I wanted to wait and try to beat Mega Man Zero 3 and 4 before writing this, but the more I tried to play Mega Man Zero 3, the more frustrated I got (sadness). In the end I figured I know how it begins, so I'll at least get that much started.

This story takes elements from Mega Man Zero 3 and Mega Man Zero 4, but only a few from each.

Disclaimer: Kitty Munroe, Valerie Sanders, Ryan, Ariel, Aries, and Xerox are characters I created, along with any new characters that appear here. Any one else is property of the Mega Man franchise one way or another and therefore belong to Capcom.

Still Holding On

Hello again. It's been, what, two months since the Neo Arcadia incident. A lot has changed since then. For one thing, I think I spend more time here than I do Vista Point these days. I don't even know if you can hear me when I talk to you like this, but it makes me feel a little better. Well, I suppose I should tell you a bit about what's going on these days.

(Play Song: Green Grass Gradation/Mega Man ZX)

In the Cyber City Museum, a Wizard infected with the Nightmare Virus went out of control and was attacking people all through the museum. Even the viruses were infected, and were causing a lot more damage then normal.

The Nightmare Virus is still a problem, now more so than before. It isn't limited to just areas with fear anymore. Now any strong negative emotion triggers it. Sometimes an EM Being can contract it from being on the Wave Road. Ace coined the term "Maverick" for the EM Beings that get infected. These issues have forced the Satella Police to work overtime.

Four police cars rode up to the Museum and Satella Police officers came out and ran into the Museum. They EM Wave Changed into their Wave Forms to fight the EM Viruses and scattered in all directions.

Unfortunately even Mettaurs infected by the virus are too much for the Satella Police. So Ace actually decided to form a team of agents to fight Nightmare Virus. Alongside Ace there are five members...

Bud, Pat, Sonia, Solo...

Sonia and Solo both in Satella Police uniforms ran into the City, and noticed some of the Viruses were leaking out of the Museum. Sonia pulled out her guitar/Hunter VG and Solo started drawing the Mu symbol in front of him.

"Transcode 004! Harp Note!" Sonia said playing a note on her guitar.

"Transcode 002! Rogue!" Solo said holding his hands out at his sides.

After they Wave Changed, they both proceeded to fight the Viruses, Harp Note with her guitar, Rogue with his sword, which was actually Laplace, his Wizard.

Pat was running into another section of the city, also in a Satella Police uniform, and was confronted with the same situation. He started screaming in the air as electricity surrouded him.

"Transcode 011! Gemini Spark!" he shouted, making the electricity get larger around him.

After Wave Changing, Gemini Spark ran forward, both twins staying close to each other and supporting each other.

Another police car rode through the Viruses and did a turning stop immediately near the Museum. Once it stopped, the door opened and Bud used the momentum of the stop to roll out of the car, landing on one knee. He then got up and ran into the Museum holding his Hunter in front of him.

"Transcode 005! Taurus Fire!" he said as he ran.

While Bud was engulfed in a large flame, it was Taurus Fire who emerged from the fire and rushed through the Virus army. The Maverick Wizard noticed Taurus Fire a little too late as he tackled the Wizard into a wall. He then turned to a civilian on the ground.

"Get to somewhere safe!" Taurus Fire commanded. The civilian nodded and ran out of the area so Taurus Fire could fight freely.

And finally... me.

Looking at all of this from a roof was Luna, who like everyone else was now in a Satella Police uniform. She put on the Visualizer and looked out at the Wave Road, which was also overflowing with Viruses.

Xerox, her Wizard and best friend, materialized next to her. They looked at each other, nodded, and got in position to Wave Change; Luna holding her hand in the air and Xerox floating behind her with his arms spread out.

"Transcode 666! Zero!" Luna shouted. Xerox embraced Luna from behind, and they were both engulfed in a crimson red flame and vanished.

A red light fell onto the Wave Road and Zero emerged. She dashed forward past a line of viruses, deleting them instantly. A golem virus appeared next to her, but when it slammed its hammer on the Wave Road, Zero jumped away pulling out a Battle Card.

"Mega Cannon!" she shouted thrusting the card into her left arm, which turned into the Mega Cannon. She fired point blank at the Virus, deleting it in a few shots. She then looked down on the ground and saw Harp Note, Rogue, and Gemini Spark near each other, fighting the Viruses on the ground.

She jumped off the Wave Road, fazing into the Real World. She landed in the center of the fights with her Z-Saber out, and then made two clones of herself with the Z-Mirage ability. Together with her two clones she was able to get rid of the viruses with ease. Gemini White smiled nodded to Zero, Gemini Black gave Zero a thumbs up, Harp Note put her guitar down on the ground and smiled to Zero, Rogue crossed his arms and turned away, showing that he thought he had it taken care of.

Before any of them could get comfortable though, Taurus Fire and the Wizard came bursting out of the museum wall, catching everyone's attention. Gemini Spark shot their Gemini Thunder ability at the Wizard knocking it over to Rogue, who slashed it into another wall with his sword. Harp Note played a loud note on her guitar using her Shock Note power, doing added damage. Taurus Fire ran up to the Wizard and held it from behind.

"Zero, now!" Taurus Fire said. Zero nodded and ran up to the Wizard holding her Z-Saber up. It grew in length getting stronger, and Zero slashed at the Wizard, deleting it.

All of the civilians watching cheered loudly. All six of them smiled to the civilians, and then Transed Out, vanishing from the city.

Mega Man Star Force Zero 3


Hours later, Luna was in the forest, in front of the remains of the Ara, kneeling in front of a small monument. Lying in front of the monument was a small red collar with a golden emblem on it, and the words "Kitty Munroe, a beloved friend" were carved in the front of it.

"The fights have been hard," Luna said, apparently speaking to the monument, "But Xerox and I have been able to manage so far. Dr. Goodall still doesn't know why that Battle Card appeared when I was fighting Val, but she's looking into it," Luna looked at her right ring finger, which had the ring Kitty gave her on it, "I still wear your ring everyday. I'm sorry that I couldn't save you Kitty. I know I should move on, but I just can't. I keep feeling like it should have been me High Max deleted, or that I should have been able to save you. Silly, I know, but I can't help it. I miss you so much Kitty, and I want you back."

Luna, like everytime she came here, broke down and started crying. She didn't know Kitty for very long, but long enough where Kitty left an impression on Luna. Her smile, her laugh, her voice, the way she would hug Luna as if afraid she would one day fly away, Luna missed all of it. What was sadder was that whle Kitty was afraid that Luna would fly away, it was ultimately Kitty who left. She died trying to save Luna, and that was something Luna would never forget. As she cried, Xerox materialized next to Luna and hugged her. He was sad too. At first he couldn't stand Kitty, but after a while she grew on him. Also he knew that she and Luna were close. It looked like they were more than just friends. To Xerox, it was like they were sisters, and seeing Luna so sad made him want to cry with her.

Luna and Xerox were walking out the forest together. Luna stopped and turned back to the Ara Ruins and put on the Visualizer, looking at the Wave Road around them.

"Still searching for a sign?" a voice said from behind Luna and Xerox. They turned and saw Ace walking up to them.

"Oh, Ace," Luna said softly, looking down. She also felt guilty about Val, who was a good friend of Ace's, "I can't give up. I know there's still a chance to bring Kitty back."

"Luna..." Ace started.

"Dr. Goodall said that there might be a chance, right?" Luna asked.

"Theoretically, yes," Ace said, "but only in theory."

"Didn't Dr. Goodall say the same thing about me four years ago, when Joker almost killed me?"

"Yes, but that was different. In that case you weren't dead, you were just broken up in fragments. Kitty was actually deleted. There's no coming back from that."

"Then explain the Battle Card that came from Kitty's ring and collar. Ace, that wasn't just a representation of her, that was Kitty. Somehow, some way, she came back to help me. Ever since that fight I haven't been able to use that card, but I know that it means something."

Ace sighed. He hated when people around him got their hopes too high on something. There really was no garuntee that Luna could bring Kitty back to life. Dr. Goodall said that to give Luna a small bit of hope, but even she was doubtful. Luna walked past Ace out of the forest.

"Are you prepared though," Ace called out, "if by some chance you can't save her? Will you be ready to let go?" Luna stopped for a second, but then kept walking. Xerox took one last look at Ace, and then floated after Luna. Acid materialized next to Ace, who looked up and sighed in a bit of frustration and agony, "Well, I tried."

"This is something that she has to get through on her own," Acid stated, "As her friends and comrads, all we can do is be there for her if she comes to us."

"Yeah true," Ace pulled out a Mega Snack and began eating it, "Still though, I wish I could tell her something that actually would make her feel better, something that wouldn't be a lie."

As for Luna and Xerox, they were just exiting the forest.

"I know you want to believe Kitty's alive," Xerox said, "But we do have to be realistic. Even her Brother Band is gone."

"I know Xerox," Luna said with a sigh, "I'm just tired of the people I care about dieing around me, that's all."

As Luna sped up a bit, Xerox watched her walk off, wishing just like Ace, that he could make all of her problems go away.