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The frost was crisp, and crunched under his staggered footsteps. The clear black sky held no warmth only giving flickers of light that barely reached the earth. This the man didn't notice, in fact he noticed nothing but the high he was on. With a plastered grin on his face and his eyes clouded, he moved blindly on. Bright headlights flashed beside him only to move on and leave the darkness swimming with fading red lights. The ground underneath him changed to hard concrete while his brain was coming down from the height. As the world around dragged him back into awareness, the feeling of freefall slowly left as he fought desperately to hold on. It left him craving more. Looking around with new eyes he saw his feet had taken him to a bridge across a busy high way. Looking down the free fall feeling almost came back. Without thinking he climbed on to the railings, spread his arms wide and jumped.


Chapter 1 - Morning

Monday Mornings. Jack was never really a morning guy and having to get up on a Monday wasn't exactly his favourite thing to do. He groaned as the radio once again flickered into life. He knew he couldn't hit snooze for a third time so sighing, he managed to crawl out of bed. His thoughts turning to the day as he headed, blurry eyed, to the shower.

Sue looked down as she felt something heavy on her leg. Stroking Levi's furry head she glanced around seeing if anyone was trying to get her attention. She smiled as she noticed a sleepy, tall, dark agent walking into the room sipping what was probably his 3rd cup of coffee that morning.

"Good morning Jack" she greeted chirpily. He grunted, but knowing she couldn't hear it he replied,

"The words good and morning should never be in the same sentence."

"Late night going from bar to bar trying to find a girl I suppose?" Jack held the mug to his lips trying to cover up the impulsive swallow as he saw that teasing smile and glint in her eyes whilst trying, and failing, to glare at her.

"Oh I doubt it he has his eyes elsewhere, haven't you Sparky?" The Australian said, patting his best mate's shoulder and laughing at the slight tinge of red that was creeping into his friend's face. At this Lucy, true to her matchmaker self, pricked up her ears and sighed, she really was losing her touch.

"You can talk," was all Jack managed to come up with. With a quick side glance at the dainty blonde huddled over the computer Bobby returned to his desk, his trademark smile fading slightly as he glared at Jack.

"Oh and who's this then Agent Hudson?" Sue asked, eyebrows raised, trying to push back the jealousy that threatened to seize her.

Jack tried frantically to come up with something but all his mind could focus on was the fact this news didn't seem to affect her. Only slight surprise and mild curiosity showed on her face.

"Morning all, we have a new case," D said, stepping into the bullpen, all eyes turning to him. 'Saved by the bell' thought Jack, breathing a sigh of relief.

"Last night a man named Alan Tumble, 37, threw himself off a bridge into heavy traffic. This has been the 4th suicide in the past two weeks" D carried on, when he had everyone's attention.

"No offence to the Bureau, but I'm pretty sure, however tragic the case may be, many people commit suicide. In fact Suicide is the 11th leading cause of death in America which is more then general violence and 13 types of cancer," Stated Myles, causing everyone to stare at him except Sue who was shooting a questioning glance at Lucy trying to get some help. 'Myles' Lucy replied shrugging.

"Where do you get this stuff from Myles?" wondered Lucy but quickly followed, "actually I don't think I want to know."

Looking around him he raised his hands, as though defending himself, and said,

"I just wanted to know why we are taking up valuable time to investigating something so... common."

D looked at him and, in a steady voice like he was talking to a child, said, "Because all 4 victims had a new designer drug running through their veins when they jumped."


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