There are those bound by fate.

No matter how hard they struggle, attempting to change destiny,
they only force the cords of providence to tighten around them.
The more they fight, ever more likely it is that their fate will come to pass.

There are those who deny fate.

The ignorant whims and their own desires guide them blindly in to the clutches of destiny,
often thrusting upon their shoulders great choices and
great consequence for their irresponsible natures.

There are those who would command fate.

The power hungry, the heroic, those who are doomed to failure
because providence is not a kind mistress,
nor does she take lightly those who would steal her rites,
rituals she has created since time immemorial.
These people are the haughty fools upon which the precipice of war and peace are decided.

…and there are a certain few, whom fate hand picks, that will change the world forever.


This is the epilogue. It's how I decided to get things rolling. It's not much, so I'll give you a more detailed synopsis of the story:

This story is a Saga Continuation. This story takes place about 20 years after the end of the Naruto Shippuden saga (I project Naruto to be 17 or 18 by then. In this story Naruto is 36 years old.) My story contains yaoi elements, because I'm a wicked fan in that respect; however, in the essence of realism and fairness… the entire cast is not gay. In fact, most of them are straight… just my chosen few get to be gay (I don't hand out the glitter willy-nilly… it's an honor).

There is violence in this story. I pride myself on two things: believable conflict and good action. Expect death, blood, evil intentions… don't expect me to write anything disgusting, fetish related, or grotesque. I don't do OOC (as much as I can), I enjoy creating OCs, and I enjoy putting my characters in the place of making difficult decisions. I want them to be believable so that you are drawn into the story and want to see the outcome.

In this story Naruto is the father of 3 children: one with Neji, one with Gaara, and one with Sasuke. There is NO Mpreg. There is no harem. There is no PWP. There is a basic science to the pregnancy which involves surrogacy (explained in story later). The children differ in age by one and a half years and three years respectively, placing them at ages 14, 12, and 11. Neji is dead, Gaara broke off his engagement with Naruto because of the conflict when Sasuke entered their lives again, and Sasuke finally comes to his senses in his late twenties. He and Naruto are now together in a relationship and have been for several years. If you want to know more... visit my profile or read the story. )

Always I appreciate any and all reviews and will give personal feedback if you so desire. I will answer any and all reasonable questions. Much love to you all, and until next time!