"Doctor you're really quiet"

Amy Pond's inquisitive voice piped up over the rumble of the Tardis.

"Amy I'm old... .Weary... But not to worry. I won't fall asleep at the wheel," he looked up at her with a casual smiled.

"Doctor there's... There's no wheel..."

"Well then there's nothing to worry about!"

He marched towards the Tardis doors and pulled them open roughly. His face fell. It was the fourth time this had happened. The Tardis was being extremely uncooperative. He'd attempted to land in every time imaginable and still the Tardis disobediently brought him here. With a long and frustrated sigh he stared out at the billions of stars before him.

"Wow Doctor that's really pretty...!" The red head exclaimed slipping under his arm to stand at the edge. Her gaze panned everywhere taking in this miraculous sight, "Doctor! Doctor look is that a planet down there?" she pointed below them; his eyes followed. It was a very white, smokey looking planet with mysterious dark patches plastered over it. The Doctor looked down at it with a mixture of anger and hurt. The Tardis kept bringing him here, "Can we have five minutes there? Please?"

"No," came the firm reply.

Amy continued to gaze at it leaning far out to get the best possible view.

"Stop looking at it. We aren't going..." he called from the console.

Amy pouted, folding her arms moodily as she nudged the doors shut with her foot, "Why?"


She followed him around the console, determined to get her visit to a planet, "What's down there?"

"... Books..."

"And why can't we go there?" she asked watching him tap in yet another set of coordinates. He didn't reply; just continued work the console with calculated movements, "Doctor... ," Holding the television rail she swung around the console after him, "What's down there?"

"Something dangerous"

"Dangerous? ... Like what?"

"Books. Millions... of books..."

"You think I'm going to read myself to death? Five minutes Doctor... Please?"

He stopped suddenly, his hand seemed to be shaking as he held onto a lever.

"Amy! We're not going to the Library!" he yelled fiercely. The sheer force behind his outburst nearly knocked the shocked Amy Pond over. She stared back at him; her eyes shone but she refused to cry.

"Take me home. Now" He voice shook. Realising what he'd done the Doctor tried to redeem himself.

"Amy I..."

"Now," she repeated turning her back to him. Biting his lip and with a sullen shake of his head he pulled the lever on which his hand had been resting. The Tardis burst into life.

Amy left the Tardis without a backward glance. What a grumpy man he could be. She'd never go with him again, ever! Even after slamming her front door and stomping up the stairs, in the back of her mind she knew he'd come back for her. Eventually. Sat on her bed she held a small model of 'The Raggedy Doctor' in her hand. Yes, he'd definitely come back for her.

The Doctor always came back... Didn't he?