Harry Potter and a Very Different Goblet of Fire

Disclaimer: Harry Potter characters and locations belong to JKR and her agents, I'm only playing in her sandbox.

Rated: M for violence, language and sexual situations.

Ships: Harry/Fleur, Neville/Cho, Hermione/Charlie

Genre: Romance/Drama

Warning: Major character OOC.

A/N: This is an unusual look at what might have happened in the Goblet of Fire Tri-Wizard Tournament when too many people meddle.

Chapter Six: Aftermath and Epilogue (concluded)

Hermione missed Charlie badly and although he wrote often, she longed to see him. Her mum and dad were not exactly thrilled that she had a steady boyfriend that was much older than her, but also that she was still quite young. Emma had talked to Hermione during the summer, trying to find out more about that Weasley boy that she seemed to be obsessing over.

"It's not that dreadful Ron, is it?" she asked.

"No Mum, it's his older brother Charlie. Charlie's really sweet; he treats me very well, unlike Ron. Charlie's not that much older, Mum, just six years. Later that won't mean much and we're not ready to marry yet." She had shown her mother the promise ring and Emma was still recovering from the shock.

"Don't show that to your dad, Hermione!" she was finally able to say. "He'll go ballistic if he sees it. I hope you don't think you'll marry before finishing school."

"Mum, we love each other. I want the world to know!"

"Hermione! Don't be foolish! You're almost fifteen, you've got your whole life ahead of you."

Tears formed in her eyes, but she reluctantly agreed to hide the ring from her father.

Emma took pity and told her she'd help ease Dan into the news, but it might take awhile.

"Thanks Mum. It's going to be hard to wait, but I know school is important. At least Harry is there to keep me company.

Finally, Charlie had managed a few days away from the Dragon Preserve in Romania and rushed to see Hermione. She flew to his arms the minute she spotted the powerful strides of her boyfriend approaching the school. It was early evening just before her birthday and she had been hoping that he would visit.

"Charlie!" she screamed, kissing him passionately. Her legs wrapped around his waist and they stumbled to the lawn, Charlie holding his girlfriend tightly.

"Miss me much?" he grinned, as they rolled around on the grass.

"You have no idea," she replied, engaging her lips to his again. Her legs were still wrapped around him, trying to draw him closer.

Breaking apart after the heated kiss, she escorted him up to the school, their fingers entwined.

Harry had watched his best friend greet her boyfriend and had to smile. Hermione was so excited that she forgot that half the school was watching. He watched her blush furiously when several catcalls drifted down from the gathered students. "Hey Granger, who's the hot boy?" one of the girls called.

Her blush deepened, but she managed to reply. "My boyfriend, Margot, and keep your hands off him!"

Good-natured laughter echoed around the grounds as the pair entered the school.

Harry had offered to let Charlie use his dorm room since he always returned home to Fleur everyday.


Lily, Annette, James and Amanda kept the Potters busy throughout the following year. Their magic manifested itself early and often. Lily and Annette's accidental magic brought toys to them and the other twins were just starting to show their magic. Lily and Annette were almost potty trained now, with only a few lapses and full nappies. James and Amanda were just learning to crawl, although James seemed to be able to levitate himself, much as Lily and Annette had done at birth. All four were growing like weeds and promised to be big children. Fleur was hard pressed to feed them and would be glad when she didn't have to breast feed anymore. Her nipples were usually sore nowadays.


Harry had successfully completed his first year at Beauxbatons along with Hermione. Gabrielle also did well in her year, finishing first overall in her year, with plenty of help from Harry. She still teased the couple of course, and longed for a boyfriend of her own. The boys at school were immature gits in her opinion. She was in and out of relationships and was despairing of finding a boy she could truly like.


Albus Dumbledore had twisted and turned trying to evade the inevitable. In the end, the Goblins insisted on the return of Harry's gold. He had called in all the debts owed him and it was still not enough. What was worse, the Goblins had made sure to publicize the Headmaster's machinations and he found himself dismissed from all his posts… Headmaster, head of the Wizengamot, head of the ICW, Chief Mugwump and a plethora of minor offices that had added to his stature over the years.

Albus Dumbledore was broke and unemployed. The press vilified him and he only managed to stay out of Azkaban by virtue of the government not being able to prove malfeasance in regard to his manipulations. But he was broke! He even had to sell his home to settle the debt as well as his various antiques he had collected over the years. Fawkes of course, had abandoned him, as he no longer trusted him to be the leader of the light. It would be a year before he died, wandering the streets of Manchester, dejected and alone. Not paying attention to his surroundings cost him his life when he was attacked and beaten before he was even aware of the danger. He slipped into a coma and never recovered. The assailant was never caught and was thought to be a common thug. It didn't even make the Daily Prophet; nobody cared.

Harry didn't need the money, but decided that his children would never suffer the poverty he had endured for his early life with the Dursleys. He set up trust accounts for each of his children.

And there were children, oh my there were children! The Veela bond had taken a firm hold on Harry and Fleur. Nobody expected that Fleur would conceive triplet boys, but two years after the second set of twins, she was pregnant again and was shocked to find that she would have triplets. This was an exceedingly rare case as nobody had heard of a Veela having triplets, much less triplet boys. It seemed that Fleur was very fertile and Harry overwhelmed the Veela tendency to produce girls. After that, all bets were off. It was a difficult pregnancy for Fleur and when the babies were born, they were small but healthy. Jean Paul, Alex Jacques and Nicolas Remus were the last, Fleur swore. A year later, out popped the final baby, a beautiful girl they named Abigail Luna Potter. Four boys and four girls and although Fleur and Harry were as horny as ever, finally the contraceptives worked and they settled down to watch the children grow.

A year later the unexpected happened. Fleur Potter still couldn't believe it; she was pregnant again! Nanette's anti-pregnancy spell had only delayed the inevitable. This time it was twins again, both boys. Fleur was turning into a baby-making machine and would surpass Molly Weasley.

Throwing up her hands in defeat, Fleur accepted that the Potter family would be a large one. Still, sex with Harry was always passionate, delightful and fulfilling (pun intended). They made love at least six times a day and often lasting all day. They'd worn out several beds that just collapsed under their violent lovemaking. Both were insatiable until Fleur was pregnant once more.


Three years after the Tri-Wizard tournament, Neville and Cho married. Nine months later, Cho delivered a baby boy, which they named Harrison Franklin, after Harry and Neville's father Frank. Cho and Neville worked for Cho's father in the herbal growing business, eventually taking over the family business when Cho's father retired. Cho and Neville had one more baby, a tiny baby girl they named Alice Ling Longbottom.

The surprise was Cedric Diggory marrying Luna Lovegood. It seems the quirky blonde had finally shed her shy and odd behavior when Cedric asked her to a Ministry ball. She had fidgeted and worried for days before the ball, afraid that Cedric would change his mind, but Ginny helped calm her. When Cedric came to escort the longhaired Ravenclaw, his jaw had dropped at the amazing sight of a beautiful girl that was poised and confident. Luna knew immediately that Cedric was the one for her and went to extra effort to keep him close. They had started slow but six months later, he had succumbed to her charms and they became intimate. A year later she was pregnant and married. Luna delivered a baby girl to Cedric that they named Cynthia Ann Diggory.

After Hermione graduated, she married Charlie Weasley. The ceremony was held in France with her parents and the Weasley family attending. Harry was best man with Fleur as Maid of Honour and Ginny as bridesmaid.

Remus married Tonks after she finally wore down his resistance. They produced a happy son they named Teddy. Sirius pursued Amelia until she caught him and although they were childless, both were extremely happy. Ginny got together with Colin Creevy and after a long on again, off again relationship, finally married and settled down. Ginny played Quidditch professionally for a few years until the mothering instinct took over and together the Creevy's produced a brood to rival Fleur and Harry.

Harry and Fleur continued to produce until they were will into their fifties, topping out at 20 children, equally apportioned between boys and girls. All were powerful witches and wizards and found good jobs throughout the wizarding world. Some even settled back in Britain, and influenced many changes in attitudes and government.

When Harry and Fleur died at almost 200, they left behind a legacy that would last forever.