This is a mini side story to update sort of before i go to Otakon. I know alot of you said you were going to OTakon and couldn't wait to get moosed.... well, find us, and you shall get moosed!! Just got back form Shoujocon and had a blast. Hope to see you all there. Also I'm going to start another fic entilted "Scenes from a Hat" I'm sure most of of you have seen Who's Line is it? And have seen this skit on there multiple times. More on this later. as for now, here's my Update before Otakon

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Moose Side Story 1: "Coming to America" or "There's a Moose Loose"

"YOHJI-KUN!!!! I can't find my moose!!!!" Omi wailed at the top of his lungs from the stairs as he ran frantically around their apartment trying to pack for his trip to the biggest Anime Convention on the east coast of Amercia.... why he's going there, who knows.

Yohji sighed and looked up from his newest copy of playboy and sighed rolling his eyes at Omi. "You packed it last night with your Shuichi costume."

"....ooooh yeah!!!" Omi smiled and skipped off to his room. His flight left in an hour and he was extreamly excited. His first trip to the United States and he got to cosplay as his favorite character from one of his favorite Manga. The hyper genki 17 year old bounced around his room looking for any last minute things to pack. "Let's see, i have my moose... I have the costume, have my discman, money, camera, LOTS of film, laptop and...... what Am i forgetting... OH YEAH!! My frist release Trigun DVD to get the creator to sign!!"

As Omi was carefully packing his DVD into his bag, the phone on his dresser rang. He blinked but kept packing after it didn't ring anymore. Suddenly there was a knock on the door and he heard Ken's voice from the hall. "Omi, phone for you!"

He reached over to his dresser and picked up the phone. "Moshi moshi?..... NAGI-KUN!!!!" He would have glomped the phone but that would have been painful. You see Nagi was going with Omi to the convention. He was going as a very unusual character for his personality. Nagi was going as Ryuuichi from Gravitation, simply becasue he liked the pink rabbit. Nagi's reasoning was that anybody who had psychological problems which caused them to revert to a child like state and talkign throug ha rabbit was enough of a reason to cosplay as them....... what ever Nagi.

After 10 minutes of yaking on the phone, most of whihc was done by Omi, the two hung up and Omi went flying down the stairs and out the door to Yohji's car, baggage in hand. Yohji smiled and followed him out. He was going as well, since it wasn't legal for kids under 18 to get hotel rooms in the United States.

So the two of them met up with Nagi at the airport and took their flight into Baltimore and went through customs. And finally got to the hotel. Omi immediatly put on his assasin gear, made Nagi wear his school uniform and dragged Yohji with him over to the con-center. And there they all spent LOTS of money, and Yohji hit on every cat-girl and Lum at the con. And the moose got his first public display.

Omi was randomly glomped by every other WeiƟ cosplayer there and nearly killed by every other Schwarz cosplayer as well. Nagi... actualyl had fun and smiled a few times... and omi ran out of film.

The End!


This has been a side story brought to you by the "Hyper Otaku Giggle Fit" trademarked by Aya! See ya at Otakon 2002!!!