Konoha Gakuen: HOTD

(Summary: A Naruto/HOTD Xover. Follow a group of survivors through apocalyptic times as they search for their loved ones and struggle against "Them". Disclaimer: I don't own the Naruto and HOTD franchise though I kinda wish I did)

Chapter 1: Outbreak

"*Cough* Y-You h-have to d-do it. I-I'm... beyond h-help now. I-If you d-don't, I'll b-become... O-one of "Them" a-and t-turn on y-you." A pale, sickly looking man with his black hair in a topknot and a scar across his nose said as he sat on the floor with his back against the wall. His right arm had a makeshift bandage which was doing a poor job of stemming the blood from a greivious looking wound.

"N-No way... T-This has got to be some kind of sick joke right? How could you ask me to do something like that to you?" A blonde haired teenager with whisker like marks on his face and a bloody crowbar on his hand retorted. Behind him, a girl with long, black hair and pale eyes looks on with horror, clutching what seems like a longbow with a quiver full of arrows on her back.

The older man shook his head sadly and is once again, wracked with coughs. "Once you're... b-bitten... by "Them", y-you know that... it's only a matter of... time before you... turn if t-the bite doesn't outright kill... you first." The elder man raises a shaking hand in front of him. "E-even now... I can feel... myself s-slipping away... I'd... r-rather you f-finish it now b-before..."

The man's head bonelessly hangs back, cutting off whatever he was going to say. His skin started to take on the greyish pallor that the zombified infected had and his mouth started to froth as if he was some sort of rabid animal.

"Nononononononononono! You can't do this to me! You've gotta hang on!" The blonde cried, tears starting to fall from his cereulean blue eyes. But his pleas went unheard and he knew that the man in front of him now was no longer the man he knew.

Tearfully, he raised the crowbar over his head and prepared to do what was necessary even though it was breaking his heart. He swings the weapon down just as the newly zombified older man suddenly lunges forward towards him. The blonde's sorrow filled scream fills the air.


(Two hours earlier)

Uzumaki Naruto was getting bored. And to those who knew him, that only meant one of two things.

One: He was going to pull some outrageous prank which the faculty and staff of Konoha Gakuen will have absolutely no warning of till the deed was done.

Or Two: He was going to ditch classes altogether and nobody knew how he escaped from the school premises.

Hell... Nobody could ever figure out how he managed to pass his his classes in the first place.

With his reputation as an infamous delinquent and a less then stellar attendance record, it was a miracle that he has not repeated a grade since entering school. Many say that his teachers simply wanted him out of their hair as soon as possible, promoting him so he could be somebody else's problem. The bolder ones speculated that his ties with the recently retired headmaster, Hiruzen Sarutobi had something to do with it.

How else would an orphan nobody like Naruto be able to enter a prestigous school like Konoha Gakuen with it's high standards and pass?

While it was true that he had close ties with the ex headmaster Hiruzen Sarutobi, Naruto NEVER took advantage of their relationship, preferring to advance on his own merits.

The real reason why Uzumaki Naruto got away with so many things was because he is a maverick genius when it came to the practical applications of getting in and out of mischief which included avoiding failing grades. Granted, he was also a closet anarchist who thrived on chaos and mayhem but it wasn't his fault that the lessons in class got too boring. He simply wanted to spice up his otherwise monotonous school life.

After all, his was a somewhat psychotic brilliance matched only by the Academy "Golden Boy" and Uchiha Family scion Sasuke. But that didn't stop his detractors from trying to bring him down.

And boy were there a lot of them, ranging from suckup teachers and faculty members to the Uchiha's infamously rabid fangirls. Thankfully though, he was on civil terms with the somewhat aloof Sasuke who didn't really give a damn about his unofficial supporters.

This basically meant that Naruto had a lot of targets for his pranks to make his life at school a little more bearable.

Today was a different story though. Today, he was in no mood to cause any sort of trouble even though he was bored as hell in class. And for some strange reason, he felt extremely uneasy as if there was a wrongness in the air.

Naruto always had an innate, almost mystical ability to sense that there was something wrong. It was this danger sense which helped him out of many tight spots in the past and has yet to fail him.

And right now, his danger sense was practically screaming at him.


A shout followed by a thrown chalk to the head snapped Naruto out of his funk. He turns his head in annoyance the perpetrator of the deed.

"So glad you could join us again Naruto." Umino Iruka said as he tossed another chalk up and down in his hand while the rest of the class snickered at the blonde troublemaker's predicament.

"Somebody up there must really like messing with my head." Naruto groused to himself, glaring balefully at the person who, apart from old man Sarutobi, was the closest thing an orphan like him had for a family. And while he loved the man like a brother, Iruka was also the only person capable of catching him red handed in any mischief he might cause which also made the older man something of a nemesis of his.

"And because Naruto sees it fit to let his mind wander away from the lesson at hand, I'm gonna see if anything I've said so far is getting through your thick skulls. So guess what? Pop quiz!" Iruka said gleefully and earning him a classfull of groans and earning Naruto more then his fair share of dirty looks and glares.


"Kill me now..." Naruto moaned as he laid on the bench on the school's roof with his head on the lap of one Hyuuga Hinata during their lunch break.

"Now now Naruto. You know that Iruka sensei only wants what's best for you." The girl answered with a small smile.

The blonde cracks an eye open and looks up at his girlfriend. Her long ebony locks framed a lovely face with a pair of pale, blank eyes which seems to be genetically inherent in all members of her clan.

The Hyuugas were one of the oldest, most influential families of Japan and were practically considered as modern day royalty right next to the Imperial Family of their country. And as such, they also ran their affairs like a monarchy and mostly looked down on whomever they considered to be lower class citizens which also included members of their branch family who was tasked with their safety.

But Hinata was something of an anomaly in her family. She was a kind, gentle and caring soul who hated how her clan acted and the division it was creating within her family which she sought to mend. These were the traits which elders said made her unsuitable to be the clan heir because to them, it was a sign of weakness.

But Naruto knew that Hinata was far from weak. She was actually a strong willed girl despite her gentle nature and likes to speak her mind irregardless of the consequences. He counted the days till she was strong enough to prove her worth to the stuffy old bastards then tell them to shove it up where the sun doesn't shine.

Her family were not aware of his relationship with Hinata. But he suspected that if they ever found out, they'd do everything in their power to tear them apart.

Not that he'd ever let them if they tried.

Right now though, he simply wanted to enjoy his time with her.

"Tell that to the 39 other students who wants my head for that pop quiz." Naruto countered, studying Hinata's face before pulling it down and planting a soft kiss on her lips. "I'd rather spend some quality time here with you."

Hinata laughed lightly at this. "As much as I'd like that, I'm afraid I can't right now. As you can see, I have to go to archery practice soon." She said, gesturing at her traditional japanese archery outfit as well as the longbow and quiverfull of arrows at her side.

"You and your family's tradition." Naruto grumbled before adding with a foxy grin. "Why can't you pick a more ordinary sport like tennis or swimming? You could at least give me a show instead of staying all covered up like that."

"Behave or you'll be target practice in our next session at the Archery Team." Hinata admonished with a light blush on her cheek and a slap to her boyfriend's arm. Although she was already used to her boyfriend's teasings which sometimes bordered on being perverted, she was still deeply conservative by nature and was confident that Naruto knew where her limitations lie.

As for Naruto, the blonde knew better then to take things too far in his relationship with Hinata. Sure he teased her and they've shared some intimate moments together. But it was all consensual and he would never do anything that was against his girlfriend's will. He loved and respected her too much for that.

A commotion near the front gate of the academy suddenly catches their attention. Looking down from the roof, they could see two male teachers and a female teacher confronting what seemed like student who was unsuccessfully and clumsily trying to enter the closed front gate.

When one of the teachers tried to reach through the grills to get the student's attention, the student promptly bites a bloody chunk out the arm causing the teacher to fall back clutching his bitten arm screaming in pain. The lone female teacher then spends the next few minutes administering first aid to the bitten teacher. But just when it looked like he was recovering, the bitten teacher suddenly pulls the female teacher down and rips into her throat. At seeing the gory display, the remaining terrified teacher runs for his life.

From up the roof, Naruto and Hinata could only look on in horror at the spectacle.

"Ohh kami..." Hinata whispers as she sobs quietly. She wanted nothing more then to look away but she couldn't. Naruto himself felt like he was about to lose his lunch but had resisted the urge and forced himself to think.

"We have to go find Iruka Sensei." Naruto suddenly said, managing to tear his eyes away from the gruesome sight and grabbing his girlfriend's hand. "He'll know what to do."

The pair runs down from the roof and spends the next five minutes looking for Iruka before finding him in the middle of one of his classes.

"Naruto? Hinata? What are you two doing here?" The teacher asks in confusion.

"Iruka Sensei... We need to talk to you outside now." Naruto said tonelessly. Iruka was about to admonish Naruto for interrupting his class, but the completely serious expression of the blonde and the outright terrified look of his girlfriend's eyes changed his mind.

"Fine then. Read page fifteen to twenty of your textbook class. I'll be right back." Iruka instructed his class and follows Naruto and Hinata outside. As soon as the door to the classroom was closed, Iruka turns to the two. "Alright then. What's going on here?"

Naruto quickly narrated what he and Hinata saw from the rooftop much to the disbelief of the teacher. "Are you guys serious? I hope it's not another one of your stupid pranks Naruto."

Naruto shook his head vehemently. "I wish that I WAS just kidding Iruka Sensei but it's all true coz me and Hinata Chan saw it with our own eyes. Kami... It was like watching a horror movie gone horribly wrong."

"Naruto Kun is telling the truth sensei." Hinata seconded, looking a good deal calmer then before. "I saw it too and I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it firsthand."

Iruka ran a hand through his hair as he mulled over what Naruto and Hinata told him. "But even if it's coming from you Hinata... I mean, you have to understand where I'm coming from here. Even you have to admit that your story of faculty members attacking and devouring each other is rather difficult to believe and..."

Iruka was interrupted when the PR system comes to life. "Attention all students... Attention all students... There has been a violent intrusion into the school grounds so students are hereby advised to immediately evacuate the premises in an orderly fashion as instructed by faculty members. I repeat... There has been a violent intrusion into the school grounds so students are hereby advised to immediately evacuate the premises in an orderly fashion as instructed by faculty members."

The speaker grew silent but the feedback indicated that the PR System was still activated. After a few moments, the voice came back on, but this time sounding terrified.

"W-What are you doing here? No! Stay back! Someone help me please! AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!" The sound of horrid moans and the crash of equipment can be heard over the PR system along with the death cries of the broadcaster.

Amongst the listeners were a dark haired teen and his pink haired female seatmate... Another dark haired, though lazy looking teen who lifted his head up from his desk long enough to listen with narrowed eyes along with a blonde female behind him... A purple haired female wearing the faculty gym clothes... A white haired teacher wearing glasses... And an elderly-looking man with a cane who came to the school together with his young grandson for a visit.

A few moments past before all hell broke loose inside the school. Both students and faculty members were rushing, fighting and struggling to get to the exit first causing a stampede which only raised the number of casualties. Only a few had enough sense to remain objective enough to plan out their escape.

Naruto, Iruka and Hinata barely managed to avoid the mad rush by ducking into a classroom where Naruto and Iruka proceeded to search for things they could use to defend themselves. They found a crowbar and a mop which they could use as weapons. Naruto took the crowbar for himself while Iruka broke off the mophead and sharpened the end of the broken shaft with a cutter to use as a stabbing implement as well as a bludgeon. Hinata changed into a pair of spare school uniform she found inside which was more practical then her archery uniform then went to work checking her bow and arrows.

"So what's our next move?" Naruto asks, hefting the crowbar.

"Obviously we need to get out of here." Iruka said dryly, loosening his tie and rolling back his sleeves before brandishing his makeshift spear. "But we need to assess the situation first so let's look around for a bit. Maybe we can meet up and cooperate with other people. After all, there's strength in numbers."

Naruto nods his head at this before looking at Hinata and the bow she had in her hands. "You better be ready to use that on live targets Hinata. Your ammo is limited so make your shots count."

"And also, don't let anyone infected bite you because based from what we've seen, you'll get infected yourself." Naruto added.

"An excellent suggestion. Now let's go." Iruka said, opening the door and cautiously peeking out. There was currently nobody in the hallway so the trio slipped out and hurried towards a corridor which would lead them to another building.

Along the way, they could see that there were already a significant number of infected chasing down or devouring the other students and faculty members in the school grounds. And those who managed to escape their clutches but were wounded would simply turn into an infected after a short amount of time.

"This is horrible." Hinata exclaimed, looking around the area. "What could have caused this?"

"Let's not stick around to find out." Naruto mutters then notices that Hinata had stopped in her tracks. "What is it?"

Instead of answering, Hinata fearfully points to a figure staggering towards them. Iruka's eyes widens in recognition.

"Kami... It's Mizuki. He's turned into one of them." Iruka said. The silver haired zombie coming towards them was Iruka's colleague and friend. Though Naruto didn't really like him all that much, NOBODY deserved this fate.

"We need to keep him away. Shoot him Hinata." Naruto said. The dark haired girl managed not to fumble with her weapon and shot an arrow towards Mizuki which hits him on the chest. But still the zombie kept coming towards them.

"Body shots doesn't seem to work. Target the head Hinata!" Naruto shouted. But Hinata was too slow in reloading her weapon so Iruka himself charged at Mizuki and stabs him with the makeshift spear. But the zombified Mizuki simply plunged it deeper into itself and savagely bit down on Iruka's arm before anyone could stop him. Iruka managed to kick Mizuki away where a waiting Naruto bashed him over the head with his crowbar and destroys the brain which effectively stop him.

"Oh kami... Iruka Sensei... I'm so sorry." Hinata said with tears in her eyes as she tended to the grave wound on Iruka's arm which essentially meant his death, one way or another.

Hinata looks up at Naruto who had an unreadable expression on his face before he spoke. "Let's get him to the roof. We'll be safe there for a little while."

After a few minutes of fighting through a throng of the infected, the three managed to barricade themselves on the rooftop where Iruka leaned against the wall by the side clutching his wounded arm while Naruto stood guard and Hinata frantically tried to call for help using her cellphone but to no avail.

"It's no use..." Iruka said as he looks around the town from their vantage point up on the rooftop. "Whatever is happening here seems to be happening everywhere else." The instructor stated pointing towards the wisps of smoke from various locations which indicated that fire had broken out in some parts. "And pretty soon, it won't be safe to stay here either coz we'll be overwhelmed."

Iruka then looks down at the school grounds. "I wonder if a drop from this height will kill me?"

Naruto snaps his head back at Iruka so quickly that he thought he heard it snap. "What the hell are you saying Iruka Sensei? You can't just give up like this! We're gonna get help for you and we're all getting out of this together!"

Iruka shakes his head sadly at Naruto. "I know it's difficult to accept but let's face facts here Naruto. I've been bitten and it's only a matter of time before I turn. But before I do, I'm asking you as your teacher... No as a brother, don't let me become one of them. Kill me before that ever happens."

All of a sudden, Iruka was overcome by a coughing fit, rolling along the ground in pain and vomiting blood. He looks at the blood in his hands then at Naruto and Hinata. "Looks like it came sooner then expected."


A while later, Naruto silently sat besides the covered body of Iruka who he had killed just a few minutes earlier. Nearby, Hinata was sobbing uncontrollably.

Making his decision, Naruto stands up and starts taking down part of the barricade they had erected to keep the infected at bay.

"W-What are you doing Naruto Kun? Why are you taking down the barricade?" Hinata asks fearfully.

"I'm gonna go down there and kill as many of them as I can Hinata." Naruto said tonelessly as he continued to work. "When I leave, I want you to reinforce the barricade again, continue calling for help and shoot any infected that comes through. One of your calls is sure to connect and help will come."

Naruto suddenly feels Hinata grab him from behind crying.

"Please don't leave me Naruto Kun!" She cried. "We've already lost Iruka Sensei and I don't think I'll be able to go on living if you were killed too so please... Please stay here with me."

Naruto stops dismantling the barricade and holds Hinata's hand. "I'm sorry for my selfishness Hinata Chan. I wasn't thinking clearly. It's just that Iruka Sensei…."

"I understand Naruto Kun…. I understand…." Hinata said, burying her face on Naruto's back as the blonde looks up at the sky and wonders what they should do next.

Author's Notes: Thought I'd experiment a bit and came up with this crossover. Hope you guys like it. Enjoy an R&R