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Chapter 1


I kept my eyes on the floor, afraid that if I raised them he would see too much in my expression and ruin all my plans. Renee always said that my face was like an open book. And it couldn't be one of those deep, symbolic books they make you read in college, no mine was more like the ones first graders read. See Dick. See Dick run. You get the picture. I didn't stand a chance at fooling him if I met his eyes. So I counted the tiles on the airport floor and prayed that he assumed I was being a good little girl, showing the proper submissive attitude.

"There has to be a way we could get you out of this," he grumbled angrily.

Fear spiked through me. He could still ruin this for me. Until I was through that security gate he could keep me from getting on that plane. And until the plane had taken off he could keep me from escaping. I tried to settled my nerves and focus on the story I had labored over. The cover story may have been slapped together quickly, but I thought it was plausible.

"Charlie is serious about this, Randy. He said that he'd contact his lawyers if I don't show up for visitation this summer. It's only four weeks," my voice shook with the lie. I had never been very good with lying.

Randy's thick fingers gripped my chin and tilted my head up to look at him, stopping us in the middle of the airport. Tears leaked from my eyes, both from the pressure of his fingertips on my chin and from the fear that he would catch on to my scheme.

"I don't want you to go."

The tears blurred my vision as the truth popped out of my mouth without my consent. "I have to."

I sounded desperate to escape in my own ears. Fear coursed through me as a sob burst through my lips. He was going to jerk me out of the airport and beat the snot out of me now. But he must have heard something else in my voice because he crushed me to him in a hug that had me whimpering in pain. "Shh" He whispered lovingly in my ear. "It's only four weeks. Then you'll be home where you belong."

I nodded along with him, glad that he couldn't see my face. He ushered me through the airport tenderly, making sure I wasn't jostled by anyone or crowded. He made sure I had my ticket and baggage claim. He stayed by my side as far as he could through the security process, whispering words of encouragement and reassurance that we would be together again soon. Randy was the scariest person I had ever met. I never knew what to expect out of him. As long as he thought I was doing exactly what he wanted he was the most loving individual I had ever come across. But as soon as I expressed an opinion of my own or 'defied' him he turned into a violent beast. Sometimes even when I tried to please him my best wasn't good enough. But I wouldn't have to worry about that much longer. I was going to get away from him, finally.

My stomach stayed tied in a knot even after we were separated by the security check. I couldn't see Randy any more but I swear I could feel his presence in the building. I wouldn't feel safe until I was off the ground. I wouldn't put it past the psycho to call in a bomb scare if he realized that I was never coming back once that plane took off. I walked past a café, sending my stomach into rolling waves of nausea. My thoughts skittered nervously away from the cause. I couldn't deal with that right now. My steps rushed faster toward my gate. I bought a water at a small newsstand and sipped it until my stomach settled.

Finally after an eternity of sitting in a hard plastic seat it was my turn to board the plane. I discarded my empty water bottle and made my way onto the plane. I found my seat next to an old woman and settled down for another long wait. Chewing on my lip, I pulled out my cell phone. Should I tell Renee now? Or wait until later? I should wait until later. She might call Randy to see what was going on and then he might do something stupid to keep the plane from taking off. She liked Randy and I wasn't entirely sure she would believe me over him. Phil I could trust, but Renee was gullible enough to believe Randy's manipulative ways.

I couldn't call Charlie for the same reason. He would just call Renee to figure out what was going on. I felt bad for springing this on him. He had no idea I was coming out to live with him. This wasn't really the ideal situation. But he had to take me in right? I was his daughter. And sure, he had a new wife and a couple step kids now, but he still had to take me in. The chief of police would look bad if he didn't take in his own daughter. Especially with the trouble I was in.

"Are you ok, Dear?"

I jerked as the woman next to me laid her hand on my bouncing knee. I sent her a small apologetic smile. I hadn't even realized I was doing that. I was probably driving the poor woman crazy. "Just a little anxious to get in the air."

The woman smiled kindly at me. "I understand. It should only be another moment or two. They've just asked everyone to buckle their seat belts."

I scrambled to fasten mine. The stewardess explained all the safety rules then the pilot had a few words, and then we were taxing to the runway. My nerves began to take over my whole body. I felt like electricity was running up and down my arms and legs. I needed to get up and move. I needed to bounce. I needed to run. I needed to scream. I needed to do something! I had to get out of this place. My breath started to come faster and a wave of heat washed over me.


I turned to the woman next to me with wide eyes.

She handed me a white paper bag. "Here, breathe into this. Try to breathe slowly."

I grabbed the bag and did as she said, but it wasn't helping. Then I closed my eyes and concentrated on forcing my breathing to slow as I felt the plane taking off. I was doing it! I was getting away! I felt moisture leaking out of the corners of my eyes as relief coursed through me. Randy would never lay another hand on me. He would never hit me again. Never force me to touch him again. Never force me into his bed again. I was free.

Sobs tore through me as the knowledge settled in. I was truly free. I didn't even care if Charlie took me in. If I had to I would get in touch with Phil and have him help me. He would believe me and I knew he would help me if Charlie didn't.

I felt a hand settle on my back and I cowered in reflex.

"Miss? Are you ok? Do we need to turn the plane around?"

"NO!" I yelled at the stewardess in a panic.

Great, now I was making a scene. Everyone on the plane was staring at me. Wait, don't they detour planes for problem passengers? I better calm myself down before I cause them to turn around and hand me over to the cops.

I had to do something to make this better.I turned to her and moderated my tone. "Please don't turn around. I'm just relieved is all. I'm finally going home and I'm just relieved."

The woman looked at me skeptically. I had been crying awfully loudly for that. "Are you sure? We're still very close to the airport. It won't take long."

I took a deep breath. "I'm sure. I'm finally going to see my dad after five years of not being allowed to visit. I had this irrational fear that something would go wrong and I wouldn't get to go. So I just over-reacted when the plane finally took off. That's all. I'm very sorry."

She straightened. "Ok. Why don't I get you a drink? Water or soda?"

"Water please."

The old woman in the seat next to me patted my hand. "It's nice that you get to see your dad, Dear."

I nodded my head. "I miss him."

She smiled at me again. "Why don't you tell me all about him?"

"Well…he's the chief of police for a small town called Forks in Washington. But he lives on the Quileute reservation La Push because he ended up marrying one of his best friend's widows…."

I talked until my throat was dry and my bladder was screaming. Strangely, my nerves had calmed considerably though. My seat mate, Dolores, was a really good listener. I told her stories about growing up in Forks and visiting La Push. I told her about my friend Jake and how much fun we had playing together on the beach while our dads fished. I couldn't tell her about Randy. So I told her that I thought my mother had enough time with me and now that she had a new husband it was time for my father to get a couple years with me before I was off on my own.

By the time I made my way to the miniscule bathroom and back Dolores was asleep. I pulled out my well-worn copy of Pride and Prejudice and began reading. I always wished I was more like Elizabeth Bennet. She spoke her mind and didn't let anyone sway her opinions. Elizabeth certainly wouldn't have let Randy treat her the way I had let Randy treat me. She wouldn't have let him tell her how to behave, how to think, how to feel. I straightened my shoulders as tears threatened to fall. Well from now on I'm going to be more like Elizabeth. I'm on this plane, aren't I? I have to be more like Elizabeth. I don't have a choice. A shot of panic skittered through my body but I beat it into submission. Focus! Deal with getting to Charlie first. You can deal with the other later. Much later. You don't even have to think about that right now. One thing at a time. Just breath.