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His Failures

By: Laura Bishop

Intro ~ His Eyes

The young woman is dark haired and slightly pale, with a gently rounded face and a long, slender body. Her name is Sarah Williams. At the age of twenty two, she looks 'normal' enough . . . like any other young adult just beginning to make their own way in the world. She is walking in the park, a book in her hands as she goes, her eyes on the book. It seems Sarah navigates the paths with radar. Dressed in a purple, shapeless muslin dress that laced up the front and had black embroidery on it's collar, she seemed as if she were a kid with her head in the clouds. However, that would be misleading - for though she still indulged in the fascinations of her imaginations, she is one who has learned well the dangers of not being on one's guard. And - to add to it all, she also knows very well that wishes should be carefully pondered before being voiced. For, though many people would never realize the lesson she learned a few years ago - imagination was, sometimes, more than merely dreams. Imagination, she knew, could become very, very real in an extremely short matter of time . . . and wishes lead to the start of it all. Well, the wrong wishes did, that is. Her heart still held dreams, though sometimes these soul felt endearments frightened her awake from dreamland. They were not horrific, nor grotesque, these wishes . . . they were merely a delving into her past . . . into that lesson learned as a budding teen. They involved him . . . the one . . . with his blazing, ocean deep eyes that were as dangerous as they were strange, and his arrogant smile that made her confused on rather she wished to scratch or kiss him.

Is he still out there though? I haven't utterly destroyed, have I? Surely not . . . I only defeated him for myself and for Toby . . . only for my bloodline. Only for those who are not weak to him . . ." These things she tells herself in comfort of the fear she carries with her of his condition. After their last meeting . . . well, he hadn't been what he had first appeared to be, leave it at that. For a moment she is satisfied with her answer to her own fears, but then another voice speaks up . . . on a different note, and from the deepest regions of her soul. But do you really want to be released from his power? After all, you didn't understand that then . . .

She was glad that no one could hear these thoughts, or see into her mind.

Or so she was glad to believe. However, had Sarah known that she was being listened to at that very second, she would have blushed with shame. And, had she the further knowledge of who was listening, she would have quaked with an old, familiar type of emotion . . . for the one that heard was connected to him . . . even if the listener was not him at all.

The listener happened to be another young woman. She was a small, curvy girl that looked no older than 16 - though she was centuries older than the one she listened to. Her name was Saffron, or at least that was t he name she'd used for the past 400 + years. At the moment, the girl was nothing but a shadow in the confines of an abandoned building in Sarah's world, holding in her fleshling hands a small, blood red crystal that glowed with an off colored light. In its shards of light, the thoughts of Sarah Williams played out to her. They were not so much as sound as they were pictures and symbolisms . . . but, the shadow girl understood it all rather perfectly. After all . . . she'd been like Sarah once. Well, almost like Sarah. The shadow girl had never defeated the Labyrinth . . . or Jareth - the one of which Sarah so fretted after and over. Unlike Sarah, she'd run out of time . . . and, to save the sister she'd banished to Jareth's keeping, she'd given herself to his control. He let the sister go, a little child whose name the watcher couldn't even remember . . . and Saffron became his. And he'd twisted the deal, making her into something that was neither human nor goblin . . . nor whatever the Goblin King called his race. No, the she was something all together different. She was magical . . .that much was evident, and though she'd attained her human body and it could change . . . it would not age. Not a second. However, she could go to the aboveground in a human body, without having to have an exact destination to go to - unlike the one who mastered her. His eyes, Jareth called her. His watcher. The one who could go beyond his own limits in the aboveground.

There are worse things that he calls me. She thinks to herself, basking in that fact that she could get his praise if she tried - unlike his legions of goblins. He never gave them glory . . . none at all. At least she was more important than that. After all, Saffron continued in her thoughts, a part human girl -or whatever I am now- can see more than an enchanted owl . . be he Jareth or not.

Saffron, the Watcher.

And that's what she did. She watched those who believed in dreams and goblins and such things. She listened to their thoughts in her red crystals, smirking to herself as she wondered which, if any, would be next to run in the Labyrinth - which Sarah had not destroyed, obviously. Jareth, had, however, the girl reminds herself with a harsh smirk as she though of him, needed a bit of recuperation after that one left his realm. Sarah Williams had been the first to defeat his power - and that left him mystified . . . as well as extraordinarily angry. And since that time of defeat, he'd been planning on how to reciprocate the experience to the Miss Williams.

A feeling - one that was neither painful or pleasant- cut through her thoughts. Rolling her eyes, she knew exactly what it was. He was pulling her 'home' to his castle - to hear her reports for that round of the aboveground she'd made.

"I'm coming, o lord and master." Saffron voiced out loud, her tone cynical . . . knowing she'd been heard. It didn't matter, he found it amusing, her attitude. "And do I have news for you!"

With a shimmering mist of sparkling black and silver dust, the girl vanished from the building . . leaving the rats and dust bunnies alone in their shadow realm.

*******End Intro*******

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