Chapter 27 - Anger

Jack entered the office silently, but even with the absence of noise, every one looked up at him, each one with their own questions at the ready, but the look on Jack's face halted all words.

"Updates?" His leadership voice taking all authority and the team wasted no time.

"We have a face recognition match on the man who delivered the flowers in the hospital. His name's Alan Norton, petty crook who has a rap sheet that mainly consists of small time drug distribution, disorderly conduct and theft. We have people bringing him in now. We have the name of the driver, one Todd Appleby, a very low level drug dealer. So it seems he has gone up in the world" Tara finished with a dry tone.

"The lab could only get a partial on one of the bugs the others seem to have been wiped clean."

"Scar and his driver, Todd," Bobby added, flashing a grin in Tara's direction, "are ready to be interviewed in rooms 1 and 3." Jack took in all this information before speaking once more.

"Myles, D you take Scar. Bobby and I will take the Mr Appleby. Tara, I want you to find out everything you can about all three of these characters, focus specifically on how they all connect. Also, see if you can match the partial to either of them. It's a long shot but who knows we might come up lucky. Right," he paused to take a breath and then continued in a much softer tone but far more serious, "I don't think I have to tell any of you how important this is. We need to flip them and find out who's running this thing." He received nods from each individual in the room before walking out.

"That was a sensible thing you did back there mate."

"Either sensible or just plain selfish. If Scar does start talking I'm not sure I would have been able to stand there and hear what Sue had gone through..." What I put her through. "...without breaking several rules of interrogation as well as his face in the process." The middle part Jack kept to himself knowing full well Bobby would tell him once again that it wasn't his fault and he didn't have the strength to argue.

"Either way you made the right call."

Jack nodded in acknowledgement and prayed that they would be able to get something out of somebody before he lost his temper. He was unsure whether or not Bobby knew just how close his emotions were to the surface.

They were rapidly approaching the interview room and subconsciously they both slowed their steps and prepared themselves mentally for what they were about to face.


Once again Jack gave a nod and a look of understanding passed between them before Bobby flung the door open and they strolled in.


Myles was once again fighting the urge to knock out a few teeth from the never ending smug smile they had been confronted with since they had first walked in.

"I don't think you understand the gravity of your situation Mr Stanford." He started again with his teeth clenched, the only evidence of his pent up frustration. "You are being charged with unlawful surveillance, distribution of an illegal substance, manslaughter and be rest assured, by the end of this we will have you with the kidnap and assault of a federal officer." He and D had both agreed before they went in that they will put everything on the table even though they had very little evidence against him. "Now if you start talking we might be able to put a good word in for you." He knew Jack would hate the idea of make a deal with this man but with so little to go on, the bottom line was that they needed a confession to be sure all charges would stick. He had been watching the man in front of him closely when he had been listing the charges and had seen his confidence waver. He suspected that D had seen this too as he felt him come up behind him and Scar's gaze flickered between the two, meeting cold stares at every turn.

"Time's ticking away Chuck, we aren't going to wait all day."


Jack and Bobby slumped into the office with forlorn expressions on their faces.

"Please tell me you have some good news Tara."

"I'm afraid not. None of their fingerprints matched the partial and I'm still looking for a connection. What happened?"

"He doesn't know anything. He has admitted to being hired by Scar to drive him from place to place, no questions asked. He has also admitted that Sue's apartment was his intended destination and that he has been there before. Unfortunately he has no idea why there or who gave the orders but to add to the mystery apparently they where told only to circle the apartment."


"My guess would be that either they were checking out just how tight security was or..."

"Or..." Tara prompted when Bobby trailed off.

"Or they were seeing how much we know. They knew that if we had managed to track them down then we would bring them in straight in at any attempt to get to Sue, no matter how foolish."

"So what you're saying is we might have just given away our hand?" Receiving a solemn nod, Jack sighed and ran his hand through his hair leaving it as ruffled and unkempt as the rest of his appearance. "Have Myles and D come back yet?"

"Nope they're still in there." Turning quickly he left before anyone could stop him and walked purposefully towards the interview room.

They were just coming through the door when Jack approached them. When D saw him he answered the unspoken question with a shake of his head. His heart sunk to dangerous depths at the news.

"There was a moment when we thought we had got to him but he froze up again at the mention of his boss. He defiantly seemed uncomfortable with how much we knew." The noise of the door opening drew their attention and each one watched, with unreadable expressions, as Chuck was escorted out. Jack tried to repress his anger as the man looked him in the eye and a cold, sly smile spread across his face.

"Jack! My my, you look a bit worse for wear. Not getting enough sleep eh? Then again I wouldn't either with a girl like your lovely Sue at my disposal"

Something inside Jack snapped and he lunged forward his fists balled tightly. Just before he reached him he felt arms clutch at him restraining him but he didn't really notice them, his eyes and anger focused on the cowering man in front of him.

"If you ever go near her you won't know what hit you."

"Get him out of here." D's voice came through the cloud of red that had seemed to have clouded his senses. His stormy gaze bore holes into Chucks back as he was being led away. "Jack, it's late, why don't you go. Did I hear you say you were going to see Sue tonight?" Seeing him give a slight nod D continued. "Then go see her, spend some time with her, get a good night sleep and come back on top form tomorrow so we can get to the bottom of this."