In the End...

One week later...

"Mom, I'm going!" Kitty called out.

"Okay Kitty, your father and I will be in the air when you come back," Mrs. Platz said as Kitty ran into the kitchen wearing her school uniform.

"Have a safe flight," Kitty said kissing her adopted mother on the cheek. As Mr. Platz walked into the kitchen Kitty ran up to him and kissed him on the cheek as well, "Bye Dad."

"Um... bye," he said, shocked by how quick she ran out of the house, "Are you sure your okay with this?" he asked his wife.

"This is what Luna would have wanted," Mrs. Platz stated, looking at the last picture they took of Luna, her bright smile in the picture bringing a smile to Mrs. Platz. Unlike their first daughter, they kept all of Luna's pictures up.

As Kitty walked to school she saw her best friend up ahead.

"Rey!" she called out. Rey turned around and smiled at Kitty as she ran over to him and hugged him.

"Sheesh, someone's in a good mood," Rey said.

"Mr. and Mrs. Platz filled out the paper work, making it official," Kitty stepped away a bit and showed Rey her ID, which now said "Kitty Platz".

"So you're their daughter now?" Rey asked.

"Yep, I finally have a family again," she looked down a bit and fiddled with her choker, "All thanks to her."

Rey got a little serious, but then smiled again, "Yep, she did a lot of good."

"I'm guessing Pat's still..." Kitty asked as they walked onward to school.

"He's talking, so that's good," Rey said, "but it might still be a while before he's ready to take over again."

"I see," Kitty said, both of them looking down in sadness, "Well, we have to keep going for Luna, so let's call Zack and have him meet us in the cafeteria. I've got big plans for this school," Kitty said with a confident smile.

"What sort of plans?" Rey asked slowly. Kitty just giggled and ran off a bit.

"You better get used to calling me Prez," Kitty said before running off. Rey thought about that for a second, but then laughed a bit before walking off to school.

"She's pretty lively, isn't she Pat?" Rey asked.

"Yeah... she is..." Pat said softly in Rey's head. Rey sighed and put his headphones on. He had to keep going for both of them.

As Kitty ran to school, her thoughts went to the one who opened all of these doors for her.

Thank you so much, Luna... I'll make you proud.

That night at the Satella Police base, Bud, Sonia, and Solo were talking to an officer about what he salvaged from the explosion, or rather, what he didn't salvage.

"It was gone?!" Bud asked.

"All the data from Xerox was gone. There wasn't any fragments of him or any sign of Luna's body anywhere," the officer stated.

"If they were deleted," Solo began, "even if Luna were in Wave Form there would be some sort of left over data."

"That is strange," Sonia said, "I wonder what happened."

"There was one thing though," the officer said pulling something out of his pocket, "My Wizard and I did salvage this. Strange thing is, it was in perfect condition. Untouched by the explosion at all." He then handed Bud something that had everyone, even Solo, shocked.

The Visualizer...

"What in the world," Sonia asked, "How did it survive the explosion?" Bud started laughing, shocking Sonia and Solo, "Bud?"

"Don't you guys see? This is a sign. Prez is alive," Bud said making Solo sigh in sadness.

"Bud, the chances of that are-"

"I KNOW the changes!" Bud said suddenly, shocking everyone, "Bud after everything we've seen so far, and everything we know, maybe... no... I'm sure of it! Prez is out there somewhere!"

"Bud!" Sonia called out as Bud ran out of the Satella Police base. Everyone looked at him as he left, worried about the tears in his eyes, but moved by the smile on his face. Ace and Acid were in their office watching Bud leave.

"Do you really think that Luna is alive?" Acid asked Ace.

"Luna? Doubt it," Ace said frankly, "But Phoenix was immortal. Who knows, maybe one day in the future, Phoenix will return to Earth in a new form. Maybe it'll be a week from now, maybe it'll be years from now, it might even be long after all of us are dead. However, I'd like to think that those glasses being intact are a sign," he pulled out a Mega Snack, "After all, they have a habit of reuniting people with their loved ones," he said before taking a series of epic bites from his Mega Snack.

"I suppose so," Acid said, looking at Ace, "I'm amazed that you're so healthy with the amount of those things you eat."

Bud ran all the way to Vista Point, still holding the Visualizer in his hand. When he arrived, he hunched over a bit to catch his breath and laughed at the irony of it all. Of all the things that could survive the explosion, the Visualizer was the last think he expected. Was it a sign? Was Luna out there waiting to be revived into her next life? Would he even life long enough to see it? He didn't know, but he knew one thing. Yes, Geo was gone now, but the Stelars didn't let that tear them apart. The Platz adopted Kitty, and were now working closer to home as to not isolate Kitty, who was beginning to seem more and more like Luna everyday.

He gave up on Geo too soon...

But he would not give up on Luna...

Bud looked at the Visualizer, knowing full well what he was about to do, but not caring. All of a sudden, it made sense how Geo was able to wait here for so long for his Dad, and how Luna was able to wait so long for Geo as well. He had a feeling, he was sure of it, she was out there. And when she came back, or when ever the next sign of her return came to Earth, it would be right here.

And he'd need these glasses to see it.

"This time Prez..." Bud said sitting down on a bench, "It's my turn to wait for you."

Bud put the Visualizer on, and looked up at the stars, vowing to wait for her to come back. Even if he had to wait his whole life.

He'd be right here... waiting for her...

Mega Man Star Force Zero

The End

Yeah... I'm proud of this. This is by far the longest story I ever wrote, and by far the greatest in my opinion. Now that it's finished, I'm finally free myself. This was weighing heavily on me, and I wanted to reach this ending so badly. I'm glad that I could reach it. Thank you all for sticking with me for so long. I hope you enjoyed this story. I never planned for it to get so big, but I'm glad that it did.

Keep your eyes on the stars... and never give up hope...