A/N: sorry if the ending seems rushed but I didn't quite know how to end it... Hope it's still good =)

The TARDIS began to materialise at the unknown location. River strolled over to the door and pulled it open; the bright sun illuminated the room. She took a step outside and took a brief look around. The planet was full of vast green fields and high-rise, eco-friendly buildings with trails of hover cars flying above.

A large tree was firmly standing a few feet in front of the TARDIS and pinned to it was yet another note- presumably for River. She walked over to it and removed the pin. This note read

'Put on some formal wear and come to the restaurant in the city centre.

The Doctor xx'

The address of the restaurant was written on the back of the paper. As she read the note again, River looked over herself and remembered that she was only wearing a short night dress and short night gown. She blushed and immediately ran back into the TARDIS, slamming the doors closed as she hurried to the wardrobe.

The one problem that River faced was: what to wear? The wardrobe was a maze of coat hangers on beams and drawers filled with clothes. She walked over to the formal wear and she was inspecting the variety.

Every now and again, River would spot something and try it on but finding the perfect outfit was difficult. She didn't know what to expect, who to expect.

Just then, she spotted the most beautiful and elegant dress that was crying out to be worn. River grabbed hold of the soft material and pulled it off the rack. She headed towards the fitting room at the end of the maze of clothes to try it on- a perfect fit.

She was ready; River was heading out to an unfamiliar restaurant on an unknown planet with the one man she trusts completely, that was the only reassurance she needed.

She came to a halt outside a sophisticated looking building with a glass room on the top floor with a view of everything on the horizon gleaming in the amber sunset.

River took a step inside and she was given an envelope from a man in uniform at the door who immediately identified her. He had been given a detailed description and photo of this woman.

"Message for River Song." He said as River took the envelope from his hand.

She peeled open the envelope with her name on it and read the contents.

'Top floor, table 23

The Doctor xx'

She walked over to the teleport pad on the floor in the lobby and pressed the button to the top floor. The teleport surrounded her in a bright blue light and she was transported to the reception of the top floor 5 star restaurant and bar.

At one of the circular tables in a booth in the centre of the room was the Doctor sitting alone with a bottle of expensive looking drink next to him, unopened.

River smiled at him. "Hello Sweetie." her heavenly voice made the Doctor's hearts light up.

He looked over to the archway where the melodic chime came from, he smiled and was completely mesmerised by River's brilliance and beauty.

His eyes looked her up and down, focussing on every little, beautiful detail. River was wearing a pale turquoise figure-hugging dress that showed off her sexy and tempting curves. It was half way above her knees and the edge was ruffled, it had thin straps on the shoulders and silver gems on the torso. It was low cut and showed a fair amount of her chest. She also had matching turquoise and silver heels. Her golden curls hung loosely down her back and the front curls were pinned back.

"Hello gorgeous." The Doctor grinned.

He patted the booth seat next to him and River waltzed over to him and sat down. The Doctor opened the bottle and poured some into a glass for River and a glass for himself. It was a deep purple colour and fizzed like there were miniature fireworks exploding from the glass.

"So... why did you bring me here?" River casually asked taking a sip of the sweet, bubbling liquid.

"Because I love you, and I'm sorry." The Doctor also took a sip from his glass.

"If anyone needs to apologize, it's me. Not you."

"Well then, why do I feel guilty?"

"...Because you're a caring person and you don't like seeing others in pain."

"No, because I need to apologize."

"It wasn't you, it was my wrong doings finally catching up to me..."

"But the thing is this is my fault. If I didn't leave you on Earth for so long, then you wouldn't have lost your job and..."

"...I'm gonna stop you there, Pretty boy, I lost my job because of my own attitude towards my spiteful boss." River interrupted.

"I just want you to be happy and feel loved." The Doctor gave up on arguing for now and he draped his arm around River's shoulders and pulled her closer to him.

"I already do..."

She leaned towards his face until her lips pressed against his in a loving and passionate kiss.

After a nice evening meal and drink, the Doctor and River returned to 51st century Earth once more.

The Doctor opened the TARDIS door for River and stepped out after her.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" he asked for the hundredth time just on the journey home.

"...Positive." River answered.

She opened her back door and walked straight towards the phone. She picked it up and dialled a number quite forcefully. The dial tone started to ring, and then someone picked up on the other end.

"Yes, hello. This is River Song and I'm just calling to say... that I quit. I've got my own method of exploring the stars and it's a lot more fun than working for some stingy uptight man and having limitations on where I can go." She snapped.

The man on the other end was trying to convince her to stay.

"I don't care, I'm staying with the only man who is committed to me and who I love dearly. He's got something that no one at the agency has- passion, he has feelings for me and cares about me. I'm not forced to work until I get a result and I don't even know why I stayed with you that long anyways! Now, Good-bye." And she slammed the phone down on the receiver.

The Doctor stood wide-eyed at her; she just quit the job she enjoyed for him.

"Let's get going!" River cheerfully smiled as she turned to face the Doctor.

"...Right." he added returning the smile. He walked to the back door of River's house and opened up the TARDIS doors by snapping his fingers. "Ready to leave?"

River nodded. "Good-bye old life, hello new one." She waved to her past and welcomed her future. She took several steps into the TARDIS and the doors eased closed behind her, she was not planning on returning any time soon.

"...Well the Stormcage Officers will still be searching for me so now I have no safe home and no job." River smiled. "I'm definitely not going back to Earth anytime soon!"

The Doctor just simply laughed in return and he leapt across the TARDIS to embrace River in a loving hug.

This all just simply confused Doctor, River is a doctor but when she introduces herself in the Library she is a professor, but she just quit her job so how can she become a professor?- Time travel is so complicated at times and for the Doctor that's most of the time.

Complexity didn't bother the Doctor one bit, all that mattered to him was his magnificent and loving wife, River Song, who he vowed to stay with and to protect and to love forever. This was the one promise he will always stand to...