My Sleeping Rose

You're a heavy sleeper, Rosie-love. You can sleep through anything. You still don't know that I carried you to bed once. My family and I had come to your house to celebrate the coming of the New Year, and we were to stay all night. You were so excited, my beautiful girl, so excited, and you wanted to be awake to see the first moment of the New Year. But, you fell asleep. And I couldn't bear the thought of you staying on the hard wooden floor all night, so I picked you up and carried you to your bedroom.

It was a long time ago, before I went away with Mr. Frodo. We were both so young, only in our tweens, we were. I smile as I remember that, wondering when I will tell you. I know you wouldn't mind knowing, though you might be a tad bit embarrassed.

Even then, I loved you. I thought you were the most beautiful creature I'd ever seen, and you know what, Rosie-lass? I still think that.

You're smiling. What are you dreaming about? Normally when you smile in your sleep, you talk too. Did you know that I can sometimes have a conversation with you while you're asleep, darling?

Oh! There you go! My name, you are saying my name. I answer you, and you tell me that you like violets. I laugh. I already know that, I tell you. You tell me that you know that I know, because I know everything about you. I smile and kiss your lips, wondering how I got so lucky, for I surely don't deserve you.

You're babbling again, my sweet love. This time, you're just talking complete nonsense. Something about a pirate and an oliphaunt wanting to have supper with us. I chuckle and wrap one of your curls around my finger. What puts these thoughts in your head, my sweetheart?

You are quiet now, and I gently stoke your cheek with my thumb. I kiss you again, and lay my head on your chest. I can hear your heartbeat; it's so soothing. I wrap my arms around you, totally content. But then, I slide down your body till my ear rests against your swollen belly. And I hear it. Another heartbeat there. Our little baby's heartbeat. Soon, Ellie will have a little brother or sister. You seem to think it's a boy. If it is, he'll be Frodo-lad, won't he? Yes, he'll be Frodo-lad.

I look up at you again, wondering if you remember our first kiss. I do. I don't know what brought the memory on, but it is a pleasant one. I was so shy, and you just wanted me to hurry up! I think that now I give you so many kisses that you should grow tired of it—if you didn't love me so much.

For the last time tonight, I kiss you, and then go back to my own side of the bed. I can't help but be pleased when you whimper a bit, missing my warmth. I move close to you again, and you settle quickly. I am happy. And slowly, the deep sleep that claimed you hours ago creeps up on me and as I close my eyes, I whisper that I love you. I love you, Rosie-Rose-lass, I love you so much.