Disclaimer: I don't own Weiß or Schwarz... although sometimes I wish I owned Nagi tee-hee. but i don't It all belongs to Takehito-san and Project Weiß. All caharacters contained with-in, except for "MOOSE" belong to the aforementioned people.

I dedicate this ficcy to Trunks-chan and her little sister Nagi-chan. May the moose live on and continue to be my muse and inspiration for this totally non-sensical thing that has become my first fic.

Warning: this story contains some light shonen ai. mostly suggestions but nothing more. if you must know pairings it's Aya/Ken ; Yohji/Omi ; Omi+Nagi ; Crawford/Schu. but like i said, it's all hints, nothing more. This story makes absolutly no sense. It was all inspired by a stupid moose!


"God, i'm so bored. there's nothing to do around here," Omi complained as he leaned back against the couch. Ken lay sprawled out in one of the chiars across from Omi, staring blankly at the ceiling. "I hate Saturdays, Store's not open, Aya's visiting his sister, there's no work to be done.... how much more boring could life possibbly get?"

Omi just stared fixed on the button on the arm of the chair that Ken was currently sprawled over and Ken just continued to stare at the cieling. As the two sat there looking as if they were waiting for flys to land in thier mouths, Yohji walked in and gave the two one of the oddest looks. "What the hell are you two doing sitting around on a Saturday afternoon?"

Omi looked up at Yohji, suddenly realizing that there was someone else in the room. "What are you doing home so early Yohji-kun?" Yohji blinked at Omi as if he had just spoken in Swahili when he suddenly realized what Omi was asking. "Early? Chibi, i'm just getting home from last night. Wake me up sometime monday afternoon." With that, Yohji dragged his butt up the stairs to his room to settle in for a nap that could rival that of Sleeping Beauty as Omi and Ken just stared at him.

"I'm BORED!!!" Omi nearly fell off the couch at Ken's sudden outburst. As Omi pulled himself back up onto the couch, he racked his brain trying to think of ANY place the two of them could run off to. "We could always go for a walk?"

Omi couldn't even finish his sentence before Ken was up and ready to go. Eager to get out of the apartment and into the bright warm sunny days of May in Tokyo, the pair grabbed their stuff and headed out for an afternoon of aimless wandering in the city.

And so, they wandered... aimlessly. As wanderers often tend to do when they wander. They found their way into the commerical part of the city (as if the entire city wasn't one giant commercial market, there just HAS to be a "shopping" district.) Go figure. The pair seemed to blend in wondefully with the rest of the croud, what with them being big blue eyed teenage Japanese assasins and whatnot. They ran through the streets just generally enjoying themselves as teenagers often should.

Everyonce in a while, something would catch either of the boys attention and they would sit and make jokes or generally just discuss what the other had found that was just so interesting that it had to interupt their muck running...*jumps around* a muck a muck a muck. They continued to do this for most of the afternoon. Just going wherever their feet took them, although it generally seemed to always lead them back the same point, so each time they went in a new direction.

Eventually it started getting late and by this time both boys were starting to feel pretty warn out from walking all day, so they decided to head back to their place. As they passed by a small toyshop, something in the window caught Omi's eye.

Omi immeditaly did a U-turn and plastered his face against the window to stare at the thing. Ken, suddenly realizing his partner in crime wasn't with him anymore, he turned around to see the 17 year old plastered against a window. "Oi Omi, what are you doing, quit sucking face with the window. You don't know where it's been" he said as he walked back to where Omi was standing in a daze "it's getting late and we should be hea.....what the heck is that thing?" Both boys stood staring at it in the window.

What is in the window that interests these two so much? Will they be home in time for dinner? Will that window ever be washed? Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of MOOSE!!