Saving a Demon

Mikan gasped and clasped her hands on her mouth. "Natsume-kun will die?" she muttered, tears stung her eyes. "No! I won't permit it!" she hollered and ran towards Natsume. Tsubasa quickly grabbed her arms and pulled her backwards.

"What are you doing moron?" Tsubasa shouted. "Didn't you see how that incredible life force threw that brat away as if he's like a piece of paper? Are you out of your mind? You're going to get killed!"

Mikan turned around and smiled at his brother, "I'll rather get killed than watching a friend die in front of my eyes." She slapped her brother's hands away and continued running towards Natsume.

"She's reckless, that moron!" Tsubasa messed up his hair and slumped down. "She's cool though."

"Hey, Tsubasa! This is no time to sulk! We have to go get your sister out of danger," his father shouted as he followed Mikan. Tsubasa reached out to his father and pulled him down.

"Let her do what she wants," Tsubasa murmured. "Mikan is really growing up dad. And besides she's a lot braver than me."

"Tsubasa," his father trailed off then added, "Well, you are a coward since I've known you."

"Don't rub it to my face, you idiot father!" He hollered angrily, "And are you saying that I'm coward since I'm in mother's womb?" His father tilted his head and chuckled, "Yeah, tee~hee!"

"Don't "tee~hee!" me you moron!" he smacked his father's head.

"Mikan," they heard Yuka shouted. They looked up and saw Mikan having a hard time approaching Natsume.

Mikan's clothes were tattered and she had some cuts in her body. She winced in pain but continued to move forward. "I'm going to save you Natsume-kun," she mumbled with determination. A bright light started emitting from her body.

"The nullification power is helping her," Yuka commented, "But I didn't know that it can help during this situation. It can't undo any spell, just rejecting a demon's power."

"Well, we're not sure if it can use to cancel an enormous amount of life force," Ruka said, looking at Mikan, "We could only hope that this goes on well."

Mikan was nearing Natsume when he let out another scream of pain. He slumped down and screeched again. Tears escaped Mikan's eyes as she blindly ran to Natsume's side. She knelt down in front of him and gently held his trembling body. He was squirming out of her arms.

"No Natsume-kun! Stop please!" Mikan cried out. "Please calm down."

But Natsume didn't stop writhing away from her grasp and didn't stop screaming in pain. Mikan was already at her limit. She tightened her hug on Natsume and shouted, "I don't want you to die!" A bright light enveloped the two of them.

After a few seconds, Natsume's enormous life force suddenly subsided and the bright light diminished. Mikan was still hugging Natsume tightly. He's panting heavily and collapsed in her arms. A blush made its way to her cheeks and she shook her head.

"Mikan!" Yuka shouted and went towards her daughter. Mikan grabbed her mother's arms and asked, "Is he going to be alright?"

Ruka went towards them, followed by Tsubasa and Izumi. Mikan decided to lay Natsume on the floor. She put his head on her lap. Natsume was still panting hard even if he's unconscious. Yuka put her hands on his forehead and said, "He got a high fever. His life force is almost empty."

"So, what's his situation?" she asked fervently. Yuka smiled and said, "He's not in danger. He just needs a little rest and a healing spell."

Yuka stood up and looked around, "Well, looks like the barrier spell broke. He's unconscious after all."

"Mother," Mikan called out. Yuka turned around to meet her daughter's blazing eyes. "What's gotten to you?" Yuka stepped back. Mikan looked down and said, "Mother, please help them. They're serious and desperate you know. Natsume-kun almost sacrificed his life too."

Yuka sighed, messed up her hair and uttered, "Alright I'll help them. But they have to abide with my conditions."

"We'll do anything," Ruka said with determination. Yuka chuckled.

"That was really awesome Mikan," Tsubasa exclaimed then turned towards his mother, "I have powers too, right mom?" Yuka shrugged and muttered, "We don't know. You're already this old and you haven't realized your powers yet. Well, maybe you're just an ordinary man after all."

"Don't jinx me mom!" Tsubasa grumbled. Ruka laughed out loud. Tsubasa went towards Ruka and smacked him hard.

"You laugh too much idiot!" Tsubasa hollered. Yuka smiled and called out her daughter. Mikan approached her and asked, "What is it mother?"

Yuka closed her eyes and touched her daughter's forehead. A second later, a bright light emerged from her hands and slowly healing Mikan's wounds and patching up her clothes.

"There, that's better!" Yuka said then grabbed her husband's arm, dragging him outside.

"Wait mother," Mikan shouted. Yuka sighed again and asked, "What now?"

"My room is in a mess. The walls were not affected of the fight because of the barrier but my things, and the floor," Mikan said meekly. Yuka spun her foot and stood in front of the room. She closed her eyes. Then time seemed to go back as everything in the room went in order and was repaired.

"Done," Yuka said and looked at Ruka, "Blonde boy, use a healing spell to the princely brat. And have him sleep on Mikan's bed first. We'll arrange the two guest rooms for the both of you."

Ruka nodded. Yuka and Izumi finally went out of the room and slammed it shut.

Saving a Demon

"Hey dude. Help me get Natsume to bed," Ruka told Tsubasa.

"Well, have you finally understood my prowess and that you need me?" Tsubasa flipped his hair and strike a pose. Ruka turned away from Tsubasa and said, "I changed my mind. You give me the creeps."

He looked at Mikan and asked, "Can you help me?" Mikan looked surprised and nodded. While Tsubasa was talking eagerly about himself, Mikan and Ruka managed to bring Natsume in the bed. Ruka sat down and put his hands on Natsume's forehead. He chanted some spell and a green light emerged from his hand.

After a few minutes, Ruka wiped his sweat and announced, "It's done. Now he just need some sleep."

"What about you? Don't you need healing?" Mikan asked curiously. Ruka laughed, "I'm perfectly fine."

"Eh? But you're bleeding," Mikan pointed to the gushing blood in Ruka's forehead. He quickly put his hands on his injury and said, "How come?"

Mikan giggled and said, "Must be when you were thrown by Natsume's life force. Well, don't waste your magic with something like this. It's just a small cut. I'll get you a band-aid."

She reached to her bedside table, opened the drawer and drew some band-aids. She put it in his forehead and grinned, "Done! You looked cute with a band-aid on by the way!"

Ruka looked down, blushing and said, "Well, uhm, thanks."

"What's this?" Tsubasa suddenly appeared in between them. Ruka gasped and fell down from the bed. "What is it now?" Ruka exclaimed, standing up and going back to the bed.

"I'm warning you! Stop hitting on my sister," Tsubasa snarled. Ruka rolled his eyes and muttered, "I don't like her that way, moron."

"So you're saying that my sister is not attractive?" Tsubasa scowled at Ruka.

"No! She's cute and all—" Ruka's words were cut by Tsubasa. "So you like her then," Tsubasa said.

"No! I don't like her, at least not yet!" Ruka hollered. Tsubasa growled, "Not yet? Then in the near future you'd like her, you brat."

"Don't bring that topic. I'm not interested in love whatsoever," Ruka grumbled. "And stop calling me brat. I'm older that you."

"What? How old are you?" Tsubasa asked. Ruka answered, "I'm 250 years old, the same as Natsume."

Mikan and Tsubasa were surprised. "You're an old man," Tsubasa shouted. Ruka shrugged, "We're still young in a demon's calendar. Oh well, humans aged so fast and die so fast. They're a bunch of morons. They can't even do a single thing about their appearance once they grew old. Unlike us, we can assume a form of a child, a teenager or even an old man."

"What?" Mikan pouted. "You're very mean."

Ruka chuckled. Tsubasa frowned and asked, "If we're half-demons, we're not going to age too? I mean, we're immortal too, like you?"

"No, half-demons have powers but they're not immortal," Ruka answered.

"Oh," Tsubasa said. "You're disappointed?" Ruka asked.

"No," Tsubasa blushed, "I'm relieve. I can live and age with Misaki."

"I can't believe someone would like you. I had a feeling you'll live a lonesome life," Ruka shrugged. Tsubasa shouted, "What did you say, brat?"

"I told you to stop calling me brat!" Ruka hollered. Tsubasa put his arms around Ruka's neck and strangled him, "You maybe 250 years old but your attitude and appearance say otherwise."

"I'm going to kill you!" Ruka said. Tsubasa smiled smugly at him and uttered, "Well, how about we decide it by playing basketball?"

"What's basketball?" Ruka asked. Tsubasa smirked. Mikan slapped her forehead. "You're a cheater Tsubasa-niichan," Mikan mumbled.

Saving a Demon

"Basketball is a game that involves a ball and a basket ring," Tsubasa explained, "You're going to dribble the ball, pass the opponents and then shoot it in the basket." While explaining, Tsubasa is also doing the moves and actions in an actual basketball game.

Ruka leaned to Mikan and whispered, "Is your brother really an idiot?"

"I thinks he's trying to teach you how to play basketball," Mikan giggled and patted Ruka's back. Ruka grinned and watched Tsubasa dribble, dunk, shoot or whatever moves basketball players often do.

"But he still look like an idiot," Ruka snickered. Mikan elbowed him in the stomach which made him winced in pain and looked away to hide it. She then turned towards her brother and uttered, "Brother, I think you should teach him the real thing. We have basketball court at the backyard."

Tsubasa thought for a while then nodded eagerly. "I can't wait to see him lose," he laughed maniacally. Mikan could only sigh.

Saving a Demon

Ruka held the ball strangely. "I've never heard of this game in the demon world. But I'm pretty sure we're also studying human cultures."

"Maybe because your teachers find it a waste of time," Mikan told him. Tsubasa snorted, "Nonsense! Basketball is a popular sport in the human world. Maybe your teachers were just dumb."

Ruka glared at him and said menacingly, "One of the teachers there is my uncle."

"Well now I know where you get your idiocy," Tsubasa laughed.

"Heh? Idiocy, huh?" Ruka sneered at him and chanted some words. Tsubasa was smacked down on the floor. His wrist seemed to tie together on his back.

"Tsubasa-niichan!" Mikan gasped and knelt down to her brother. She looked up and said to Ruka, "Please, Ruka-kun. Release my brother now." He stared at Tsubasa with contempt first before looking at Mikan. His eyes softened and sighed.

He closed his eyes and then released Tsubasa from the spell. Mikan helped her brother up and muttered, "That's what you get in messing someone too much."

Tsubasa went towards Ruka and muttered sorry. Ruka gave him a smirk and said, "Well, look who's begging for my forgiveness."

Tsubasa's eyes ablaze and shouted, "Forget that I said sorry, you damn brat."

Ruka shrugged and looked at the ball. "So how many players the game basketball should have?"

"Normally it's five or sometimes three. But we could play basketball as long as there's equal amount of players on both sides," Tsubasa explained.

"We're three so we won't be able to play," Ruka mumbled. Mikan shook her head and told him, "No, I'm not going to play. So it leaves just the two of you."

Ruka smiled momentarily, "That would be great. I want to know how to play basketball."

"Speaking of games, do you have them in the demon world?" she asked, curious if there's such thing in the world of the demons.

"We have," Ruka grinned. "It's called skull game."

"It's called a skull game?" Mikan wiped a sweat on the side of her face, "The name sounds scary."

"It's nothing really. Sometimes we even played it with the skeleton soldiers and lost souls. It's really exciting," Ruka said excitedly.

"He mentioned skeleton soldiers without a hint of worry," Tsubasa uttered.

"Don't forget he mentioned lost souls too," Mikan muttered, hugging her brother's arm unconsciously. "Is the demon world some sort of hell?"

"It's close to hell," Ruka said, "Or it's similar to hell. Demons are much like devils after all."

"The demon world is rather complicated," Mikan commented.

"You bet," Ruka grinned, "Let's start with this basketball game now. I'm itching to learn. Next time, I'd tell you more about our world."

Saving a Demon


(1) Skull Game - A game in which skeleton soldiers and lost souls can mingle with the royalties and other high ranked people.

(2) Skeleton Soldiers - A type of army in the direct control of the General.

(3) Lost Souls - souls that have no where else to go and was stuck in the demon world; they might commit grave offense in their past life.

(4) Demon World - A world that was ruled by a Demon King. This world has social stratification. The high ranked people were respected and looked up to.

(5) Spells - There are many types of spells which are difficult to learn because it consist of foreign words and incantations. It's dangerous to someone who don't know how to use it and might backfire on them.

(6) Life Force - Demons use this to chant spells and draw out their powers. It can also be use to detect demons.

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