1 Singin' a Different Tune

Summary: Singah already has a boyfriend, but will Spot Conlon come between her and Kid Blink?

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the newsies except the Singah and Fidget, and Spot, who is currently in my bedroom awaiting me.

Rating: For now, PG-13 for mild swearing and lots of kissage, maybe a higher rating later.

Author's Note: Fidget and Singah are based on me- Fidget's relationship with Jack is mine with a really close friend, and Singah is in every other way based on me. The song Singah and later Spot sings is "If I Loved You," by Roger's and Hammerstein.


1.2 Chapter One

Singah and her boyfriend Kid Blink sat in a booth at Tibby's with Jack Kelly, leader of the Manhattan newsies, and Fidget, her redheaded, freckle-faced best friend. The four were eating dinner, laughing and talking, with frequent interruptions by Singah and Blink for kissing and cuddling. Fidget, true to her name, was wriggling in her seat, full of energy that even carrying the banner couldn't rid her of. Fidget was madly in love with Jack, but he never thought of her that way- he had known her and Singah too long; they were like the sisters he had never had. As it was, Jack didn't like seeing his "little sis" dating one of his newsies. The only upside to Singah being with Blink was that she couldn't be with Spot Conlon- Jack's Brooklyn counterpart and a notorious womanizer.

"Dammit Spot," the group heard an Italian voice say, "when the hell are ya gonna stop beatin' the crap outta me at pokah?"

-Shit- thought Jack and Blink at the same time, for different reasons that all pertained to Singah. –It's Spot, just what we need now.- What they didn't know, however, was that though Spot had been attracted to Singah for years, he was to high class, in a Brooklyn sort of way, to steal a friend's girl. Spot was a womanizer, but he had morals.

"Race, my boy, I'll stop beatin' yous- wait- I'll never stop beatin' yous." Spot's thick Brooklyn accent proclaimed. By that time, the duo had made their way over to Singah's table. "Hiya, Jacky-boy. How's da newsies treatin' yous?"

"Just' fine, Spot." The leaders spit in their hands and shook.

"Blink," Spot acknowledged Singah's one-eyed boyfriend. "And Singah, da loveliest newsie in all a New Yoik." Singah giggled- Spot did that every time he saw her. She obliged, and stuck out her hand, which he then bowed over and kissed, real hoity-toity. As he kissed the back of her work- roughened hand, their eyes met and gazes locked. Startled, Singah realized that Spot was not only an incredible looker, with his long blonde hair and tilted nose, but his eyes were just like hers- grey, changing from green to blue and back, but always grey, shining with a light from inside. She abruptly snatched back her hand, and quickly asked Blink to walk her home. The handsome Brooklyn newsie was making her nervous, and she didn't know why. –It's only Spot,- she told herself. –I've known 'im fer years, what's the big deal now?- Soon after the couple had left, Spot rose, said his farewells to those who merited them, and departed. But he didn't go back to Brooklyn; instead, he found himself following Singah and Blink.

A little later, at her boarding house, Singah was loitering with Blink, saying good-bye slowly, as though she were trying to erase the memory of Spot's eyes. What she didn't know was that Spot was hidden in the shadows of the door across the street, watching her. When Blink finally departed, she went inside, and reemerged a few stories up, sitting on the fire escape and singing to herself and brushing her long, white-gold hair.

*If I loved you,

words wouldn't come in an easy way,

round in circles, I'd go.

Longing to tell you, but afraid and shy,

I'd let my golden chances pass me by…*

Hearing her voice, Spot crossed the street and stealthily climbed the fire escape, ending up behind Singah.

*Soon you'd leave me,

off you would go in the midst of day,

never, never to know,

how I loved you, if I loved you…*

" Now I know why dey calls you Singah," he said, scaring Singah out of her reverie, her daydream of Spot's eyes, hair, voice, every feature.

"Jesus, Spot, I didn't know you was dere!" Singah exclaimed. "Didn't your muddah teach it iddin't polite ta sneak up on a goil like dat?!"

Spot out his finger to her lips. "Shhh," he said. "Was that fer me?" Mutely, she nodded.

"But Spot…" Singah tried to protest her own actions, but was cut off again.

"Singah, shut up." Spot said it lovingly, and bent down, softly kissing her. She realized what he was doing, but instead of fighting him, she surrendered, returning the kiss. When he broke the kiss, too soon after it had begun, he whispered "Goodnight, my Singah," and slowly slipped away.