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Cabin Fever


Et Ils Ont vécu Heureusement Pour toujours

About 24 hours later, Eddie called to let them know that they had been given the okay to return to the cabin. By that time, Raven and Chelsea had consummated their new relationship six times in four different areas of the cabin. When Eddie, Chantel, Devon and Danny returned to the cabin, it was evident to all of them that the ordeal was far from unpleasant for the two trapped women.

Eddie did not ask questions upon his return. He simply gave Chelsea and Raven a look, which was returned with a knowing smile. Chantel, being only slightly bolder, at one point pulled Raven to the side and simply said, "Raven?" with an air of anticipation and a smile. Raven's response was to drop her head. When she lifted it, she was attempting to suppress a smile and had a bright crimson blush in her cheeks that answered Chantel's question. She threw her arms around Raven's neck and squealed. Seconds later, Chelsea, unaware of Raven's silent, blush-filled giveaway of their private time, came into Raven and Devon's bedroom and was met by a squeal and a bear hug from Chantel.

After they made it home, Raven and Chelsea each had "the talk" with Devon and Danny respectively. They told they guys that they felt like they were growing apart and that they wanted to end their respective relationships. Guilt got the best of Devon as he admitted his infidelity to Raven. She forgave him for his indiscretion and admitted her own, although she didn't reveal the identity of her partner in crime.

She was rocked to her foundation when he correctly guessed that it was Chelsea and figured that it happened on the trip. His guess was so dead-on accurate; she had no choice but to confirm it. Without prompting from her, he promised not to tell anyone about her revelation to him. She in turn promised not to bad mouth him in front of others. They vowed to remain in touch and still considered each other friends.

Danny took Chelsea's news harder than Devon did with Raven, but in the back of his mind he still understood. Chelsea never revealed to him the new nature of her relationship with Raven. Not that she didn't want to… he never asked if there was someone else. Knowing him, she realized that what was important to him was that she was unhappy and that he needed to let her go, regardless of the reason. Her happiness was paramount to him.

As for Raven and Chelsea, they went on to date each other for two more years. After a brief separation during their junior year, they got back together and dated for five more years.

Raven went on to become North American Creative Director for Donna Cabonna Designs, rising to that position just two years after college. She was based in New York for the three years in which she held that position.

Chelsea became the Legislative Director for Greenpeace International. She became the de facto congressional liaison for the organization and was based out of Washington, D.C.

They maintained a healthy and successful bi-city relationship. They maintained an apartment in each city and alternated time spent in each locale.

In an ironic twist, Donna Cabonna offered Raven a promotion to become Senior Vice President of the European Division located in Paris on the same day Chelsea was offered a promotion to become Senior Director of Greenpeace's European Office, also located in Paris.

On the night of their dual celebration, on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, about fifteen minutes from their D.C apartment, Raven proposed to Chelsea. Chelsea said yes.

Today, the Senior Vice President, European Division, Donna Cabonna International, Raven Lydia Baxter-Daniels and the Senior Director, Western Europe-Northern Africa, Greenpeace International, Chelsea Ophelia Daniels-Baxter are happily married and living in a lovely villa in Saint Germain en Laye, about ten and a half miles outside the city in the French countryside. They reside their with their adopted daughters, 4 year-old Olivia Joan (Livie) and 3 month-old Tonya Christina (Chrissie).

They are frequently visited by Raven's good friend and play sister Sydney Park, one of the hottest young comediennes in the world, who recently moved to Paris. Frequent visitors to their villa also included their parents, Raven's brother Cory, an investment adviser at Smith Barney in New York, and his fiancée Meena Paroom and the best man and matron of honor from their wedding, Mr. And Mrs. Edward and Chantel Thomas and their three children; Lydia, Ophelia and Eddie Jr.

Eddie, after selling his 49 percent stake in Island Def Jam Records, recently purchased an estate that is a 15 minute drive from Raven and Chelsea's home.

The Three Amigos, with the addition of Chantel, now call themselves The Four Aces. By a unanimous vote of the three founding members, Raven told Chantel her most well-guarded secret, that she was a psychic. That same day, Chantel revealed a well-guarded secret to Raven; she was three months pregnant with Eddie's fourth child. They would name her Chelsea Rae.

By the way, the loose English translation of the title of the postscript…

And They Lived Happily Ever After.