Quetzal-ya ya i know so sue me i haven't updated Storm Front again :-( deal with it. this was just something that came to me in geology today it was written in about 10 minutes editings a little choppy but thats just me. I always thought that danny reacted a little to well to half dieing and such, this is my take on what he really felt about it may lead to a longer fanfic not sure yet but just a one-shot for now.


Danny sighed watching his two best friends laugh and joke across the table. He wished he could relate to them better, but ever since the accident he'd been feeling like he's from another planet he just doesn't seem to belong here anymore. He shivered his mind going back to the day of the accident with the ghost portal what Sam and Tucker didn't seem to comprehend was that he had died when the portal had activated. Sam had told him he had been screaming but what they didn't get was that it wasn't dieing that had hurt, no it had been when the energy from the portal bled off and didn't finish killing him. Living had been what hurt so much and that in of itself was what was so terrifying.

It had been like being on a roller coster going down that first drop, the rush and apprehension that even the most ardent adrenaline junkies felt as you started to fall. Only for him the fall had never ended he'd gotten halfway down and found the car abruptly super glued to the tracks ,and as they said it wasn't the drop that got you it was the sudden stop. The sheer agony of feeling every molecule in his body rip itself apart and put themselves back together in an instant leaving him feeling like he had lost something incredibly important had been horrible and left him shivering in the corner of his room on multiple occasions since.

And now there was someone else, someone else who had been through what he had, even if it was his crazy uncle Vlad. Honestly if the man hadn't immediately started making jabs at his family he would have stuck around for a bit if only out of sheer curiosity, but even with that he wasn't sure how much longer he could take this when there was someone else who would understand. He sighed bringing his attention back to Sam and tucker as the bell rang signaling the end of lunch. 2 weeks later Vlad received a short email.

Can we meet somewhere?



Quetzal- so what did you think? if enough people like this i will continue it, its just a one-shot for now but iv got an idea for a continuation of it. however between 'storm front' and 'back in action' i need a dozen or so people at least to want me to continue this before i will kay?