calibre gun before her as thoughts bombarded her mind. Thoughts of death and of him. Tears streamed down her face as she recalled the abuse. He had hit her, hurt her and left her. Yet through it all she was still in love with him. With each passing day, her longing for his touch, presence and change only seemed stronger. She stared at her wrists. They were outlined with self-inflicted scars. Each representing the severe hurt and remorse she had gone through over the years. She was a fool and she had punished herself through emotional as well as physical pain. She thought she'd keep going until she couldn't take it any more.

Until now.

She reached for the gun and stared hard at the barrel. She positioned it on her chest, index finger almost ready to pull the trigger. Out of the blue, someone was banging on the front door. She hurriedly slid the gun beneath her bed and with a mammoth effort, she rose and dragged her feet towards it.

As she approached closer, the banging grew louder and louder. She was afraid that it would wake her neighbours.

"It's me."

She stopped, panic aroused. She thought she recognised the voice.

"I'm not here to hurt you again."

The voice belonged to Griffin, her husband. Sorrow poured through her as images from her past recycled in her mind. She blinked away the tears. She wanted to believe those words.

"What do you want?" she asked.

Silence ensued.

"You," he said eventually. She could almost sense the truth and sincerity in his voice but she wasn't allowing her thoughts to control her actions.


"Because I love you, Carly."

She swallowed down a strangled cry of despair. She had missed those words. She almost broke down but did her best to regain composure. She was perplexed as to what to do.

"Say you love me Carly."

She gasped as her mind reeled back to the time when he'd abused her. Griffin had pinned Carly's hands down over her head as his heavy body pressed her into the mattress. She could feel his erection pressing against her skin and knew what would come next. His smell had smelled of stale cigars and whiskey. She'd felt dirty and unclean when he touched her.

She didn't want his idea of sex. She didn't want him.

But she was careful to hide her revulsion and fear. The last time she'd tried to resist him, he'd slapped her hard across the face, and after he'd raped her he'd locked her in a dark closet all night long.

Griffin had thrust inside her, using as much force as she could. Carly couldn't suppress a wince.

He'd smiled and pushed into her again and again until tears spilled down her cheeks and stained the pillow under her head. He'd enjoyed her suffering.

"You love this, don't you?" he'd whispered against her ear.

She couldn't bring herself to respond.

He'd straightened and slapped her hard against her face. "Say you love me."

She'd tasted blood. "I do."

Griffin had smiled, satisfied. He'd cupped her full breasts with his hands. "I want us to have a baby, Carly. I want a child to bind us together forever."

Fear had burned inside of her, faster and faster. He'd fisted his fingers in her long dark hair and pressed his cheek to hers. His breath was hot against her face. Sweat had dripped from his body.

"Say you love me," Griffin had commanded.

She didn't speak. Saying the words would make her ill.

"Say it!" he'd urged. He'd tightened his hold on her hair and pulled until sections started to come out. Pain had seared Carly's scalp. She'd started to weep again. "I love you."

"Say you love me, please."

He was still outside, waiting. Restlessness overwhelmed her.

AN: There may be more on this story in the future. Other pairings undecided.