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The pair sat at the kitchen table. The Doctor wore his 'unimpressed' expression. Rory, opposite him, wore an almost embarrassed and apologetic one. Across the wooden table between them lay an array of dishes. Bowls of jelly, custard, stacks of fish fingers and platefuls of jammy dodgers.

"This isn't what happens at a stag party… is it?" The Doctor eyed Rory's very loud child's party hat suspiciously.

"Well…" the nervous man considered the Doctor's fez, "Not… Not exactly…"

"I hope he isn't doing too much running," River thought aloud as she attempted to tame her unruly curls.

"I'm sure he's just fine," Amy grinned dropping heavily on her bed, she pulled a bridal magazine towards her and began to flick through the pages with a lick of her finger, "So what's your dress like? Did you pick your own ring? What's the colour scheme?"

River turned from the mirror; she smiled weakly, she hoped she'd done right in trusting the Doctor to plan everything.

The Doctor stared blankly at Rory for a few moments.

"What's it like?" he asked finally.

"I'm sorry?" The nervous man looked totally confused. Many hours had passed since they'd spoken. He'd almost forgotten how to engage in conversation.

"Being... M... Mm...Married" The Doctor struggled over the concluding word as one might struggle climbing over an overly large wall.

"It's... Well there's not really much difference," Rory knew deep down that Amy would kill him for not 'bigging up' the whole scenario to the Time Lord.

"Then what's the point of it all?" the Doctor lent back in his chair, fingers interlocked thoughtfully behind his head.

"Well... It's... It's showing a commitment. And... Um... "

The Doctor put his Fez gently onto the table in front of him, "It's a big day," he mumbled saving Rory from the awkwardness, "The biggest and the most important one" Rory just stared at the Time Lord, completely clueless as to whether or not he should interject and agree or to sit and simply listen. He saved from the opportunity of interjection as the Doctor merely sat staring hard at the wooden table in front of him, "Rory," he sighed finally, "I've got a problem…"

Amy Pond laughed so hard she nearly fell sideways off the bed. In her hand she clutched a 'Tardis blue' envelope and single rectangle of 'Tardis blue' card. River's indignant glare did nothing to assist the Scottish red head in calming down.

"I hope this is a joke," the archaeologist declared taking the invite from Amy and examining the Time Lord's unreadable scrawl, "I hope they all aren't like this… I'll kill him"

"You're allergic, to marriage?" Rory eyed the Time Lord with pure suspicion, "I've never heard of that before"

The Doctor looked up in earnest from his place sat on the console seat, "It's true," he insisted.

"I… I don't believe it," Rory wished his wife was there right now. As much as he hated to admit it, she could handle the Doctor almost as well as River could. Right now; the Doctor needed taking into hand, the nurse just wasn't sure that he was capable of doing it.

River Song tucked her blaster into the holster strapped over her tight black pants, "Ready?" she asked letting her dress fall to the floor again conveniently covering the less than traditional boots. Pond was only half surprised by the fire power that River had insisted on taking to her own wedding. River had pointed out that the Doctor brought trouble with him wherever he went; their wedding would be no exception.

"Ready," she agreed. Amy looked down at the vortex manipulator on her wrist – this was it. River collected her bouquet and let her hand come to rest on Amy's arm. In a flash they'd gone.

The Doctor stood looking like a sulky child – correction – a very smartly dressed sulky child. His black trousers, as formal as they were, still hung at half mast, showing off the boots he refused to take off. His shirt was brilliantly white and crisp; his black jacket sat just right, the tails fell neatly behind him. The top pocket did not bear the traditional matching flower; instead his sonic screwdriver poked out in unruly fashion. The only objects which vaguely matched were the screwdriver and the deep emerald green bow tie and suspenders. His hair was combed perfectly into place; he looked almost respectable.

Rory stood staring at the console controls, "What do I press first?" he mumbled.

"If you'd just let me…"

"If you turn up late Amy will kill me; so I'll do this…"

The Doctor sighed, rolling his eyes in mild frustration. He stood tapping his foot; arms folded, patience growing increasingly thinner.

The nurse finally dared to press the closest glowing blue button. The Tardis began to lose control, throwing them this way and that with violent shudders.

"They're the stabilisers!" the Doctor cried rushing to the console and slamming his hand down firmly on the button again. He continued his way round the controls flicking switches, pressing buttons; pulling levers – pausing for a quick pull of the pinball machine – then finally pulling the dematerialisation lever.

The church at the Singing Towers of Darillium for the first time contained a full house. People from across time and space had come to see the Time Lord's marriage to River.

River peered through the doors from the back of the church.

"Where is he?" she grumbled, "Why can't he be on time just once?"

"He'll be here…"

Amy had barely ended her sentence when the sound of the Tardis engines reached their ears. The blue box appeared at the right hand side of River's available view. She turned around quickly, beaming widely at Amy.

The Doctor and Rory stumbled out of the Tardis and rushed to take their places. Rory nervously straightened the Doctor's bow tie before taking his place beside the Time Lord.

As the music began and River started her journey down the aisle the Doctor dared not glance behind him. He wiped a small bead of sweat from his brow and clasped his hands together in front of him to fight off the shakes he'd suddenly got.

"Doctor…" Rory whispered, "Aren't you turning around?"

The Doctor swallowed hard, shaking his head quickly. Rory, having no control whatsoever, turned to sneak a peek at Amy. He waved cheekily over his shoulder; only to have his hand batted down by an agitated looking Doctor. Rory felt suddenly like a naughty school boy daring to take a last glance over his shoulder.

"Doctor!" he gasped suddenly.

The Doctor turned his head towards him in acknowledgement. Rory turned to meet his stare, the panic disappeared instantly, "What?" the Time Lord asked.

"Uh… What are you talking about?"

The Doctor frowned, "You were going to tell me something"

The Doctor turned slowly to look back down the aisle, "Oh," he murmured clocking the towering suited figures at the churches double doors, his eyes clocked several others scattered through the gathering of people. He barely had time to be overwhelmed by how beautiful River looked, "River!" he yelled drawing his screwdriver, "Run!"

Electrical sparks and green sonic light erupted across the room; screams broke the serenity of the whole scenario. River tore the bottom of her dress off in the most ungraceful manner and drew her blaster, "You had to go all out didn't you!" she yelled over the noise firing as accurately as possible at the Silents.

"But I didn't even book them!" the Doctor protested, "Amy! Rory! Get out of here! Go!"

"No!" Rory cried as Amy rushed towards him, "We have to help! We have to…" In a flash the pair vanished.

River was thoroughly thrilled by this sudden excitement, her adventurous instincts kicked in; determined to make an impact on every single Silent within range. The Doctor made a grab at River's free hand,

"You're getting carried away again honey!" he yelled, "Run!" He dragged her, still firing, into the Tardis.

The door slammed shut behind them.

"Run?" she scoffed letting her spent gun drop to the floor, "Tried that once…"

The Doctor glanced up from his place at the controls; awaiting the 'dull' comment.

"It was the best move I ever made"

The Doctor grinned; Time to run.

Do you really think they're anything that simple?

I was tempted to marry them off; but do you honestly think it would go smoothly? I don't think so either =P I was especially inspired to end this here after being introduced to Mrs Boreanaz's video to We the Kings - Check yes Juliet. Let's be honest, all that the Doctor and River are going to do is run.

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